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Monday, April 28, 2008



Ask and ye' shall receive! Here's an NFL Draft thread.

Jake Long goes first overall, Chad Henne early in the 2nd, more rounds today.



Bigasshammm said...

Nice to see Miami keep them together. I had a strong feeling that Miami would take Henne in the 2nd or 3rd round. Will be interesting to see him compete for the job there this year. Otherwise I didn't watch minute 1 of the draft because it is boring as sin and my Brownies don't have a pick till the 4th round I believe. But I did manage to catch the Indians beating the Yankees and the huge accident in the Nascar race so it wasn't a total sports loss for the day. Now as I type this hung over as shit I prepare for the first golfing trip of the season. Yay warm weather.

TitleIX said...

Thank you!!!

Agreed regarding the snooze factor, but who else is a new Fins Fan???
Seriously, think about it.
You are 21 or 22 you play with your 'boy' for 4 years, then you both get drafted to freakin' MIAMI, together as rooks.
Are you kidding me???

"uh, dude--like, wanna get a house together or something?"
"sure, like where?"
"well, with our coin, I'm thinking South Beach?"
"yeah, cool, South Beach"

You soooo can't write a better story.

can't wait to see how the late rounds evolve for our Michigan Men

Catie said...

No way!! Henne to Miami? I watched the draft up until 6pm, then a friend called and wanted me to go see Shine the Light with him. (Totally awesome movie about the Rolling Stones, well worth the price of admission, huge screen, surround sound, it was like being live at their concert! They so love what they are doing!!)

I digress, back to Henne, that is so freakin cool! How exciting for Jake and Chad to be together (as T9 so vividly described) in Miami as rookies. These guys who came back for their senior year together, is that Karma or what?

TitleIX said...

get some of the hair of the dog, and my own personal favorite---regular Coke or Pepsi and Alleve (sugar for the brain, volume for the dehydration, and non-steroidals for the pain)

Michigan Softball has a DH today against Northwestern---beautiful sunny spring day will take me away from football for a bit.


ps--check out Sports Reporters for John Saunders' nice verbal essay about Mike Hart

Mathew said...

I can't believe how disrespected Hart is getting. 10 rbs before him, maybe two of whom are better than him. Someone's getting a steal in the later rounds (I wouldn't mind too much if it was Miami, then all they'd need is to snag Manningham and Arrington as well :p)

Joshua said...

You soooo can't write a better story.

Sure I can:

Dear Penthouse letters......

Lol, would you expect anything less?

Looks like the fan populace of the Dolphins is completely up in arms about the Chad pick. Not sure why, perhaps they're buying into Big 10 sucks idea, or maybe all they know is that he had a mediocre senior year?

Catie said...

Or maybe they are Florida Gator lovers and are pissed because we handed them their asses in the bowl game! I think it would be awesome to have Hart go to Miami. I am not too much on pro football, but I will definitely follow the dolphins now! (My son is a huge Packers fan, so I was sort of hoping Henne would go there, less teams for me to follow! I am surprised to discover that Brohm was taken before Henne. Also, Dolphins are saying that Henne could START as a rookie! That is either good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

T9, thanks, but only one drink for me last night!!

TitleIX said...

Shawn Crable to the Patriots!!!!

Joshua said...


Can you think of a better scenario for him? Getting to learn under all those vet LBs and vets in general?

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Uh oh. New England took a QB. Can you say CONTROVERSY?

OSURulz said...

I am stunned that Miami picked two UM players. Very un-Tuna-esque. It does sound like the start of a great plot though. Would anyone else want to toss their cookies if Henne - Ginn Jr becomes one of the most prolific pass tandems the NFL has ever seen?

Without sports, this wouldn't be disgusting.

Catie said...

OSU, stunned huh? They are a team in need, they made some excellent picks, that should not surprise you.

Mario to the Giants.

god of the whoppers said...

just remember how big hart is and how fast he is...
now if he packed on 30 lbs of pure muscle, and could carry 400 pounds 5-8 yards at a time, then maybe it would be worth it, he just isn't fast for how small he is. maybe cincy should trade johnsons with detroit and get rid of rudi and somehow grab ahold of hart

Catie said...

Hart to the Colts! Go Hart!

adnteh said...

Anyone know if Arrington hired an agent? In other words, am I rooting for him not to get drafted at this point?

TitleIX said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TitleIX said...

I still hate the Giants, Mario or no.

Joshua said...

Wow. While Mario's an idiot, it looks like Adrian is just plain dumb.

Adrian Arrington, meet Ernest Shazor. Ernest Shazor, Adrian Arrington.

Oh, and....

"Hey Mike! Tough luck losing to the Patriots again. Maybe Peyton can help give you some tips about trying to get over that."

(Thought I'd get that out of the way in case I'm too busy next January.)

adnteh said...

I'm worried about Manningham to to the Giants. Sure, Eli is a Super Bowl-winning QB, but that doesn't mean that he makes it easy on his receivers. Just looking at teams that should be looking at WRs, I'd much have preferred him going to Cinci.

MGoBlue93 said...

Did Adam Kraus have a shitty combine?

Amazing... the spell checker on Firefox 2.0 has "shit" and "shitty" as suggested words.

TitleIX said...

/threadjack based on Michigan athletes

An amazing finish to the second game of the Softball double header vs. Northwestern yesterday.
Down by 2, bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, no outs...Samantha Findlay at the plate....



back to football:
AA to the Saints

Catie said...

That makes what, 5 Michigan players drafted in 2008, gee how many tOSU players were drafted? Hmmm, would that be ONE?

Catie said...

oops, my bad, it looks like 2 more were taken in the 7th round.....

I did find this as well......Pryor was arrested!


TitleIX said...

Apparently the tUoOS graduate student taking orders couldn't figure out what he meant by a "slice of pavement pizza"

Catie said...

PS, I am fairly certain that the arrest thing was an april fool's joke.....just having fun!

god of the whoppers said...

yeah, the story was linked through ballhype.com, has to be fake, however he was arrested back in october for disorderly conduct at kennywood, someone touched a girl in his posse and he started yelling and stuff, he was asked to leave, refused, then complied and wanted a refund for being there for 5 minutes... i don't know if anyo f you have been to kennywood, but it is a pretty terrible park. maybe growing up with kings island and cedar point ruins all other theme parks, but seriously, i'd rather watch paint dry...