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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rich Rodriguez: Ladies Man...or Photoshop victim?

Gee, maybe it's just my fading memory, but I don't recall seeing any photos like this floating around with Bo...

Man, I gotta tell ya, Mrs. Rodriguez is hot! Wow! Wow, wow, wow. Well done, Coach.

Uh, what's that Benny? That's not... oh. Oooooh.

Never mind.

Ed. Note: Yes, it did take great restraint not to go with an alternate caption for the above pic along the lines of, "So that's my spread offense in a nutshell. Tell me about yours."

ED. NOTE II: The Big Question - is this pic Photoshopped? What say you? Looking at it again - and reading SiC's comments - me thinks the smoking hot brunette might have been an addition.

(Big HT to LM)


tommertoffo said...

My concern is that this picture may indicate the Rich Rodriquez is more interested in how the Michigan Head Coaching position will benefit him. You're right, there never was a picture like this with Bo.

beast in 'bama said...

Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun - you don't stare at it, it's too risky. You get a sense of it, then you look away!"

surrounded in columbus said...

okay, so maybe this is the loss of family values fat, slow lineman was complaining about?

honestly, the two girls that are in the original pic look about the right age to be students. the photo shopped brunette is hot, whoever she is.

and frankly, i'm sort of glad to see this (photo shopped girl aside). nice to have a coach that will stop, talk to fans, and pose for a pic.

and Bo was very warm w/ fans. they just didn't have internet, youtube, or photo shopping.

after 13 years of "mr wilson" the head coach, glad to see someone w/ a little life & personality in charge. just so long as he lays off the after dinner drinks...

whetstonebuck said...

A hint of scandals to come?

Those are WV co-eds...right?

I'm sure he's harmless in AA.

Roddy - 1
Vest Boy - 0

Hawkeye State said...

Larry Eustachy approves.

MGoBlue93 said...

SiC I was thinking the same as you. Either that or maybe the one of the on the left goes to Eastern and was just visiting.

I have to believe Bo was awesome with fans; a buddy of mine, in Bo's last week on campus, tracks him down and asks Bo to sign a football for him. There are freaking TV trucks EVERYWHERE and Bo stops for 5 minutes to chat with a student.

Jeff said...

You're allowed to look at the menu as long as you order at home.

And I agree, that the main reason there are not similar pictures of Bo is that there was no internet back then.

whetstonebuck said...

I hate to be the one to break this to you all, but that's Eliot Spitzer in the shadows behind RR.

srudoff said...

hey look - someone even bothered to photoshop rrod's wedding ring off of his finger!!!

"hey, they call me The Rod - what's your name?"

jcloverboi said...

kind of gives credence to the nickname "DickRod," doesn't it?

zen wizard said...

I am gonna vote, Photoshopped--for the simple reason that if it is real, Grandpa Amnesiastein over there on the left is breathin' a mouthful of hair.

And it looks like, for him, just BREATHING would be hard enough.

But anyway, way to go, Rod The Mod!

You da playuh, etc.!!

TitleIX said...

like the new thumbnail fo' sho'

re: photoshopping
glad you all said so cuz these old eyes thought it was real at first

Daniel said...

Too bad this photo says "Jan 07". . . we can't claim these chicks (even the purported babe photoshopped in) then.

surrounded in columbus said...

for those who are interested, Red & the Boyz are headed to Denver for the Frozen Four.

we're still good at something!

MGoBlue93 said...

Corey, you going to the frozen four?

jcloverboi said...

probably should post this under the boren-related thread, but i wouldn't worry too much about your o-line next year. uga started 3 freshman on the line, and what was once considered a weakness for the team actually turned out to be a relative strength. interestingly enough, our o-line coach--stacy searels, formerly of WVU. if he could do THAT with a triple-frosh package, ya'll should be fine. i know what you're thinking--why would searels leave WVU? perhaps he was tired of being paid in coal and sheep...

sorry, i still have some unresolved anger about sugar bowl '06--we couldn't stop a spread offense either.

^cue price is right losing sounder

WV: jqhubhno

john q hates ugly babies...? hells no...

Corey said...


MGOBLUE93 ... yeah looking for tickets as I type this. I have been pulling all my angles to get tickets!

IF THERE ARE STUDENT READING THIS AND YOU WANT SOME EXTRA $$ for getting me 6 tickets let me know!!!

MGoBlue93 said...


I can get student tix (but I think there is a limit of four). That's the way it was last year when I got tickets for the west regional at The Can.

If history is any indicator MGoBlue.com should have a link up by tomorrow.

With all three Colorado teams out of the tourney and the WCHA not representing well, I'd be shocked if you couldn't score tix. Attendance has been way down at most of the sites thus far. Quite frankly, last year against NoDak was lame... you'd think the M Club of Denver would have at least showed up. There wasn't much Maize in the crowd. I hope that changes this year!

zen wizard said...

If Dick Rod is such a coozehound, wouldn't he have been better off in West Virginia?

I would think the babes there would just be impressed if you have a car that runs, all your teeth, and are not a close relative.

whetstonebuck said...

"If Dick Rod is such a coozehound, wouldn't he have been better off in West Virginia?"


It's like you all have been saying. Think how much better RR will do at Michigan with the far superior talent. I guess this includes the babes too.

zen wizard said...

Michigan does have pretty women.

Good luck to Dick Rod on his quest.

I hope, as a sidenote, the football thing works out, too!

harry hasselhoff said...

Definitely Photoshopped. Too bad for Coach Rod, but the flash should reflect off everyone - wearing too much makeup doesn't render the hot brunette immune to a flash. Plus, why would somebody take a picture of those four people with one of them so clearly behind the brunette (jokes aside).

Chari said...

I don't know about the validity of it but the girl on the right I know from HS.

r said...

Must be a cheerleader...WVU fans know all about his previous....experiences with school cheerleaders while he's coaching