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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mallett wants waiver to play in '08

Former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett is seeking a waiver to play this fall rather than having to sit out a season after transferring to Arkansas.

Mallett left A2 for Arkansas after Rich Rodriguez was hired at Michigan, bringing with him the spread offense which Mallett felt wasn't a good fit for his pocket-passing style . But the Razorbacks have already petitioned the NCAA on Mallett's behalf in order to obtain the hoped-for waiver.

Currently, a player has to sit out a year after transferring between 1-A schools but in asking for the waiver, the Arkansas AD cited "extenuating circumstances" in Mallett's case. While he wouldn't elaborate, it's assumed Mallett's peeps will say he shouldn't be punished because a new coach came in with a new offense that didn't suit the player.

Now, on one hand while I feel for Mallett and his situation, I think to grant such a waiver would open up pandora's box and start college football down a slippery slope where a player's dislike of anything would be used as grounds to transfer.


whetstonebuck said...

"Now, on one hand while I feel for Mallett and his situation, I think to grant such a waiver would open up pandora's box and start college football down a slippery slope where a player's dislike of anything would be used as grounds to transfer."

I thought we were already there.

Bigasshammm said...

He seems like a whiny prima-donna and has probably had everything his way since he was little. I'm now more glad he left than ever. I seriously hope they don't grant this ridiculous waver and make him sit on his ass. Quitters never prosper.

Lane said...

nailed it with this post Yost.

right on!

Out of Conference said...

This doesn't sound like extenuating circumstances. He left Michigan because he was no longer good enough for the offense at Michigan - not for personal reasons, not due to family problems at home, not due to academics. I hope he doesn't get a waiver- but my reason is purely selfish - Gamecocks play Arky every year and I'd rather not face him any sooner than we need to.

General Mobius said...

The "wait a year" rule is spectacularly stupid anyway. Let's open Pandora's Box and get rid of the dumb thing.

Coach Rod doesn't have to sit out a year, so why should Mallett?

Nate said...

"He left Michigan because he was no longer good enough for the offense at Michigan"

The kid can't exactly just make himself faster. If you use that criteria Tom Brady or Peyton Manning wouldn't be good enough for the Michigan offense.

In general I think players should be given a waiver when there is a coaching change, especially since college players are recruited for specific systems.

Ty Zucker said...

Nuts to you Ryan Mallet.

Coach Rod said you'd be able to play in his system. You think you know more than the coach. That's your choice, not extenuating circumstances. Sit. Good Riddance.

If Mallet was smart he would have realized that he'd get more pro-exposure at Michigan than he'll get at Arkansas, regardless of their program history.

Out of Conference said...

A player's speed if a measure of whether a player is good enough, no? If Manning or Brady wanted a transfer because they would be expected to run more with speed that they clearly don't have, then no waiver for them either.

If a player picks a school only for its offense, he takes the risk that there won't be a change in the future. The school also takes the risk by recruiting a one dimensional player like Mallet.

Nate said...

Of course players pick schools based on their offense. If you're a slow pocket passer, you would never choose to go to a spread offense. I don't really see how that makes you one dimensional. Terrell Pryor can't throw, do you think he would go to Texas Tech or Hawaii where they throw the ball 60 times a game. Your argument makes no sense.

arcab4 said...

when a coach leaves a program, the players he recruit should be able to leave also w/o penalty. you don't see coaches sitting out a year for going to another school right?

Matthew said...

I agree.

As much as we treat these kids like superstars, this still isn't pro sports... they're teenagers trying to pass classes, play football, with only their parents and coaches to guide them.

If the NCAA lets this happen too often, we might as well start paying them and waive the academic requirements. Hell, why not require them to sign contracts too?

TitleIX said...

Uh--RYAN, honey....
the world does not exist to do what you want.
you knew that transferring would make you sit a year.
hell, you may have sat a year in any other system.
you had the opportunity to learn something NEW and who knows, you could have actually thrived!?
but we will never know because you are a petulant prima donna.

you made your bed buddy.

srudoff said...

I'm wondering if all the michigan fans in this thread realize that Threet left Georgia Tech for Michigan for the EXACT SAME reasons that Mallett left Michigan......

Bigasshammm said...

Threet sat out his year though and never bitched once about it. The FL game should have shown Mallet that a totally non mobile QB could have great success in a spread offense. But all Mallet saw was "see we can do good like this and RR is just going to muck everything up" So he transfers to Ar-Kansas as dumby Les Miles likes to pronounce it and they lose their only star player for the last 15 years Mcfadden. I don't know if he thought he was going to be more of a winner there but I think he will be mistaken. I think MI should schedule WVU and AR in the next coming seasons.

Bigasshammm said...

Double Post::
I've got a great picture of Mallet from the MInnesota game maybe it'll be worth something now.

Out of Conference said...

You can't let players bounce around from one school to the next without some sort of incentive not to so. If that were the case, what player wouldn't have transferred to Florida prior to the '07 season for a chance at getting a MNC? Coaches would be recruiting active players instead of high schoolers and JUCOs, schools (especially struggling schools, on the cusp schools, or coaches on the hot seat) would be much more inclined to go after college kids instead of developing high school talent. Yet another difference between the NFL and college game would be torn down.

Nate - maybe you could loan me your dictionary.

surrounded in columbus said...

he did, but he also sat out the required season.

i don't fault mallett for leaving, but his request for a dispensation is gonna draw some criticism.

srudoff said...


almost called you sur, but that's too close to my short name. he did sit out but people on many michigan message boards, including this blog, called mallett a quitter and worse after he left, before anyone knew he was petitioning to not sit out. plus i bet right about now, threet's saying "shit, you can do that??"

deez said...

totally agree! how much more do we need to give these scholarship athletes. he should sit next year for transfer, as you said it is the best thing for the future of the game.