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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tip O' the Hat to our Readers

I must admit I was hesitant to put up the post last Friday about the newly instituted special Harvard gym hours. Even though tangentially it was about sports, I wasn't sure if would be soooo out of left field on a site more known for beer bongs, babes and Buckstaches that its mere presence on the MZone - more so than the actual content - would piss people off.

Yet while I imagine some readers shook their head just seeing such a hot button issue raised here (and a few who disagreed with my opinion on the topic said as much) much to my surprise - and excitement - it sparked some fascinating, passionate, thoughtful and intelligent debate. Over 100 comments worth! (Hell, usually it takes an ESPN radio host to steal one of our bits to generate that kind of interest.) In fact, I found the back and forth in the comments to be more respectful, enlightening and balanced than many of the so-called talk shows that tackle such subjects daily via angry shout fests dishonestly labeled as "debate."

Sure, we had a couple doses of Hannity & Colmes-style back and forth (which is to be expected), but most of the discourse was very civil. If I may get on my cyber soapbox again for a second, one of the things that frustrates me most about politics and discussion of such controversial issues today is that the "debate" is no longer about the issues, it's about the people arguing the issues. What "side" they're on. Democrats think all Republicans are evil, Republicans think all Democrats are worse. And what gets lost in the middle is the fact that two people, who may have diametrically opposed views on something, can have them without being a racist, anti-American, asshole, idiot, fascist or any of the other labels that are now thrown out to stifle debate instead of facilitating it.

Men of good conscience can no longer simply disagree. It's all personal now.

Sadly, I've come to believe that politics and has begun to mirror a heated college football rivalry. An Auburn fan seeing someone in an Alabama shirt and immediately disliking him (or vice versa) is one thing in sports culture. But when the same dislike between folks of different political stripes prevents thoughtful examination of opposing viewpoints, that's harmful to society.

Look, I'm by no means ditching the beer bongs, babes and Buck bashing. That's still the mission statement of this site and will continue to be so. But it is nice to know we can venture off topic every now and then, talk about some of the more important, controversial or pressing things going on in the world, then circle back to the fun and the funny. Rather than diminish this site, I sincerely hope it adds something that gives it a unique twist not found on other sports blogs (and it sure helps fill space in the off-season!).

Will we lose some folks as a result? Most likely. But that's the beauty of not taking advertising here (and believe or not, we get inquiries all the time) - ultimately, it's not about the number of visitors, but the enjoyment and stimulation of those who do come - as well as that of your humble blogger. This blog is a hobby, not an attempt to find a new career.

As always, thanks for reading.


TitleIX said...

Yost rules.
The Today Show has a segment this AM about the 'gym' issue.
Seriously, dude, The Man steals your shit ALLLL the time!

Bigasshammm said...

It is good to see that we are all fundamentally intelligent people. Most of us are either in school currently or have jobs where they can take great tolls on our lives. Whether through stress levels or amount of brain capacity required etc. Most of us gravitated here as sort of a place to escape from everyday life and mix with others who may share our views. It brings us closer together when we have debates and find that many of us are just like ourselves and that we'd probably all really get along in the "real world."

That being said who's going to the spring game in April? Thinking about heading over there for it as long as weather's ok and maybe say hello to a few people from here.

Word Verification: hlrykwb

Hillary kills white babies?

Joshua said...


I'll be heading down w/the brother and maybe a cousin (if I can get them away, both are in your position with all that crazy "responsibility" stuff). Is it crazy to tailgate for a spring game- 'cause I'm all about out-crazy-ing the 92,000 Alabama fans who showed up for their game last year...

"Word Verification: hlrykwb

Hillary kills white babies?


Joshua said...

Oops, forgot to use the requisite four "crazies" in that post, so here you go...

Something something crazy something.

Much better.

(Here's to proofreading....)

Out of Conference said...

I'd have to agree with everyone that posted regarding your observations of the "gym" issue so far.

Word verification: musfrk

With that, I'm going to let my freak flag fly today, because I mus.

Joshua said...


I have nothing meaningful to post but my verification is MMUZI. Seriously, who could turn down a chance to reference a tasty treat who'll melt in your mouth but not in your hand?

Tom C said...

Ham.... say it aint so! this isn't the real world? Dang and I thought things were looking up.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

I'll be at the spring game, wearing my helmet as always. If I remember correctly, it won't be at the stadium due to construction; have they decided on an alternate location yet?

TitleIX said...

Ford Field for the Spring Game....

surrounded in columbus said...

really? do they have a date yet? because between the NCAAs & the monster truck rally, there aren't a lot of free dates.

kristy said...

Okay, It's March for petes' sake!!! the snow can stop any time now!!!! This is rediculous!! Daylight savings time kicked in and my daughter is saying how pretty and Christmasy it looks!! The spring game may look like a snowball fight at this rate!!
Side note-dated a guy who played Rugby. That is a crazy, all incompassing sport!! More action than Cricket but still crazy! Very Testosterone driven!!

Sgt. Wolverine said...

They got Ford Field? I thought I remembered hearing that Ford Field wasn't available on the day of the spring game. If they did get it, that would be outstanding!

Joshua said...

Hey SIC,
You wanna buy half my seat for the monster truck rally? thay said I'm pying for the entire seat BUT I'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!!!!!

surrounded in columbus said...

Sorry Josh but I've already got the best seat in place- behind the wheel of my Ford 250!

Joshua said...

I hope it's named Big Puppy.

TitleIX said...

I could be wrong on the Ford Field thing but the last I heard that was where it was going to be.
No date set yet.

Mikoyan said...

I don't know if the guy was joking or not, but I heard Rynearson Stadium.

Chris in NC said...

Yost, your site rocks. I love heated debates. Heck, I'll even argue against what I really believe just for the fun of the debate.

It was killing me this weekend as I was stuck at work for 30 plus hours while our company was bought by another. I could read the post, but the comments were blocked by our companies version of net nanny. As the count blew past 50, I knew I was missing some really cool debate.

As you said, this group is a pretty respectful bunch. This isn't the only time they have debated stuff and kept it civil. That's impressive nowadays.

Tom C said...

Chris there isn't one person here I wouldn't buy a beer at the pub if we met.

Joshua said...

Cheers to that Tommy C! Cheers to that.

And just for the record, there's a brunette on the show "October Road" who might be the hottest woman since Audrey Hepburn.

Bigasshammm said...

last i heard i thought the spring game was april 12th? i could be wrong. i nver thought about needing an alternative field either.

im definitely game for a beer anytime.
please excuse the poor typing as i am currently holding my little screamer and only using my left hand to type

i will be up and on probably most of the night with her since its my night. so if anyone wants to chat hit me up on aim. my name is the exact same as on here. that goes for anytime too.

Feelin' Blue said...

It's funny that you say that, Tom C. There are few people on mgoblog I wouldn't mind getting a prescription of Risperdal for if we met.

The people here are much cooler and nicer. What made the debate so interesting is that we are only united by our affinity for Michigan football, of all things. It is not so likely that we would all hold similar political opinions, unlike groups of people who frequent political blogs e.g. LGF, Huffington Post, or Daily Kos. Also, on those political blogs dissent is bound to be met by accusations and labels such as moonbat, neocon, fascist, commie, or Cincinnati bowtie. Okay that last one was unnecessary but you get the idea.

I think that it also helps that we've grown comfortable around one another. How funny is it that CFB can do such a thing? Then again, it is a religion.

Bigasshammm said...

Taken from ESPN's website....

Big Ten Conference
Michigan Wolverines First practice: March 15 Spring game: April 12

Don't know how accurate that is but who knows.

whetstonebuck said...

"What made the debate so interesting is that we are only united by our affinity for Michigan football, of all things..."


More repression and public degradation of us second-class citizens. Therefore, I petition for Buckeye only hours on the Mzone.

"...How funny is it that CFB can do such a thing? Then again, it is a religion."

And I petition on religious grounds.

Joshua said...

Beat an SEC team.

Then maybe we'll talk.

*evil grin*
Sorry bro- couldn't resist.

Feelin' Blue said...

Whoops, sorry about that whets. You know what I meant. Maybe "affinity for and interest in Michigan football" would be more appropriate.

whetstonebuck said...


Thanks for the set-up. T'was all for fun.


Could you help pull this knife out of my heart? I think it belongs to you.

Jim said...

I have no idea what a "Cincinnati Bowtie" might be, but I have a feeling I shouldn't Google it at work.

whetstonebuck said...


Don't look it up. Don't ever think about it. Don't ever do it.

Feelin' Blue said...

Yeah, don't do it. It's disgusting. It was a little gag that I thought would be funny as I was about to go to sleep. Now that I am awake I realize that I probably just turned away all of the people who came to the blog to participate in the women's swim debate. The intent was to get Joshua to spit out his coffee.

Word Verification: iqyinhun

I question why [you are] inhuman(e)

Joshua said...

Well I used to live in cincinnati, and since I'm not sure about the Bowtie I just figured it was something better left alone. At first I though it might be a jab at cinci and it's notorious conservativeness (is that even a word? I'm running on 2 hours of sleep.) then i decided it sounded too much like a Cleveland Steamer to take my chances with.

I'm now deathly curious to find out how many people googled it and came up with a 2 Girls One Cup reaction.

That having been said, I'm totally gonna have to google it when I get home. I've never been good with the whole will power/curiousity thing.

And Blue- check out my rant over at GoBlog. Classic piece of literature, that one. It's at the end of yesterday's comment section. I guess the rule on that would be don't give me asinine things to deal with at work when I'm tired and grumpy.

kristy said...

so, did we all catch the story about the NY senator?
Running for high ranking public office and being holier than thou...$1,000,000.
Going to an escort service for company because life just isn't exciting enough...$4,300.
Getting caught by a wire tap sting because you're a tool and probably having to have manhood removed so wife can carry it in her purse because she is sooooo pissed when she could've used that above mentioned amt. for a bit of nip/tuck....PRICELESS!!!!
This story cracks me up. Smart enough for running a state but too stupid to find cheap p#%#y!!

kristy said...

Heck, next time, take the wife with you and find her some goodies!

Feelin' Blue said...


I don't want to be responsible for dozens of bloggers clawing out their own eyes and disemboweling themselves (I've seen too many scary movies or samurai flicks). Urbandictionary it instead!

I read it, Josh. It was a classic piece of writing, indeed. I actually wrote a comment about it over at the ward aka mgoblog.

jcloverboi said...

i just ran "cincinnati bowtie" through the urban dictionary--holy jebus. thanks for the heads-up, blue.

I don't know if anyone else has suggested this yet, but pot luck friday should include a best word verification contest. So many here (myself included) like to make witticisms out of word verifications--why not take four or five a week and have the community vote on the best one? How about it, Yost?

I'll start it off:

poqrb = poke her rib

"Poke her rib? I didn't have to after the Cincinnati bowtie I just gave her."

Oh well--they can't all be winners.

surrounded in columbus said...

Perhaps the "best" part of the "bowtie" definition was the explanation that it was named after Cinci because "they do everything backwards" in Cinci.

TitleIX said...

ok, so you warned me...but did I listen???? noooooooo.
whether it's the red part or the backwards part....

and now for something completely different:
Mary Ann got arrested for DUI and possession in Idaho.
And, even worse? They list her age as 60+

THAT is just wrong.

WV? fntgazpb = what one says while receiving a CB


surrounded in columbus said...

The press listed it @ 69. Now, that will make you feel older than most anything. On the other hand, I was always more of a "Ginger" fan. I grew up around way too many girls in pig tails to ever find that attractive.

Tom C said...

Yeah ICK!!! This red tie thing.... The backwards tie didn't seem so bad to me.... Course it might be cause I'm pitching.
WV owwwid Oww I did get a red tie... Ick

Tom C said...

Ok what idiot got me to look up a Cleveland steamer? Now I know what a dirty sanchez is too! AAACK

Joshua said...

That would be me Tom. Dare I say the term "Rusty Trombone"?

Lol. don't blame me- I'm a recovering frat guy. If I had my choice I would forget all but "The Rodeo". That one's just hilarious. not even sure if there's a definition for it- I'll have to check.

And some of my initial Ninja Football artwork....

http://img170.imageshack.us/img1...1/ ninja1zv5.jpg

http://img341.imageshack.us/img3...2/ ninja2oh8.jpg

It's still very rough (shadows are at differing angles, etc.) but I'm teaching myself GIMP, which is similar to Photoshop but opensource.

Hey T9,
heard from Catie? She's been conspicuously absent lately.

Joshua said...

Hmmm...looks like "Rodeo Clown" is the correct term. First definition.

Feel like I should have a soundtrack in the background saying "The more you know...." with the shooting star and rainbow over my head.

Joshua said...

Ok, don't know if this'll post WAY LONG), but couldn't get the link to work so I copy/pasted. Definitely worth the read. If it's true I'm gonna pee my pants with giddiness.
If you choose to read it I'll see you on Friday- you might be done by then.

Hello UM fans
Now that recruiting is over we can not concentrate on existing team.
Team is 2 weeks into off-season workouts. Keep in mind that in the past
3 years workouts until the 2nd week of February were basically
voluntary---this team is light years ahead in terms of conditioning.
Some random observations:
1) Are the workouts tougher than in past years? I have been to 2
workouts-one on a Tues. and one on a Wed. Monday, Wednesday, and
Fridays are basically lifting days-while Tues. and Thurs. are
conditioning and speed training days. It should be noted that even on
lifting days-the kids run. The overall workouts are longer, more
intense, more organized, (there is constant monitoring of every drill
and every player)--. The workouts are structured to have as much
competition as possible---either you are competing to increase your own
numbers---our your group in which you are assigned are competing against
other groups. Kids understand and are told what expectations are for
that particular workout and almost daily there are new exercises added.
2) The running is what seems to be getting to some kids. It's
almost never ending. And to make sure the kids don't loaf during
running drills-they are placed in groups---(let's say they have to run
20 sets of 40 yd dashes)---each group is assigned a time---and if every
player is not under that time-the whole group does not get credit for
that set. Needless to say---the kids are making sure their teammates
finish within the allotted time.
3) Coaches seem to very sensitive towards the players and the
"newness" or the issues associated with the coaching transition. To
deal with this---position coaches are now meeting individually with each
player every other Friday. During these sessions-coaches review their
development and performance in workouts-but more so discuss any issues
or negative feelings the kids have about new coaches or schemes. They
are bending over backwards to make sure each kid feels they will fit
in---and most importantly have made it clear to every kid that everyone
starts out new. All positions will have open competition---every player
must compete-no matter how experienced the player is---whether he is an
upperclassman. This has really been a positive development for the
kids. They all feel like they will be given a fair shot---and everyone
is required to do the same tough workouts----no slackers.
4) Early ( I stress early) players who have stood out.
Grady. Probably the most intense player on the team right
now. Trying very hard to show coaches he not only can fit in to new
system-but he wants to play more than anyone. He is fully healthy and
has really bought into the new workouts
Boren. The kid is just a monster in terms of willingness
to push himself. Has to be considered one of the leaders of the team.
He has trimmed down noticeably already---(Boren actually started
workouts immediately after bowl game)---and actually enjoys the running
part. Boren is also pushing the other OL's---one of whom is Schilling
who looks to be in great shape.
Ezeh. He just seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
And is quickly becoming the leader of the defense. No doubt he is most
athletic defensive player (for his size)---and has really performed well
in all the new drills. Barring injury---I look for him to have an AA
type yr.
Woolfork---keep your eye on him. Great kid with great
work ethic. Very fast---really standing out in speed drills. Gaining
weight and strength---a kid who most forget about-could make an impact
next yr. Some believe Boo-boo will be our #3 CB---(I think he has a
hard time beating out Woolfork)
R Van Bergen. Don't see him moving to OT any longer.
He really is a work-out warrior---Johnson along with Van Bergen easily
the top DL's in terms of performance on DL's in workouts.
Stonum. Quiet kid-at least around other teammates---and
has shown some great quickness and speed. Right now---is probably the
fastest WR on the team. Runs very smoothly-almost effortlessly---seems
to be making transition to college and Michiganweather nicely.
Zirbel. I bring his name up because at one time-thought
he was a candidate for transferring. And he may eventually do just
that. But last year-Zirbel felt he was not given a fair shot by old
staff. He developed a big attitude toward Moeller and coaches.
Basically quit competing. Well-at least early on-Zirbel seems to have
found a renewed passion for football-and has done quite well in
workouts. No doubt the kid has some talent---he will be one to watch
this spring.
Threet. Have no idea if Threet will be the starting QB
next year. But the kid is going to make it hard for RR or any QB to
beat him out. He has taken a leadership role on this team---very
vocal---works as hard as anyone---is constantly asking WR to stay extra
time to work on passing drills. So far it's hard for him to get any
takers-since kids are pretty worn out after workouts. So Threet is
meeting them on weekends to work out. I know Threet has never played a
down---but UM fans are going to really like this kid and his attitude
and approach. Great kid---I am really pulling for him.
TT To say he has struggled is an understatement. Decided
to stay in school---and he understands it was the right decision. But
these workouts are a huge culture shock to TT-(especially the running).
Overheard him say "practices are going to be crazy---someone is going to
have to pay for all this crazy stuff". For those going to the spring
game-TT is one you will see a big difference in. If he keeps it up---he
is going to be special next yr.
Helmuth. Going to be hard to keep him off the field. He is a
better athlete than people think. He is the leader of his group and
pushes them very hard. I look at him as a potential captain down the
road and a solid FB and contributor on special teams.
Rogers. Another top athlete who seems to enjoy the new
workouts. Question is-what position will he play? If RR is set on
getting best athletes on the field---Rogers is clearly one of them.
Just a matter of him developing football skills---but a very nice kid
-(sleeper from last yrs class)-who will make an impact somewhere for UM
next yr.
Kates----Has Kates left the program? Or has he changed his mind?
Is he OK academically? Don't know-but I do know he is showing up for
workouts (at least he has been to at least 2 that I know of). Stay
tuned on this new development.
Criswell---for those who have received my e-mails-one of my favorite
kids. Unlike some kids from PSL-Criswell has been a model student and
athlete. Contributor on special teams-but is seemingly a man without a
position. He has asked the coaches to let him try DE or OLB this spring
and coaches have agreed as of now. Criswell is really pushing himself
in workouts to get ready.
Molk---the new offense fits him perfectly and looks to be a
candidate for OC. He needs to work on his shotgun snapping---at times
struggled with that aspect of his game last fall. Has been practicing
(bowl practices)-at both OC and OG---I still look for a battle between
Molk and McAvoy as to who will start at OC. Molk has been a great kid
at UM and work ethic has never been an issue.
Stewart---Will he be the next Mundy (ala WVA). He is hoping so.
There was some question as to whether he would put forth the effort if
he did not see himself as a candidate for starting position. But
coaches have told everyone positions are completely open-and Stewart has
been our most physical safety---and of course a huge contributor on
special teams. Coaches have had numerous conversations with
Stewart---encouraging him to put forth max effort and then compete in
spring. So far-he has answered the challenge.
C.Brown. Again, for those who have followed the info in
e-mails-C.Brown has been one who has a tendency to tone down his
intensity if things are not going his way. Coaches have talked to him
about multiple positions in spring-(including running some QB). Brown
-at least early on-has kept up with workouts. C. Brown is another one
(ala Butler)-that coaches seem to be pushing extra hard.
B. Graham. One coach in particular believes UM's defense will be as
good as the progress of Graham and Jamison in the off-season. Unlike
Jamison who is a very quiet kid---Graham is much more vocal. Graham is
being pushed very hard-coaches have drilled in him that he will be one
of the centerpieces of next yrs defense and therefore he needs to start
showing some leadership abilities. It's interesting to note that Graham
was Perry's host---and one of Perry's issues with UM was that the
players seem to have a different version of what defenses were going to
be run vs. his conversations with the coaches. In any event---Graham
seems to be one who complains quite a bit about being sore---but has
been at every workout and is starting to like the progress he sees in
his quickness. Graham is one of the kids who have visible toned down
his weight and expects to play the entire yr at DE. Graham really likes
the way the coaches reach out to the kids and really likes Tall. Shafer
seems to have taken some extra time with both Jamison and Graham.

Some other tidbits:
1) Easiest coach to talk to Hopson. Players say he is always
assessable and will talk to the kids as long as they want about
2) Most hated drill Just the running. Kids say it's never ending and
they are basically running with "rubber legs"---and are constantly sore.
3) What do players like the most?---Behind the scenes they will tell you
they love the way Barwis and staff almost know who top players are---and
are harder on them than the rest. Perfect example-Butler-they seem to
be relentless on the kid. Players say its sends the right
5) OL going into spring just has 9 schollie players on the roster.
RR likes to scrimmage quite a bit---likes the #1 O vs. #2 D-and vice
versa. We have a couple walk-ons who can play---(walk-ons work just as
hard as everyone else)---but we are very thin on OL. Despite the low
numbers---RR still will have physical practices.
6) Players favorite day (besides weekends)---easy-it's Wednesday.
The one day workouts are cut back about an hour-and very little running.
7) Patilla---still have not seen him yet
8) Jake Long was workout out with kids the day I was there.
9) Shafer sits in on all defensive position coaches meetings with
individual players. He has watched film on every kid---and believes the
key to next yrs D will be the development of Jamison and Graham at
DE-along with RVB and Patterson. Patterson -he simply has been a
disappointment up to now---has really struggled with new "leg
exercises"---was very underdeveloped in that area. He is a big key in
terms of depth for next yr.
10) Just a personal opinion on this yrs class
Most underrated player
Highest draft pick in this class
Most likely to play next yr
Shaw, T-rob (slot receivers)
McGuffie (RB)---although he is going to be
shocked by the level of comp.
Stonum (WR)
Fitz (LB)
Boo-Boo (CB #4)
Feagin (2-QB system)
Recruit who could be a big surprise in 3 yrs
Rocco Khoury (may be a future OC)
Biggest position need in next yr's class
QB and DE
How many instate kids will get UM offers
At least 8

What I will be watching during spring practices:
1) Overall practice structure and differences in program. How much
more physical will it be?
2) Individual players. Patterson, Mouten, S. Brown, the whole OL,
Webb, and of course Threet are the ones I am most interested to see the
3) RR. Here is my biggest question. Is he accurate when he says
he can adapt the spread offense to personnel? Can his offense be run by
someone like Threet? This is a huge question IMO. There is a part of
me who really wants a dual qB---but wants that dual QB to be a passer
first. If RR is as innovative as he claims---then he could really be
tough to defend or scheme against if his offenses can pass as well as it
can run. With Threet and Cone the only QB's---spring practice will have
to emphasize their strengths. I am sure someone on the roster will take
snaps at QB-whether it is C.Brown or Hemmingway---but cannot see a
scenario that UM goes into 2008 without Threet as its starter. Threet
simply (right now at least) gives UM the best chance to win.

TitleIX said...

Miss catie is apparently waaaay under the weather.
hopefully she will return soon!

Feelin' Blue said...

Crap. Look what I started. Yes Joshua, I know what a rodeo is.

Just watch the part in 40-year-old Virgin when the middle-aged Indian guy with the really potty mouth starts talking to Andy about how "love is about connections. It's about feelings. It's not about co..." That will expand anyone's vocab.

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

great post, joshua- where did you get it from?

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

did anyone else notice that John Cooper is being nominated for induction into the college football hall of fame?... seriously?

Catie said...

Sorry to miss all the fun. T9 is correct, I have been very ill. I think I am starting to see the light of day, although it is likely to take me a few more days to be fully operational again. Thanks for missing me though! The Mzone DOES have the best community!!

whetstonebuck said...


Sounds like you have the killer flu. Take it slow. Don't over do it. It likes to return for a second knock-out punch. Get well.

Out of Conference said...

Whets - "second punch"
Man, you called that. I had the flu a few weeks ago, after about day 5 or 6 I felt well enough to venture into work. By lunchtime I was feeling bad again so I went home and felt even worse by sundown then I did the entire time with the flu. Went to the doc the next morning and she said it was a secondary bacterialogical infection after the flu virus weakened my system. After 3 or 4 more days I was well enough to venture out of bed, but a full week or more to feel like I had any energy.

Disappointed I missed out on vacabulary lessons on here the last couple of days!

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

yeah, and um spelling - vOcabulary

word verif: kkmgo
"ok ok, me go, sorry I gave you the Cinci bowtie."

Joshua said...

"did anyone else notice that John Cooper is being nominated for induction into the college football hall of fame?... seriously?

Yes seriously- otherwise I never would've nominated him.

That post was taken from a forum which someone linked to at MGoBlog last night. Couldn't get the link to work so had to copy and paste. The guy who ppsted it got it second hand and couldn't verify the authenticity, but my feeling on it is that that's an awful ot of detail and work to go into a hoax. If you want to track it down it's on the copmments over there from later last night.

Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

Perhaps my dear ole University of South Carolina nominated Cooper after he helped us to our high water mark* in our football history - 2 straight Outback Bowl victories over tOSU. (*ignoring our 1984 #4 undefeated ranking until losing to Navy)

whetstonebuck said...

"...2 straight Outback Bowl victories over tOSU."


You just had to bring that up, didn't you? Between you and the knife-wielding Joshua, I'm never going to get out of therapy.

If tOSU goes to another bowl game and loses to an SEC team, I'll begin my search for an adequate rafter.

(word verification - wacgr. Whack Georgia? Maybe it's a sign.)

Nate said...

"Lol. don't blame me- I'm a recovering frat guy."

Now it all makes sense

Out of Conference said...

I can;t believe a sure-fire Bama-Auburn fight thread showing Saban at the state pen only got 2 comments. I thought for sure that had the legs of the now famous Bama-Auburn rivalry thread fropm 2 years ago here. What's the latest post on that, anyone? (I'm too lazy to find it)

Joshua said...


I would love to respond to your obviously snide aside, but I'll be busy "making friends" with the local sheep and admiring how "Abercrombie-ish" I am.

ohio_guy said...

interesting story, regarding the big house losing it's rank as the largest stadium for a while


TitleIX said...

and ohio guy circles us right back to the PC tolerance topic

WV = 'sysui' here piggie piggie???

Tom C said...

I was listening to Gary Gilmore the head coach of the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers baseball program on the way home.
He says Michigan is in this weekend for a tournament. Coastal is about ten miles from the beach, in Conway SC. Welcome boys and enjoy the warmth. Watch out for those Chants though, I think they're the fourth best team in the state at #20.

Tom C said...

Ohh and a side note. It's spring here, and I put up a pic of what it looks like in the early stages. You'll have to go to my place to see it cause I don't know how to put it in these comments. Thumpsnap? Joshua?

whetstonebuck said...

My apricot tree started budding today. Neener, neener, neener.

Tom C said...

Aw geez what the heck is thumpsnap? I meant thumbsnap.
Whets buds dont count as I've got apple and fig trees budding for a bit now. Soons I get leaves I'm going to post a pic, then it'll be neener neener!

whetstonebuck said...


You are on. Fruit tree buds at twenty paces.

TitleIX said...



My snow is a perfect shade o' MUD BROWN
so there!

Joshua said...

Great shot of the trees, I'm totally jealous- though our brown snow has been replaced with brown mud.

I'd also like to say that "Ruths page" is one of the most well written and heartfelt passages I have ever read. And this comes from a guy who reads at the very least a book a week. I've obviously never stood where you stood, but I could take you to within 3 feet of where it took me in my mind, and tell you exactly what that place, that when smells like. Hats off to you sir.

Joshua said...

Oh, and I forgot the linking info:

(a href="www.whatever.com")WHATEVER YOU WANT TO SHOW UP AS WORDS FOR THE LINK(/a)

Replace the parenthesis' with < and > and it should work. Also there's a space in "a href=" just like that.

In your case it would look like this:

(a href="http://tomspub.blogspot.com/")Tom's Rants(/a)

This is your final product:

Tom's Rants

Hope that helps!

Joshua said...

New Avatar tests- wheee!

Joshua said...

...and B+W Desmond.....

Joshua said...

...or Kate......(mmmmmmm KATE!)

...ok, that was kinda creepy.

Joshua said...

.......and we're back.

Hope that was as fun for you guys as it was for me!

Catie said...

Thanks Whets! Doing much better today!

surrounded in columbus said...

not to blunt all the joyous reporting of spring's arrival (its 50 in cowtown today & the snow is about half gone- let the flooding begin!), but an actual football note. tosu seems to be worried about our new coach-

Report: Ohio State goes on a mission to counter Michigan coach's new offense


two aspects that seemed interesting to me, first, since the '03 season, tosu has lost 9 games. however, 7 have been to teams that run a spread/non pro style offense. obviously, they've had a hard time defending it generally & R2's arrival has spurred them to go another step up to address the problem.

second, when was the last time any coach any where was worried about the michigan coaching staff's scheme or approach? refreshing to know that after a 10 to 13 year hiatus, coaches are actually concerned w/ what we might do.

ok, back to the buzzards returning to hinckly & other notorious signs of spring...

Feelin' Blue said...

Another reason why I hate the Google for linking the Bleacher Report in its news search.


In case you don't know, the Bleacher Report is the biggest joke in sports. I have accidentally stumbled across it because it comes up in Google news searches. The articles are always stupid whether pro-UM, anti-UM, or something else. They're all too biased to begin with, but that is not much of a surprised considering that the writers all write like half-witted high schoolers.

Why do I care, though? Because Google links to the BR for news stories when so many blogs out there are written eleventy billion times much better.

Word verification: uinkthz

"You in? K, thanks."

That's what she said!

Joshua said...

I think there was actual concern last year that they may die of boredom.

surrounded in columbus said...

i know i had a concern about ME dying of boredom.

true story- Friday night before Michigan-tosu last fall and i'm watching the replay of the 1997 game on BTN. aside from the zone blocking, our offense (formation, play calling, etc.,) was almost identical to our 2007 (2006, 20005, etc.,) offense.

it's a wonder we didn't all fall asleep during games.

Joshua said...

...when so many blogs out there are written eleventy billion times much better.

ELEVENTY-BILLION?!!!! Nice to see my favorite number is reaching the greater conciousness.

Question: what do you get when you cross Hilary and a Hippo?

My word verification: hilapo

surrounded in columbus said...

feeling blue,
i don't think there's anyone above the age of 12 who reads that site. at least no one who doesn't read it for a laugh, and just a laugh.

it's funny, not because the writing is clever or humorous, but that the articles are outrageous & silly. the one you reference is just laughable- bitter, hate filled WVU fan writing about Joe Pa retiring and PSU hiring R2. you can almost hear the voice of "Ralphie", the kid who wants the BB gun in "A Christmas Story" saying: "then they'll be sorry!"

also liked the op-ed that "ESPN is Evil" because... they belittled Bama's 92000 person attendance of Saban's first spring game but now game day is going to attend FLA's spring game. again, the guy's envy over the WWL saying something "nice" about FLA instead of Bama is on a par w/ 12 year olds (my 14 year old tosu fan is much more mature than most of these writers).

i've spent 18 years living in cowtown and i've heard just about every self serving/deluded interpretation of the world according to the tosu "view point". after you get over the initial shock of how badly fans & fan bases can lie to themselves, you learn to see the humor in it.

Nate said...

Wow, even I am amazed by that RR to Penn State article. I wish my fellow WVU fans would stop obsessing over what happens to RR. Would I rather see him lose than win, absolutely, but chances are he'll eventually be very successful at UM if given enough time. Those type of articles just make us all look stupid and obsessive when most have moved on....blah. Why would anyone leave UM to go coach Penn State anyway??

Feelin' Blue said...

I usually come across the Bleacher Report on the Google, as I mentioned before. I agree that you read it for a good laugh. I was so curious when I saw that headline on the google search results.

Joshua, I'm still waiting for it to become a real number.

Joshua said...

Real schmeal! If I was waiting for my imaginary friend the 9 foot green sasquatch named George to become real I'd be waiting a long time. Plus I'd probably hurt his feelings- George is a sensative fellow.

Corey said...

Michigan MBB moves on in the BT(11) tourney by beating Iowa ... Next Wisconsin

Joshua said...


Me spel gud.

TitleIX said...
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TitleIX said...
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TitleIX said...

poopy those 2 deletes a me, sorry. I tried to do the link thingy j and it didn't work for me....

check out the newest Stadium Noise silliness....


Feelin' Blue said...

Sounds great, Josh. I'm going to go ride my pet unicorn now. I just hope that I don't get mugged by any damn minotaurs again.

Word Verification: incdk

I'm not going to touch that. It just looks dirty.

surrounded in columbus said...

i never get people who buy a house on a golf course and then complain about golfers. not that some golfers don't cross over the line, but honestly, you have to expect there to be some golfers & some golf balls in your backyard.

same w/ living across the street from the biggest (for now) stadium in the country.

besides, doesn't sound like A2's ban is all that enforceable. not to over lawyer things but most "blue" laws have been held unconstitutional. banning work on sundays puts those who hold ANOTHER day of the week as sacred at an uncompetitive disadvantage- i.e.; christian construction company can work 6 days a week- M-Sat, but a jewish construction company could only work 5 days- M-F, w/ Sat off & Sunday banned.


Out of Conference said...

Feeling Blue: "Word Verification: incdk"

It's nothing to be ashamed about Blue, it's nature. It's an octopus's male reproductive organ.

Either that or you went looking for love in all the wrong places - like a calligraphy supply store.

Joshua said...

(a href="http://blog.mlive.com/annarbornews/2008/03/battle_brews_over_big_house_no.html")Like this T9!(/a) That with the ( and ) replaced with < and > equals.....

This T9!

Word Verification: "Chiytr"

Definition: The correct pronunciation of the word "Tressell"

Tom C said...

Joshua. Thanks for the comments about Ruths page. If I could be anything in the world it would be someone that others would want to read. Seems a long way from the cars I fix daily.
Thanks for the link but I was trying to avoid aa shameless plug on Yost's blog. Hope he doesn't mind.

TitleIX said...

forgot the LIKE

Joshua said...

If more of your stuff is that well written you'd have no problem at all finding an audience.

Out of Conference said...

Tom - I too enjoyed your article on Ruth. Not everyone is blessed to have had a guadian angel like her in their life.

Out of Conference said...

if ojnly I could have had a spelling & grammar angel in mine.

beast in 'bama said...

No, OOC; you just need a TYPING angel! :)