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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mario Manningham Liked To Get Baked at U-M

According to Pro Football Weekly, former Michigan receiver Mario Manningham admitted he used marijuana and tested positive for the drug twice while playing for the Wolverines.

Manningham sent a letter to NFL teams before the Pro Day workout at U-M last month to let them know about his relationship with Mary Jane during this days in A2.

This revelation comes on the heels of Manningham's crap-ass performance at the NFL combine earlier this year where he denied to NFL scouts ever testing positive for the stink weed.

Once an almost sure first round draft pick, Manningham's stock has tumbled and, according to the Detroit News article linked above, he's reportedly been removed for some team's draft boards due to character issues.

By sending the letter to NFL teams, apparently Manningham hoped to -- pardon the pun -- "clear the air" and let organizations know he's put his wake and bake past behind him and is serious about being a professional athlete and not Ricky Williams' future roommate.

As you may recall, Manningham was suspended for last year's Eastern Michigan game due to what was called at the time "a violation of team rules." But in his letter to NFL teams and Snoop Dogg, Manningham revealed the reason was actually "due to coach (Lloyd) Carr's determination that I was lacking in focus."

Yeah, the Gange will do that, M.

In the Detroit Free Press story about Manningham's admission, they note that "NCAA rules do not require the suspension of an athlete who tests positive for 'street drugs,' listed as heroin and marijuana in the NCAA drug-testing manual."

If Manningham tested positive only for the Whacky Tabacky, the discretion for suspension would not be with the NCAA, but instead with Michigan.

I'd love to know when the other time he tested positive. Judging from his performance, I'd almost guess it was about 10 minutes before last year's Ohio State game.

Hey, thanks, Mario. So sad to see you go.


Kirbdaddy said...

I'm sure that Snoop is lobbying the Steelers to take Manningham.

Dezzi said...

No wonder Ohio State decided to put so many "Buckeye" stickers on their helmets for the Michigan game.... as a distraction for him...

WV: hzcsjajx

I'm too high to think about the possibilities...

Bigasshammm said...

Never did like him. He should have transferred with his buddy Mallet and saved himself some draft day embarrassment.

Out of Conference said...

I was gonna torch tOSU, but then I got high
I was gonna go first round, but then I got high.
My draft stock's dropping fast and I know why (why dog?),
- cause I got high
- cause I got high
- cause I got high

Jack Cardinal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
surrounded in columbus said...

well, this would explain why eating pizza was such a big part of the conditioning program over the last couple of years.

Dezzi said...

and in other news... No penalties

Looks as though that 4 piece article was worth it....

WingRG said...

it might sound crazy that i'm defending a UM player, but i don't see a big deal in any person smoking weed, as long as they can still function normally and perform (in school/workplace/etc)

In Manningham's case, however, it's clear that his performance on the field was effected by him smoking (at least all of you seem to think so, i don't really have an opinion).

It's a shame that he tries to use this excuse for underachieving.

carl tabb said...

Did I just hear a toilet flush? Maybe it was Carty's hopes and dreams.

Nate said...

College kids smoke marijuana??? Amazing

Feelin' Blue said...

I knew it was happening, so I'm cool! Seriously though, a friend of mine was close to a situation involving MM. Don't get me wrong: tons of people smoke pot, it's a pretty harmless drug, and it's not so much MM's toking itself that bothers me. He has shown a pattern of misbehavior and overall bummery. He was lazy this year and could have helped UM against OSU despite Mike Debord by catching some goddamn balls. We don't need him.


I have heard that MM couldn't stand Mallett, and they were seen arguing during the game against Wisco.

Catie said...

"well, this would explain why eating pizza was such a big part of the conditioning program over the last couple of years."


surrounded in columbus said...

thnxu catie.

can you imagine the talk around the house:

"dude! you eating pizza 'cause like you got the munchies???

no dude. it's like part of my strength and conditioning workout. and like, get me a milkshake!"

Maize said...

I've lost all respect for Super High Mario. He put his addiction, and yes that is what it was at the time, ahead of his team. Heck, it's been rumored that many guys were high prior to the ASU game.

I don't know what his character is like now, but he surely proved he had none while a Wolverine.

What a waste.

beast in 'bama said...

Like, how could I tell that you are sooo like the father of a teenager?

MGoBlue93 said...

Is the hash bash still part of A2 lore?

WingRG said...

it was in '99. The only time this Buckeye fan visited A2 in a "not-game-day" setting :-)

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, i got 3 between 13 and 16. i find myself talking that way at work somedays. which is like, so really you know, like uncool.

MGoBlue93 said...

When I left home in '93, it seemed like there was an effort to start snuffing the HB out. I think A2 raised the fine for a personal amount of mary jane from five dollars around then too... jeeez... I'm getting fucking old.

24 hours til the puck drops... GO BLUE!!!

whetstonebuck said...

Okay, boys. I need a little enlightening here. Is this the lack of family values stuff everyone is moaning about or is it something else? I can't keep up with this soap opera.

Mikoyan said...

Gee, the NCAA isn't going to sanction Michigan for doing what every other major football program does? There's a shock.

Maybe Mario can go to the Lions and light up a few with Drew Stanton. Maybe Ricky Williams can come back and they can have a good old party.

Bigasshammm said...


I have heard that MM couldn't stand Mallett, and they were seen arguing during the game against Wisco."

"He should have transferred with his buddy Mallet and saved himself some draft day embarrassment."--sarcasm!

"it might sound crazy that i'm defending a UM player, but i don't see a big deal in any person smoking weed, as long as they can still function normally and perform (in school/workplace/etc)"

Last I checked it was still illegal. I know 60% of college students smoke it I'm sure but that doesn't make it any less than what it is, a drug. It shows a side of our culture that I'm not particularly fond of and it seems to be coming out more and more as the newer generations get older.

srudoff said...

How can you forget to mention that Manningham's from Ohio and has a mustache?

Luckily, this sort of behavior should stop under coach rodriguez - just ask Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Pat Lazear!

kristy said...

Mario seems like a Tool!! Hey, sorry to change the subject-Threadjack I guess it's called.
Tuosu and UM had a dual track and field meet yesterday and I think Tosu beat us in a bunch of the events but the 100M dash went to us and to top it off-our guy broke Jesse Owens' record, in their stadium, named for Jesse Owens, and as our 1st place finisher put it," It was a great race but even better is that they will have to look at our school name all the time now"
See, the rivalry crosses ALL the sports!! Oh, and the record was from 1935 or so. Good Job, Wolverines!!!

WingRG said...


i never disputed legality of pot. It's immediate effects (2-4 hours after you smoke it) are less harmful then alcohol (which is legal) and it's long term effects are clearly less harmful then tobacco (also legal). Oh, yeah, and it's less addictive than caffeine, which happens to be THE drug of choice for corporate America.

Luckily, i have my own ability to figure out what's good for me and what's not so good, so the American government (and what they consider legal or illegal) better stay out of this. At this point i think that the fact that half of US is on legal anti-depressants is a bigger issue than the amount of people that smoke pot (which co-incidentally also has some anti-depressant value to it).

Dezzi said...

Why do I have to live in Switzerland and have the hockey game on at 9 PM EST tonight?? On top of that... I have to work tomorrow....

I'm tempted to go to be early and wake up really early... then after the game, get a small snooze and go to work.

No alcohol will be involved... I'll save that for the finals...

Vadatripp said...

"Luckily, this sort of behavior should stop under coach rodriguez - just ask Pacman Jones, Chris Henry and Pat Lazear!"

Probably should since the VAST majority of Pacman and Henry's problems came AFTER their careers at WVU.

Kinda like one of sweaterbitch's favorite felons. Of course, THAT felon decided to mix in a few problems while AT tUOS like filing false police reports and taking money.

That's right: #13 in your programs, Prisoner #4814972 in the Toledo Correctional Facility, but #1 in your hearts - Maurice Clarett!

WingRG said...

Hey, vada,

that's a nice avatar you have. The only problem with that pic is that it's from 1998, after OSU lost to MSU. Gotta stoop pretty low to take credit for something you little brother did.

Vadatripp said...

Thanks wingrg,

I enjoy it. Even if its MSU, I just take great pleasure in seeing pictures of Sucknuts crying.

And I wouldn't dream of taking credit for it. That was all MSU taking its turn destroying a tUOS season in the 1990s. Well done, little brother.

Vadatripp said...

Anyways, if sru can have a photoshopped license plate as his avatar, then I can take liberties with mine.

In fact, I don't even know why I'm explaining it to a Suckeye. Just know that it's a pic of your fans crying and i don't care how it happened just as long as it happened. :)

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

don't get mad at sru... just get even :-)

WV: xxlzy... "extra extra lazy"

MGoBlue93 said...

dezzi... I'll sing The Victors exta loud for you. Heading up to Denver now. There's ice coming down and I-25 is a parking lot in places. It will take a few hours but I will not be denied!


srudoff said...

1. chris henry had TONS of problems at wvu and missed one game

2. my avatar is a real license plate in michigan


srudoff said...

also, isn't the label "michigan players that like to smoke pot" redundant and too all-encompassing?

kinda like having a "michigan players with general studies majors" no?

surrounded in columbus said...

Tuos fans talking about the off field behavior of other teams' players would be funny if they weren't so tragically deluded about their record.

Everyone stand back & wait for the laundry list of excuses/rationalizations that their 20 + arrests/ncaa infraction evry 18 months isn't "that bad", doesn't exist", or "happens everywhere".

WingRG said...


wasn't this post about a UM player smoking pot? Now who's using that "your players are worse than our players" excuse?

surrounded in columbus said...

Who is making excuses?

I don't read any M fan defending Manningham. Do you? No.

But you or sru or other tuos fans casting aspersions? That's funny!

Sort of like Tre$$el writing a book on NCAA compliance.

Vadatripp said...

"1. chris henry had TONS of problems at wvu and missed one game"

Missed one game? No way! That sounds like tons of problems to me. Most of his arrest records appear to have come after he left WVU. And he was kicked off the team by Rodriguez after the 2004 season. Sounds like discipline to me.

"2. my avatar is a real license plate in michigan


Surrrrrre. Photoshop is a wonderful thing and I'm sure it fools most of you Suckeye fans.

Vadatripp said...

"also, isn't the label "michigan players that like to smoke pot" redundant and too all-encompassing?"

But this is easily the apex of hypocrisy for the day, though.

Pot, meet kettle. Oh, and this kettle.

Hell, you can't even GET these idiots to tUOS before they get busted for pot.

Mikoyan said...

Actually, I think the Morons plate is real. I remember seeing it in a blog or something. But I think it was a Sparty fan and not a Suckeye fan. something that clever runs above the average Ohioan level.

surrounded in columbus said...

You might be wrong about the plate. I could see a tuos fan moving to michigan and being so singleminded in his obsession over us that he would actually get his plates like this (which "oron" aside, would mean he'd have to drive around w/ a block M on his car).

The part I do think is photo shopped is that the car in the original pic was a boxster/similar high end sports car. A tuos fan driving one of those? Not unless he hit the lotto!

Vadatripp said...


I'll believe it when I see it.

WingRG said...


i am on the record saying i don't care if any UM player (or any OSU player, or any human being for that matter) smoking pot. Never in my comments on this thread did i pass a judgment on MM.

You're the one that brought up OSU fans being deluded about their record as far as player arrests. None of us jumped up and said "this would never happen at OSU". You're the one getting defensive.

MGoBlue93 said...

wg... SiC isn't getting defensive. He's simply pointing out 2 facts:

1. Not too many 'M' posts in here supporting #86.

2. tUOS trolls love to crash the site and point out Michiagn's shortcomings.

Mikoyan said...

Re: The Morons Plate


I did not realize there was a Moronz plate too.

WingRG said...

UM shortcomings have nothing to do with people smoking pot.
The way i see it if OSU fans defend their players on this site, their labeled trolls, no matter how valid of an argument they have. But when we laugh (along with everyone else here) at UM players doing somewhat stupid things, it always ends with "Tressel cheats" or "OSU players are thugs" or something very similar.

i know that this double standard is there b/c this is a UM blog, but as a fanbase you guys are just as judgmental and defensive as everyone else.

surrounded in columbus said...

I don't think my comments were defensive.just making a joke @ the expense of some tuos fans.

And you are correct, you didn't smack MM around for toking.

I'll try to be more precise w/ darts in the future.

Mikoyan said...

One toke over the line...

Mikoyan said...

I read part of that 4 piece series in the Ann Arbor Snooze and it was pretty interesting. Nothing really earth shattering though. I would imagine that U-M isn't alone in steering its athletes towards certain athletic careers. And it doesn't really surprise me that the NCAA turns a blind eye to the practice. But I think in the process all parties concerned are not doing themselves any favors.

srudoff said...

henry was not kicked off the team - google it - leave it to a michigan fan to rely on wikipedia for sources

TitleIX said...

feelin' blue: we must know the same people as I too know who MM chilled with....

vada: can I have royalties on the pot/kettle thing please? thx :-)

re sru: it's really a plate, i've seen it

for me: please send happy thoughts my way as I am in Easton, OH a mere donuts' (or 's?) throw from C-bus. I wore my Michigan Hockey 1998 Championship Sweatshirt down and that seemed like a brilliant plan til I stopped for gas in b-f ohio and was slightly scared that I would go missing from the gas station.

an observation--only in c-bus would they name a northeastern suburb WESTERville......SiC man, I don't know how you do it!

why do we care about MM smoking???
one word....

once is a mistake, twice is a blatant disregard of team rules. not sure why Lloyd didn't jettison him. I'm thinking that the publicity would have 'ruined' the kid for a little mj whereas keeping him in the fold would provide the opportunity for counseling? he sure as heck didn't perform on the field so well so that couldn't have been it...

mgoblue93: be safe!

Vadatripp said...

"henry was not kicked off the team - google it - leave it to a michigan fan to rely on wikipedia for sources"

Thanks. I did.

Using Google, I found this, this and this in the first 30 seconds, all confirming the same thing.

But leave it to a Suckeye to revel in his douchebaggery.

surrounded in columbus said...

i got to call you on that one. don't know where your definitive source for henry's departure from wvu is, but a lot of sources on the net (yes, i googled it just like you said) suffer from the same understanding that he was cut loose after 2004 season (cited in stories by numerous sportswriters at the time).

Easton is a lovely Potemkin Village of the world's best in upscale shopping, dining, and spending money generally. it represents the best of columbus- neat, clean, new, and worst- nothing original, nothing which isn't a chain, nothing that is actually real.

try the cheesecake factory.

BTW- have you adjusted to the fact that tosu logo wear is considered appropriate for any occassion anytime or place?

TitleIX said...

yeah--it's an urban planner's wet dream--retail, hotel, entertainment, office park all in one. and a cute little security force to boot. I guess this still means that I've never really been to C-bus, right!? :-) phew.

Have no fear, I've brought every shred of maize and blue professional wear that I own--to inoculate myself from all the tuos garb, and probably to goad the crowd. You know me, not too shy.

My boss ONLY owns maize and blue ties. seriously. he has no other colors than maize and blue.

beast in 'bama said...

IX: Your boss...I'm betting he doesn't wear brown much. Right?

srudoff said...


admittedly wrong :(

TitleIX said...

ya know...i guess i've never seen him wear brown

Catie said...

Ouch, 0-2 and the game just started!


surrounded in columbus said...

New tv listing: tonight on ESPN 2- "Billy Sauer & His Sieve Impersonation". Oh well, saves me staying up late to watch the rest of the game.

TitleIX said...



Bigasshammm said...

That was one of the worst bag of shit goaltending performances I have ever seen. 2 of the 3 first period goals were completely unscreened and it didn't even look like the goalie was even covering the net. You could see holes everywhere. This was an instance where one single player cost the entire team. Sure the defense could have been better and the offense more aggressive and taken better care of the puck but those looked like some of the easiest goals ever.

Oh well but damn do I hat ND. Not as much as TUO$ but still.

whetstonebuck said...

"Oh well but damn do I hat ND. Not as much as TUO$ but still."


It's always exhilarating to be at the top of someone's list. Thanks for the rush. :o)

Cute kid, by the way.

MGoBlue93 said...

BAH... most of Michigan didn't show up in the first period. Arrrgghhh!

Sauer had a great season but he definitely has some big game performance anxiety. In his last two trips to Denver -- 10 goals allowed on 37 shots. Arrrgghhh! I wonder what the Avholes are thinking when they see this kid play in Denver and they've drafted him.

And Bill Martin has got to go... tix through school were only available to Victor's Club members and students were only allowed 1 ticket. So while the Pepsi Center set a facility record for attendance, the designated Michigan section was half empty for the first game and during the second game, the designated Michigan section sat on their fucking hands.

Unfuckingbelievable... the folks that want to show some fucking school spirit are denied access by the school itself.

BTW, the band rocked. Easily the class of the night.

Nate said...


I hate to get too far in the middle of your Chris Henry argument b/c he's a waste of conversation, but he had made it well known that he was leaving to go to the NFL so RR kicking him off was rather convenient. It's like saying "you can't fire me, I quit." And he was a disaster while at WVU, but Pac-Man was generally a model citizen at WVU (at least after his freshman bar fight).

Feelin' Blue said...

That sucked ass. I am on the losing end of yet another big upset this year--App St, Super Bowl, #4 seed ND.

And pray that BC demolishes ND limb by limb, because otherwise we'll be hearing about the Notre Dame miracle on ice by the mainstreamiest of media.

How's that for making up words?

Vadatripp said...

Wow. I guess I'm the only one who finds Boston fans even more annoying than ND fans. Maybe it's because I don't think bragging rights for hockey are any big deal in South Bend... or maybe because Pillsbury Weis has been exposed for the traveshamockery he is... or maybe it's even that Boston pro sports fans have become so utterly vile, contemptuous and arrogant that I'll look for any small solace I can get, but I wouldn't mind ND winning at all.

P.S. Nate - Agreed, but I'd like to think Mario would be persona non grata back here if the pot test had ruined his draft chances and he wanted to return to UM just as Henry would've been if the Bengals (Ohio team - imagine that) hadn't been so excited to add him to their collection of convicts. Please let this be the end of Chris Henry talk.

P.P.S. Title IX - My apologies for gimmick infringement. The check is in the mail.

whetstonebuck said...

Proof that it does happen in other places:

A car thief caught in Tucson shown on TV tonight sporting a Michigan sweatshirt.

Oh, he was sporting a buckstache too.

Anyone not make the team meeting today?

Go Blue!

WingRG said...


if he was wearing a UM sweatshirt it couldn't have been a buckstache (unless he's from ohio). The official term for that is a "wolvestache".

whetstonebuck said...


Well, I thought maybe the dude had a Michigan hoodie on as his first choice, but was leaning toward jumping ship to attend the tOSU. You know, like the movie: The Boren Conspiracy. Hence, the buckstache.

whetstonebuck said...


Deader than a doornail. Can't even provoke a good tête–à–tête.

That spring game must have been disappointing.

Vadatripp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vadatripp said...

"Deader than a doornail. Can't even provoke a good tête–à–tête."

OK, I'll bite. A guy arrested for auto theft in Tucson has a U-M sweatshirt on? He must've stolen the U-M sweatshirt, too, because only a Suckeye would do that? No? Too obvious?

How about: It was probably Justin Boren trying on the Buckstache before actually enrolling at tUOS. No?

How about: Was that on Cops? Isn't that how Suckeye fans send video e-mail to each other?

I dunno. I guess we're not too inspired today.

whetstonebuck said...

"I dunno. I guess we're not too inspired today."

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner.

Yesterday and today. Did everybody's dog die?

WingRG said...


my dog is fine, thank you very much! Did you hear anything about UM's scrimmage on Saturday? Spielman (who admittedly is a Buckeye HOMER) doesn't think they'll be bowl eligible next year. I think they'll definitely surprise him, but i don't see them contending for B10 (as top heavy as it is) until his 2nd/3rd year.

whetstonebuck said...

Nope. Only what I read on this blog.

Glad your dog's okay.

surrounded in columbus said...

wtrk & wngrg,
sorry, but Yost has started posting in code. for example- a post entitled "ramifications of dollar deflation in EU markets and impact on alumni giving" is really code for "discussion of spring game".

it lets "us" talk amongst ourselves w/ out actually barring anyone access. so the discussion of the spring game has taken place elsewhere under an alias.

so, on the topic of 2008 & Speilman/et al's comments, as i said yesterday in one of the other threads:

it has become very chic' to predict a "6 win season, at best" for Michigan.

however, to have 6 losses this season, we'd have to lose to not only tough road opponents PSU & Tuos, but Wiscon & MooSU @ home, and then still find 2 more losses from @ ND, Minn, & Purdue, or home against Utah, Miami, Toledo, Illi, & NU.

not that it's actually quoteworthy, but i didn't feel like retyping it.

it's funny to me how these same pundits are predicting yet another ND return to glory for a team that went 3-9, but can't see a 9-4 michigan team winning more than 6?

maybe this could be a disaster year, but given our schedule, i'd say not likely. we only play 6 teams that went to a bowl last year (and THAT don't mean what it used to).

a lot will also depend upon how good some of the other teams actually are. wisconsin, moosu, psu, nd, & utah? who knows how competitive any of these teams will be this year.

competing for the conference seems ambitious, but 8-10 wins on that schedule doesn't seem far fetched.

whetstonebuck said...


I read your comments on the other thread. Interesting. Good point about predicting success for the fallen angels while not giving UM the same love.

I'm expecting a shoot-out in the Big 10. I think teams are going to be playing above their potential for all sorts of reasons.

I'm not trying to start anything, but you guys need to watch MSU. Anything less than pure business on your end and you're going to end up on your end. I sense their whole season revolves around humiliating "Big Brother."

surrounded in columbus said...

i'm not ruling out the possibility of a bad season. after "les' debacle" last year, anything is possible.

i am, however, not conceding a bad year just because Beano Cook says so. we started a true frosh in '04 and stumbled into the rose bowl.

both moosu & psu have long losing streaks against us & are looking to this season as a big opportunity. how good either of them is going to be is still up in the air. and the later you play moosu? the better your odds!

MGoBlue93 said...

Every year Moo U's season revolves around Michigan. That's one of the many reasons why they hate us. Michigan has bigger rivalries with ND and tUoOS whereas Moo U puts all their eggs in one basket.

And sometimes they can actually hold a lead in the game. Until they do their Oakland Raiders impression and start making stupid mistakes and cost themselves the game.

Moo U and their Napoleonic head coach is the least of Michigan's worries.

whetstonebuck said...

"Moo U and their Napoleonic head coach is the least of Michigan's worries."

*After the above voice-over the camera pans back to reveal the score of last year's Appy St. game*


That's my point. They do view you as their whole season. They are smarting after last year's loss and subsequent dissing and they believe they were/are the better team.

They could be 6-2 or possibly 7-1 when you two meet up. They will have just come off a loss administered by tOSU, but that will just piss them off more for your game.

Here's how I see it going down. UM takes off and is having a great season after all the bashing. They have one eye on the Big 10 crown and the other on tOSU.

Out of nowhere "little brother" reaches up and slaps big brother back into gut-wrenching reality: making their season and ruining yours. The ultimate two-fer.

MGoBlue93 said...

Not buying your reasoning Whet but there is one thing which is true, Michigan could lose to Moo U and the then beat tUoOS and the season will still be considered a success.

Yeah, it's an instate game, and the hitting is a little harder, but when it comes down to it, few in A2 gives a shit about Moo U in football. That's what Mike Hart was saying.

BB and hockey are different stories. Perhaps due to instate talent on both squads. But in football, half of Michigan's roster is from Ohio anyway.

whetstonebuck said...

"Michigan could lose to Moo U and the then beat tUoOS and the season will still be considered a success."

Indeed. The mark of a true and great rivalry.

Prince Rail said...

AND LOOK AT THE GUY NOW! SUPER BOWL CHAMPION WITH MY by GMEN BABY! HAPPY FOR YOU MARIO! Too bad you can't stay a Giant....We'll miss ya though! Best of luck!