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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More Bloggis Interruptus

Once again, real life rudely interrupts my blogging life.

And while most of the nation is focused on Decision 2008 regarding the Presidential primaries, college football fans are focused on the real Decision 2008: Signing Day tomorrow.

Speaking of which, Bob Wojnowski at the Detroit News had a story on why Rodriguez and Michigan need to land Pryor.

And is the program he's writing about in his column really Michigan today? Yikes. Things have changed. Fast.


TitleIX said...

Mind-boggling to me that ESPN will be televising things tomorrow. I mean, SERIOUSLY!!

Recruiting is not only done by the coaches, I'm told. Many current/former students who were athletes are also looped into the process. Luncheons with current law, business, dental, and medical students for the kids interested in those degrees down the line are a regular occurrence.
That fact actually warmed my heart a bit...
A little attention payed to the 'student' portion of the gig.

Bigasshammm said...

I think it's being televised on ESPNU all day which is like baby ESPN. I'll probably dvr it all and fast forward through all the BS that I'm sure will fill the 7 hours of programming they have scheduled. I really don't care either way about this Pryor kid. I'm just sick of hearing about him. If he goes to TO$U then so be-it and he will just have to deal with our new sack happy defense. Personally I don't know why he would want to go to TO$U when they really don't run his style of offense but that's just me. I think it would be great if he ended up at PSU and they continued to suck. But I think he left PSU in the hunt just to hype up the hometown people and not have people cussing him. I'd have to say 50% MI 45% TO$U and 5% PSU. Otherise it will just be interesting to see what if any other recruits MI lands.

Jim said...

Yeah, I don't buy the "must land Pryor" harang. Since when has the fate of a program of our size and stature ever hinged on one recruit? I'm not being classically Michigan here, that would apply to any of the heavyweights (USC, Texas, etc.). Personally, the more he milks the process, the less interest I have in him.

Nate said...

Can the kid throw?

Joshua said...

Nate he has a tendency to run more than throw. He has an arm (and by looking at pictures it appears that he may even have two!) but doesn't look to use it as much once he tucks the ball. that was one thing I liked about that jackass from FL who we dropped last week, by all accounts he looked to pass first and kept his eyes downfield when he took off.

Out of Conference said...

Could you guys ask your coach to quit spending time in the south bad-mouthing South Carolina to our verbal committments? I wouldn't mind it so much if he convinced them to go to Michigan instead of South Carolina, but more than one that he has spoken to has retracted their verbal to SC and Michigan wasn't and still isn't in their list of schools they are considering (and neither was Clemson). What kind of favors does he still owe Tommy Bowden that he has to bad-mouth SC to our recruits?

Joshua said...

"...and Michigan wasn't and still isn't in their list of schools they are considering..."

If we weren't on the list of schools they're considering why would R2 be talking to them? Sounds like someone's been reading the gossip pages a bit too much there OOC.

Out of Conference said...

Josh - that's my point. Not on their list of of schools in they are considering. They weren;t even offered by Michigan. Your coach used to coach at Clemson as an assistant. He is still great friends with Bowden there. Nothing wrong with any of those statements, but why the hell is he down here even talking to those guys if he's not interested and they aren't interested.

surrounded in columbus said...

yeah, pryor has talent. yeah we don't have too many big name guys on the bench.

so what? we've had nfl caliber QB's for the last 5-7 seasons & what good has it done us? our problem isn't @ qb, no matter who we have left.

our problem on offense has been the O- line; our problem on defense has been D-line/LBs (we've been lousy w/ good DBs).

on offense, we've seen that even tom brady can't throw if he's on his back. Michigan has not had an O-lineman taken in the first round since like 2001. and of this year's starters, only jake long stands to be drafted at all.

on D, we've struggled to stop the run against good running teams, especially in the front 7. Hobson, Woodley, and Harris were the only LBs we've had taken in the 2nd round (none in the first) in years. Branch the only DL.

i know this sounds like a high school coach's speech @ the start of twoadays, but football starts w/ blocking & tackling on the line, and we haven't done either particularly well over the last 5 years. certainly not consistently.

this year's recruiting class already has 5 solid OL recruits, 4 oustanding LB recruits, and one highly touted DT. these are the guys who win football games on both sides of the ball and the positions where we have lacked talent (or failed to develop talent, more accurately) over the last few years.

this is a great recruiting class and hopefully Balwais & R2 will develop them into great players. anything we win a year or two down the road will be because of these recruits, not the QB.

Joshua said...

Seems a bit like a stretch to me that R2 is down there talking to guys he has no interest in, especially when he's got a new job, a lawsuit, and his own recruits to worry about. I know we were looking at a few guys from there who went elsewhere, but unless you were sitting on Rod's lap while he's whispering evil nothings about the Old Ball Coach into recruits ears I'd be chalking it up to rumor. And if you were on his lap I hope you didn't get a semi, that'd be awkward at best.

One thing we won't have to worry about- Pryor or no Pryor, is the lack of aggression on both sides of the ball. Correct that- aggressive playcalling. Shafer is gonna be bringing the house on a regular basis, and with those 4 LB recruits (I'm on record that Witherspoon is going to be invincible someday, right?) plus IF we land Perry, and that DT from the '09 class, our defensive is gonna be insane in a few years. Fast, aggressive, attacking- please no "sounds like your women" jokes- but I like it.

Out of Conference said...

Joshua - you make a very good point in your reasonable response. And that's not fair. It's recruiting time - if you can't bring some unconfirmed rumors, greasy gossip, or flat out bullshit to the table, I'm leaving to get some work done for my boss.

Mike said...

Collegefootballtalk.com is reporting that Pryor will sign with MICHIGAN on WEDNESDAY.....HALLALEUH!!!!! When Nick Perry follows, we move into the top 3 in the country.

Well done, coach Rich...Lloyd would have never pulled it off.

Nate said...

Because collegefootballtalk.com is correct 100% of the time

surrounded in columbus said...

absolutely! if you can't rely on internet rumor, you might as well go read the Times or Post, or some other hack reporting. sure they get right sometimes....

Joshua said...

OMG! According to Hemayormaynotbefullofshitbutdamnishecute.com I, yes the Mzone's own obsessive commenter have been offered a sholarship qb position and we've dropped "that Pryor kid" as Tom now refers to him. And by Tom I mean Rich Rodriguez, but since I'm hella good and I think he looks more like a "Tom" than a "Rich" he lets me call him Tom. Oh, and I've also developed the ability to breathe fire, which will heretofore be completely legal and compliment my stiff-arming ability on each and every play. (Thanks to T9's pet dragon Puff for teaching me that nifty move- and "Puff"? Really? Originality = not-so-much on the Dragon names there T) So yeah, I'm pretty much King of Ann Arbor now, the line for free Cottage Inn and a big piece of the Joshter starts to my left, only women full of the hotness need apply. See you in the endzone! I'm Audi 5000, or whatever slang phrase for leaving makes me supercalafragalistic and shit!

Tom C said...

Laughing @ Joshua.
OOC if you are in Cola town you should listen to the afternoon drive 93.1 Todays topic was the HEAD ball coach losing his legacy. Sorry rooster fan but bowden is killing him in recruiting.
Uhh... go cocks
Bet yah aint seen that one here before!

Out of Conference said...

Not in Clatown - I'm in the Upstate. Everyone likes to cash in on Tiger fans's enjoyment about hearing about Spurrier losing his legacy. Clemson is having a good recruitng season. Last year, South Carolina had a top 5 class and Clemson's wasn't even ranked- you win some and you lose some.

Took a look at Tom's Rants. Tuched by your "Scored First" story, and I'm glad to hear you keeping your head up.

Enjoying reading about your trip to God's country for the Low Country Oyster Fest. Damn, I miss home. I was born and raised in the Charleston area. The places you touched on were the places of my youth.