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Thursday, April 03, 2008

What celebrities would look like if they lived in Ohio

Recently, MZone reader JT sent a funny bunch of pictures our way entitled "What celebrities would look like if they lived in Ohio." As you'll see below, they're great...and, naturally, dead on.

However, JT didn't know where they came from and I wanted to make sure we gave props to whoever created these gems. So I did a little investigating and found out these fantastic Photoshops were originally from a site called PlanetHiltron.com. And while the folks at PlanetHiltron.com hadn't grouped them as an "Ohio" bit, an observant PH.com reader must have noted the obvious and began emailing them around as such.

In any event, via PlanetHiltron, here are what some celebs would look like if they lived in Ohio...






And check out PlanetHiltron for others.

Ed. Note: Apparently, some of these pix have made the rounds under various, "What celebs would look like if they lived in FILL IN THE BLANK" names. Oops. Now I feel like a stand-up comedian still doing his Nixon material. Oh well.


whetstonebuck said...

Okay. Ha Ha.

One word rebuttal:


Sgt. Wolverine said...

Hey -- we Michigan residents bash Detroit enough (despite the big "Talk nice!" campaign around the Super Bowl). That's our privilege.

But I think Flint and Saginaw are still available...

Mikoyan said...

There's some pretty nasty parts in Cleveland still....

And Columbus...what's up with that?

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

Two words right back at ya, Whet:

"Drew Carey"

Adam said...

And don't forget that Ohio gave us Katie Holmes and George Steinbernner.

Ron said...

Ok, enough is enough. Mentioning Flint is hitting well below the belt. That place is one awful hellhole.

intellidouche said...

Those pics were even funnier when I saw them 6 months ago and the celebrities were southerners.

LudaChristian said...


That's still good stuff.

intellidouche said...

Haha. Debbie Downer, glad I could brighten your day!

Good one Luda.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Ron, I mentioned Flint because I had to go there to photograph a high school hockey game a few weeks ago. If I hadn't made that trip, I wouldn't have Flint in my mind at all.

On the bright side, the arena was actually pretty decent.

Ron said...

no prob Sarge, I lived in Flint for 6 years, man what an awful town. but it is where I became a Michigan fan, so it's not a total loss I guess. From what I've heard, Flint hasn't improved much... that arena seems nicer that the IMA sports arena we had to play at in high school.

Ron said...

ok, the name of the arena is actually IMA Sports Arena. that's too funny. Funnier it's taken me 20 years to see the irony in that name.

/we now return you to your regularly scheduled thread

Sgt. Wolverine said...

The arena has since had its name changed to Perani Arena & Event Center, but it is the same facility. I think the upper half of the ice arena has been remodeled, so it's not bad, but the lower half (the retractable part, with folding chairs) needs some help. Also, the glass needs to be replaced in a big way; it was so gouged and cloudy that I actually couldn't shoot through it.

One of the local hockey parents grew up just a couple miles from what was the IMA Arena, so he learned to skate there. So I think he enjoyed watching his son play hockey in the same arena. It probably helped that they skated to a tie against one of the better teams in the state.

Jack said...

Boy, you guys are getting desperate now. At least UM can play hockey. I like Michigan (the STATE, not the school) but make no mistake, there will never be a Baywatch Detroit.

Zach said...

haha thats funny...not...go bucks and 5 in a row...no pryor...no big ten title its been 1660 days since michigan beat ohio state

bloggerfan said...

A radio station in Columbus stole this photo gallery to rip on Michigan so WDFN put up a feature asking what they should do to get revenge. It's on WDFN.com.

Paul said...


Randy said...

BTW: It's not "some of the pics have made the rounds . . ." It should read "all of these pics . . ."