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Friday, February 15, 2008

And the nominees are...

Nothing like some accolades to get me to take a break from my break!

Your humble blog has been nominated for four College Football Blogger Awards:

-- Funniest Blog
-- Best Photoshop (for "Oh, the humanity!")
-- Best Big Ten Blog
-- Best Community

And that last one, Best Community, really belongs to you, the MZone reader. The award goes to "the blog with the best community interaction" and the criteria is "a regular solicitation of input from readers and utilization of reader-produced content."

So, thank you. Much appreciated!

But wait! There's more.

Found this in ye old inbox...

Dear Blog Author,

Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.9 score out of (10). Your blog is currently in
the top ten in the Sports/Football(American) category of Blogged.com. This is quite an achievement!

We evaluated your blog based on the following criteria: Frequency of Updates, Relevance of Content, Site Design, and Writing Style.

After carefully reviewing each of these criteria, your site was given its 8.9 score.

Well how 'bout that. We're currently ranked number 8...two spots ahead of some little site called Deadspin, whatever that is.

Hell, with all this good news coming our way, I should take a break more often!


Catie said...

Congratulations!! Well Deserved!

I agree, this IS the best community!! :o)

goat7ed said...

It was probably the great Katie to Catie change 0f 2008 (and subsequent 200 comments) that drove the community interaction score over the top.

If only T9 followed suit with the photo change...

Congrats, Yost. Well deserved, and always appreciated.

whetstonebuck said...

Congratulations. You earned it.

I agree. The community score outweighs other categories. A testament to your willingness to allow "the enemy" to saunter in, find a seat and pop-a-top. This provides for more entertaining content.

Keep up the good work.

Out of Conference said...

Congrats Yost, Benny, et. al. and everyone else.

Off topic back back to Michigan football. Did you guys see the blurb opn SI.com about an investigation into recruiting issues at tOSU regarding the use of steroid and HgH in front of recruits? Yeah me neither, I'm just trying to start some shit.

Bigasshammm said...

Haha that's funny OOC.

All awards are much deserved. I just happened to stumble upon this one day in my search for funny and humiliating TO$U pictures so I could have some comebacks to all the Tosu fans I work with. Sadly there isn't much out there but I have been able to use some. My favorite was the Ohio State Bills sign which I printed and hung at work. It raised a ruckus let me tell you.

I'm proud to have made myself a part of this and hope to be around a long time if you'll have me.

Great job on the site and postings! Keep it up.

Dezzi said...

bigasshammm "... Keep it up."


Joshua said...

Congratulations man. Nice to see you getting some recognition outside of us yahoos (we yahoos? what's the proper grammatical phrase? Leave it to the writer to get all anal about grammar. Does anyone else even care? I digress.) Anyway, definitely well deserved!
Incidentally, I ran into a Michigan grad yesterday in East Lansing and had a great conversation spanning everything from politics to football to Congressional hearings and the Veterans association. Why is it that 8 out of 10 excellent conversations I get into in East Lansing are with U of M people? My point to that? I guess there isn't one, just being an elitist prick, but I DID tell the guy to check out the blog and do every time I get into a cfb discussion or meet Wolverine fans. Thanks for giving us a place to hang out,
and I'll quit rambling now.

Dude you rock. I had my hand on the phone to call my brother before I even got to the end of that sentence. Not to mention the looks I got for letting out a very audible "HOLY F#@K." in my office. Good thing there weren't any clients around.

zen wizard said...

"Best Community"?

I don't remember donating dented cans of Hormel Chili to the canned food drive last Xmas, but you're welcome!

Joshua said...


Got a text from an old friend and IU grad last night regarding the IU basketball scandal. Her words: "This never would've happened under the General". So Knight quits at TT last week and this week it comes out that Sampson may be fired. Coincidence? Or could Bobby be getting ready for a triumphant return after having served his penance and been well behaved for a few years? Something to think about....


beast in 'bama said...

It is like you, Yost, to focus on the community nomination. I believe I know enough about you after two years to come to this conclusion.

I'd like to think that I could sit down and have a beer or four with you - and that we'd be friends right away. In fact, I have no doubt about it.

The same goes for OOC, IX, wingrg, whets, king, mikoyan, and on and on. Without this blog, I wouldn't have been inspired by the amazing life of Katie/Catie.

But to quote my favorite movie, Lawrence of Arabia: "The best of them won't come for money; they'll come for me."

In order to have the best community, there must be something (or some reason) with which to commune. The reason that we all congregate here every day is you, my friend. The other award nominations bear this out.

Take all the time you need. We'll all be here when you get back.

Crock said...

Congrats - all.
I tell every college football fan I know about M Zone!
You're the best - kinda like the the team you write about!

Jack said...

Love the blog; just began to read the archives.

With all the OSU posts, maybe somebody can share the reason OSU is known as 'THE" Ohio State U. What's up with the 'THE'?

Joshua said...

Hey Jack- welcome to the romper room- good to have you!

In a little known BCS rule, teams who lose back-to-back national championship games automatically have to ad "The" to the front of their name. They were going to intitute a rule making all fans of said team tatoo "Loser" on their foreheads, but when it was determined by use of a time machine that it would be Buckeye fans this was determined to be redundant.

"The" is actually included as part of the official name of OSU, and has been since 1878. (Thank you wikipedia- in related news I think my eyesight is now permanently damaged)

OSU fans/players refer to it with an emphasis on the "The", as if they are The official university of the state.

M fans like me use it to mock them, simply because we can.

Bigasshammm said...

From what I've been told from the local Suckeye fans I work with... TO$U was involved in a lawsuit with Ohio University many many years ago over the use of the name "Ohio state University." Now I'm guessing that back in the olden days when this lawsuit took place that Ohio University apparently won and therefore had rights to the name so TO$U fans and students adopted calling themselves "THE" Ohio State University. Unlike their pathetically small rivals to the north/west/wherever-it-lies-in-relation-to-Columbus the aforementioned Ohio state University.

Thats what I understand to have happened.

Feelin' Blue said...

One reason why this blog is so great is because the people who comment are friendly and funny. It's like every time I open the link to the website the theme song from Cheers start to play in my head.

goat7ed said...

c'mon folks...that's why they have Know Your Foe. Benny only works 13 times a year, take advantage of it.


Joshua said...


I was just given a Valentines day sucker by a co-worker and it wasn't good at all. In other words, my sucker sucked. Is this technically ironic?

(Can you tell it's a slow day?)


Joshua said...


I was just given a Valentines day sucker by a co-worker and it wasn't good at all. In other words, my sucker sucked. Is this technically ironic?

(Can you tell it's a slow day?)


Tom C said...

somebody slap him, he's stuck stuck stuck stuck.....

Joshua said...

Wow that's the smallest blowup doll I've ever seen.

Tom C said...

she's ceramic. She also has a rolls.

Dezzi said...

Man... I finally figured out how to put the "Comments" section into English. Not sure why my computer wanted it in French (maybe it is Swisscom?) but now it finally is in English!

I must go to bed now... keep up the good work Yost et al.

The Dude said...

Funny blog and great material! While not an M fan, RR is a great pickup, regardless of the flak he's catching over leaving WV. I only wish Mallett would have worked out. I called several games of his during his HS days and he's a great talent. If RR puts in the spread, no way Mallett could have run it....he is S_L_O_W of foot, but with a great arm. Hope he does well as a Razorback.

Best Wishes

TitleIX said...

Random thoughts on:
1) Yos't return---HE'S BAAAACK

2) The CFB nominations/awards--HipHIPHOORAY!!!!!

3) Our beloved MZone community/family---

4) Messin' with my Avatar again---HELLTOTHENO!

and finally to all the regulars and lurkers (but NOT the t(osu)rolls)---

TitleIX said...

catie, crock?
are either of you surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that it is VALENTINE'S DAY!???



Chris in NC said...

Congrats Yost! I am a newb here but the awards, including the communty one, doesn't surprise me. They are very much deserved. You run a great site with a great reader community. No doubt about it.

Chris in NC said...

Happy Valentines day, Titleix, Catie and the rest of you!

Chris in NC said...

Oh, sorry, happy Valentines day to you too Crock!

Feelin' Blue said...

I don't care about Valentine's Day; I'm single, and my parents hate me for it.

Another great thing about the MZone "community," by the way, are the classy fans of other teams. I love college football. I respect everyone who lives and dies by it, including the OSU and SEC fans. Well, I don't care much for Spartan fans. Yeah, I don't have much respect for those guys.

TitleIX said...

feelin' blue....
do you have any siblings???
get them to marry and breed.
your folks will get right off your back!

or--joshua, send the man some pickup lines.
you know, like--do you know karate? cuz your body is kickin!
something like that....

MGoBlue93 said...

I wanna get in on the fun...


I used to work with these guys, not sure if I should admit that or not... and one guy in the office was a prof at Michigan.



whetstonebuck said...

Thanks, Beast.

Happy Valentine's Day to the ladies.

Joshua said...


Wow that's the smallest ceramic blowup doll I've ever seen.

Ha! And sweet car!


Nice to see you've joined the ranks of English speaking commentors. Any truth to the rumor you were behind that art heist a few days ago?

I'd have made a comment about Singles Awareness Day if I thought you were single, but no woman knows that much about diamonds when single. Our efforts would have been for naught. Alas, ruining an entire community's dream sucks- I'll now be known as the guy who told all the Mzoners that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

And pickup lines? Who needs pickup lines??!!! I prefer to rely on my endearing charm. After all, I know a chick with a Dragon.

616goblue said...


if you need more "fuel to the fire" on "best community" check out what I have on my facebook....


Catie said...

Happy Valentines to you all!

You guys make me smile.......thank you :o)


Chris in NC said...

Wow! The guys just hung a loss on Iowa, in Iowa, after trailing 27-16 at the half. The opened with a couple runs, finally took a good sized lead and held on with FT's at the end to win! Harris went out at about the 8 minute mark with 4 fouls and stayed out until about 3 minutes to go and they added to the lead.

I know, it isn't much, but it is 2 wins in a row. Gotta start with the little things, right?

Mikoyan said...


Crock said...

thanks for the Valentine wishes!

Ironically - I rarely celebrate Valentines day (Catie will understand this - when I was young - my oldest brother passed away on Feb. 14 - never been a real day to celebrate in our family)

I've always expected the men in my life to step in up on Sweetest day for me. But, my daughters daycare kept the kids late last night for a "parents night out" - so my husband got to have a nice dinner out.

But, I hope T9, Catie and the other chicks here had a good day.

Joshua said...

Only the chicks? I'm declaring shenanigans!

Out of Conference said...

BiB - thanks for the good thoughts. Yes, a great group to run into sitting at our usual spots at the bar.

Joshua said...

Damn, should've said...

"Only the chicks? What a Crock!"

Heh. Get it? "What a Crock?" Man I crack me up.

Crock said...

Joshua - although I know you crack yourself up - it's not like I've never heard that one before....as long as you keep yourself laughing.

btw - the "chicks" have to stick together

Joshua said...

You've heard that one before?You're Joshin' me.

I apologize for my comment, as the "you're Joshin' me" comment was already old by the time I was five, and I imagine the Crock comment is equally grating.