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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And Terrelle Pryor is going to...

Today is D-Day in the Terrelle Pryor courtfest. At noon, the No. 1 rated high school recruit in the country is expected to announce his decision on where he will play his college football.

Pryor has claimed to have norrowed his list of Oregon, Penn State, Tosu and Michigan down to two, with most folks saying it's between Michigan and the Tosu. However, almost everybody expects him to pick the Bucks who have apparently been his favorite from the start.

Terrelle, if you're reading this (as I'm sure you are) while you mull over your final decision, do you really want to be on the wrong side of Benny's mad Photoshop skills your entire college football career? I'm just saying. Something to consider.


Sgt. Wolverine said...

Unless he surprises a lot of people and actually picks Michigan, his announcement will be (in my eyes) overwhelmingly anticlimactic. On signing day, it was all WOOOOO TERRELLE PRYOR!!!, but now it's all WOOOOO MARCH MADNESS!!!, with the media flurry of signing day a distant memory and the awesomeness of football season way off in the distance (with a long, hot, torturous summer blocking the view). And if he makes the decision most people think he's going to make, it seems like a lot of people will just shrug and go back to their basketball brackets. Um, I mean, go back to work. Yeah. Work.

Anyway, it's too bad he's not likely to end up going to Oregon, because then I could say something like:

Terrelle Pryor: your bandwagon has died of dysentery.

MGoBlue93 said...

Sgt, well said. Moreover, does anyone really give a fuck if TP comes to A2? And if TP does come to A2, what's the over/under on how long it takes before he's running Big House stairs every morning at 6 AM?

I'll wager TP honors daddy's wishes and goes to State Penn.

Dezzi said...

I always seemed to die of dysentery....

I don't really care where TP goes. The hype that follows him will be too great!

I don't think he'll choose UM because of the way we've crucified previous QBs as a fan base. He probably does not want to deal with that pressure.

Needless to say... I'm going to spend more time "working" on my bracket than listening to what TP has to say.

TitleIX said...

he's either with us er agin'st us

or some such thing

hell, maybe the General Studies major will be really attractive to him???
Or maybe the Family Resource major at tOSU is more appealing???

ps===the women play their NIT opener at Crisler on Monday

Dean said...

I think I lost interest in TP right around the time he postponed his decision again. Too much has happened, he's lost the limelight. Hopefully he comes to UM, but I don't think I'll be too crushed when he doesn't.

Out of Conference said...

Hey Terrelle, save the drama for your momma!

Catie said...

Pryor who??? Meh. I lost interest in him a LONG time ago. Not sure if it was the media or the kid himself, but I don't care much for drama, so I close ranks quickly on stuff like that. I hope he made the right choice for himself, it sure seemed to be a difficult one for him, although by all reports he seems to have made his choice from the beginning and then played the media real well. Just sayin.

DaBraylon17 said...

here is my thought. he was set to pick osu on signing day. if it's down to osu and Michigan, it's obvious he will pick osu. frankly, i can give two shits. i have been over this guy for two months now. it's a fuckin joke. i have moved on a while ago and have already convinced myself that RR will get his QB in his next class. bring on Threet.

Jim said...

I also say: meh. He's one player and we're still Michigan. Despite some media hand-wringing our fate never will (and never should) rest on a single recruit.

BARman said...

...I find the juxtiposition of "TP" and "dysentery" amusing. In my arrested-adolescent way...


Joshua said...

According to my sources* TP will go to Ohio State.

(*sources are quite definitely the plants in my office.)

Hey Catie- how'd you give me the killer flu via the interweb? I'd like to pass it along.


There's gotta be an OSU joke in there somewhere- I'll let you guys find it.

Eric said...

I see a lot of preemptive sour grapes in these comments. Sure, my opinion of Pryor has fallen a bit since signing day with the rumors of his problems, but I'm not saying I don't want him on the team.

I think I'm going to be satisfied with whatever his decision is. I'm gonna cheer like hell for him if he picks the maize and blue. If he picks the bucks (as it looks like he will), regardless of off-field problems I'm not looking forward to the prospect of Michigan having to face him for the next 4 (3?) years.

Corey said...

His ego fits right in with the rest of to$u family. Not to mention he'll get paid more at to$u what 18 year old wouldn't say no to corvette?

surrounded in columbus said...

Had breakfast @ Bob Evans w/ clients. Every booth around me had a discussion counting the Heismans & MNC's tosu is going to win starting @ noon.

Reminds me of the Ron Powlus era @ ND.

The kid is talented & a great prospect, but there's one or two of these each year & the number that work out are few.

Drew Henson ring a bell?

Point is it would be great to have his skills on the roster, but that's no promise of "on field" success where ever he goes- Justin Zwick ring any bells, tosu fans?

Us Michigan fans should keep one thing in mind- Pryor never thought about A2 before the R2 hire. We've heard a lot of talk about how our recruiting will suffer w/ R2's offense. Well, Pryor's interest, even if he signs w/ tosu, shows how our recruiting will benefit w/ R2's offense, too.

Bigasshammm said...


Ohio, where helpful ball scratching cures herpes!

Seriously I'd much rather TP goes to TO$U. How great would it be for us MI fans to cheer on an O$U qb with the initials TP? The jokes that will be rampant makes it all worth it. Frankly I'd hate to be any Big Ten qb in the next few years playing against our new sack crazy defensive scheme. I see many concussions in the future.

Orlando fireman said...

Been a lurker for a long time and not everyone who lives in Fl follows the lizzards (gators). I hope TP picks Mich but like has been stated before, if he doesnt, I'll go back about my business and await the season. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get my fishin gear ready for tomorrow because I have some grouper with my name on it

Nate said...

Sack crazy defensive system?? Are we talking about the 3-3-5. Anyway, if TP does switch it up and go to Michigan it will be funny to see you all switch from "eh who cares" to "We got Terrel Pryor, now we have a true spread QB to lock up the National Championship"

Bigasshammm said...

Sack crazy defensive system?? Are we talking about the 3-3-5. Anyway, if TP does switch it up and go to Michigan it will be funny to see you all switch from "eh who cares" to "We got Terrel Pryor, now we have a true spread QB to lock up the National Championship"

It's not the system it's the D coordinator. As explained over at Mgoblog several times. I still will not be sold on the kid wether he comes to MI or not until he does some amazing unselfish things on the field throughout the year.

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

Well, I'll be the first one to say WOOHOO if he signs with us! Truth is, we don't have a single QB on our roster with any applicable experience, so we might as well go with the most talented one available, and that's TP. And I don't buy the whole "he's stringing the press along because of his huge ego" argument. I think he simply wanted to focus on basketball and fulfill his commitment to his team before making another to a different team. Call me crazy, but it just seems like the hoopla was just the media doing their thing to generate interest.

Justin said...

"I see a lot of preemptive sour grapes in these comments. Sure, my opinion of Pryor has fallen a bit since signing day with the rumors of his problems, but I'm not saying I don't want him on the team."

I couldn't have said it better myself Eric. So why am I even saying anything. Well truth be told the whole TP hype has fizzled. I think we all are thinking that he is going to choose Tosu. But let's not count our chickens before they hatch.

Feelin' Blue said...

How have we crucified previous QBs? The Patriots have a whole fanbase in the state of Michigan because of Tom Brady, and people were chanting Henne's name during the OSU game when Mallett was sent in. I guess we could have been nicer to John Navarre and people did boo during the Oregon game, but otherwise there's just a lot of pressure on QBs at UM as with any big school. Other places are worse.

I have reservations about TP, but I don't want him going to OSU. He will be tough to defend, but Shafer seems like a smart DC.

zen wizard said...

Great topic!

Makes me totally forget how "15 Greatest Sports Movies of All Time" is hanging--like a crudely sliced electical wire--like an irritating, dangling, twisting-in-the-wind, Coleman-Francis-penned-script-device, unresolved loose end...

Justin said...

Well he chose Tosu. I guess those chickens were already dead. So no need to count them.

ohio_guy said...

Pryor to Benny: "bring it on"

Feelin' Blue said...

ESPN really needs to stop with the Goodbye, Columbus references.

Eric said...

Eh, screw it. Commence with the sour grapes. Engage.

He's a cancer. Not up to Michigan standards. A primadonna. Overrated. Disciplinary nightmare.

And now I have a reason to dread grey Saturdays in November for another 3/4 years. *sigh*

wolverine425 said...

fuck him...i hope we break his spirit first then his legs...GO BLUE!!!!

Tom C said...

The ego has landed and we won. He is now a buck.

Bigasshammm said...

... not shocked

Lysa said...

he picked state, oh well

Orlando fireman said...

keep hearin reference to Tim Tebow durring the press conference. Wasnt it only three months ago a decent Michigan team beat Tim Tebow?(oh yea...and the other 10 guys that make up his staff) Proved that one man does not make a team. Good luck TP and it should be interesting to hear the crowd when he comes to the Big House!

surrounded in columbus said...

give the kid credit for making the right choice- he's perfect for columbus. the is no larger city so completely fixated on CFB. the CBJ's are still w/ in striking distance of a playoff spot skating in Detroit tonight. tomorrow's front page/first page of the sports page? oh yeah- the Dispatch will have half the print dedicated to him- his record, impact on his coming, why him picking TOSU over LSU proves they really won the MNC last year, etc.

i promise there will be a line @ the Buckeye Corner (our version of the MDen) waiting to see what number he gets so people can buy his jersey.

the kid is talented and he loves the attention. there is no where else he could have gone that will shower w/ him w/ half as much attention as they will here in columbus. just like they did Robert Smith or Mo Clarett. he'll be touted as the 'savior" of tosu football, the missing part to the MNC, etc., etc.

what it will really mean? who remembers Scott Driesbach or Drew Henson? Griese & Brady ended up being the successful ones. Justin Zwick was ballyhooed as the second coming, but Troy Smith ended up the starter. Wasn't Xaivier Lee the next coming of Vince Young just a few years ago?

Ron Powlus trying to play in Lou Holtz's offense was always a bad idea. we'll see how Pryor fits into Sweatboy's.

Ron said...

I'll need a reason, any reason, that I should've been nicer to John Navarre.

Need to clean my keyboard after just typing his name.

surrounded in columbus said...

i have put myself thru the same process. basically, looking back, i see three reasons i have taken back some of what i said:

1) it wasn't his fault, it was Loeffler's- he has an established track record of turning good prospects into mediocre prospects, Chad Henne the most recent example;

2) i can't blame the QB when the coach/OC call the same plays every game, in the same sequence, every season, for 13 seasons; and

3) despite all his mistakes, he played a great season in 2003 (none of the three losses were his fault- special teams lost the first two and reason #2 above lost the rose bowl) and he beat tosu.

not an overwelming argument, but i look at him and Henne, think about the completely different offense (and attitude) we saw in the Citrus Bowl, and have to wonder if the coaches had tried that approach starting in 2001, wouldn't they both have been a lot better?

whetstonebuck said...

You guys are rough on your QBs. Ouch!

Do you think Pryor will continue as a QB or might they move him to another position because of his athleticism?

horseshoe said...

UM gets TP if they beat Appalachian State.

surrounded in columbus said...

more likely they'll move antonio henton, though, he may not know that yet.

if we'd have beat App St., Lloyd probably wouldn't have retired so quickly after the end of the regular season, and Les Myles would be the coach. either way i don't see us getting Pryor.

on another note, EDSBS has its own funny SEC spin on him:


Bigasshammm said...

They may move Pryor after they see his throwing ability.

I am excited to see this year's student T...

Who needs TP (picture of a roll) when you have Rich Rod? (On back is the Simpson's "In Rod We TrusT" picture with the schedule superimposed.

PS: Signs of the times to come? Word verification:
Point of view - "Glub" (that sound someone makes when drowning)

WoodyHayes said...

Sour grapes from a bunch of jealous liars. You would all be singing a different tune if Pryor had chosen michigan. And to titleix: is the general studies program included in the "Academic Success Program" uncovered by the Ann Arbor News?? Your argument of superior academics has been laid to waste by your own newspaper, and former players in the know. At least you have women's basketball to look forward to. Enjoy.

surrounded in columbus said...

i thought woody hayes was dead. isn't he dead?

actually, i have to say it took a lot longer for a bottom feeding utosu troll to show up here than i thought it would.

Feelin' Blue said...

You're right, woodyhayes.

Jim Carty is also completely honest, and Terrelle Pryor is the only good athlete in the history of sports. Everyone else is worthless. John Beilein, RR, and everyone else affiliated with any athletic program at Michigan is garbage. Congratulations, you win.

If you look at mgoblog message boards from around the time that TP visited UM, you will notice that people were still saying negative stuff about TP, much of it unwarranted, but negative stuff nonetheless.

My attitude? Sure, he would be great to have, but not getting him won't be the end of the world. Besides, the hype surrounding him could be a distraction for everyone and undermine everyone's efforts, especially at a program such as Michigan that is still in flux. This gives the Michigan team more of a chance to improve as a team, although I do think that RR and Barwis would keep him in line.

surrounded in columbus said...

as once said about Powlus- Heisman after Heisman after Heisman.

WoodyHayes said...

I don't recall calling Pryor the next coming of Joe Montana. The point is that all this negativity is hyprocritical in that you would all be rabid in chants of victory over Tressel and OSU. Spin it all you want. You know it is true.

surrounded in columbus' continued rants against Pryor are pathetic. mouth breather.

wolverine425 said...

where do you go if you want to be an NFL quarterback? Why, The University of Ohio State of course! He might have a nice career at TUOS but he'll never make the pro's coming out of that cowtippin' town.

Feelin' Blue said...

"I don't recall calling Pryor the next coming of Joe Montana."

Are you talking about this? http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080124/SPORTS06/80124016/1048/sports
Wow. One journalist calls a QB who never played a snap in college the next Joe Montana, and he represents all of us? I don't think that the writer is dumb enough to believe that and I don't think that the title was completely serious either. Then again, the freep gave us Drew Sharp. Seriously, though, you are dumber than I thought.

Let's see here. You have never been to this website, as far as I can recall. We spend more time talking about boobies anyway. As I have explained, TP even had detractors in the Michigan camp when it seemed like Michigan was a real possibility. I said myself that having TP would be nice; my position has only been influenced by what I know about him. Plus, there were people who were thought that he was being too much of a media whore. And then there was the Corvette business. Of course, UM fans only brought that up after noon today. Yup, I would say that you know all UM fans down to a T.

"The point is that all this negativity is hyprocritical in that you would all be rabid in chants of victory over Tressel and OSU. Spin it all you want. You know it is true."

There are few things that I hate more than speculation. All I get out of this is that this is what you would do. The last two sentences are another way of saying, "There is nothing that you can do to contradict my argument that is based entirely on speculation and no facts whatsoever because that's the way it is, so there," followed by giving me the raspberry.

Just because a few people have done it, it doesn't mean the whole fan base does.

Feelin' Blue said...

Ok, here's the article. I am just learning how to write in html.

Terrelle Montana? Or Hannah?

surrounded in columbus said...

feeln blue,

two articles from the freep:


which basically says that the world does not turn on 1 player- never did.

a second: http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080319/SPORTS06/80319038/1054

by ass clown in residence drew sharp (don't bother reading it) talking about how R2 is already "losing" to tuos because of one recruit.

wouldn't be such a stupid angle if it weren't for the spectacular job R2 did recruiting during the transistion. find ANY other new coach who brought in a top 10 recruiting class before his first season?

don't know why i read the papers some days.

Joshua said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

"1) it wasn't his fault, it was Loeffler's- he has an established track record of turning good prospects into mediocre prospects, Chad Henne the most recent example;"

I don't think this is a fair statement in the slightest. Navarre simply wasn't that good. He could throw, but choked WAY too often and lost us games instead of winning them for us. And all Henne ever did was lead us to a close to perfect season last year, then get injured for most of this one. You can't put that on Scott. As he became qb coach in '02 I think "established track record" is inaccurate at best, for craps sake the guy's only like 34.

Feelin' Blue said...

You are right SiC. My post was a bit long and convoluted so I don't know if I said something to that effect, but you make an important point: there were a lot more rational people including a few in the media saying that our future didn't rely on TP. The transition would be a little easier, but he doesn't make or break Michigan football. And woodyhayes can say this all he wants, but not everyone did a total 180 on TP once it became clear that he was going to OSU...I mean, the University of Ohio State.

A side note: to his credit, TP was a bit apologetic, and he didn't have to be. It's his choice, no matter how much he may have strung Michigan along.