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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pot Luck Post

While not college football related, I was laughing my ass off recently when I saw Sarah Silverman's video she did with Matt Damon...

Well, Silverman's boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel, got his revenge this week...


Joshua said...

I'm not sure what was better- Josh Groban or the Robin Williams money shot.

Btw, that's easily top 3 on my list of "sentences I never thought I'd write".

Ron said...

I was going to post something funny, but now I have to go cleanup the OJ off of my monitor and keyboard.

That's hysterical.

Catie said...

I think that may be the funniest thing I have ever watched.!! Hysterical!

TitleIX said...

Ok, that if f'n HYSTERICAL!
Thank you Yost!!!!

The deconstructionist, how did they do that? fan in me wonders about the logistics of getting ALL those celebs (wtf Brad Pitt???) to participate! And the whole Feed the World/Live Aid take off is brilliant.

Robin > Cameron Diaz >>>>> Josh Groban

Seriously seriously funny shit.

beast in 'bama said...

IX: He had to have done it over the weekend, while they were all together for the Oscars. And who talked HARRISON FORD into doing that? Unbelievably funny.

And thanks, Yost, for posting it the way you did. Watching one after the other makes it even funnier.

Joshua said...

Yeah it must've been this past weekend. Pitt makes sense though as he, Damon and Clooney have been bffs since doing Oceans 13. Notice Cheadle was in the group sequence. That shoot had to be a friggin' riot.

dtw sports blogger said...
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