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Friday, February 22, 2008

How to ruin your own fight song

Say what you will about our in-state little brothers rivals, they have a damn fine fight song. Even we Arrogant Asses from Ann Arbor have to admit that.

So it takes a lot to make it, uh, uninspiring. But leave it to a few tone-deaf students in Spartyville to make one long for American Idol reject William Hung.

Yes, on the banks of the Red Cedar...are some MSU fans who really shouldn't be singing. Ever.


Reed said...

My experience with MSU fans is that none of them know the fight song save the last "Victory for MSU" line. It is a good song, definitely one of the top five college fight songs in the state of Michigan.

And MJ has really let himself go.

WillinSacto said...

And hence why the marching band is so important as it helps those to keep in tune. Without the band...well, you get this.

carl tabb said...

I'm trying to figure out if the douche in the suit is trying to talk like Mushmouth from Fat Albert or trying out his Sean Connery impression sans accent. He does have the Van Wilder look going for him.
Why do people make these kinds of videos? Are there people out there that actually think to themselves, "Hey, MSU is happenin'! They've got such crazy students. They go around singing the fight song all day while people with cameras make promotional videos. I gotta get there and try that!"
When I was a student there I never saw this kind of coolness.

Andy said...

Of course... every person in that video was accepted at both Michigan and Michigan State. They chose MSU.

My favorite line in Sparty's song: "Spartan Teams are never beaten"

Except when they play football...

beast in 'bama said...

As Meg Ryan said in "Joe Versus the Volcano"

I have no response to that.

/dumbfounded expression

Victory for MSU said...


Your comment is laughable. I love how Michigan fans think that EVERYBODY wants to go to Michigan, and that if they pick MSU, it is for the sole reason of grades. Grow up and realize that not everybody wants to go to a school that has a horrendous campus and people like you who are so full of themselves.

Jason said...

is horrendous campus ?? Are you blind deaf or dumb?

Jason said...

Oh yeah and its not speculation Michigan is better than anything that they both have (sorry wedont have vet, ag, or a journalism school congrats your turf was in the world cup!!

Jeremy said...

They should be singing the original lyrics, which include the line "its specialty is farming, and those farmers play football."


Go Blue Gabe said...

Is it just me, or does the guy narrating the piece look and sound a bit like Butthead from "Beavis and Butthead?"