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Friday, March 14, 2008

Thoughts & Musings...

As you can tell by the lack of posts, this week has been busier than most on the work front. I think I might have to start getting some guest columns in order to keep things afloat during these off-season crunch times. So please feel free to send stuff in.

And I've been thinking about a regular column called "Ask a Buckeye" where readers can ask a real live Tosu fan the burning questions they've always sought answers to ("What cheer is more popular in Columbus - Go Bucks or Fuck Michigan - and why?"). Was going to talk to my Buckeye pal (yes, I have one but I rarely admit it) to be the "Dear Woody" so to speak, but Whetstone seems to have a good sense of humor, maybe we can recruit him.

Just trying to keep things going during a period when free time (aka blogging time) is hard to come by.


whetstonebuck said...

Such an honor to be mentioned by the big dog. However, I would be useless in this position. I've only been to Ohio once and that was for a funeral. No, it wasn't Woody's funeral.

To most, I'm a second-tier Buckeye fan. Heck, I don't even use the F-word.

Worse yet, I don't hate Michigan fans and I too hope and pray for a cure for the brain damage gene that characterizes your fan base--just to make it fair. My cousin is a neuro-surgeon. Maybe I can shoot him some grant money on behalf of you all.

Alas, I'm not your huckleberry for this mission.

I will treasure the honor of such a mention in my heart though and share my joy with local colleagues who represent the Universities of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas and cough, cough, Rutgers.

Lane said...


Ron said...
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Ron said...

Ask a buckeye is a good idea. Another idea would be have someone, maybe even Benny write a Know Your Foe style post for our new coach and staff. I think that would help us all learn more.

Joshua said...

No f-word Whets? How does one speak without the use of my favorite adjective/noun/adverb/verb/etc. It's just such a descriptive word. To be fair though, this is the one word I never use in front of the parental units. well, that and the all-evil-encompassing C word, but I digress.

So I'm guessing that since it wasn't Woody's funeral it was the funeral of the Buckeye win streak? Oh wait- that's still TBA.

Apologies for the lackluster wit today- I played hookie and joined some fellow M fans for the BBall loss. What an ugly, ugly game.

whetstonebuck said...

"To be fair though, this is the one word I never use in front of the parental units. well, that and the all-evil-encompassing C word, but I digress."

You are a good son...

TitleIX said...

Dear kind wonderful Yost---
while you are away we kids are pretty good at this solitary play thing.
The off-season is to be enjoyed. Please don't worry about us. We're like that stray dog whom you feed every once in awhile. Still sitting by the back door, just a'waggin happy to receive whatever morsel you toss our way.

and finally, Buckeye?? We don't need no stinkin' Buckeye!!!

GoBrutus said...

I volunteer! As an outgoing senior, SP 08 Baby!! 4 year football, basketball season ticket holder, and all the other stuff I do around campus to help the Buckeyes, I think I'd be the perfect candidate to start things off. Yost, you know which one I am, emails always come from 'Seth'

Bigasshammm said...

My question for a Buckeye...
Why IS this Buckeye crying?
Seriously that should be the only picture ever used when a Buckeye is talking shit to an Wolverine.

Being trapped in this purgatorium of OH I rarely feel the need to ask a Buckeye since I am always surrounded by them. It makes life sweet though.

Whets your lack of being in and from OH explains much of why you actually get along with the people here. True Ohioan Buckeye fans would have this site listed under their parental controls on their computer so they never had to stumble on it. There is such hatred here it's amazing.