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Friday, February 01, 2008

Brady Talks About His Michigan Days

Former Michigan and current All-World NFL QB Tom Brady talked about his college football days in A2 at the Patriots media session this week.

Brady was asked how he went from only a part-time starter at U-M to one of the NFL's all-time greats. According to the article linked above, "three issues might have played leading roles: One, the people who recruited him to Michigan and therefore had the most invested in him left the coaching staff early in his career there; two, the traits that make a great college quarterback don't always line up with those that make great NFL quarterbacks; and three, Brady has improved a great deal since his time in college."

Some excerpts...

On Gary Moeller and the others who recruited leaving:

"And the following year, the quarterback coach who recruited me, Jim Cartwright, left. And so, really, my second year, there was really nobody who had really known me or sat in my living room and said, 'Tom, we really want you at Michigan.'

"Not that I didn't feel wanted because I certainly did. Coach Carr always looked me in eye and said, 'Tom, this is the place for you and if you want to be the starting quarterback here, quit worrying about what everyone else thinks and try to compete as hard as you can.' Those were great lessons for me."

On having to compete so hard for the starting job while he was at Michigan:

"I never think it's personal. Coach Carr was truly doing what he thought was best for the team and he was right in his perspective. Sometimes I disagreed with it, but I would never change a day in my life, especially the lessons I learned there because those have really suited me well on the professional level.

"You have to learn to compete and you have to learn to compete on the practice field because you can't just all of a sudd get to the game and say, 'Oh, it's game day and now all of a sudden I'm going to be a better player.' In college, we would run two-minute drills against our defense and I wasn't sure if I didn't score on that two-minute drive if I would start the game on Saturday. Talk about pressure. I was feeling pressure Thursday afternoon at practice to get our starting off into the end zone against our defense. Now you get into the games and you run into those situations, you're already playing so now you're having a great time out there. I try to continue that into this level now where those practices are extremely important to what we do and how well we are prepared and confident as a team going into a game."

Check out the entire article, it's worth a read.

Ed. Note: My apologies to our female readers for using a picture of Tom Brady with a helmet on. However, I wanted to go with a photo from the Michigan days.


Catie said...

Actually Yost, I love the pic. I am a hands and arm girl....so....this works just fine.....tyvm!

TitleIX said...

the helmet hides that adorable grin and the cleft chin.
but still.....
mmmmmm Tommy

b/t/w: Tommy probably would have been wise to leave the helmet on with Bridget

WingRG said...


just shows you that athough he's from southern California, he's no Trojan. He's a Wolverine through and through.

Andy said...

Go Pats !!!!

I believe that if the Pats win - there really is no argument which NFL QB is the best in history.

Joshua said...

Brady is God.

surrounded in columbus said...

While I respect everyone's adoration of Tom Terrific, I do want to put a plug for Amani Toomer, who along w/ Mercury Hayes, was part of one of Michigan's best WR tandems ever.

mrnotebook said...

This blog is a good blog.Keep up good work Dude.Tom Brady was one of the Best QB's in Michigan History! For a while before I knew more about Michigan while a new fan I didnt even know Tom Played For Michigan.It looks like Michigan always had the same style Uniforms! And but also I had been a Michigan fan now for a while before in the past I was an ND fan now a Wolverine.I had been a UM fan for several years now but it's still new to me in some ways.I was so used to ND history when I was a fan for so long. I will have to get cought up all about Michigan! I do know my Michigan news and History some of it since I had been a good fan!

Go Blue!

CaliGirl said...

Although I am one of the few women that don't find Tom a "God"- I have always liked him since the day I met him in A2. He is a VERY NICE guy, humble and polite...hence the reason I have been a Pats fan since he started. I am very bummed they lost...especially to Eli, someone I can't stand (the crybaby that he is). Just my opinions :o)