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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real Life Rudely Intrudes

Busy week on the work front. Hope to be back to some semblance of a regular schedule soon.


Dezzi said...

Are you getting laid for your UM v. OSU tickets this year??

If so, I want your "real life"

Joshua said...

So I got this call last night, and it was a lady saying that "My name and phone number had been randomly selected by the US government to recieve a $500 grant." amazingly enough, all they needed was my banking information and personal identifiers to make sure I was really me, and then they could deposit it. Too bad the lady could barely "engrish", cause otherwise I'd be stylin' with 5oo brand new Benjamins right now.

phil said...

joshua- that's nothing. I have a connection in Nigeria that will be sending me $22 million in US currency. Apparently, someone died and didn't have any relatives to leave their fortune too. It was as easy as giving them my banking numbers and personal identification. Is that good fortune or what? Ironically, someone from the bank called me later that day and asked if it was OK if someone emptied my account. I guess they were trying to take all $14.35. Guess I fooled them. They get $14.35 and I get $22 mil.
Boy, I bet THEY feel dumb.

Dezzi said...

I just have a Swiss bank account....

MGoBlue93 said...

While we wait for Yost to post, I stumbled across this link last night.

The page isn't in English but you can figure out some of the text on the left. Explore the links on the page and let me know if this isn't at least a little bit disturbing.

TitleIX said...

seriously dude, you have WAAAY too much time on your hands. wtf with that link?? :-)

too tired and yes, slightly inebriated to share about my time with Rich Rod tonight. More in the AM with quotes and stories. Let me just say, this guy is DA HILLBILLY BOMB. funny, engaging, self-depricating and kinda sexy hot. smaller in person than I expected---about 5'8"? not overweight and not jocky-steroid either.

for clarity's sake--the inebriation happened after the time with R2. just so you people aren't preverterd...(sp. intentional)

MGoBlue93 said...

T9... I wish I had time on my hands. It's finals time and I'm procrastinating.

I just couldn't believe the blatant ripoff of Michigan football. Is it flattering or offensive, I dunnno?

BTW, was Mrs. RR there? What is she like?

Catie... are you MIA cause of finals too?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

When has slight inebriation ever stopped anyone from posting here?

god of the whoppers said...

wow, they even nailed the cheerleaders...

Catie said...

MgoBlue93 - Finals. Check. Personal meltdown. Check.

beast in 'bama said...

Hmmm...We know the following about T9:
A)She is a tremendous Michigan fan
B)She lives/works either for or near the university (lives, see A above)
C)She is a brunette
D)She has met RR

This is all starting to make sense .

Joshua said...

wow, they even nailed the cheerleaders...

Double entendre what?

And seriously T9,
When has a disclaimer prevented us from being "preverterd"?

(though I commend you for the use of "terd" in the phrase. Clever. I see what you did there.)

Catie- I'm blaming it all on the end of winter. (Beginning of spring my ass!) I haven't been around lately because they weather has sucked, I've been working 24/7 on my business plan, I found out the girl I was semi-seeing is a stripper, (True story, San Diego Girl. By accident! I mean come on- it was cool/exciting when i was 21 in a male fantasy "cross that one off the list" way, but now it's just a dealbreaker. Guess that's what I get for dating a Sparty grad student. Oh, and turns out my boss is a raging alchi to the tune of a pint and a half of vodka a day in his Gatorade/water/coffee.

All of this has combined to rob me of my comedic mojo. Plus I still owe Whets a t-shirt or two and keep forgetting to send them. But alas- today it is sunny and supposed to be 73, there was a minor earthquake in Lansing I'm told, and there are.....


Nate said...

Interesting read:

MGoBlue93 said...

holy shit nate... where did you find that?

I wonder why Carty or anyone else hasn't picked up on it!

And the whole thing with RR is not making a lick of sense. Martin hasn't found a group of boosters to pay WVU's buyout yet?

surrounded in columbus said...

they haven't paid it because they're not going to owe it.

liquidated damages clauses are only enforceable to the extent they represent a good faith estimate of real or anticipated damages. clauses that are excessive or really designed only to act as a deterrant to breaking the contract are not enforceable, even in wva.

that's what R2's goofball lawyer from Toledo was trying to say w/ his stupid ass "slavery buyout" statement a couple weeks ago. employment contracts can't be written to prevent someone from changing jobs. they can only be written to compensate one of the parties for their losses caused by the breach.

liquidated damages are a clause in which both parties try to anticipate the likely damages in the case of a breach. they are supposed to prevent future litigation (and sometimes do). however, in employment contracts they are often used to create a disincentive to leaving. those terms don't hold up.

invariably, the court examines both parties estimation of the possible damages beforehand, make some assessment of the reasonableness of that estimate, and decides how accurate the amount stated in the damages clause is in comparison.

in this case, wvu will have a very hard time trying to justify either a pre K estimate of $4 milliion. further, the subsequent events undercut that figure even more- after R2 quit, they went to & won the Fiesta, and then hired a new coach for half the salary of the old one. tough to say they lost anywhere near $4 million on this deal.

when the dust settles, and the political posturing is over & done, the original offer of $1.5 million won't be far off.

surrounded in columbus said...

oh, and the "affidavit"? the AANews has picked up on it- from the AP.

it's also a crock. it's the affidavit of the wvu employee who magee claims made a racist remark. gee? think this guy is real trustworthy? doesn't have an incentive to paint the truth? his statement is his version of a discussion w/ magee in which he claims that magee admitted he was making up the racism claim. no kidding?

and R2's "big" action was to supposedly offer to help the guy find a job if he got fired? OMG!

thank heavens that once the season starts we'll have the 6 or 8 losses the pundits are predicting to talk about instead!

MGoBlue93 said...

Thanks SiC... that's why I try not to be a dorm lawyer, I have no clue about such matters.

I think Sharp (yeah I shouldn't be using him as a reference) mentioned M put the same $4M buyout in RR's contract. If that's true and considering what you wrote, why is it there?

Also, if the internet was a ubiquitous in 1969 as it is now, I wonder if Bo would have had to put up with all this shit???

surrounded in columbus said...

well, just 'cause something isn't legal, doesn't mean people won't still try. and it's not 100% that $4 mill is incorrect. for instance, Michigan probably spent a lot of money in it's coaching search. $4 mill? probably not, but a lot more than wvu did.

and as the law suit by wvu proves, these clauses do create a deterrent to breach, whether they ultimately collect $1 mill or $4 mill. the litigation itself could wind up being a penalty by itself (though it's not clear who's paying all the legal bills).

Catie said...

"Catie- I'm blaming it all on the end of winter. (I found out the girl I was semi-seeing is a stripper, (True story, San Diego Girl. By accident! I mean come on- it was cool/exciting when i was 21 in a male fantasy "cross that one off the list" way, but now it's just a dealbreaker. "

Joshua, weather....not so much.....I have been taking long walks in the rain (without an umbrella, totally awesome) However that stripper thing.....that could explain some of my recent troubles......I suppose I shouldn't tell the guys I date what I do to earn money huh? :P (kidding!!)
Seriously you probably shouldn't date grad students, take it from me, we are just a tad bit on the unstable side of life :o) At least my text message to you brought you a laugh huh??!! Enjoy the day, it is going to be a great one! (oh and I get to go drool over Richard Gere tonight......yummmmmm)

As for RR and all of this legal crap. I can't believe that it is NOT cleared up yet. This needed to go away, like yesterday.

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate said...


It's interesting that you would be so quick to dismiss someone who you know nothing about just because you choose to believe the coach of your school. The sad thing in all of this is that Magee (to my knowledge) has never stated himself that a racist remark was made. It was made through RR's crazy lawyer, with Magee giving vague answers to the questions since that time. I don't know the man and frankly don't know who is telling the truth on this side of the issue. But to assume that someone would go in and make up testimony just to defend himself from a racist remark is interesting. No one knew who the "source" was until this affidavit was released and the employee doesn't even work for WVU anymore. I don't know what the big incentive for him to lie would be.

As far as the accusation of racism, it seems pretty ridiculous at this point. Lawyer Brown first claimed the accusation was made on the 21 then found out that this "source" wasn't even in town at that time and then changed the date to 19. Not to mention that the employee had only been at WVU for 2 1/2 months at that point, so to think he would even have any inside knowledge is kinda ridiculous.

Having said all that, I don't think this really affects RR, other than the conversations are kinda shady (if they're true).

michiganwolves51 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Joshua said...

Yeah Catie-
I found out on St. Patrick's Day when i got dragged into a strip club (for the first time in 10 years) and she walked in TO WORK. My friends absolutely lost it, they hadn't met her but knew of her and what she looked like (african american, tall, petite green eyes, smoking hot) and they put 2 and 2 together right away. The running theme was "dude...only you." Accompanied by a shake of the head. Can't a guy just meet a nice, sarcastic, intelligent, beautiful, football loving nymphomaniac rocket scientist who doesn't strip on the side? Is that too much to ask?

As for the "issue" with R2 offering to find that guy a job, I always got the impression that the "racist comment" wasn't him being racist, it was more of a "you know you're probably not going to be given a fair shot b/c we're in West Virginia. And it sucks, but......." and then WV was all like

"Who US? How dare you be racist and imply we would make a decision based on race!"

while quickly hiding their hoods.

whetstonebuck said...

"and R2's "big" action was to supposedly offer to help the guy find a job if he got fired? OMG!"

Holy Spittin' Image, Batman! I demand a DNA test be done on RR. I believe he's Tressel's lost brother.

surrounded in columbus said...

i think it's only a problem if the guy you're getting a job happens to be a recruits parent. besides, he'd need a goatee:


"I don't know what the big incentive for him to lie would be."

are you joking? or just niave? maybe you need to get out more?

what is he going to say in his next job interview?

"yeah, i left wvu amid a scandal involving me making racist comments. is that a problem? "

and part of his statement is that R2 had promised a job & then failed to do so? sound bitter? maybe a touch?

wtf is so "interesting" about that?

let's face it- everything about this lawsuit is boring the rest of country to death. the only ones who follow it now are wvu fans- because they're bitter, and michigan fans. and if michigan fans weren't so full of ourselves about our "reputation", this wouldn't be news in A2 anymore (can you imagine anyone in Alabama or Arkansas worrying about a law suit like this??).

MGoBlue93 said...

joshua... aren't you being a bit harsh? I mean she just works there, it's not like she's banging every guy in the strip club? Or is she -- hmmmmm?

MGoBlue93 said...

SiC... are folks associated with Michigan really as vocal about our rep as you may imply or is it folks like Sharp, Cowherd, and Carty perpetuating the stereotype?

I vote for more of the latter than the former.

And yes, I'm am considering the obnoxious wealthy Victors Club members who are Law School grads and suck up all the good seats at the Big House.

Nate. Where the heck did that come from? This site does a great job of self deprecation and calling out things which needs to be taken care of. Don't please don't confuse showing some school spirit or being proud of the institution with being a homer. None of us have really seen a down of RR coached football yet. Other than press rumors and emotional rants from WV, there aren't any scandals or impropriety of part of RR that would not make Michigan fans want to see RR do great things in A2.

surrounded in columbus said...

i highly resemble any aspersions cast towards the "wine & lawyer" wing of the Faithful and demand you retract that accusation no matter how accurate.

as for concerns over the lawsuit, there is a lot of mention of it, here, papers, other blogs. by this point in time most fans would be worried only insofaras that it might distract the coach. i think we're one of the few crowds that would be concerned about "how it looks". most other fan bases would see it as the political face saving trick by wvu that it is and ignore it for what it is.

Joshua said...

I guess I just prefer the women I date to be more discrete and discriminating in the way they choose to share their bodies with the world. For the record I have no judgement when it comes to people of a promiscuous nature, so that wouldn't phase me either way. We're all adults, we make decisions that effect your lives, some have negative consequences and some have positive consequences. (and some result in the Joe Pa O-Face!!!! ziiing!)
It was more a matter of her having seperate issues, but the stripper thing is just not me, no matter how non-judgemental I am.

Well, that and I'm an elitist, so she'd have to get a job at a much better club where she could support me in the manner in which I'd like to become accustomed.

Hey T9,
Where's our update??????!!!!!

TitleIX said...

poor joshua....

ok, lemme play catch up.

No Mrs. Rod at the gathering as their daughter turned 12 yesterday. Coach said he picked his daughter up from school so he was out of trouble somewhat... I think that it was pretty crazy that he was with his Michigan family and not his own...but he said that she understood.

He was genuine, generous with his attention and pretty damned funny. He signed whatever people wanted signed (no boobies in the crowd tho) and took pictures with many.
He spoke for about 10-15 minutes?
Here's my Lois Lane version of his stories....

1) He said that all the controversy around him kinda makes him "feel like Brittney Spears (sp?) without the drugs and drama"
2) He talked about his philosophy moving forward and quoted a scene from the Lion King where one character slaps another and the lion says what'd you do that for and the guy says "doesn't matter, it's in the past". That's how he's viewing this football team. He said that once upon a time walking thru the tunnel at Michigan Stadium with the crowd and the atmosphere would be worth 14 points, free. Not anymore. He says that he is working hard on getting the kids ready and fit and coached up. He said he doesn't "know about who'd be playin' quarterback yet but I know I'm gonna play 11".
3) He talked about Mike Barwis and the new fitness scheme and how all the kids are staying thru the summer for voluntary work outs. He kinda laughed at that though and said that when his kids at WVU complained about something being voluntary RR said "so's your playin' time"
4) He gave a lesson on the flight patterns of geese. Seriously. Drafting, teamwork, helping everyone fly in formation. He said that if a goose peels off and can't get back in formation with the help of some other geese then ya gotta let him go. He also said he was getting a bit tired flapping out front right now and was hoping that his asst coaches would tap him out for a bit now that everyone is moved in and settled into the community.
5) He told a great story about the first time he drove his wife home from some party. Turns out she was the old girlfriend of one of his roommates--but he said that they had already broken up. Anyway, he was impressed with her looks, smarts, and personality and he offered to drive her home in her car. She said that she had a 'vette and he got all excited cuz he figured she was rich too. Turns out she had a CHEVette with a busted up stick shift. Her "daddy" had gerry-rigged a new stick from the leg of the couch from her apartment...
6) In addition to spending money on the new weight room, he's gonna be paintin' new slogans on the wall. One of 'em is that the problem with aiming too high is not that ya miss, but that ya aim too low and hit. He says that they are going to approach every game like it's tuos since as far as he knows each one counts as "1". He said that if some start countin' as 2 or 1.5 then he'll prepare different, but until then, every game is a big one
7) He said he's not sure of the roster yet but he thinks he's gonna play 8-9 true freshman with probably 6 of 'em on offense
8) and finally he talked about his time at Salem-which he described as a small college with "500 people in the stands, 450 of which he was related to." He said that the kids there weren't the brightest and that academically "all they had to do was spell Salem correctly to get in, and we'd spot them the S, A, and L"
He said he started a true freshman who he called "Freddy" and Freddy wasn't smart but he could be coached. It was the last series before the half and they were close, 7-7 (first time they weren't gettin' blown right out) and so RR used his last time out to tell Freddy to do 3 QB sneaks then get into punt formation and kick the ball away. Well, Freddy "was coachable, not smart, but coachable" and RR made Freddy repeat the plan before breaking the huddle. So, first down, Freddy breaks loose for a 35 yard gain. Second down, Freddy breaks it again to the opponent's 40. RR's trying like heck to get Freddy's attention but he can see Freddy basically countin' 1, 2, 3, punt in his head--so third down comes and Freddy runs another QB sneak all the way to the opponent's 5. RR is jumpin' up and down tryin' to get Freddy's attention cuz he's got no time outs.. but what does Freddy do??? Kicks the ball clear out of the stadium on a punt formation from scrimmage.....
RR is sooo pissed and he runs up to him at midfield and grabs Freddy and screams at him, "SON, what the HELL were you THINKING!?", and Freddy says, "that I got the dumbest coach in America"

there ya have it.

I liked the guy. He's really really funny. And totally down home and calls "hisself" a hillbilly. But he's intense and quick witted too.
So, I am cautiously optimistic.

Oh---and RR is pretty handsome in a hot way. Good handshake, and I'm betting a nice chest.

mmmmmm Rich Rod

MGoBlue93 said...

Perhaps it's just jealousy SiC ;)

That and I probably couldn't get into Law School... B-School yes, Law School, nah.

But pluhhhheeeaze don't tell me you sit on your hands or you're one of those "down in front" people at the games!

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate said...

MGoBlue 93,
I only ranted b/c of SIC's off hand dismissal of this Ashebrook guy. I mean SIC obviously knows for a fact he's lying.

MGoBlue93 said...

Thanks T-9... AWESOME post!

3) He talked about Mike Barwis and the new fitness scheme and how all the kids are staying thru the summer for voluntary work outs. He kinda laughed at that though and said that when his kids at WVU complained about something being voluntary RR said "so's your playin' time"

You know, I go through the same thing with my soccer team. Is it really too fucking hard for parents to at least expose their children to concepts like teamwork, discipline, and accountability these days? Seriously?

Nate said...

I don't believe I'm being naive at all. This Ashebrooke character had received a job at Arizona State prior to this affidavit even being released in the press, so obviously the "scandal" wasn't really holding him back. As for being bitter that RR wouldn't give him a job, it seems like the guy is doing alright for himself without the UM gig.

Nate said...

One thing us WVU fans can't deny is that RR does have a nice chest.

Joshua said...

poor joshua....

Why does that comment just not feel genuine? Just not feelin' the love......

Awesome analogy regarding the geese. The table leg Chevette story will have some of the Bluehairs gasping and saying "Oh my God that poor thing" like it's some sort of tragedy. Freddy rules, and there is no cautious optimism for me- I've thoroughly began chugging the kool-aid and expect us to become the USC of dual threat quarterbacks. Ninja football people! I love it.

MGoBlue93 said...


Regarding your report of RR saying every game will be approached like tUoOS, did RR say it in the context of we're measuring Michigan against tUoOS' program?

I sure hope not.

Why do I feel that way... easy, look at Moo U.

Dantonio is so worried about Michigan that he's not respecting MSU as its own entity. When one tries to be so much like the other person, they usually end up falling short... and Moo U. is a perfect example.

TitleIX said...

no, to the contrary--I think he was downplaying the focus on tuos by saying that every game is a big game and is important. if anything I was a bit worried that he didn't "get it" about howihateohiostate

w/r/t joshua---so I really did mean 'poor joshua' like you would say about your brother who like once again got the short end of something due to his own dumb luck....
it's like you want your own stripper to play with but you don't want anyone else to enjoy the goods?
a bit inconsistent, but I do feel for your disappointment.
sorry that the day job is a deal-breaker for you. really.

surrounded in columbus said...

One of my best friends is a BA/MBA grad. He does very nicely.

And no, I don't sit on my hands. In fact, I'm rather well known for getting myself cross ways w/ less enthusiastic fans.

Truth is, I was born in WVa & raised in Appalchia. Ball games tend to bring that back out in me.

Have a friend from hi school (Marshall grad) who made the mistake of marrying a Neer. She was drug to a wvu function & met R2. She couldn't really pin a name on his appeal other than "dead sexy".

She still hated wvu but never objected to attending function @ which R2 spoke.

Buonarroti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...


My "own dumb luck" was meeting someone who I found attractive and funny, who happened to be a football fan and turned out to not be entirely honest with me.

My idiocy was being too honest on a blog where I've taken upon the persona of someone who deserves such a thing.

I thank you for your condescension, and won't make such a mistake again.

whetstonebuck said...





Joshua said...

So............back to football:

Looks like we landed another Ninjaback for R2's Wacky ninja Offense yesterday. He's got an awesome name, and he's from Ohio.

Check out the video here

TitleIX said...

please accept my apology as the posts did not at allllll convey my actual feelings, and I'm really sorry that you read them as you did.
Obviously you liked this girl and feel very betrayed by her---(rightfully so).

I really didn't mean to pour salt and/or rub alcohol too.
I'm sorry.


Joshua said...

Definitely bygones. Maybe someday (Mzone tailgate anyone?) you'll have a chance to hear the actual story in person. While the situation itself sucked, the actual happenings surrounding it were pretty funny. And it wasn't like I picked her up at 2AM in a club. I met her after watching these two guys try to hit on her (and fail miserably) for a good 2 hours while watching a Sunday night Patriots game. In related news, I'm continually amazed how you women don't come right out and laugh at the general male population the minute they open their mouths.

surrounded in columbus said...

Well, getting back to football, Boeckman threw two picks in tuos spring game. National & local press going nuts about "when can Pryor start"?

Funny-tuos QB throws 2 picks & it means great D. Threet throws 2 & we're gonna lose 6 games.

Oh, & ND is playing in the BCS based on today's spring game.


Catie said...

"I'm continually amazed how you women don't come right out and laugh at the general male population the minute they open their mouths."

Ummm, who says that we don't? ;o)

whetstonebuck said...


That really hurt.

Please humor us.

Catie said...

awwww Whets!!! Damn. Joshua set that up so nicely for me, how could I NOT respond with that comment?

Ok, ok......not every single time, certainly I would not hang out here if that were the case :o)

TitleIX said...

Personally, I love all the Michigan haters right now because we are sitting pretty.
That's right.
Opponents have no idea what to expect from the new offense AND defense. And, we've got the fall back position of 'new scheme' , 'young players', etc etc as a fall back position for anticipated gaffs/errors.

WIN-WIN in my book.

One thing that I'm sure we WON'T see is out of shape, gas-bagged athletes.

ooohhhh is it August yet????

surrounded in columbus said...

You are, of course, correct. Most of the haters are hoping as much as predicting in their "6 losses" forecasts (and continual reporting of any news article mentioning R2 & anything other than football).

They want R2 & the program to struggle, at least one season. For us to win even 8 or 9 games would be too smooth a transition for many.

I'll try keep that in perspective.

Joshua said...

This shit cracks me up:

"Clausen shines at Blue-Gold Game" is the headline over at SI.com

He was 10-of-27 for 183 yards! A 37% completion rate is shining?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Yes, but 12 of his incompletions were due to Weis' gravitational pull; had that not been a factor, those passes would have been complete. (Maybe.)

The other five ... well, some throws just can't be excused.

srudoff said...


you're contradicting yourself

first you say that tb throws two picks and everyone's asking about pryor (ie tb sucks)

then you say tb throws two picks and it's "great d"

which is it

also, threet could throw 5 td's and um's still gonna win 6 to 8 games. it's not JUST about the qb up there - you have no OL and scary thin at WR compared to your normal UM receivers unit.

srudoff said...


can someone get title9 and catie a cup please?

;) jk!

TitleIX said...

a cup of what sru????

athletic protector of the 'nads???

put me in coach...

Catie said...

"athletic protector of the 'nads???"

That was my thought exactly!

Enlighten us Sru!!

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...


my point was not what each team might do this fall. my point was the press reported the results of each spring game consistent w/ their views of each team, w/out any real analysis of the actual on field performance.

right now, the press assumes that tosu is going to be a juggernaut, ND greatly improved, and michigan down. all 3 projected starters had roughly similar stat lines from their spring games. however, their individual performances were touted to confirm the prevailing wisdom as to the team's overall expectations. same stats, different outcomes based on what the press already thought that team is going to do in the fall.

and as for the comments on tosu, i'm not contradicting myself. it's not one or the other, it's both. the press commentary, both on espn and local sports shows pushed both concepts, despite the apparent inconsistency.

in the same segment they'd talk about Boekman winning 11 games last season, how the D held him back (and how Wells not playing hurt the O), and then launch into a discussion of what a difference Prior was going to make and how tosu could really use him.

consistency is not a high priority for sportscasters.

Nate said...

"Opponents have no idea what to expect from the new offense AND defense."

Or they could just watch game tape of WVU from the past few years.

surrounded in columbus said...

interesting column on foxsports.com-


something people should read.

Nate said...

The WV responses in that article are ridiculous, but so is the fact that this guy is still writing articles about how WVU fans can't let go. Some WVU fans may never let go, but I think most have. If you write an article intended to provoke a certain fan base then you're obviously going to receive some pretty dumb responses, which you can then post in another article about the same thing. This just comes across as lazy journalism to me. The WVU fans are bitter stories ran their course about 3 months ago, as did the "Is RR wrong or right?" articles.

srudoff said...

irony: a fanbase that still bitches about time keeping at Michigan State years later pointing out how another fanbase can't seem to let things go.....


oh and the cup comment.... was referring to "two girls and a cup" - something you probably should never google...

surrounded in columbus said...

just so we're on the same page Sru, would "irony" also include a fan base w/ multiple ncaa infractions in their basketball & football programs in the last 5 years exhuming a now 11 year basketball scandal in someone elses?

BTW- couldn't help but notice you were posting during business hours again. holiday? or just get tired of asking people if they wanted fries and are taking few weeks off to reassess the career???

(you were the one a week ago complaining that we were picking on moosu instead of you- didn't want you to think i hadn't noticed or didn't care...).

whetstonebuck said...

"BTW- couldn't help but notice you were posting during business hours again. holiday? or just get tired of asking people if they wanted fries and are taking few weeks off to reassess the career???"


That is elitist B.S. For the life of me I don't know where you come up with that stuff. Just because Newsweek ranks you higher doesn't mean the average student benefits. We have a bunch of UM alumni in my family and a few of them had to be taken care of by my father (tOSU grad) in their latter years.

It was obvious in our little anecdotal sphere who was the more successful. By the way, they never said “thank you.” Is elitist snobbery a core curriculum requirement at UM or is it the water?

One more "fries" comment from you and no beer! I’m not kidding.

surrounded in columbus said...

the water? only if it's bottled.

look, tosu fans can't have it both ways! you can't go around calling us a bunch of effiminate, brie' eating, wine drinking arrogant elitists AND THEN complain when we act that way, ok?

besides- YOU have been to columbus once and didn't even go to tosu.

so? how do you know i'm not right? for all you know the few M fans that needed bailing might have done much worse if they had gone to tosu!

so keep your beer- you probably drink domestic anyway.

TitleIX said...


talk about a complete non sequitor.
two girls one cup???
are you some sick fetish fool??
how does that follow from any of the prior posts?

you sir, are now officially on my SHIT (and vomit) LIST


srudoff said...

: )

Catie said...


Wow. That was like, a slap in the face. As well as uncivilized, vulgar, tasteless, rude, uncultured, crude, crass, barbaric, and any other word that fits in the same theme.

TitleIX said...

catie catie catie

consider the source, friend
consider the source

in his twisted buckeye mind it was probably a compliment???

you are officially dead to me

TitleIX said...

until you say something equally ridiculous and I can't refrain from clockin' you!

(NOT in a good way)

Catie said...

What really bothers me, is I actually googled it, now that shit is in my head!

Be forewarned people, do NOT google what Sru suggests for you to not google.......you do NOT want to know!!!!!

MGoBlue93 said...

Let me get this straight...

Sru is a supporter of an institution with a long and distinguished record... from Art Schlichter to Maurice Clarett yet he regularly is the first person to point out all of Michigan's shortcomings.

And he has the nerve to whine about irony?

Sru regularly observes that Michigan fans are obsessed with tUoOS. Yet he spends all this time here... wait, I forgot, he justifies it by being the self-styled forum police.

Sru is usually is the first person in the room to take a swipe at Michigan. But when someone from Michigan, in the Michigan forum, dares to call Sru on his almost daily buffoonery he comes out with the same 'ol "elitist" rant.

Give me a fucking break!

whetstonebuck said...

Okay, now were having fun.

You gotta admit, it was getting too quiet around here.


Thanks for playing along. Actually, I have a closet full of Corona. Does that count as non-domestic?


I have learned that when someone says not to google something they mean it. Though I have no idea what the term means, your responses made me fall out of my chair.

Tom C said...

evnin boys and girls. I've been trying to pull my head out of my ass and get back on the gives a shit list. maybe tonights the night.
Uhh Sru that two girls and a cup thing..... you mean buckeye girls or real women?

Tom C said...

Uhh Whets, when you say "Taken care of" do you mean Taken care of, or TAKEN CARE OF!

surrounded in columbus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

since EVERYONE is now against NAFTA, i suppose Corona is again a foreign beer.

personally? always liked dos equis better- but i'll gladly drink your Coronas.

jimb0 said...

Check out this crazy video of a ref getting knocked out by a basketball player.


whetstonebuck said...

tom c,

Good point. "Cared for."


Dos Equis is just as good in my book. Couldn't get a case of D.E. at Costco.

Coronas it is!

Vadatripp said...

"Wow. That was like, a slap in the face. As well as uncivilized, vulgar, tasteless, rude, uncultured, crude, crass, barbaric, and any other word that fits in the same theme."

"Sru is usually is the first person in the room to take a swipe at Michigan. But when someone from Michigan, in the Michigan forum, dares to call Sru on his almost daily buffoonery he comes out with the same 'ol "elitist" rant. "

All of this comes as a COMPLETE SHOCK to me as I haven't been pointing out what complete douchebags ALL tUOS fans are (especially the ones who claim to be engaging in "good-natured ribbing" on this site. Really. Not me. No sir.

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

vtripp, i hardly think it's fair to group whets in with sru... although, to be fair, i'm only really upset with sru for the "2 girls 1 cup" incident which has left me scarred for life...

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

Back to something football related (kind of), my friend is trying out for the Colts cheerleading squad and could use some help from Mzone. They're down to 58 cheerleaders from over 1000 applicants and "fan voting" scores are now part of the process. Check out
and vote for Tatyana B. (cheerleader #368). I usually leave vote #2 and #3 blank when I vote- feel free to do the same! Thanks, folks :-).

goat7ed said...

is Corona foreign or domestic?

Interesting question. For the longest time I thought Corona was a foreign beer, as it originated in a foreign country. But I've since learned that once Corona reaches American shelves, if it remains in the store long enough, it BELIEVES it is domestic, and therefore should have all the privileges of domestic beer...free pretzels, frosted mugs, etc. Many people object to foreign beers coming in and quenching American thirsts, but seriously there are some thirsts that a domestic beer just won't quench. Some people wouldn't be able tend their lawns at all without the support of a couple of "cervezas".

whetstonebuck said...

"All of this comes as a COMPLETE SHOCK to me as I haven't been pointing out what complete douchebags ALL tUOS fans are (especially the ones who claim to be engaging in "good-natured ribbing" on this site. Really. Not me. No sir."

Damn! My cloaking device must be on the fritz. Darth Vada has de-cloaked me...again.

Hi, I'm Whetstonebuck and I'm a douche-bag.

surrounded in columbus said...

and aren't we all supposed to, in unison, answer back: "hi douchebag"???

sorry. wrong meeting.

whetstonebuck said...


Welcome back. We've missed you.

surrounded in columbus said...

like Yost, i have real life issues from time to time. thanks

funny football -
ND's 2008 shirt is now available -


2008 theme? "ND football will rise again".

almost as funny as "returning to glory since 1993"?

and from the dispatch, tosu's "Pravda" admits that the whole "genltemen's agreement" stuff was just a misunderstanding. really.


Catie said...

<-----Bell's Pale Ale

My question then is, are microbrewery's considered Domestic?

Sgt. Wolverine said...

With that theme, maybe they should change their mascot to the Notre Dame Fighting Phoenix.

Ah, that reminds me of Ypsilanti High School. Their mascot used to be the Braves, but they decided to change it. The student body voted for the Royals (which made sense, as one of their colors is purple), but the school board rejected that mascot because, they said, it implies superiority. So now they're the Ypsilanti Phoenix.

Dezzi said...

I'm sorry... the only real domestic beer I can drink from the US is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale... though Bell's was quite good when I lived in the region.

Now I only drink imports... because the only real Swiss beer isn't all that good. I stick to Czech beer most times. Does that make me elitist?

whetstonebuck said...

"Does that make me elitist?"

No. Rooting for UM makes you an elitist. See SiC.

The Czech beer means you have no taste.

Dezzi said...

I turn my nose up at you....

Actually... I don't really discriminate much when it comes to beer... I go with availability.

This past weekend in Slovakia, they only had Staropramen on tap... personally, I'd go for a good Topvar, but it wasn't there.

But I will admit to downing a bunch of Miller Genuine Draft at Hooters in Interlaken a few months back! Not too often you see an actual American beer here...

Catie said...

Well then, does it make me not a true Michigan fan if I downed a couple of pitchers of Old Style last week? ;o)

Mikoyan said...

Bass Ale for me. Sometimes Guinness. Occasionally Labatts. Never Bud or ...blech...Light beer....

goat7ed said...

In Interlaken, Miller is an import. Is that still elitist? Do you have to order it by emphasizing the second syllable?

Vadatripp said...

"Well then, does it make me not a true Michigan fan if I downed a couple of pitchers of Old Style last week? ;o)"

Hardly the beer of an "elitist", but you'll have to check with Sru on that one.

I rather enjoy the fine brews from our neighbors to the North or South. Labatts, Molson, dos Equis, etc. Anything more stout than that tastes awful to me. And Guiness might as well be packaged as motor oil as far as I'm concerned.

Mike From THE state of Ohio (ppffftt...) said...

Hey Guys,

First time post on this site, and I have to say that discovering this blog at work was awesome. Great material on here.

As my ID says, I was a die-hard Michigan fan surrounded by Buckeyes for 22 years. Now, in L'ville, I'm surrounded by Cardinals and Wildcats. A whole other mind-job zoo atmosphere of fans to get accustomed to. Tosu still thrives here though, and loves to gather at any BW3's in town (last place I'll go to watch a game here).

I have to say, Guinness being the "sledge" of dark beers is a wide-spread myth. It's incredibely smooth, and only has 140 calories per 12 oz, making it on par with many domestic light beers. Not an ideal beer-pong beer, but tasty nonetheless. The bottles do not do the Draught jutice.

*Nothing tops Spaten Oktoberfest and any Franziskaner wheat beer though. I'll fight that to the death.

Mike From THE state of Ohio (ppffftt...) said...

Yes, I meant "jutice".

And what?

Catie said...

Go Jake!


phil said...

Mike From THE state of Ohio (ppffftt...)
Mike, welcome to the forum. There is a little initiation ritual that all new members must participate in.........do you have a patio table?

TitleIX said...

LOL to Phil.
also (for now) schwetty >>>>>>>>>> dead to me

w/r/t beeayr--
1) Fat Tire
2) Dogfish Head
3) Bell's Oberan
4) Asaki
5) Sam Adam's Light
6) JW Dundee's Honey Brown--breakfast of champions

draft day this weekend, woo hoo

Mikoyan said...

Oh yeah, I forgot Sam Adams as I will drink that on occasion too.

I think I saw a first this weekend on TV...showing the spring games. Are we that football crazed or does ESPN have nothing better to show?

surrounded in columbus said...

trivia question (to which i don't know the answer)= w/ jake long siging w/ the Fish today & locking up the #1 spot, when was the last time a michigan guy was the #1 pick?

Vadatripp said...

On WDFN, they said it was Tom Harmon in 1941.

(Insert pissant tUOS poster's lame-ass joke about that period of drought here.)

jcloverboi said...

dunno if you can get them as far north as the mitten state, but sweetwater and terrapin, brewed in Atlanta and Athens, respectively, are definitely worthy of discriminating palettes.

Joshua said...

Does it make me sound even more elitist if I say wake me up when we start talking single malt Scotch or wine? Nevermind, don't answer that.

Hey Mike, welcome man. I absolutely love the 'Ville, lived out in Prospect for a summer during an internship with an investment bank down there. And for those keeping score, yes- there was a woman involved. *evil grin*

Just wondering, could ESPN possible have used a goofier photo of jake on their front page? He looks like the albatross from that Disney movie The Rescuer's.

As for the 2 Girls 1 Cup thing, I can't bring myself to watch it, but the reaction videos online are hilarious.

surrounded in columbus said...

I have had a revelation- I figured out why tosu fans are the worst. No! I'm serious. Many fanbases are rude, obnoxious, etc. What I finally realized about tosu fans that seprates them from the rest is ther pettiness!

There's nothing, literally, to small for them to resent or perceive as a slight.

I have received @ least 10 emails lecturing me on what a bad move drafting Long (instead Goldstien) is. How the Phish will regret this, how Parcells is washed up, & so on.

BTW- I also have learned that tosu has had 3 #1 picks & Michigan only two (which proves they really are better than Michigan, or so I'm told ;)).

whetstonebuck said...


Now you're just being petty.

surrounded in columbus said...

Spend your days w/ dogs? You end up w/ fleas....

Feelin' Blue said...

Hi guys,

It's been a while. That Helsinki Wolverines thing is nuts. Go Blue...in Finland!

Feelin' Blue said...

Hey dezzi,

Were you really in Slovakia? If so, how was it? I am interested in going to Bratislava. Any recommendations?

Ninja Football said...


The proper response to their draft pick posturing is "Um, how many Superbowl MVPS/ regular season MVPs have you produced? Okay, thanks."

By the way, I finally got off my ass and got some shirts up at beatosu.com, after the crowd over at MGoblog requested some "Lil' Brah" t-shirts. (In response to the incessant use of the term "brah" as a synonym for "bro" at Michigan State.)

And Whets, as soon as I get my wheels back yours are in the mail. Really.

Joshua said...

"Ninja Football" me, if that wasn't obvious enough....

Tom C said...

Local espn drive home had Tom Luganville (spelling?) on and he was asked about Michigan next year. Response was that they would have two tough years before changing the way football is played in the big ten. I don't think it's going to be a bad year next year. Ten wins and then the bowl.
Spoke to a UM baseball player from the eighties about RR. He says RR will be a great Michigan man..... The univesity will see to it,or he will be gone. So "Nate" lets drop the sleeze thing and move to the future. We don't talk about you and that girl a couple of years back. You got a mulligan so should RR.

Beer here is Dixie blackend voodoo.
In the mittin it's Bells Oberon which I've had as far south as Ashville.

srudoff said...

10 emails to SIC pretty much covers the entire OSU fanbase - you're like yost crying about getting hit with marshmallows at this point

as for the cup - i purposely said to NOT google it! personally i've never seen it after someone said what it was before they told me NOT to google it.

oh and don't google tubgirl either.......

Catie said...

"oh and don't google tubgirl either......."

I know that you said to NOT google it, but you do realize that when someone says to NOT google it, that is like the first thing that they do! I will NOT google this one, I am scarred for life after the last one!

Tom C said...

Uhh Sru..... I think you may be addicted. I know some folks that can help. Not the Toousu fan thing, thats beyond modern science but the porn thing we can fix.

Mikoyan said...

10 e-mails, is that because they only have 10 computers in the prison? And the memories of OSU fans is so short that they forget what they were going to type when they can use the computer?

Or were these 10 e-mails:

Mikoyan said...

Oh yeah, second the thing about tubgirl....

Do not go there....

whetstonebuck said...

Now we're cookin' with Crisco.

Every trip here leaves me in stitches.

"tubgirl???" Geez, that can't be good.

Catie, if you googled it--you deserve whatever you get. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice...well, you get it.

whetstonebuck said...


There's a local brew out of Colorado that I ran into in Taos. It was pretty good. Can't remember the name. Anyone familiar with Colorado beers?

Dezzi said...

Hey feelin' blue...

Sorry, I went to bed early last night because spending 3 days there killed me.

I've been to Slovakia 5 times for fast-pitch softball. I highly recommend the country. Everything is quite cheap, they have a large selection of alcohol/beer to drink, and the women are very attractive.

I've only been to Bratislava once at night... I normally spend my time in a small town called Pezinok, about 40 km from there. The one time I went, I had a great time and got back at 4 AM... my friend was buying bottles of champagne for $20.

If you seriously are looking into going to Slovakia, drop me an email... I have two friends here in Geneva who are Slovak and have a lot of friends... oh... don't worry about the language, the ratio of people who speak english is decent.

Email is oberlagerman13 at gmail

Catie said...

Whets, I did not google tub girl.......I am not that stupid!

god of the whoppers said...

so catie,

if tubgirl wasn't going to be your second one, what was the first? i shudder at the thought that there are big game tickets at stake for it...

surrounded in columbus said...

mention the word "petty" and sru reappears.


Catie said...

God of Whoppers, did you miss the 2 girls and a cup thing earlier in this thread? Trust me when I tell you that there are NO game tickets on the line for either of these uncivilized acts of fetish behavior! I am as kinky as the next girl....but uh.....that does not even fall into the realm of sexual activity in my book.

Catie said...

Yooohoooo Yost!!! Can you start a new thread here, this one is getting......

Joshua said...

Catie, if you googled it--you deserve whatever you get. Fool me once; shame on you. Fool me twice...well, you get it.

Wait, what happens after fool me twice?

Well, Boren actually did it- he transferred to UoOS. AMAZING.

whetstonebuck said...


I never did or ever would imply that you are stupid--far from it. However, knowing human nature and the following words from your own keyboard: "I am as kinky as the next girl...," I knew you might be battling curiosity.

By the way, I love your picture.

Dezzi said...


I would equate Boren's transfer as having sex with the sister of your ex-girlfriend, or the sister of your ex-wife.... you really need some balls to do either.

I never google what people tell me to google... I can make up my own twisted searches!

This football season can't start soon enough....

Someone needs to post some sort of Excel spreadsheet with data on it so that I can look like I'm working!

whetstonebuck said...

"Well, Boren actually did it- he transferred to UoOS. AMAZING."

Joshua, Joshua, Joshua, why do you find it amazing? You know this transfer validates everything you believe about tUoOSU etc.

Let me paint the canvas for you:

Marshmallow slacker, whiney boy can't cut it with the elite class of the Big 10 so he seeks his own pathetic level in the Land of the misfit toys. Geez, this storyline almost writes itself.

Oh, the possibilities for irony. In his senior year, Justin Boren in a Jake Long type block crushes two wolverines and paves the way for Tyrell Pryor to walk in to the end zone unmolested giving Ohio State the upset victory and the Big 10 championship...again.

Excuse me, I'm salivating uncontrollably.

Dezzi said...


the phrase "paint the canvas" has a very different meaning in my mind... but I digress.

whetstonebuck said...


the phrase "paint the canvas" has a very different meaning in my mind... but I digress."


And this would be the result of many a "twisted" search?

Dezzi said...

Wow... I just GIS'ed my word verification (vojof) and got a suprisingly decent result!

Dezzi said...


Not really... more the product of a few Peter North scenes...

Catie said...

"I knew you might be battling curiosity.

By the way, I love your picture."

Ahhhh, and that I was! However the scarring from the first google (which btw, I didn't ever "watch" ....the description alone scarred me) I knew better to let my curiosity get the best of me with the second one!

Thanks for the kudos on the pic!

Nate said...

Huh? A baseball player from the 80's???? Well then case closed.

surrounded in columbus said...

oh look! someone mentioned R2 and Nate, the WVU fan who is neither obsessed or bitter, who is so over the whole coach leaving thing, climbs out from under his rock to make an anti R2 comment?!?!?!

thank god he's not one of those bitter fans- can you imagine what he'd be like if he was???

as for Boren- if tosu wants a lineman that is too fat & slow to play for michigan? we ought to give them as many as we can.

whetstonebuck said...

"as for Boren- if tosu wants a lineman that is too fat & slow to play for michigan? we ought to give them as many as we can."

Can I call it, or what?

whetstonebuck said...

"as for Boren- if tosu wants a lineman that is too fat & slow to play for michigan? we ought to give them as many as we can."

Something else...

According to the latest obesity rankings I could find (Aug 2007), Michigan ranks 9th while Ohio comes in at 15. Sheesh, you all win again.

Apparently, the fat kids in Ohio feel more comfortable playing in Michigan. Of course, that is changing with your new coaching regime. Therefore, Ohio should be able to keep its large talent at home.

It's all good.

TitleIX said...

it's all that corn in the feed up here....
I'm hoping that with alternative fuel demand the price of corn will rise such that it will be too expensive to make corn syrup thereby reducing the carbon ass-prints of most michiganders (and other amerikuns)

Nate said...

I was responding to Tom C and my comment said nothing about RR. Thanks though.

Anyway, if you guys haven't seen it, Mandel has Henne as his most underrated QB heading into the draft. For once, I have to agree with this guy. I wasn't impressed with Ryan this year. Here's the article if you're interested:


Vadatripp said...

"According to the latest obesity rankings I could find (Aug 2007), Michigan ranks 9th while Ohio comes in at 15. Sheesh, you all win again."

That's because our elitist program steals all of your kids. We're just returning his fat ass so you can catch up to us.

Catie said...

Nice write up on Chad, I think he is correct and I do hope that he does well in the draft and lives up to his true potential. I will never forget the Florida game.

Nate said...

He did look great in the Florida game. Just couldn't stay healthy this past season. Definitely had a solid college career, and I think he had a better career than Matt Ryan.

surrounded in columbus said...

Tom C's comment was about a former baseball player w/ whom he had discussed R2. the ballplayer had discussed how well he thought R2 would fit in.

and your comment was:

"Huh? A baseball player from the 80's???? Well then case closed."

good thing you're not a f'd up obsessed can't let it go wvu fan and already way over R2 leaving because it would otherwise read like you were pissing on tom c's positive comment on R2 or more specifically the former michigan baseball player's assessment on R2.

thank the lord you are so way above that and so over the whole R2 thing.

zen wizard said...

(There are many more Comments on here when this dude takes a day off than there are when there is a TOPIC--maybe he should take a whole week off, and the traffic will increase to the level where they can get some really good advertising accounts!

I don't know about taking a MONTH off yet--there might be so many Comments it would crash the Web page...)

surrounded in columbus said...

maybe Yost should post a new "no post" post every few days? at this point, the comment string is getting so long it's work to get to the bottom to read the most recent ones. and it's sheer hell to do on my crackberry (spinning that little wheel, trying to find the bottom? harsh.).

Nate said...

Are you an asshole all the time or only on weekdays? I was responding to Tom C's comment directed toward me..."So "Nate" lets drop the sleeze thing and move to the future. We don't talk about you and that girl a couple of years back. You got a mulligan so should RR."

I haven't said anything about RR being sleazy in this post, or really anything about RR at all, other than posting the affidavit from that Ashebrook guy that I thought some would take interest in reading. If that makes me a crazy, bitter WVU fan then so be it. If you can't hold a conversation without throwing out the same insult post after post then just let it go.

srudoff said...

best take on Boren

a former Michigan star would rather pay to have his son go to OSU than have his son follow his footsteps at michigan for free.

god of the whoppers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
god of the whoppers said...

it is probably not a good thing to admit this, but there are some equally awful things on the internet (nice wallpaper anyone?). if anyone reads xckd.com, one of the best is girls playing electric guitars in showers (wetriffs.com) which is generally tasteful, but not safe for work. thank god for rule 34...

Vadatripp said...

"best take on Boren

a former Michigan star would rather pay to have his son go to OSU than have his son follow his footsteps at michigan for free."

I'm sorry. All I can see is "OSU" "pay" "Boren" which doesn't make this a very surprising story - though he's probably not getting the same Corvette that TP got.

surrounded in columbus said...

first, i only use the same insult "post after post" towards dolts who make the same lame comments "post after post", like, say, you.

now Sru? i try insult him differently each time. you know why? the guy actually works at being an obnoxious tosu fan. he puts effort into it and you can tell by the quality of some of the shitty comments he leaves.

take the "father rather pay..." he just sent up. it's fresh, topical, and timely. it's not the same old "6-1 bitches" crap all the time. that kind of effort deserves original insults. he's earned it (and i'd wager Sru wouldn't want it any other way).

you, nate? you're dull. it's always the same message- R2 is evil, we shouldn't have hired him, he's gonna be a bad coach. after dozens of posts, we get it.

second, who do you think you are fooling w/ this lame ass concocted story. you dropped that baseball player reference for exactly what it was- tom c had a positive comment on R2 and you meant to undercut it by implying the opinion of a baseball player didn't mean anything. like every other comment you have ever dropped here. like i said, we get it.

so, why don't you try something different, ok? take a cue from Sru (rhyme unintended there...). come up w/ something new. your slamming R2 shtick is wearing old and your trying to dress it up as something else isn't fooling anyone.

thank the lord you're not bitter about him leaving.

Mikoyan said...

Nah, he's not getting a Corvette. He's getting a Camaro...

Mikoyan said...

Why is everyone slamming R2, afterall he was the brains of the operation, not the whiny talking counterpart of his.

Nate said...

You're a 45 year old man trying to pick a fight with a guy half your age on a college football blog. Give it a rest.

"God of the Whoppers" I don't know why but I find that name hilarious

Nate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nate said...

Tom C,
I didn't mean to disregard your friend's opinion, my point was only that you made him sound like a UM insider b/c he played baseball in the 80's. How did you find out about my situation with that girl 2 years ago, by the way? She said she wouldn't tell anybody

surrounded in columbus said...

half my age? young AND stupid. perfect.

surrounded in columbus said...

Boren will have to pay his own tuition. big ten rules prohibit scholarships to transfers w/ in the conference.

the real boon for tosu may not be Justin but Zack. Boren's little brother is a jr/next year senior in Pickerington. saw him play last season- he's a fullback/linebacker prospect.

whether he follows Justin to tosu isn't for sure, but very unlikely he'll be interested in michigan now.

Nate said...

Not college football related, but this crazy bitter WVU fan is going to San Diego for a business conference next week. Anyone have any recommendations on restaurants, bars, etc? Will be my first time to San Diego.

Ninja Football said...


Can't remember the name of the place, but there's a little Irish Pub on Coronado island that's owned by an ex Navy Seal. They make the best Bloody Marys ever, garnished with fresh green beans.

Ninja Football said...

Yet another example of Google being the best thing ever invented. (Other than girls making out).


Mike From THE state of Ohio (ppffftt...) said...

Hey guys,

I read the ESPN ticker today while at the gym, and I was jaw-dropped. All I can say is if Boren even had the seed of thought to transfer to Tosu from Michigan, than he was never meant to be a Michigan man.

I'd love to see how his dad reacted. Especially after being coached by Bo - what a slap to his groin.

And I just read that a historian researched and found that no Mich player has ever transferred to OSU (at that pre-MNF time, the "THE" was fortunately absent) since WWII. F'ING WWII.


Yes Joshua, the Ville is a pretty cool place. The weather is usually great (with the exception of the occasional blizzard, ice storm, tornado, and now - earhtquake), the people are friendly, the bourbon flows like wine, and the town is big, but not big enough to get lost.
What's unfortunate is that I've only seen 3 other cars since the year I've been here with a Michigan window or bumper sticker. And yet, plenty of Tosu ones. Even though I'm outside of Ohio borders, I am still a pilgrim in an unholy land.

I need to buy a winter jacket and move up north.

Man, Boren. Tssk tssk.

surrounded in columbus said...

Mike from Ohio,
Where did you live in Ohio?

Tom C said...

LOL sorry Nate, I asked when she said that I wasn't the first to do that thing...... We just were not at the wal-mart at the time.
The thing this baseball player said to me was that rules of conduct while repping the school was and will always be a big deal. Lloyd saved Mario's ass but he was about gone. He said "Michigan will make the man."

god of the whoppers said...

where do you live?
i grew up at the intersection of Hamilton and Livingston, then moved about 10 minutes east of pickerinton, though it is more like 5 minutes now

surrounded in columbus said...

Lewis Center, in what was a soy bean field 15 years ago & now is a sprawling suburb.

before that lived in Hilliard (yawn) and Grandview (very trendy).

god of the whoppers said...

grandview-trendy and snobby, had the pleasure of beating them on their homecomings, i moved to the thriving metropolis of baltimore for high school, left for toledo and college, haven't really been back since

Mike From THE state of Ohio said...

Hey surrounded...,

I lived in Centerville, OH for 9 years before my family went different ways for different reasons. I actually lived right behind Centerville High School, which was home to such Wolverine slayers like Mike Nugent and A.J. Hawk, most notably.

That's not something I'm proud of.

I went to college at Miami University (or as we called it, "OSU Jr"), which was great everyday except game-day Saturdays. I lived with a Notre Dame and Iowa fan - no joke. The Hawkeye was tolerable, and the Notre Dame fan was typical - but they were good people overall. It was the remaining student body who were all drunk Tosu fans that took the cake.

I have a question for everybody:

What do you think Michigan's record will be in R2's first season?

surrounded in columbus said...


i've been to centerville a few times and spent a lot of time in the dayton/springfield area generally. nice place.

oh, and 9-3.

i used to live in toledo for a couple of years and still do a lot of business there. not as bad of a town as its rep would lead you to believe.

god of the whoppers said...

meh, if they would get a decent mayor in here (personally a republican, the dems have been running the town into the ground) every since carty has been elected for the second time (cornershop anyone?), i cringe everytime i hear him in the news. he just spent 2 mill on flowers and signs. he wanted the move the deaf people to the new development next to the airport. he got the laws changed so he could bring his dog to work with him. I decided to go to college here because they have a good engineering program and no one from my narrowminded school back home was coming here. i really just wont to move to ely, minn and live in peace...