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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Angry White Football Fans

Last week I watch a debate featuring a black man and a white woman vying for the Democratic presidential nomination and I think America has come such a long way.

Then I see the LSU "fans" in the video below and realize how far we still have left to go.


jblaze1 said...

Sadly, I'm not sure if Michigan (as in the state) is much better...

TitleIX said...

The truth rears it's ugly head.
We are a country of individualists.
Fact is, we live in a country where religious intolerance, racial division, classist ideology, and general bigotry and hatred are the norm.

We chose to ignore that fact whilst living in our insular, monochromatic paradigm because it doesn't cross our reality in ways as blatantly as this.
So, thanks Yost, for the reality check. I commend you for the post.

[Although it won't stop the tOSU bashing one damned bit from this classist and bigoted Michigan fan]

{And yeah---
the Giants pissed in my Wheaties and I'm not happy about it. So step back.}

Hey people in Super Tuesday states!
I don't care who you vote for, just GO OUT AND VOTE. Exercise the right this flawed but open system affords us!

"We the People, in order to form a more perfect union...."

Earle said...

Wow! That was atrociously unbelievable.

Go Blue!

BARman said...

Yeah--iritating, whiny voice with camera trying to bait the alcohol-fueled. Don't make this more than it is...

john said...

Ending Reconstruction is the worst mistake this country ever made.

Feelin' Blue said...

LSU is David Duke's alma mater. But then again, if I say "go figure," maybe I'm not much better than they are.

Slightly off-topic, but there is an asst coach for Hofsta's basketball team named David Duke...and he is Jewish.

Andy said...

I saw this video a couple of weeks ago on EDBS. Unfortunately social progress, empathy, tolerance and diversity are not high on these southern gentlemen’s list of priorities.

Alcohol + SEC racist culture = this video


Out of Conference said...

Andy - Frankly, I find your non-elitist posts much better than that one. I've been in Michigan, I've seen M bumper stickers on trucks alongside rebel flag stickers. More so with Buckeye stickers and rebel flags in Ohio than in Michigan, but they were there nonetheless. What racial group that feels discriminated upon or chosen over because of his race isn't going to bad mouth another race when they are drunk and baited to do so?!?

dtro said...

I don't think the point is that Michigan fans are better than LSU fans. I'm sure there are racist Blue fans, just like there are racists everywhere.

The point is these particular guys are fucking racist pricks and deserve to be looked down upon.

Killing My Liver said...

While everyone is bashing these guys(let it be known, I'm not defending them), that the journalist(?) should incur some of the blame. Kinda like antagonizing a tiger at a zoo. You want a certain response, and you do what you have to do to get it. Pretty scummy. Now, these guys are definitely in the wrong, but you're wearing some serious blinders if you think this happens in the south only. Some of the most prejudiced people I've ever met came from Wis and Minn. And, visiting urban areas, I've been exposed to, and I hate to use this term, because racism is racism, but - reverse racism.

jverve said...

Who's the genius who decided to ask a politically motivated question to a bunch of drunken idiots at a tailgate? Quality journalism there. What the hell does this have to do with sports? There are a-holes like this everywhere, but there are a lot more decent human beings. The sad thing is that the only thing you see and hear about are negatives. I wholeheartedly disagree with titleix's post that "religious intolerance, racial division, classist ideology, and general bigotry and hatred are the norm". It is not the norm, but the worst in a few that becomes twisted by a media that wants you tuning in to see who hates who today. You seem like a very intelligent person titleix ( I had to get out my Dennis Miller Thesaurus to decipher the second paragraph), but give the decent people a chance at survival in this "country of individualists". I think we can manage. And if your going to quote the preamble, try not to forget that as much of a jerk as this LSU fan might be, his opinion is allowed because this country is so great. The same thing that gives us the right to bash the prick! GO BLUE!!!
Let's get back to sports!!!


Racism will never end. It goes both ways too.There are probably 100 different vidoes out there right now of Blacks and whites both being racist. So why are we so suprised??? It will never end and anybody who thinks it will needs a reality check.

surrounded in columbus said...

there are two things i can't stand: 1) people who are intolerant of other people's culture; and 2) the Dutch.

my apologies for anyone who is NOT a fan of the austion powers sequels.

TitleIX said...

so, by your logic then any scantly clothed beautiful woman who goes into a bar where there are drunk guys deserves to get raped cuz she "antagonized the tiger at the zoo"??????

to which oppressed racial group are you referring???? are you trying to imply that white guys can bitch about non-whites because of 'reverse' discrimination????

you guys are KILLING me.

and jverve:
thanks for the props, me thinks. but please consider the reality in which you live: Christian-dominated politics, policy, and holidays. Racial divisions such that anyone with dark skin is noted first as their color then second as their traits as an individual, unequal pay based on gender, unfair civic policies based on sexuality, and bringing it back to sports----didja see the SB commercials from SalesGenie.com???? HOLY SHIT BATMAN. One with a stereotypical depiction of an Indian man complete with accent and 7 children and the other with a Panda Bear and heavy Chinese accent. WTF???? I mean, seriously! One could nicely call it xenophobia but a realist would call it racist crap.

AND--please don't use the "the first amendment says anyone can say what they want" argument because the courts have upheld the fact that you CAN'T. Ya can't yell fire in a crowded theater. You can't use hate speech.
You can't tug on Superman's cape
You can't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger
and you don't mess around with T9.


Andy said...


If by "elitist" you mean I consider myself a higher form of life than the highlighted KKK... I mean LSU.... fans -- than yes, I admit it, I am an elitist.

I recognize that this type of behavior is not limited to the south (yes, I too have seen the same stuff in Michigan).

It still makes me sick and sad.

Chris in NC said...

Yeah, those losers are pretty sorry, but I have to take exception to our country being all that bad. The fact is, these losers are a minority. Been to a soccer game in Europe lately? Makes these idiots look like a comedy troop.

TitleIX, no, not everyone should vote. In fact more people should stay home. Do you really want these losers voting? If people haven't taken the time to educate themselves in the issues and policies of the candiates and proposals on the ballot, they have no business stepping in a voting booth.

Andy, your formula is correct, but I wonder with those idiots if you need the alcohol...


Your analogy for what Killing My Liver said is reversed. In the bar case, you are trying to get the rapist to attack so you send it what you need to get it to attack. Be it women or men.

BTW, court after court has said that hate speech is protected. Our friends at the ACLU have made sure of that. Maybe on "progressive" college campuses there are hate speech codes but those are coming down thanks to our friends at FIRE.

Andy, I guess I am elitist too for that same reason.

Signing day in 20-30 minutes or so. Come on Pryor, we want you here!!!

Mikoyan said...

We in the north aren't that much better about racism than folks in the South. At one point, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio had more Klan members than many states in the south. Brighton or Howell had the largest Klan contingent in the country.

Sadly, racism is not going to go away. People will always have some degree of disdain for people that are different from them. Since race is a pretty identifiable characteristic, it's not going away.

Killing My Liver said...

T9 -
The inverse applies to your response. Using your analogy, you would have bikini clad women going looking for rapists.I never said that those guys were right, but the journalist(?) did everything she could to lead those guys into the answers that she wanted to hear. Now, I concur that those men spoke of their own free will, but add alcohol into the equation, and .... well ... you saw the video. Obviously those guys had some kind of prejudiced thoughts before she showed up, but she did everything she could to exacerbate the situation. Not to say that the views of the men depicted are not disgusting, but look at the whole picture here.

WolverineInHanoi said...

I have a home in Baton Rouge and my wife is getting her PhD at LSU. You should not let a couple of drunk comments be representative of the people down here.

HOWEVER, I am NOT surprised about hearing statements like that. The beer only augments what they feel inside.

in a nutshell: If asked about the people down in Louisiana, I say, "Nicest people I've ever met, however, I feel that the majority of the whites are closet rascist. Especially towards Blacks."

Out of Conference said...

Andy: "Alcohol + SEC racist culture = this video"

You're better than that kind of generalization. You could have deleted SEC and your statement would have been a more accurate picture of the nation.

T9 - A person can be upset about anything he or she wants, whether it be the weather, a game's score, or if they did not get a job or a accepted to a school or financial aid due to their race. Fortunately I've never been descrimated upon in that manner, but someone that has certainly has a right to be pissed.

Out of Conference said...

Let me also clarify that I find this behavior in the video despicable and utterly inappropriate. I in know way condone this behavoir or am trying to make excuses for this behavoir. I'm just saying someone had a camera at a LSU tailgate. You can easily find this type of behavoir at any other school (though you may have to look harder at some schools), by any race/ethnic group of person, in any other football conference in the country. I in no way meant to offend anyone hear by comments. I was just pointing out that it's not only white SEC fans that make these kinds fostatements.

Out of Conference said...

here = hear - I also in no way mean to offend anyone with my horrible grammar that you can accurately blame on my southern (and engineering) education. :)

BARman said...

I'm probably too late here--but just another comment...

Speaking for myself (and probably some of my buddies), I do, at times, take perverse pleasure in "never" giving a person the "proper answer"--the one they want to hear because it is the "right" one. I'm like that when I'm sober at times--when there is alcohol involved, I just get more "irritatingly contrarian" about it all. I think it is a form of warped humor but also resistance to "being controlled" by someone else. Not saying it is right--I'm also not saying it is what these guys are (or are not) doing.

But sometimes an "over-reaction" from the person on the receiving end of this warped behavior is exactly what we are looking for. And it can be pretty entertaining.