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Friday, February 15, 2008

Pot Luck Friday

Been doing some thinking about possible regular Friday features during the off-season. Since that rat bastard Benny has the best blogging gig in the biz with his great - but only 13 week - KNOW YOUR FOE posts, that leaves me with 49 other *&^% Fridays to fill.

Yeah, I know we have Beer Bong Fridays. But unless it's something good (like the one below), I don't want to keep going to that well (or keg) every week. Let's face it, there are only so many amusing ways one can watch somebody jam a funnel down their throat and attempt to rapidly consume alcohol.

Thus, in an effort to not want to force it as I search in vain for something college football-related in the dog days of May and keep things interesting (for you and me), I've decided to make Fridays "pot luck" here on the MZone. The only criteria for these posts is that they're funny.

Would love to get your input on such a segment. Good idea? Bad idea? Too far afield? And please know, if there is any good college football news, it'll still go up on Fridays. This is just an idea to keep things fresh as we enter the CFB Dead Zone. Then again, maybe it's too "off message" to quote from the political season.

Anyhoo, to kick PLF off, I pass on two things that had me laughing recently: An ad on Craigslist from some guy selling cinder blocks and a little musical mash-up featuring SpongeBob SquarePants.


Click on the picture for a larger view.


Should Pot Luck Fridays be a regular MZone feature?
Yes, great idea for the off-season!
No, too random for a cfb blog.
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Rik said...

Seriously, 49 other Fridays?

whetstonebuck said...

It's not like you were using them for anything important.

god of the whoppers said...

the spongebob is a little old, however, i heard that Barwis will be implementing the all new
Will Jones Turbo Cardio Workout this season, not only will it keep cardio going to their legs, but the will have to beat the bitches off with a stick.

Dezzi said...

god of the whoppers

Words cannot describe how pissed I am at you for posting this link...

Damn you for ruining my Friday!!!!


god of the whoppers said...

i apologize,

NOTE-i stole this from college, humor, i didn't actually search for young plump kids in their underwear

beast in 'bama said...

Re: Cinder Blocks


Ron said...

that cinder block add is almost as funny as the ebay leather pants ad. damn that was funny.

Matthew said...

Great segment. Perhaps a few more themes would keep the fan contributions rolling in:

Mondays: "Munday Morning Coach" - coaching (head/assist/etc) jobs in NCAA or Pros (or wherever else) we'd like to have or avoid at all costs.

Wednesdays: "If Your Candidate Called the Plays" - a guess at how presidential candidates would've handled things differently had they been holding the clip-board during some of our most memorable college football moments.

Thursdays: "Know Your Bro" - a quick look at one Michigan player, his prospects for the season, and key matchups he'll face in the BigTen.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

ok, the sponge bob was awesome, this may be better:

zen wizard said...

I really need more information on those cinder blocks:

For instance, will delivery be "freight on board"?

Is the seller requesting cash, or is a cashier's check required?

Can you commit to a time where I can make an appointment to stand you up--I mean, inspect the blocks?

How many knots per yard do the blocks have?

Have the blocks been cleared by the Department of Forestry?

Is there a documented title chain history on the blocks that I can inspect?

What is the temperature point of flamability of the blocks? Now, what is it in Celsius?

Please e-mail me back forthwith with an answer to these queries, and leave your PayPal account number and a history of you positive reviews...

Chris in NC said...

Eewwwww! Pot luck Friday is fine. However, god of the whoppers? You're grounded from putting any more links up for a while...

TitleIX said...

Methinks cinder-boy needs to just take a sledgehammer to them for anger management....

or give them away to get them off his fucking property....

but he should DEFINITELY not insult whomever is coming to his house to get them lest they attempt to play the 'toss the cinderblock into the asshole's window' game.


kehrsam said...

He really needs to give more information about the sexual combatibility of the individual blocks. I mean, they look sexy and all, but what if the block I get turns out to be gay? Is there a return policy for this?

jcloverboi said...

i forget who originally suggested it, but sizing up the relative strengths/weaknesses of other conferences would be just the sort of thing to spark debate among many people between now and the start of football season.

goat7ed said...

Fly out to Columbus on Friday. Meet a ranked tOSU team at the Shoe on a crisp Saturday afternoon. Win. Seems like a pretty simple formula.

Go Navy lax...8-7 over the Buckeyes.

TitleIX said...

I dunno kehrsam===
maybe you'd have to pay extra for the gay blocks?
I mean, they should be worth MORE not less, given all the high maintenance required.
But you already knew that, right????

Feelin' Blue said...

Apparently Russell Crowe was on Jay Leno on Thurs night and he talked about how he is friends with Lloyd Carr and how he spoke to the Michigan team. Did anyone see it?

Feelin' Blue said...

Crowe was on Jay Leno and he talked about his experience with Michigan and Lloyd Carr. He even shouted out a little "Go Blue!" The whole episode is available online. It's in the 4th part or something.

Chris in NC said...

Hey, 3 in a row! The basketball boys tagged OSU! OSU is a possible tourney team. You can really see the progress in this years team. This team couldn't beat anyone with a pulse at the start and now they have 3 in a row and none of them were lucky or anything but hard work and effort.

You know, all it takes is 4 wins in the B10 tourney... Yeah, yeah, dream on, I know. Still, the future looks better.

Feelin' Blue said...


Way to beat those Bukakkeyes for 3 in a row.

No, I do not have an unhealthy obsession with Japanese porn, nor do I watch it. I just think that the name Bukakkeye works.

Crock said...

here's a fun article from BTN - our new coach addressing the fans at halftime at Crisler today -


carl tabb said...

He says "tremendous" a few times in that article. I always thought that was a Carr thing. Must be a UM football coach thing.

Mikoyan said...

Hey, you might want to check your math. 52-13 = 39 and not 49....

Pot Luck Friday sounds like a good idea though.