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Friday, April 11, 2008

Beer Bong Friday: The Underwater Bong


TitleIX said...

the value of an engineering degree......

carl tabb said...

Hmmm...I'd rather have seen the giggling ladies behind the camera.

Joshua said...

Ok, Erin Andrews is hot and all, but that woman is in serious need of a stylist. Today she looks like a retarded Swiss Miss girl.

Joshua said...

Is anyone watching the Florida spring game? I'm willing to bet $1000 that Herbstreit can drink a glass of water and sing the national anthem at the same time. Seriously. His ability to call the game with Tebow's johnson in his mouth is AMAZING.

jcloverboi said...


didn't you know? herbstreit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the gaytors. he crams multiple UF cock into that tUOS mouth of his.

how was the UM spring game? they showed like 1/10 second of it on ESPN. i needs the deets!

TitleIX said...

mgoblue.com has pictures.
all of which show thinner/fitter wolverines lunging and reaching and falling---all without the ball.

AND there appears to have been a small crowd there...not open to the public my arse.

Joshua said...

Go to www.Bigtennetwork.com

15 mimutes of video that rumor has it is pretty high quality. I'd know myself but it kept freezing up on me and I threw my computer out the window. That's right, I'm typing this with MY MIND!

Paul said...


Paul said...


surrounded in columbus said...

during the FLA game, i noted Lou Holtz's dry mouthed prediction of 6-6 for michigan (and i think Corso agreed).

it has become very chic' to predict a "6 win season, at best" for Michigan.

however, to have 6 losses this season, we'd have to lose to not only tough road opponents PSU & Tuos, but Wiscon & MooSU @ home, and then still find 2 more losses from @ ND, Minn, & Purdue, or home against Utah, Miami, Toledo, Illi, & NU.

possible? i suppose, but we'd have to be pretty awful AND someone else is going to have to be surprisingly good for it to happen.

as for the spring game & the O looking ragged, we're not the only team that has the problem: http://www.timeswv.com/wvu_sports/local_story_104233130.html?keyword=topstory

things may not look as bleak as we think sometimes.

after so many years in the preseason spotlight (and the disappointing crash), being underestimated might not be so bad.

Dezzi said...

Haha... just saw this from cfn.scout.com on ranking the receivers in the draft:

"5. Mario Manningham, WR Michigan
While he hasn't timed like an elite blazer, he's been more than fast enough, hovering just under the 4.5 range, to be called a speed receiver. He's certainly not a physical one. Extremely thin, he can be bounced around a big and he isn't going to push anyone around. While he needs more work than many might believe as a route runner and in some basic techniques, he's ready to contribute right away if he's not forced to be a No. 1 target. He's a big play, big game receiver who never shied away from the big moment, and while he's a bit of a diva, the great NFL receivers usually are.
CFN Projection: Late First To Early Second Round"

I just started to laugh at "elite blazer"....

Sgt. Wolverine said...

I think the old mustard-yellow Monday Night Football jackets were the ultimate elite blazers.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Oops -- I forgot the link.

MGoBlue93 said...

All the love for FLA this weekend... to think what the score could have been if Mike Hart put as much effort into holding onto the ball as he did running his mouth.

SiC, I must be in the minority here but I'm extremely excited for this football season.

1. Everyone is running their mouth about RR. I have no opinion about RR as he hans't ocached a down of football yet. But if anyone (Sharp, Cowherd, Holtz, May, Herbie, buckstache nation, etc.) has read Bo's book they'd know the coincidences between 1969 and 2008 should not be ignored.

2. The country club era is gone. I don't suspect we will see a team quit like we did against Oregon with RR at the helm.

3. I cannot imagine we will see much of tailback into the line on 1st and second down, TE screen on third, and punt on fourth anymore!

O-line depth is indeed a problem. So is the players who have to keep up their new fitness on their own over the summer. They can meet with strength staff but not formally practice with the coaches -- that's a lot of personal responsibility for young kids who haven't had those expectations before. We will see who had discipline come August -- I'll go out on a limb and guess Fuck Lion isn't one of them.

Nevertheless... I love all the hate being directed at Michigan's way. It will be so much sweeter when Michigan shoves it up their candy asses this fall.

TitleIX said...

anyone else going to meet RichRod on his "tour"???
he starts this Thursday in A2.

Bigasshammm said...

What's the "tour"? And where is it going? More info please. The line for him at their annual fan day in August will be incredible. As long as they don't postpone it because of the stadium work. That would be a terrible blow for the fans with the new system coming in this year.

TitleIX said...


Bigasshammm said...

Boo the tour not coming to OH but I guess I understand.

So after looking at the pictures of the Spring game on Mgoblue I noticed two things. The people in the stands are most likely family members of the players since there really isn't that many of them. Also photos 28 and 30 leave much to be desired and are scary precursors to what may be on the horizon for this year.

Corey said...

2008 Big Ten (11) Helmet Schedule

Click Here

Corey said...

If you want the excel spreadsheet version ... email me cbrooker72 {at} yahoo

MGoBlue93 said...

corey has recovered from his frozen four depression and returned to the room!!!

Pretty cool link!


Corey said...


I have still not recovered from my Frozen Four experience ... need to work a couple of hours of OT to pay for the friggin useless tickets!

MGoBlue93 said...

After NoDak and Michigan lost, there wasn't Michigan demand for tix anyway. I couldn't unload my pair for Saturday's game and really didn't feel like making the drive.

With 12 freshman starting this past season I think Michigan looks good for next season. Even though the upper part of the CCHA is loaded with Miami, ND, and Michigan!

Go to the NCAA's page and register for Frozen Four tickets. I'm not taking any chances anymore. Getting regional tix from school is easy but when it comes to the championship weekend -- fughedaboudit

Corey said...

I sent an email to the ND and BC alumni clubs of Denver ... and was able to sell my saturday tix for $55 each. A buddy of mine had 10 rows off the glass and only got $50 for the pair. I feel lucky to have sold mine for what I did ... NOSE BLEEDS!

I think if Michigan makes the Frozen Four next year ... and I can make the trip to DC. I will just wait the semifinals out and purchase tix from the loser ... seemed pretty easy here anyway.