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Friday, March 28, 2008

Hottest Co-eds

Counting down the greatest sports movies is an off-season time killer. Counting down the hottest co-eds is God's work.

Popcrunch.com counts down the 50 Hottest Student Bodies and -- surprise, surprise -- in first place is...

No surprise there. And this even though former ASU cheerleader-slash-porn star Courtney Cox/Simpson is retired from "the biz" according to Wikipedia (Yes, that's why Benny and I are wearing black this week).

You know, looking at the picture above again (and again and again and again), I don't know what the big deal is. Take away the water and the ASU sign and that picture could have been taken out front of Bursley.

(HT: CG)


whetstonebuck said...

You know why all the cacti around Tucson lean north?

Because ASU sucks!!!!!

This is quite disturbing.

TitleIX said...

They are advertising the bathing suits, right?
I mean cuz the one on the right is really cute.
Can I get that at Macy's ya-think??

Dezzi said...

Title IX.... you find that swimsuit and then post a pic of you (on this site) wearing it... (it's Friday and I'm partying tonight)

Of course you can take pictures of hot girls from ASU in front of Bursley.... if they're visiting UM for some reason!

I have a hard time believing that Courtney Cox/Simpson is retired all ready.... unless she was "tired" and then "re-tired" after Lex Steele had another go at her!

P.S. - In the last part of my post... I only know of this because a friend forwarded a video... no... seriously!

Ninja Football said...

No Miami of Ohio in the top 10? I'm calling Tucker Max BS on that, unless. Nm, looks like the list is only BCS schools.

Killing My Liver said...

Heal !!!! Heal !!!

WolverineInHanoi said...

Seriously, the picture was photoshoped. The girls were actually in front of Bursley-Baits.

Dezzi said...

Can't Benny photoshop this image to make them in front of Bursley? Maybe the NCRB or IM Building swimming pool?

CaliGirl said...

You just made my Sun Devil boyfriend VERY proud! That's actually me at Lake Havasu, AZ.... riiiiight if I was 10 years younger, had a body like that and was blonde Wildcat hater.

Ahh well, I guess wearing a scarf and beanie in front of Bursley will one day get us on this list....

Title IX, seriously the swimsuit on the right is cute!! I thought the same thing as soon as I saw the photo. Shows what I was checking out first!

Out of Conference said...

I see that South Carolina was #6 in the 50 best colleges ranked by hotties.

oh - about those bikinis - an electrical engineering professor at USCe once stated, "Statistics are like a bikini. What they show is interesting, but what the hide is essential."

jcloverboi said...

maybe i should book a ticket to tempe this fall when uga plays asu--perhaps i can write off the expenses as "research?"

I'm proud that my alma mater came in at #9--i'll take it, though i think we'd rate a bit higher if the judge(s) took a walk down Milledge Ave. during Fall Rush--sweet jebus alive...

Christopher said...

So Ohio State is on that list, and I know both girls in that picture. One is my gf (sorry to say shes a spartan). They stole it from a picture website, and they both went to state. F- OSU


Ninja Football said...

...though i think we'd rate a bit higher if the judge(s) took a walk down Milledge Ave. during Fall Rush--sweet jebus alive...

Mark me down for a yes!

Bigasshammm said...

On a side note did anyone that actually went to the website checkout the hottest women of sports countdown? The number 3 girl Alisson Stokke has got to be about the most perfect looking female I've ever seen. It scares me that it says California High School pole vaulting. If she looks that good now she will be a billionaire by time she's 25.

Congrats to the hockey team on their win. Just got done with watching the game on my dvr. Was about to set it up to record tomorrows game when the damn cable box shut itself off and rebooted. Stupid Time Warner.

jcloverboi said...


you're right, #3 is perfection incarnate, but my vote for the hottest goes to #19. picture homer simpson dreaming of a donut and slobbering for an entire episode--that is me after gazing at this vixen.

MGoBlue93 said...

Isn't Jenn Sterger's 15 minutes up yet?

If memory serves me correctly. I think one of the girls in the UGA photo has been featured on this site before!!!

BAH... Awesome game!

I was lucky enough to have a business trip back to Michigan and made a detour to catch the 10-1 game against UNO at Yost. Holy cow do I miss games at Yost! If sparty (thank gawd they won tonite; the only thing worse than SEC fan is CC or DU fan in Colorado letting everyone who will listen how great the WCHA is) and Michigan win again, they meet in Denver in the 1st semi-final game! Women's BB plays sparty this weekend.

Adam said...

I always thought Zona had the hottest girls in the country, but that's just me. Mostly because the ASU girls don't look like they want to talk much and look too drunk to even be friendly, whereas the Zona girls have some brains.

Also, did anyone look and see Yost's famous bent over Buckettes in the TUOS montage?

And it's not all BCS schools. Pacific, UNLV, TCU, and Utah are all in there and off the top of my head.

Still don't understand why they put Mizzou in there. I go to school in St. Louis (and hate Mizzou and hate the Little 12) and I see Mizzou cheerleaders and they are NOT attractive at all.

Is the SEC the only conference that has....no, Mississippi State is somehow absent.

jcloverboi said...


there is a reason msu is the only SEC school absent from the list--it's part of the probation from the jackie sherrill era.

cue the rimshot*

don't hate on me msu fans(if you're indeed out there and on a Michigan blog--we all take a spin on the ncaa probation wheel o' death at some point. hell, UGA men's bball is just now getting over the jim harrick era.

Adam said...


What does MSU being on probation have to do with girls not being hot? In case you haven't noticed, Ole Miss, whose football team is an embarrassment to the world, is on the list, and Pacific is on the list and they don't even play I-A (they may not even HAVE a football program since the Big West doesn't sponsor football).

jcloverboi said...


i was joking about MSU not being on the list b/c of the jackie sherrill era--not the greatest attempt at humor, i'll grant you, but one nonetheless.

i can't speak to the hotness of MSU girls having never traveled to Starkville. In my experience, the hottest girls in the SEC reside in Oxford, MS--if you ever get the chance to tailgate at the Grove, do it. i promise you won't be disappointed.