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Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes it's just too easy...

The honest-to-God, actual headline below (here's the link) was sent in by our pal DW. It's a story about a coach leaving the Oregon women's b.ball program and it should have been on that segment on the Tonight Show...

Ho leaves position as women's basketball assistant

Of course, the departure begs the question: now that Ho's gone, how are they going to fill that opening?

Thank you, goodnight! I'll be here all week!


TitleIX said...

has Imus gotten a hold of this yet?????

beast in 'bama said...

I suppose any kind of Tiny Bubbles comment at this point would be wholly inappropriate.

Bigasshammm said...

Possible other headlines:

Boys saddened by one less Ho on the Girl's basketball team.
Ho leaves Ducks for better tricks.
Lady Ducks will have to go with one less Ho next year.
Ho-less Ducks have gaping hole to fill.

Not my best work.

intellidouche said...

Too bad he didn't coach at Oregon State cause then the headline could have included something about "beaver".

Mike From THE state of Ohio said...

The Oregon State Beaver connection has got some great potential.

I'd also ponder any Trojan, Campbell University's "Gaylord The Camel, and theWichita State WuShocks.

With out new favorite assistant coach Ho, and these names, there's got to be gold somewhere in there...

Out of Conference said...

I know we're looking for a women's hoops coach, "Lady Cocks tap Ho for new head spot"

TitleIX said...

AND the winner....

way to go OOC

ben said...

Is this blog supposed to be funny?