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Friday, March 21, 2008

Two Minute Drill

* Fellow U-M alum Dan has started a sports blog called OrdosOpinion. Always want to help out a fellow Wolverine willing to put time into becoming a babe magnet -- otherwise known as a blogger.

* They may not be able to close the deal on the football field, but the Bucks know who to take down the national title in fencing. Yes, fencing. Some kid named Pryor clinched TUOS's third fencing title with a final "touch" (or whatever they call it in fencing) against his opponent from Harvard.

Now, two things about that last sentence. First off all, this Pryor kid is scary -- he's a fencer, too?! Second, that is the only time you will see the words "Ohio State" and "Harvard" in the same sentence in anything unless it's a story about a defendant and his attorney.

(HT: LM)

* Got the email below from MZone reader GH regarding U-M's new ticket policy:

Not sure if you have gotten any emails about this, but
I finally looked at the student football ticket policy
for next fall.

What the hell, man?

I happen to be a grad student who has been getting
student tickets for the past 2 years and I'll have
about 45 credits, which last year would have made me
eligible to be about row 40-50ish.

However I did my undergrad at another school, so now I
am going to be the lowest on the totem pole even
though I'll have more credits than most sophomores.
Every freshmen who drops out after 1 term will get a
better seating priority. If too many people get
seats, I may not be able to get a ticket. If I did my
undegrad at UM, I'd get the second best priority. How
am I less of a student? Are these 20K kids ahead of me
paying $1200/credit? Cause I am! (Keep in mind I
also don't jingle my keys....which should be part of
the priority)

To top it off, have you looked at the home schedule?
MAC schools and Mountain West Ahoy! (though to be
fair, Ball State and EMU did give UM some competition
in 07 and 06).

I'd seriously consider staying home next year and
watching on tv, but I can only get comcast.


Anyway. Love your blog. Hope this can spur some

* Finally, JP sent us the story below from InformationLeafBlower regarding our old friend, Colin Cowherd:

A colleague received this email last night. Draw your own conclusions.

Colin Coward Interview Opportunity- DC Area- TIME SENSITIVE

Hi there [redacted],

My name is [redacted] and I'm working with ESPN Radio to help promote some of their top talent. I wanted to touch base with you about an upcoming event we have with Colin Coward in the DC area. Colin is going to broadcasting from Clyde's Restaurant next to the Verizon Center THIS THURSDAY and we have just been informed he has granted interview opportunities with online press immediately following his show, at 1 PM.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you were interested in being one of the four sites we are offering this opportunity to. Each site will have ten minutes of one-on-one time with Colin, as well as photos opportunities following. The space and time is understandable limited, so I will need to hear back from you ASAP as to whether or not you'd be interested.

Please let me know and I can give you further details! I understand the turnaround is very quick on this, but I think this will be a great opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


Oh, that's priceless. Gotta suck when the folks promoting your show can't even get your name right.


TitleIX said...

GH--with all due apologies, I can kind of see the point of equating seat priority with number of years one has purchased tickets and not one's level at the time of matriculation. However, if a grad student has had tickets for 2-3 years that should put them in the junior/senior section, no?

any chance you could qualify for those new ADA seats???????
(I'm evil and wrong, I admit)

Out of Conference said...

T9 said, "any chance you could qualify for those new ADA seats???????"

Depends on where he did his undergraduate work... tOSU, then certainly.

Catie said...

Last year it was by credit hours completed, this year, it did not ask for that, rather, where did you complete your undergrad, and THAT put me at the bottom of the lineup. So even after my 5th year as a grad student here, by this policy, I will still be at the bottom of the heap and the new freshman coming in that year, will get better seats than I.

The other thing they changed that I put in one of the comments sections this week, is that they are not allowing spouse/child tickets. Students in the past could purchase (not at the student rate, at regular pricing) a companion ticket. This is no longer allowed.

tcalero said...

I don't know if this is even a possibility but I think that the University should change to a general admission for the student section.

Think about this, every student who wants season tickets gets a voucher for each home game. When they arrive at the game they redeem that voucher for a seat. The first students who arrive get the first seats.

This would get kids to the games earlier and help the home field advantage. Most students don't roll in until about halfway through the first quarter.

I don't know if they will ever change that but I think it's brilliant. It rewards true fans, and the kids who wanna spend the entire first quarter drinking will have to sit in the back.

Andy said...

It has been a long time since I sat in "that" corner of the stadium, but I remember most of the student section being "festival seating" anyway.

I'm sure it get's more organized as you move to towards the 50, but it was always basically chaos in the corner.

Out of Conference said...

Chaos in the student section at South Carolina as well, even though all of the student tickets were reserved seating. I never sat in my spot and usually crowded in somewhere around the 40 yd line. I think upper classmen/graduates could get their tix for a game 1 day earlier than fr/sophs, but they too had to wait in their own line.

beast in 'bama said...

Apropos of nothing, at Rice we had a 70,000+ seat stadium and around 4,500 students (grad & undergrad). Student tickets were free - they were just glad anyone showed up - and we could sit anywhere we wanted.

My freshman year, we beat Southwest Lousiana (when THEY missed a last-second 35 yard field goal that would have won it) to end a 21-game losing streak. We stormed the field, heading straight for the goal posts. But once we arrived, one of the senior engineering students announced that we didn't have the wire rope or block & tackle to do the job properly, and we all walked away, thoroughly deflated.

The moral of the story? All you surplus UMers should move to Houston and support the Owls. The Rice Athletic Department will welcome you with open arms.

carl tabb said...

"But once we arrived, one of the senior engineering students announced that we didn't have the wire rope or block & tackle to do the job properly, and we all walked away, thoroughly deflated".

That is awesome. I love it.

Kellyn said...

Grad students are horrible I sat next to a couple my Sr. Year (2007) when I had 2nd row tickets. Most sat with their hands in their pockets and looked annoyed when me and my friends got a lil rowdy. So for all of you that complain about the noise of the big house, let's at least preserve/enhance the loudest part of the stadium. No one can tell me that the 2/3 of the students that stayed for 2004 MSU were there with their wives and children but we rocked the house and lifted Braylon to a sick victory. Our student section imo rivals any student section in the country. I've sat in a few, USC, UCLA, Wisky, OSU, PSU, NW, ND. So keep the drunk (loud) undergrads in the front, and for the married grad students invest in a pair of binoculars. Also first come first serve won't work at UM with most of our games starting around noon, when do you tailgate?


Catie said...

"Grad students are horrible"

Lets not stereotype. I am a Grad Student. My student tickets last year put me in some blue haired tea and crumpet crowd (not the student section) and I screamed my bloody head off. (and the people sitting next to me mostly looked at me like I had 2 heads, they stood and clapped at half time for the band...that is it!!!) So not all Grad students are horrible. I would have much rather been in the student section, standing for the entire game and yelling at the top of my lungs.

gh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gh said...

most of the grad students I sat with cheered loud and unlike most of the undergrads, didn't do the key jingle. if you think the noise problem is the grad students, you're mistaken.

title9, I'd gladly let you take a baseball bat to me to get me 40 more rows down, but I'm not willing to be a paraplegic for 2 MAC teams and Utah.

Catie, what's your group ID? We need to group up. My old lead, my brother in law who's an undergrad, is going to be a senior next fall and I can't expect him to be in row 90+ because he's with me.

OOC, we need to drink beer together. you are funny.

What really annoys me about this is the separation between grad students who did their undergrad elsewhere. I made the choice to go to a small private school in 1995 instead of UM. Looking back it was probably the best decision I ever made. But to penalize me in 2008 about a decision I made as a 17 year old is absurd. I met the same standards to get in as the kids who did their undergrads at UM. I pay the same tuition. I never expected to be treated with snooty arrogance by UM as a UM student.

Good read:

well, I suppose I'll just prove Marty Bodner right and send my alum checks elsewhere.

hugs/love to all. I love this blog and its community. Even if I don't comment much.

Catie said...

GH, I don't have a group name. I basically don't know anyone that goes to the games (strange but true). Maybe next year we can get a grad group together, that would be awesome! If it is not too late this year, I would be glad to go in and declare a group. I already purchased my ticket without a group, so, not sure if I can go back in and change that.