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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boren Bails


This isn't good.

Junior-to-be and starting "O" lineman Justin Boren has quit the Michigan football team. Boren, who started at center and right guard, was an All Big Ten honorable mention last season.

Apparently, Boren wasn't thrilled with the new offense and how grueling the first workout was when discussing the new regime 10 days ago.

According to the Free Press article linked above:

(Boren) said he had early thoughts about the process and the difficulty of the new conditioning program and how difficult it was for the offensive linemen having to run constantly back to the line of scrimmage in the no-huddle offense.

“We didn’t know what to expect, a lot of screaming and yelling, a lot different, but we’ll get used to it,” Boren said that day. “It’ll just take time.”

The O line now returns just one starter. And we have no QB.

You know, one part of me wants to get all Dan Hawkins on Boren's ass and tell him maybe that was part of the problem, maybe things were too complacent and this is how it should be. I seem to recall hearing stories about Bo Schembechler's first year and how players were dropping like flies.

On the other hand, I can't imagine an All Big Ten selection hated hard work so much that that's the reason he quit. Could he? As more of these stories emerge, you can't help but worry if R2 si a good "fit."

Regardless of the reasons for folks leaving, not to get all Chicken Little, but it could be a very long fall. A very long fall.

UPDATE: Our pal Dave at MaizeNBrew is just as pessimistic as I am about the upcoming season and has a very funny post up (in a laughing through the pain sort of way). I especially like his picture of Michigan's projected starter at guard for next season.

UPDATE II: Boren released a statement Wednesday which I just read on the DetNews.com...

"I regret leaving behind my friends and teammates, but I need to stand up for what I know is right. I wore the winged helmet with pride, whether we won or lost, whether things were going well or times were tough.

"Michigan football was a family, built on mutual respect and support for each other from (former) Coach (Lloyd) Carr on down. We knew it took the entire family, a team effort, and we all worked together. I have great trouble accepting that those family values have eroded in just a few months. That same helmet, that I was raised on and proudly claimed for the last two years, now brings a completely different emotion to me, one that interferes with practicing and playing my best and mentally preparing for what is required.

"That I am unable to perform under these circumstances at the level I expect of myself, and my teammates and Michigan fans deserve, is why I have made the decision to leave. To those of you outside the program, the loyal Michigan fans and alumni, I know you will have trouble understanding, but I do want to thank you for your years of support. I wish my teammates the best and will always be proud to have been a part of Michigan football over the past two years."

Sorry, but I don't think this can be simply written off as a guy who didn't like the new Ironman-esque training regimen brought in by R2. Boren's father played for Michigan under Bo, for cryin' out loud. This hints at something worse.

"And later that night when the lights went out of sight came the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgeraaaaaaald."


MGoBlue93 said...

The same things RR is experiencing is EXACTLY what happened to Bo in his first practices too.

Dezzi said...

Honestly... if he mentioned that workouts were hard... that was most likely part of the reason. Maybe he didn't like the coaching changes to begin, but also the additional hard work made him quit.

I recall someone telling me that UM swimming will do almost the same for walk-on swimmers. You practice for two weeks straight before school starts... swimming twice a day with other conditioning in between... if you don't quit, you're on the team.

Personally... if under the new regime, we have guys quitting because they can't handle the conditioning... I really don't want them, even if they were an all-star.

I keep watching the Justin Feagin video on YouTube and can't help but wonder if he won't be our QB. A few of the throws he makes are 40+ yards and on target... he also throws some intermediate throws that are quite good.

Maybe just being optomistic...

TitleIX said...

I have been railing for years about our former strength and conditioning coach--because in his program neither really happened.....
Some guys may have coasted and now the light is a little too bright.

Those Who Stay Will Be Champions

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

Did anyone catch the comments on the bottom of the article...

"Look at it this way, Michigan just lost another player who couldn't beat Appalachian State."

'nuff said

god of the whoppers said...

i just checked the schedules for the next few years, and i noticed a bye week in 2009 and 2010. Why are we going back to bye weeks?

Killing My Liver said...

If you think about it, These kids were eating 2 for 1 pizza specials by themselves for training less than 3 months ago. Of course the change is going to be a shock. If he doesn't want to do it, I'd rather not have him on the team. At least he did it now, instead of August.Good luck to him

surrounded in columbus said...

go w/ your first impression & get all Dan Hawkins.

you ever hear stories out of Morgantown about R2 not being a "good fit"?

practices "too hard"?

winning the sugar bowl and the fiesta bowl being "too dull"?

time for us to face the music and admit Lloyd went easy and the program had gone soft over the last few years. all the quitters so far have been prima donnas w/ huge ego issues and O linemen w/ huge fat rolls.

we ran to the left all last year because we couldn't run to the right - that side of the line was too fat & too slow.

we may struggle next year, but it won't be because of that.

those who stay will be champions...

Out of Conference said...

Yost - everyone on here is spot on about RR's new workout plan. You have nothing to fear. If some lazy fat ass thinks workouts necessary for the new offense are too tough, then you obviously don't want him as a part of your offense. There are other kids that will kill to be given the opportunities given to that guy and be up for the challenge.

DaBraylon17 said...

what a sissy

DaBraylon17 said...

you guys want to know what's funny? on the espn message boards yesterday, there were some moronic UOS fans saying, "He should transfer to the university of ohio state!" i also heard on a local radio station in cleveland back when mallett transferred, a UOS fan called and said Mallett should transfer to UOS to "get revenge on Michigan." what revenge? he transferred because he did not think he would fit into the system. this would casue someone to want to get revenge on their former team? right. anyway, like i was saying, why on earth would boren transfer to UOS?!?!?!?! no michigan player will ever transfer to UOS and no UOS player will ever transfer to michigan. that is the way of things.

MGoBlue93 said...

Don't worry GOW... '09 and '10 are a long way off and our SHITTY AD will find a MAC team to pad the schedule with for those open dates.

whetstonebuck said...

"why on earth would boren transfer to UOS?!?!?!?!"

DaBraylon, my man,

Good point due to the rivalry, but Boren is from Ohio if I read the article correctly. I don't know why he chose Michigan initially, but I doubt he would fit at tOSU at this time.

my word verification: coalw

Cue Twilight Zone theme

Crock said...

as soon as I saw this, I thought the same thing - T9 -

"Those Who Stay Will Be Champions"

If you haven't read it, read "Bo" - very similar to his first season.

I'm choosing to believe that the glass is 1/2 full.

surrounded in columbus said...

he's from columbus, but so is his dad-


that's the only thing about this that makes it a little sad.

legacy aside, we couldn't block for crap last year, even against I-aa schools. something has gotta change.

Tommo's Books said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tommo's Books said...

Boren was a essentially a Wolverine in the womb, so it does strike me as a bit bizarre that he would quit now. There was never a question about where this kid was going to play college ball, so I'm very surprised about this situation.

whetstonebuck said...


So it's a family thing. Well, I can understand that part of it.

Is he transferring to play somewhere else or just dropping out of college football?

matthew said...

I'm glad he left. It's better for the whiners to bail than having to cut them off after they've brought everyone else down.

Sucks though. It's a lot of wasted talent that a LOT of other guys playing in DII would work twice as hard for.

dabearbus said...

Don’t go all “Chicken Little” about this. Rodriguez signaled that there was a lot of discontent during several of his publicized interviews, most of which, he implied, was attributable to the new S&C program. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. As someone pointed out earlier it is clearly more than a bit of a shock to go from midnight pizza parties with Gittleson to the training facility from hell with Barwis (aka Lucifer, Lord of the Gym).

As for Boren’s departure itself, I say good riddance. Really. Next year isn’t going to be pretty regardless of whether Boren stayed or left, so why not focus on what this means for the extended future. Let’s put it in perspective. WVU won two BCS bowls with guys with half the natural talent of Boren. Barwis’ S&C system works. It makes 3 star guys into guys who can play with the big boys. The only disappointing thing is that Boren had a ton of natural talent, and if he bought into this system, who knows? Maybe he goes from honorable mention to first team all Big Ten. He’s the real loser here. Not Rodriguez. And definitely not the team. Guys like Boren, Mallett and whoever else is going to be a malcontent need to go. We know Rich Rod can recruit (see the class of 11th hour recruits… snake oil anyone?). He can and will fill the locker room with guys with Boren’s talent and then some, who want to be there, who buy into the system, and who can make it work. There’s not reason to include those who are going to complain about doing things that will make them better and bring down team morale.

It’s been said 100 times previously, but this is what happened to Bo. It’s what happened to Bear Bryant. It’s what happened/happens to every coach who comes into a new program with deep traditions of doing things one way, and mixes things up. If I could tell Boren one thing it would be this: You don’t often run into men who are really happy they chose to opt our of doing something that pushed their limits, but you sure meet a lot of guys who regret it.

dabearbus said...

One more thing... who is going to want this kid if he is planning on transferring? Seriously? Have you ever seen anything like this:

Wanted: Overweight Offensive Lineman. No work ethic required. Inquire within.

Maybe Brady Hoke at Ball State?

Catie said...

Nice quote I'm Blue

"Look at it this way, Michigan just lost another player who couldn't beat Appalachian State."

'nuff said

Of course, those who stay will be champions is also good.

Boren leaving doesn't worry me, however that does not mean that I think that the 2008 season is going to be gravy. It might very well be slightly painful.....but growing pains tend to be that way......patience.

Andy said...

Yawn. I am not concerned at all. I would much rather have players that are tough than players that are huge.

It was my opinion that Boren was marginal in the old system -- he was basically useless in this system. How he ever made all-b10 I will never know. Clearly a legacy/system vote.

For those of you that are concerned with 2008, take a look at the schedule. Other than UoOS, there really isn't a game we shouldn't win. I certainly don't see more than 3 losses. We will be good next year... and GREAT after that.

Joshua said...

The most logical argument I have heard/read/tried to make about this so far:

Our previous complaints included:

we were underachievers
we were too slow
we were too predictable

Then RRod (and Barwis) come and provide an instant supply of energy and change of philosophy and we say:

we're gonna be fast
we're gonna be unpredictable
we're gonna be super tough and well conditioned
we're gonna maximize our talent

So, if RRod and Barwis are supposedly going to take our slow, predictable underachievers and craft them into badass muthers who are faster and better conditioned than our opponents, shouldn't we see some casualties? Didn't we predict this would happen? So, now we have evidence that a transformation is taking place. Great, I hope the squad develops into what we've pined for.

The offense is going to be green and make lots of mistakes. It's not going to carry the team to a championship. Still, I have every confidence that this offense will put a ton of pressure on opposing defenses. Even with so much inexperience I can't think we're going to be easy to defend.

Couldn't have said it better myself, so I won't try. All credit goes to a poster named "Kaiser says so" over at MGoBlog.

Feelin' Blue said...

It sucks. On one hand, if Boren isn't going to work hard, then we don't want him, as many people have said. On the other, it sucks that he had to be the type that didn't fit with RR's system. We're running short on o-linemen as it is, and we certainly can't afford to lose another OL.

(Yes, this is the same thing that Brian says in a recent post on mgoblog, but I actually said this before he did. I blame the Michigan-hating god for this one.)

B.A.M. said...

Oh no, we're going to have to replace an offensive lineman! Thats usually been a big problem for Michigan.

surrounded in columbus said...

How bad can this season be? Lose to App St again?

Honestly, we've had 14 losses in 4 years. Gee! Another 4 loss season? Another 5 loss? Frankly, a losing record is the only humiliation we haven't gone thru. And I'm not sure that is worse than App St.

2008 can't be much worse than the last 4 years. And if it is, we have no way of knowing it wouldn't have been worse anyway?

At least now we have the hope of a better future. We haven't had that in years.

srudoff said...

you had hope of a better future from this time last year up until kick off of the appy state game no?

all those players returning (although none of them that stayed were champions but i guess a slogan doesn't have to be true to be over-used right?), osu rebuilding, Troy the Wolverine Slayer gone, the GAME in the friendly confines (the stadium formerly known as The Big House, now known as A Big House) - all was right in the world.

Of course hindsight is 20-20 and that hope quickly turned to shit. But it WAS hope, damnit - hell I was pretty sure that you guys were going to do the same thing we did in 2006 - run the table into the championship game. You guys had that swagger going - you know, the kind of swagger that allows you to tell thousands of handicapped people to fuck off and watch the game on TV - and we all believed.

Anyway, while 2008 might be a tough year, I'm sure once rrod gets his band of kinesiology majors ready to play the brand of football that only Pitt and South Florida could stop, everything will be fine again in AA!!!

srudoff said...

holy crap - all kidding aside, just read boren's comments too and not sure what exactly to take from it. dammmn

Joshua said...

Sru brings some hilarity. Looks like miracles do happen.

whetstonebuck said...





god of the whoppers said...

i actually go to one of the MAC school they are playing this fall (toledo) and am planning on going to the game. IMO it is interesting to see what a top team does against mediocre talent. we are going to a pushover, but it will still be interesting (ie. toledo beating a #9 pitt, tearing down the goal posts, breaking some girl's neck who wasn't even at the game) maybe we should schedule arkansas to give mallet a taste of what he is missing...

where are the two people who argued about michigan beating toledo anyway, oh how i miss them so...

surrounded in columbus said...

as usual, you are as thick as a buckeye boosters envelope of cash for a TD.

yeah, everyone has "hope". don't you hope that tuos will beat an sec team in a bowl game? sure. everyone fools themselves, but it's usually a lie.

we lied to ourselves last season, as we had for several, that this year would be different, that this would be the year we open up the offense, get out of the shell, really out score opponents to make up for a weak D. deep down we knew it wasn't true, but we held out false hope.

sort of like you hoping you can beat a ranked team not from purdue or psu? or stop a spread offense. or that your D will actually be better this year w/ out goldstien. that kind of false hope.

but real hope? real expectation for change? that's what we got now. it's also what scares the tuos maggots- we might do something other than run to the left. so crawl back under your rock and hope that usc doesn't show you the real meaning of a dirty mark sanchez come september.

surrounded in columbus said...

just read your second update and have to ask- just what are you talking about? his note sounds exactly like the crap mallet's camp spit out.

it's apparent that a LOT of kids were used to not working in the off season, not lifting in the off season, and being told constantly just how great they were because they went to michigan.

the fact that his father played here is unfortunately emblematic of the very sort of stupidity that has marked decision making the last few years. so what if he's a legacy? what has that got to do w/ whether he's in shape or can run?

the over arching problem w/ michigan football over the last decade has been the sense of entitlement that has permeated it. you came to michigan, you didn't have to lift weights, you didn't have to run. you sat around resting on your 4 star recruiting rating, eating pizza, and wearing the winged helmet.

his first statements were complaints about running so much. he complained about having to hustle to the line. he didn't like the conditioning. what's changed?

now comes this self serving statement about lack of respect & family. i can tell you what happened- some coach told him he was out of shape and had to work harder. he was told that his dad playing for Bo in 1983 didn't mean shit when it came to playing in 2008. his high school recruiting stars weren't going to block for him next fall.

do you think anyone ever told him before that he was fat & slow? do you think Lloyd or Moeller ever went over the game film of the debacle that was our blocking against tuos and told him that it wasn't going to happen again? that next year's line wasn't going to sit on their fat asses and watch the D go upfield? and that they didn't care what his name was, if he didn't get in shape he wasn't playing?

i'll bet not.

sorry, but the days of picking starters like a country club or union roster are over. kids who don't perform aren't playing. the era of entitlement is gone.

sorry this happened to boren. nice kid and his father was a heck of a player (and his younger brother is a real prospect). however, at the end of the day, it's the same story- he was out of shape and wasn't fast enough and he didn't like being told that. that he felt "disrespected" by that shows how far lloyd had let things drift.

whetstonebuck said...

"but real hope? real expectation for change? that's what we got now. it's also what scares the tuos maggots- we might do something other than run to the left. so crawl back under your rock and hope that usc doesn't show you the real meaning of a dirty mark sanchez come september."

Yowza! SiC, easy boy. It's too early in the year to get your blood pressure meds increased.

A couple of things:

I'm glad you have serious expectations for the maize and blue. You should. Behold! All things have become new. Yet, that doesn't mean the world is shaking in its boots.

The buckeyes have reason to be hopeful this year also. Look at the pre-season analyses. We are expected to do well. I doubt our team is afraid of anyone.

However, expectations mean squat. It all happens on the field. November 22 is the reality check. It would be glorious if our teams meet as undefeateds.

I, for one, am worried about the USC game. I'm glad we scheduled them, but it is quite a risk as was the Texas home and away.

As for beating any SEC team, duly noted. They have our number. End of discussion. Maybe this year we can get that monkey off our back.

Bigasshammm said...

As I was talking to a random TUO$ fan at work tonight (and there are plenty) I was rewarded in my brain with the following scenario...

Sweater: We expected MI's contribution to at least match our own.
King Rodriguez: Doesn't it?
[points to Buckeye player behind Sweater]
King Rodriguez: You there, Buckeye! What is your major?
Buckeye-Lit: I am a Literary major, sir.
King Rodriguez: [points to another Buckeye] And you, what is your major?
Buckeye-Artist: Artist, sir.
King Rodriquez: Artist.
[turns to a third Buckeye]
King Rodriguez: And you?
Buckeye-PA: Performing Arts.
King Leonidas: [behind him] WOLVERINES! WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR?
Spartans: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
King Rodriguez: [turning to Sweater] You see, old friend? I brought more players than you did.

This is how I see it panning out after a year or two under the new S&C regimen. As for this Boren and his then said comment. F him. He definitely chicken shitted out of the program because he couldn't hack it and was either told that he would not be a starter anymore or was possibly on the way to being cut from the team. Therefore after announcing he was quitting and the backlash of name calling ensued: Momma's boy, Pansy, Nancy boy, Mar, he was left with no choice but to release a statement backed up by no less than 0 facts that tries to slander the team. Once again F him.

surrounded in columbus said...

if i recall, the discussion was on the topic of "hope". it's something that effect fans of team. fans of teams that get pantsed by I-aa teams. fans of teams that pantsed in back to back bcs games. funny how it effects everyone. as you said, brutal but funny.

and i don't have a great deal of hope for this next year. 8-4 is probably pretty realistic and not too optimistic. 7-5 not beyond the possibility. however, my point to flagging M fans is that we've gone 8-4 and 7-5 2 of the last 3 seasons. lloyd had already taken us pretty close to the bottom. if we sink lower in 2008, there's no reason to believe we wouldn't have headed south anyway.

whetstonebuck said...


I loved your 300 vision.

My reward was someone from the noble opposition assuming a buckeye player majored in anything besides thuggery.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

I never went to college, so I still have eligibility; I'd be happy to step in and fill the holes on the offensive line. Yeah, that's right: all 5'10, 130 pounds of me.

Okay, so maybe it would take two or three of me. Still, I'm available. Just in case.

Ninja Football said...

IN THIS EPISODE, JOSHUA HELPS THE LESS FORTUNATE OF THE WORLD (with help from our good friend Sally Struthers)

Btw, I recommend visual earmuffs for those who do not enjoy certain crude humor. You've been warned. Carry on.

So I was sitting at work on Wednesday when I got a call from Sally Struthers, and I said

"Holy shit! It's Sally Struthers!"

Which is weird because Sally Struthers and I are BFFs and she calls me all the time (we both belong to Oprah's Book Club) but on Wednesday Sally was all business.

She said "Joshua, I called today because I wanted to know if you could help out some children in Africa."

So I asked Sally Struthers,

"Will this make me feel better about myself, or just help them? And more importantly, will it cut into my MZone browsing time?"

She said it would, and it wouldn't, so I said

"Sweet! sign me up!"

So Sally Struthers said it would cost about the same as a cup of coffee a day, at which point I said

"Would that be a cup of instant coffee, or a Vente double white chocolate mocha with a shot of that almond syrup, skim, no whip, heated to about 120 degrees so I don't burn my mouth?"

...which is also weird, because I don't drink coffee. Sally Struthers said instant- for the price of the other I could buy the kid a cow, 30 acres of corn and a combine, and I thought to myself

"Self, how's a cow supposed to drive a combine to Africa?"

Then I wondered if a cow would be offended by all the burger joints he'd pass on his way, and figured this would probably cause the cow to get his panties in a bunch, because I know if I was driving a combine to Africa and had to pass a bunch of places selling Joshua Burgers my panties would end up in a bunch. And if the cow got his panties in a bunch, this would probably cause a certain discomfort. So then I said to Sally, I said

"Sally, I don't want to be the cause of a fat cow with an aching vagina, I'd rather HELP a fat cow with an aching vagina."

So Sally Struthers and I put our heads together, and I think we came up with a solution: sometime this week Sally Struthers will deliver a tube of Vagisil to Justin Boren, whatever size she can get for "about the price of a cup of coffee".

Sally Struthers, I thank you, and Justin Boren thanks you. (CAll ME!)

Ron said...

From his quote, I got the impression that he didn't appreciate get yelled at, thought he was being disrepected, so quit. To me it speaks to how soft the end of the Bo period was. And make no mistake, the Bo period was from 1969-2007.

surrounded in columbus said...

wtrk gets the "crystal ball" award this a.m. Dispatch is carrying story about Boren considering tranfer to Tuos.

let's see how much he plays there...

Feelin' Blue said...

I doubt that Bo was soft. He seemed really gruff. Just read any story about his interactions with his players. Hell, read the wikipedia entry on Mike Boren, Justin's father, and read the story about his conversation with Bo.

There is a rumor out there that Justin fucking Boren didn't like the swearing. Apparently RR and his staff drop too many f-bombs. I actually find this credible. It could be a religious values thing. It would also explain Boren's quote about the lack of family values, after only five practices. IMO, that's not the type of thing a player would say just because he is upset about the old, friendlier coach leaving. Lloyd was a father figure and the players still have to get to know RR better, but I doubt that that is the reason for Boren's comments.

Word verification: hfvnagy = A former Hungarian leader has an STD (HFV being some Magyar abbreviation). Now, in a quote: "You want to leave Commie Bash '75 with him? I wouldn't touch that if I were you. That's Imre "HFV" Nagy! You'll spend the night at his place and the next day in line at the People's Health Clinic!"

Bigasshammm said...

It would be great if he did transfer to TUO$ just so he could be religiously booed to no end when they play. He should follow Mallet to Ar-Kansas (as Les Miles pronounces it) ((And if it wasn't Ar-Kansas then I'm sorry I just woke up and barely remember)) so they can be joined at the butt as roomies. Yes I went there.

Bigasshammm said...

Just released the real reason why he quit...
Pardon the quotes French but I feel I don't even need to change this one.

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy fucking walrus-looking piece of shit! Get the fuck off of my obstacle! Get the fuck down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT! I'm going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, Private Pyle, IF IT SHORT-DICKS EVERY CANNIBAL ON THE CONGO!

dabearbus said...


I have to go with the general consensus on this one. It’s not hard to imagine Boren wanting out because the conditioning program was too much, struggling to find a reason to give his father, former Wolverine stud, as well as a disgruntled fan base, and just concocting a vague story about the loss of family values in the new system. This is nothing more than a kid not being happy with things changing in a way that takes him out of his established comfort zone. It’s even tougher for the kid when said comfort zone was probably the corner booth at Bell’s Pizza.

Not to totally change the subject, but one of the early comments mentioned Justin Feagin at QB. I like this idea. The YouTube video does show that he can get the ball downfield fairly accurately, but more importantly that the kid can run the triple option effectively and make things happen by himself if necessary. Looking back at the Oklahoma/WVU bowl game, this seems to be the biggest part. The effective execution of the triple option opens up a lot of different things offensively, including the pass. Very rarely did WVU line up in traditional passing formations, often using the option pass to pull in the defense and allow open 20 yard dump passes behind safeties as they moved up to stop the run. This isn’t all we would need from a quarterback mind you, but it seemed to be an effective offensive tool, and Feagin seems to be a guy capable of doing it. Additionally, he is accurate on the short/intermediate routes, and seems to have a good sense of when the pocket is collapsing and when to take off downfield.

The biggest question for Feagin is whether or not he can learn the Rodriguez offense over the course of the summer. From the sound of things it’s been a struggle for the squad thus far in Spring practice.

Dezzi said...

Try living across the street from Bell's!! Used to be the deal $5 large cheese pizza and large drink. I think it changed to $5.25 my senior year, and I questioned him... he said, "The cost of cheese rose..."

I wish I had Barwis as my personal trainer... I'd be wanted by every european girl around me... oh right... that's already the case!! hehe

whetstonebuck said...


I was discussing the Boren development with my Oklahoma buddy this morning. He said Tressel and his staff were at South Florida this week learning how to stuff the spread offense.

You're in Columbus; any truth to the rumor?

Dezzi said...

Hey Whet....

I thought Tressel already stuffed the spread offense by getting Pryor to commit to OSU?

whetstonebuck said...


Pryor is an unknown quantity. Stealing him from Michigan was emotional jihad. Maybe he works out; maybe not. Regardless, actually stopping the spread requires a change in defensive strategy. South Florida must know something that Tress and the boys want.

I thought it was an interesting rumor as everyone outside of AA knows that Tressel isn't so stupid as to think he can beat RR with business as usual. That's why both these guys are at the top of their profession.

Dezzi said...

Dammit... I miss the rumor mill in the US!!

The Swiss don't care too much for college football... but I wouldn't consider Geneva very "Swiss" since almost half are not Swiss...

I'm not concerned with this coming season yet... I'll wait to see how EA Sports ranks us in NCAA Football...

word verification of "thurp" ... which I think is a derivative of the "vurp"... which means I should drink tonight...

Ninja Football said...

Yeah Whets it's true.

R2 went 22-4 at West virginai the past two years, and 0-2 versus USF.

Here's a link

Ninja Football said...

Dezzi- you still gonna be in Geneva for next season? I'm loooking into a way for all of you outlander's to be able to catch the games courtesy of yours truly.

Ninja Football said...



I say we institute a new rule saying we all know I'm not an idiot so I don't have to correct my mistskes.

Dezzi said...

ninja football (joshua?)

I have a Slingbox hooked up to my sis's Dish Network at home. I have a dedicated box with DVR. I've not really missed a game online. ESPN Online Gameplan saved my ass before that!

I also got the B10 Network this past season... must say... it's nice to have the options.

I've been in Geneva now for almost 4 years... don't plan on leaving anytime soon... if anyone is taking holiday this fall in Switzerland, feel free to look me up and I'll open my apartment to college football saturday evening!!

Funny side story about last season... I was in San Bonifacio, Italy during the Penn State game with no access to the net to watch. I went to a McDonalds in a small Italian village wearing my Michigan hat... a random guy walks in and asks if I went to Michigan, to which I responded yes... He was a PSU alum... so I asked him who won, and the look on his face was obvious!

Just shows you what a small world this is...

Feelin' Blue said...

Yes, it is true that OSU coaches met with USF coaches. I read about it in Sporting News. The USF DC says that you do something like force the run to the middle. I just hope that RR knows how to react to this strategy.

While it is scary when you consider that USF has beaten WVU two years in a row, you have to look gander at the stats of this year's game:
WVU still put up 437 yds against USF, including 188 yds rushing. USF had 274 yds total. The score was 21-13, while WVU committed 6 freakin' turnovers--3 fumbles and 3 Int. USF also committed 4 turnovers. Not only that, but Pat White got injured in the first half.

However: WVU was averaging 357 yds rushing in its first 4 games, albeit against weak competition. Point is, SN quotes the USF DC as saying that it is really simple to shut down RR's offense, but it was a tough game. In the future, I think it's safe to assume that RR will have players who are bigger recruits and more talented than his players at WVU. Granted, OSU also has more talented players than USF. I just hope that RR knows how to adjust to game situations.

Feelin' Blue said...

Why I am an apologist for WVU all of a sudden?

Vadatripp said...

Man, I'm stoked Boren's leaving. At first, I was worried he might want a sunnier location like Florida (where no grown-ups would yell at sissy-boy) but anyone who could possibly want to go TO that sh!thole in Northern Kentucky, where tools like Sru (as evidenced by his latest gem of a post) litter the area, is clearly insane and should not be playing football anyway.

dabearbus said...

Tressel and the boys hitching a ride down to USF is the least of our concerns. As Feelin’ Blue pointed out the Rich Rod’s offense wasn’t exactly a lame duck against USF this past season, and with White’s injury it wasn’t even close to full strength.

Give sweater-vest some credit though. He’s admitting he can’t seem to figure it out and he’s seeking some outside help from a team that has had the most success in the past. A hell of a lot better than the “we’ll get ‘em next time with the same gameplan” strategy Carr & Co. embodied the past few years. That said, why would another D-I program offer a team that’s been in the BCS National Championship Game the past two years any help whatsoever? What are Tressel’s ties in Tampa?

Ninja Football said...

Yeah Dez, it's me. Forgot to change the handle back, it's my non-Mzone alias.

And as for hanging in Switzerland and watching football, i might have to use it as MY REASON to come. Or excuse, anyway.

Nice to hear you have the capability to watch over there though.

Ninja Football said...

Plus was there ever really any doubt it was me? Seriously, who else is gonna come up with a cow driving a combine to Africa and Sally Struther's delivering Vagisil to Justin Boren? No one writes poetry like that but me.

whetstonebuck said...

"That said, why would another D-I program offer a team that’s been in the BCS National Championship Game the past two years any help whatsoever? What are Tressel’s ties in Tampa?"

The profession is a fraternity. They get along better than the fan bases. The article said that USF didn't divulge all of their secrets. I'm not sure what you would withhold that couldn't be figured out, but apparently there are a few things.

LudaChristian said...

The fact that Boren left after a mere 4 (FOUR!) Spring practices under Rodriguez speaks to his character & commitment (read: lack thereof) to his "family". I'm disappointed that one of the most game-experienced members of the team threw in the towel because he couldn't hack it. What an example to set for the younger players who may have looked up to him! His actions have contradicted the point he tried to make in saying that he "wore the winged helmet with pride...whether things were going well or times were tough." What a hypocritical load of bull. Part of me thinks he got a big head after being named Big10 Honorable Mention last year & was simply upset about being reduced to a wind-sucking fatstack during those grueling no-huddle drills. "Unable to perform at a level I'd grown comfortable with," I think might be more fitting. And how dare a college coach scream & yell! I knew Lloyd was a good coach, but I didn't know he was a proponent of Avon© Skin-So-Soft.

Newsflash for you, Justin: that "mutual respect" & "team effort" you talked about? Those left with you when you & the rest of the turncoats gave up on your team.

surrounded in columbus said...

the trip to USF was discussed in the Dispatch a month or so ago. they've been looking for a solution since the FLA debacle.

Ninja Football said...

they've been looking for a solution since the FLA debacle.

What is this "Fla debacle" of which you speak?

Do you mean when Florida beat the Buckeyes like they owed them money?

whetstonebuck said...

The solution might be change the schedule so you aren't on vacation for 50-60 days before playing in a championship game. That alone would help immensely.

Breaston154LIFE said...

It is a disappointment that Justin Boren left but Yost I'm not understanding why you are freaking out. This year's class brought in great talent for the O-Line. If a couple of them step up to the plate then it will be just fine.

Randy said...

I guess this will make some of you angry if it comes to be: Kirk Barton was interviewed on a Columbus radio sports talk show today and he says Manningham told him at the NFL combine that Boren wants to go to Ohio State. If it happens he would become the second person to wear the football uniform for both schools.

whetstonebuck said...

"If it happens he would become the second person to wear the football uniform for both schools."

Is it just me or does that smell of a parallel universe beyond the abilities of a finite mind?

MGoBlue93 said...

The latest is Boren's take on erosion of family values due to RR's colorful language. Apparently, Boren is a little fragile to hear the string of f-bombs coming out of RR's mouth.