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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two-Minute Drill: Will Ferrell Hits Campus

* Will Ferrell visits Tosu and MSU

One of my favorite funnymen, Will Ferrell, was on a college comedy tour and stopped by Columbus and East Lansing to take questions from students.

(HT: J)

* U-M Athletic Department screws longtime Michigan fans out of their Gray Lot parking after 26 years. Nice move, Mr. Martin.

(HT: BT)

* And here I thought Bigfoot was from the Pacific Northwest. Nope. Apparently, Bigfoot is from Ohio.

(HT: J)

* A humanitarian charity has donated the pre-made official NFL shirts and caps proclaiming the New England Patriots "winners" of the latest Super Bowl to poor kids in Nicaragua. Haven't these kids sufffered enough?

* Speaking of the Super Bowl, I had no idea Amani Toomer was so estranged from the Michigan program. Anybody have any ideas why?


Pat Mobley said...

The bigfoot link goes to the third world story.

carl tabb said...

The Toomer link goes to a page not found.

DaBraylon17 said...

what the fuck?!?! $1500 for a fuckin parking pass? what a crock of shit. Bill Martin is such a tool. I understand that he is trying to fund/make a profit from the stadium renovation, but GEEZ LOUISE!!!! that is a ridiculous amount of money to park a fuckin car.

Joshua said...

Most of those older guys have it and would gladly pay it, but to boot people who've been there forever, who's doing our PR- Stalin?

Feelin' Blue said...

So that's why my Nicaraguan friends think that the Buffalo Bills were a dynasty team in the 90s and that the Buckeyes play well against the SEC.

Actually, just about every sport does this with the loser's champion merchandise (damn you Manning!). MLB does not donate the loser merchandise but instead (I think) destroys it. I find that disgusting and wasteful. God forbid anyone should think that the Red Sox did not have an 86-year long championship drought.

goat7ed said...

When the Jacksonville Jaguars first came into the NFL, Steve Burlein was to be their quarterback, and therefore the first "star". So the only jerseys that Jacksonville fans could get prior to their inaugural season were number 7 Burlein jerseys.

Well, things didn't work out for Burlein, and eventually Mark Brunell came in, and number 8 jerseys were the thing. A couple years later, Carolina was coming to town for the first time. The fact that the two came into the league together, and Carolina had success faster created a little sibling rivalry and jealousy. Carolina also was bringing their new quarterback, Steve Burlein.

So one of the Jacksonville sporting goods stores got a bright idea. They had all these old number 7 jerseys sitting in the store room just taking up space. So in the week before the game, in a spirit of charity, they donated all the Burlein jerseys to the homeless shelter just down the street from the stadium. As the game got closer, and more media poured into town, all these homeless Burleins were walking around.

The business got a lot of bad press, and some harassment from some homeless rights advocates saying the timing of the donation "took advantage" of the homeless, but the company stood its ground saying it was better than throwing them away.

John said...

Fixed Amani Toomer link

he probably hates lloyd because they didn't throw the ball every play. he is a me first type receiver

Mikoyan said...

How can they say nobody wants it? I'm sure there would be a few people that would want it and would be willing to pay for it. That's why it goes to pretty out of the way foreign places because otherwise it might end up on e-bay.

As for the parking thing, a guy used to work with had season tickets from his aunt (or great aunt). She went to Michigan, his dad went to Michigan, his sister went to Michigan. They did an audit of folks who were actually dead and took the seats that had been in the family for a long time. They still got season tickets, but not as good. So why not wreck another tradition.

Did Bill Martin go to the Gary Bettman school of how to win over the fans?