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Friday, January 25, 2008

WVU should've seen it coming, but was Rodriguez all about the money?

Another day, another chapter in the Rich Rodriguez-WVU Break-Up Diary.

According to emails obtained by the Associated Press, before the 2007 season even started, Coach Rod and his agent were seeking a promised "culture change" at West Virginia and a shake-up at the highest levels of the Mountaineer athletic department.

The emails, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, revealed the relationship between the school and its coach got so bad that by mid-November, R2's agent, Mike Brown, was threatening to take his client somewhere else, mentioning possible openings at Texas A&M and Florida State (FSU? Really? Uh, did Bobby know about this?).

The AP story linked above states that, over a five month period as the relationship disintegrated, Brown was trying to get his client more more operational and marketing control over the football program and fighting over money Rodriguez helped raise through a booster organization he founded. But here's the real doozy: Brown also complained about interference in the program from West Virginia governor Joe Manchin!

Gee, you mean West Virginia's top elected official didn't have bigger issues to worry about? Yeah, hey, Gov, really, your state is in great shape. Focus on football. Good idea. Can you even imagine Jennifer Granholm getting involved with Michigan athletics? Answer: no.

So maybe WVU's little "We have no idea why Coach Rod suddenly left" whine to anybody who will listen isn't quite true.

On the flip side, judging from the emails, Rodriguez's agent seemed overly concerned with squeezing every last dollar of potential revenue out of WVU because, in his words, "We both agree there is millions in revenue not being realized. Those revenues over time will allow WVU to remain competitive for Rich's services."

Boy, never heard that shit coming out of Michigan when Carr was coach. And to threaten his school, his alma mater, like that - and make no mistake, that's a threat - the year after he just signed a big increase after the 'Bama dance he did the previous season, sounds sleazy. Like it's just about the coinage (and don't say "the agent did it, not Rich." Coach Rod knew. If not, he needs to fire his agent asap).

Furthermore, the AP story states, "Brown had been pressing WVU to act on new moneymaking ventures such as allowing advertising on the walls at Mountaineer Field and letting Rodriguez have his own paid-subscription Web site. The e-mails indicate WVU was proceeding slowly, researching legal and NCAA issues after learning of a controversy involving the Web site of Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione."

Now, maybe it's just me, but I'd rather my head football coach stay focused on x's and o's and not becoming a fucking blogger. I want a guy trying to come up with a great defensive gameplan to shut down Ohio State rather than spending time trying to come up with funny Photoshopped pictures of Jim TresseLL in order to get a Deadspin link. For cryin' out loud, Rich, we'll give a weekly guest column here on the MZone if you're that hard up to have your own Beer Bong Friday post and be big time bloggers like Benny and me.

I dunno, folks. This story is starting to irritate me from all sides.

On the one hand, WVU hasn't been honest by acting like the surprised dude running around saying, "I have no idea why she broke up with me. I never saw it coming" after they'd been fighting forever. On the other hand, having your agent bitching to the administration that they haven't put Jiffy Lube ads up in the student endzone isn't the sort of coach most of us envisioned at Michigan.

Ed. Note: Is there anything people can't get about a college football coach under the Freedom of Information Act? Want to see all 6,000 text messages Houston Nutt sent to some hot reporter over three days? File a Freedom of Information Act request. Want to see how many times Rich Rodriguez checked his AOL account? Freedom of Information request.

I bet I could get a detailed listing of Lloyd Carr's bowl movements if I made an FOIA request.

I'm just thankful FOIA requests can't be made for our records here at the MZone. Although I swear all that time spent on RedTube.com was simply to search for other ASU cheerleaders who may have, uh...strayed.

UPDATE: Brian at MGoBlog has some other info on all this but closes his post by saying it's just a circus now and, unless something big breaks, he's not covering it. We might do the same here...unless of course we can think of a funny Photoshopped pic to go along with the news, then all bets are off.


Crabapple Buck said...

The more that comes out, from either side, the less likely the chance of this ending well. UM will regret hiring this guy. He is only about himself. From the tOSU view, it is bad because without a decent UM, the rivalry suffers in the national perspective and makes the Big 10/11 weaker. One thing that has come of this is the appreciation you will have for Lloyd Carr. He may have to come back on an interim basis at some point if this gets too far out of hand.

jblaze1 said...

Let's just fire RR now!

If you believe that statement for a second, you probably are 20+ years into retirement and want "the good old days" back.

College football is a business and if money does not come in from "non-traditional" sources, then either taxes must be raised, tuition must be raised, or the school does without. Booster money only goes so far in a program (and likely WVU doesn't have the same level as M or OSU).

Do discussing ads in the stadium mean that it will look like an pro stadium (with billboards, stadium names, branded everything) mean that RR is a greedy man? He did retain most of his assistants (and gave them a raise, over 40K more then average for Lloyd's guys). He installed a new weight room ASAP. From reports, he's traveling across country to get recruits. Isn't that to be admired?

Normally, I agree with you guys, but this time hanging RR from some emails and hearsay is just plain wrong!

Go Blue and Go RR!

TitleIX said...

Don't need to FOIA all the shit we write here.
Privacy is merely an illusion.....

R2 wasn't the one who published all this laundry btw. Someone went digging for it. Behind the scenes conversations with one's employer doesn't necessarily make one a scoundrel.

Afterall, Tommy Amaker lost his job because he wasn't available to the media....
What's the difference between Jimmy Brandstatter's TV show Michigan Replay and a coach's content controlled website??
Only the medium, imho, as both are a venue for visibility, 'inside' looks, and fodder for the fans at the trough of 'transparency'.

oh--and for Yost---hurry and change the "bowl" vs. "bowEl" faux pas before sru gets ahold of it ;-)

Frankly, Scarlett said...

Doesn't this back and forth all sound like something out of an 80's Molly Ringwald locker room scene? Can the drama stop now so the coaches can get on with coaching their respective teams?

Z said...

All these e-mails make Mike Brown and RR look worse than WVU. If I was a University Administrator I wouldn't want a single client of Mike Brown on my staff. Who lets an agent dictate the culture of the athletic department of a university? RR had a chance to hammer these "issues" out with WVU when he signed his contract in December of 2006 (that was supposedly supposed to keep him at WVU until 2014). This is a case of someone wanting out and looking for every little excuse to leave and then threatening with the Texas A&M and FSU jobs in November? I understand the Michigan fans circling the wagons around Rich. He is your coach now and you feel that you have to stand behind him. I just ask that every UM fan just think for one moment if the situation was reversed. I have a feeling that most of you would feel the same way the WVU fans feel now.

phillip said...

Mike Brown... just, wow.

In my current job, I often work with an agent who seems like a similar guy. Lots of one-line e-mails from the blackberry that amount to veiled threats, or statements of fact that I probably already know / don't need to hear again.

That type of stuff gets guys bad reputations. Thing is, the client sort of knows about it, but probably not fully, and perhaps if he did, wouldn't retain said agent. Wonder how much RR knew about MB's dealings.

surrounded in columbus said...

Sorry, but I think you're off on this one.
First, it's easy to say "focus on x's & o's" when you already turn a profit/have more money than you know what to do w/. When you don't have that much money, it takes on a different perspective.

R2 passed on a couple million more when he turned down Bama. He was promised these side deals as a way to bridge the gap. Having been promised these opportunities, why wouldn't he want to follow up on them?

WVU promised him the sun & the moon to stay for millions less. Then they were slow delivering. When the next chance came along, he jumped on it.

WVU reneged on their deal (I didn't say that- their own alumni said that), R2 was pissed, and they knew it.

Everything since is just so much spin.

Anyone else notice how quick tosu fans are to predict "doom" @ every turn? They're scared. That says everything you need to know.

Lane & Alicia's PhotoBlog said...

the only doom we're afraid of is UM becoming non-relevant on the national scene.

that's bad for everyone of us - believe that!

Feelin' Blue said...

There was a great article before the 2007 season talking about how Michigan was a "program with a heart." I want the team to win, and I especially the recent team to win because I liked Lloyd Carr and the players. And it's a real shame that they never beat OSU. The point is that I don't believe in winning at all costs. Sure, Lloyd was hesitant to bench Manningham at certain crucial points and lost his passion for the game, but it was the team itself that you wanted to win rather than just your team, if that makes any sense. Win for the players and the coach, and not just the fans and the school. That's mainly why the bowl win over Florida was so great, especially since Lloyd and the Pope are such opposites.

WingRG said...

a 3-4 record against WV main rival (Pitt), a program that's been down for years. Yeah, we're shaking in our little spaceboots. LOL

Nathan said...

"First, it's easy to say "focus on x's & o's" when you already turn a profit/have more money than you know what to do w/."

Making over 2 million a year would seem to be enough to ensure that he would spend his time figuring out a way to get to the National Championship game rather than worrying about advertising and whether his wife gets her own box or whatever. Secondly, he just signed this contract last year, if I started demanding things the day after I was just given a raise I would be laughed out of the building. Third, there was basically one alumni (Kendrick) who said WVU reneged on the deal. Seeing these threats in these emails LESS THAN ONE YEAR AFTER HE SIGNED A NEW CONTRACT makes me think RR actually is a slimy piece of shit. Good riddance. Lastly, the Governor of WV needs to find something to do

surrounded in columbus said...

Yeah- that's why tosu fans spend so much time saying how bad he'll be.

Tosu fans should leave R2's problems to us & concern themselves w/ who is paying for Pryor's vette.

Nothing will make YOU irrelevant than ending up like smu.

BTW- Brian has a nice pic of the vette the tosu booster bought him on mgoblog. Sweet ride.

Feelin' Blue said...

While WVU is crazy and the school and the fans have slandered RR, RR is no Lloyd Carr. Still, I don't think that RR is as sleazy as Yost's post (rhymin'!) makes him out to be. For one thing, have you heard of his players at WVU getting into trouble at all? While it could all be Barwis, who was a father figure to Pacman Jones and got him to behave while at WVU, I think that RR has policies and demands for his players that keep them in line. The point is, he's miles apart from Barry Switzer or Dennis Erickson. (Or maybe even Les Miles!)

But I digress. 99% of coaches want funds readily available for facilities, equipment, staff--basically, anything that allows them to effectively do their jobs. From what I understand based on postings here and on mgoblog, the WVU AD was doing a bad job of raising and maintaining funds for the program, and this frustrated RR. In any business, a prominent employee who feels that he isn't being listened to will interview at other prominent jobs to show that he's wanted and appreciated elsewhere, and that his current employer better start listening. This explains the Alabama flirtation. When RR still didn't get what he wanted (and I am not talking about money) and Pastilong was still being an incompetent buffoon, he left.

I just think that RR wanted to raise more money for the program because the AD seemed incapable of doing so. I don't agree with the proposed methods, especially since the Big House has no advertising.

WingRG said...

when Coop was here and you guys were beating us you didn't really care that you were beating a "bunch of cheaters". In fact, you took pride in the fact that OSU was ranked very high every year, and you could knock them off.

Now, you can manage one win in 7 years, and suddenly you're so concerned about "character issues in C-bus". Spare me.

Now, as far as RR: i have no idea if he'll turn out to be good for you guys or not (nobody really does). But if you think that just him running the "spread" will get you victories against OSU and MNC's every year i can't help but laugh.

The guy couldn't beat Pitt with superior talent, so "don't get out the annointing oils quite yet" (quote from Big Tuna).

Feelin' Blue said...

...although he may have wanted money for himself for all I know. But what I wrote is a possible explanation for all this, based on my understanding of the situation. Another part of my reasoning is that coaches typically do not come to Michigan for more money or to go to the NFL. RR's increase in pay is large, but it doesn't seem so significant as to attract him away from a job that he likes. I could be wrong. Another thing is that he left a year after getting a raise and with a $4m buyout, although he is trying to get out of that, but could he really have expected to? Unless he has been planning this for a long time, then probably not.

surrounded in columbus said...

I think we tend to look @ the issue just in terms of $$ and miss some of the point from the human side.

R2 gets the $3 mill offer, turns it down to stay home, be the "loyal" guy, & gets promises about the future. A year passes, he's lost a million he'd have had if he'd had gone to Bama, & none of the promises have been kept. In fact, they're dipping into his football fund to pay other bills.

Who wouldn't feel like a sap? Hasn't anyone else given some a second chance & then felt used?

How long do you put up w/ that before you say- I'm done w/ this. This rift started long before Lloyd retired. All the dire predictions about R2 presume the same set of circumstances in the future. Not likely.

Oh, wngrg,

Fla, lsu, illinois,psu ('05),texs?

All versions of a none pro/motion-spread option.

Tighten up your sapaceboots.

CrimeNotes said...

I've been trying not to get a bandwagon mentality about Rodriguez and to maintain some detached skepticism until he proves more for Michigan both on and off the field. Some previous stuff has made me uneasy and justifying them requires giving a lot of benefit of the doubt, but these e-mails seem to me to go a long way toward redeeming him.

Basically, they conclusively show that WVU athletics were run as some kind of backwater fiefdom full of Mayberry Machiavellis, utterly divided and disorganized, completely incompetent and ultimately shady. If the football coach is accountable to the governor, even if the governor is just a fan with a big job title, something has gone seriously wrong.

The business about the pay-only website, the in-stadium advertising and the tone of the agent's e-mails made me queasy, true. Even before this hire friends and I ragged on schools whose official football sites have names like mackbrownfootball.com and coachrod.com, and if RR tried something like that here I'd be disgusted. It's a far cry from "the team, the team, the team," and seems vaguely cult-like. Similarly, if Michigan Stadium were defaced with ads for Whole Foods the Vu and Fowlerville Farms, I'd visit the grave of Fielding Yost and pray for his ghost to smite everyone responsible.

That said, WVU had paltry resources. RR wanted to leverage what little the school had to offer. Michigan's resources are vast by comparison. It's well run and they squeeze out every dollar. In light of the Halo controversy and the outcry over the SBC sponsorship, I'd be surprised if these changes ever come into play at Michigan.

I think the message coming out of these e-mails was that RR played hardball with a pack of duplicitous incompetents. (Although it certainly puts the lie to his comment about coming to Michigan because there's something special about it, particularly if FSU was a prospect for him.) Certain developments in the last month still make me uneasy (I'm still skeptical that the shredding incident was innocent housecleaning) but these e-mails put his actions in more of a lie-down-with-dogs context. He took tough stances with people who lied to him and diverted cash from his recruiting fund. It's tough to criticize him for that.

WingRG said...

i'm telling you: if the "spread" is all you're counting on, i'm not sure you won't be disappointed.

Nathan said...

"In fact, they're dipping into his football fund to pay other bills."

That's a completely inaccurate statement. The 1100 fund was created to pay for private air travel for Rich Rod from boosters. Money was taken from the fund to pay for other football expenses but always replaced within a month. RR wanted sole control over the fund which is where the contention came from, and the AD should definitely have kept him more in the loop with how the money was handled.

On a side note, UM spokesman said "the answer is a resounding 'no'" when asked if RR would be allowed to have a similar fund at UM.

surrounded in columbus said...

Your facts don't match what a lot of the papers say.
The world doesn't have time for your bitter imagination.
He left. He's not coming back. You didn't like him to begin w/, remember?

surrounded in columbus said...

Of the 6 losses to tosu, 4 were by less than a td. I think we'll see more benefit from the new s&c program than the actual scheme.

whetstonebuck said...


I was staying out of this as it's none of my business, but your dig concerning the spread caught my attention. Yes, tOSU has had problems defending it, but assuming that that isn't being worked on in C-bus...hmmm.

Tress and the boys have to realize the same thing and RR coming to AA ratchets up the need to change tactics. If tOSU coaches aren't looking at new defenses they deserve to lose and get a pink slip.

I don't think any Buckeye fans are worried about RR. Business as usual. Always expect the unexpected in the November dogfight.

Speaking of dogfights, please get an avatar with more bite than that coach pillow of a dog. I expect more from you.

surrounded in columbus said...

Well put. Anytime the us senator & guv are both actively involved in any activity, you have to pause to consider the depth of the cronyism.

I don't like the idea of ads or gimmicks either. Remember a few years ago when there was a move to sell the naming rights of the tosu-m game? These revenue schemes pop up. Michigan has always walked a fine line on these issues (we caught a lot of flack for the first Nike deal). Hopefully, we'll avoid the most egregious ones in the future.

That said, I don't fault lesser wealthy schools for doing these things. It's easy for us to eschew additional revenues that others need.

Hopefully, R2 won't feel the need to run side businesses to augment his income.

Jim said...

Yeesh. When's the Spring Game?

Is any of the agent's correspondence really that shocking? More money for RR means more for him. All agents talk a big game. I don't see anything else here. Basically none of the concerns facing a program like WVU are relevant in AA, so why wring our hands over coach blogs and stadium ads?

surrounded in columbus said...

Well, given the '05-'07 seasons & the losses to spread type teams, I'd say they need a plan b on this issue.


Sorry wgrg, but kate likes the pup.

Chicks dig it, I do it

WingRG said...

i have to agree with you: the strength and conditioning program will make a difference. I'm just not sure it will put you over the top.

as much as i hate to bring this up, you posted the same thing before the MNC game (re: Tressel and the boys working on better defending the spread). They worked on it. And it made a difference. We *only* lost by 14 instead of being blown out. Hopefully, better adjustments will be made.

NC games are no fun, if you're teams not really in them in the 4th quarter

whetstonebuck said...

"but kate likes the pup.

Chicks dig it, I do it"

Manliness: where has it gone?

Dude, gird up your loins and act like a man!

WingRG said...

that was whetstone, not me. To quote the great late Chris Moltisanti: "i'm a dog lover myself". In fact, we just got a new puppy about 5 weeks ago (which has contributed to my recent posting inactivity).

If any of you are Sopranos fanatics (like myself) and are wondering where the Chrissy quote comes from, it's from "Boca", a Season 1 episode where Meadow's soccer coach's dog is kidnapped.

whetstonebuck said...


You make my point. The coaches saw the need and started working on it.

Now, I expect them to keep working on it until they do the best job in the country shutting the spread down.

WingRG said...

Whet: i hope to G-d you're right. Although blaming the LSU loss on coaches and/or spread offense would be a cop out. Players needed to execute and stay under control. They didn't.

whetstonebuck said...


Don't get me wrong, I too blame the loss on execution, etc. However, they seem to be on track in adjusting to the spread.

surrounded in columbus said...

Sorry- no spring game- stadium rebuild.

However, the rest of the point is well taken.

I suppose arguing w/ wngrg & wtrk about the conflict between tre$$els "genius" & his inability to beat ron zook are just my way of passing the time until something happens.

Out of Conference said...

You know, when a gov and state senator push for the Medal of Honor to be awarded to someone that was captured due to mistakes made by the drivers, risked the lives of commandos in rescuing her, even though the hospital she was in was not even guarded tarnishing the history of the MOA (much like recent winners of the Heisman have tarnished that award))- then you know RR giving them the finger on the way out the door is not going to be taken lightly.

whetstonebuck said...

"I suppose arguing w/ wngrg & wtrk about the conflict between tre$$els "genius" & his inability to beat ron zook are just my way of passing the time until something happens."



C'mon. Everyone's got a nemesis. Ask Lloyd or dabraylon17.

WingRG said...

SiC, funny, but not too accurate. Tressel is 1-1 against Zooker.

Nathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...


Article on misuse of 1100 fund:

What did my comment have to do with whether I liked RR or not? I was just correcting your statement that money was taken from the football fund to pay bills, which was not the case. The AD has stated that money was always replaced (which may or may not be true). If you're going to trash our amateur hour athletic department at least get the facts straight.

surrounded in columbus said...

Well, if have an article in which your racist, lying AD says so, it must be true.

How's that for straight facts?

Joshua said...


/tOSU fans when as it pertains to UofM

"There's no sky! We do not know about this sky of which you speak! And if someone falls from the sky and just happens to have a Corvette or vehicle clearly outside of their means we have no knowledge of this!"

/tOSU fans when it pertains to tOSU recruiting

Personally I have no problem at all with R2 trying to get what he was promised. If you break this down into real life/normal people terms it's like this.

Rich sells widgets. Rich is really good at selling widgets. Possibly revolutionary in his style. He works his way up and gets good job with a fairly large company in his hometown, W. Virgina Widgets. He's successful there and helps that company grow. A few years go by.....

Then he gets courted by another company, Alabama Widgets. They have slightly better widgets and traditionally pay much more, a better break room, and better health coverage. Rich goes back to WV Widgets and says "Look, I'd really like to stay but I have this offer from Alabam Widgets, can we work something out?" They negotiate and Rich stays, gets a raise as well as promises of upgrades to his company car, a new receptionist, etc. Basically things to make it easier for him to compete with the bigger companies. He's already competing with them but with the same facilities thinks he can be the best in the business.

A year goes by and Rich sees little if any of the improvements. He starts dropping hints to co-workers about his frustration with being jerked around, basically letting it be known that he passed up a better opportunity and if it comes around again he might not.

A few months later Michigan Widgets calls and Rich bolts. Better opportunity, better health benefits, and a willingness to give him what he needs to succeed. Easier appointments because Mich Widgets is a recognized name. Sound familiar?

Nathan, demanding things you've been promised isn't slimy.

surrounded in columbus said...

OMG- the return of the infamous widget manufacturer business case!!!

Jolly good, josh. Jolly good.

Nathan said...

"Well, if have an article in which your racist, lying AD says so, it must be true.

How's that for straight facts?"

Well put argument. I apologize greatly for challenging your inaccurate statement. The AD is absolutely racist b/c Calvin Magee said so. So racist in fact, that he decided to go ahead and coach the bowl game. Truth is he wasn't considered for the head coaching job b/c no one even knew we had an offensive coordinator until RR left. He had always called the plays.

I agree that if he was promised things within his first year that were not met then he absolutely has a right to be pissed and leave in that instance, but I haven't seen evidence of that yet. We might if this thing actually goes to court. I know some of the bigger demands are in the process of being met, such as facilities but we just dont have the resources to erect an entirely new athletic department in one year, and he knew that when he signed the deal. My point was that it is slimy to sign a new deal then immediately demand more. He should have put all of his demands in the original contract, which doesn't appear to be the case.

surrounded in columbus said...

Aren't you the clarence darrow? My statement is inaccurate only if you believe your AD, who is a demonstrated liar. And he is now a demonstrated liar.
So, my statemnt is accurate given you lying source.

And obviously you don't believe magee, either?

Another liar, huh?

You should listen to your new coach. The national press has turned on you & you look more desperate w/ each new whine. Your 15 mins in the spotlight are over.

Nathan said...

I don't see how I was whining at all. Please provide me with the evidence that our AD is a "proven" liar. I personally think our AD should be fired for other things long before this RR situation (going back to horribly screwing up the bball coaching search prior to Beilein) but it seems your only evidence that he is a proven liar is that you simply choose to believe RR.

As for the Magee situation, there's just not much evidence to back up his accusations. I was bashed on here a few days ago over the shredding incident b/c it was all based on an "unnamed source." Well Magee's entire accusation is based on one "unnamed source" within the AD. If you were told by your employer that you would never move up b/c of your skin color would you continue to work there, even for a day. It's not like he didn't have another job, he was already on his way to Michigan. Even you have to say that doesn't make much sense.

Joshua said...

"if he was promised things within his first year that were not met then he absolutely has a right to be pissed and leave in that instance, but I haven't seen evidence of that yet."

"My point was that it is slimy to sign a new deal then immediately demand more. He should have put all of his demands in the original contract, which doesn't appear to be the case."

So you've haven't seen enough evidence to make a judgement, but "it appears not to be the case" based on....what? All the evidence you haven't seen?

And I'm hatching a plan to pay Pryor off in Widgets if he comes to A2, b/c everyone knows a good widget will get you more ass than a good Vette any day of the week.

Nathan said...


His demands for complete control over the 1100 club and how certain funds were spent is not something that appears to be in the actual contract, by reading the actual contract.

Nathan said...

Actually after rereading his contract, there is nothing in the contract relating to his demands for high school coaches, his wife's box, or many of the other demands made in the string of emails. Therefore additional demands were made after immediately signing a contract. Maybe these things were promised verbally, but if you're not smart enough to have things put in writing then that's on you. The contract can be found in the court filings, since I'm sure the only response on here will be "get over it" or "shut up crazy WVU fan" or "you're a liar":


surrounded in columbus said...

Chicks dig widgets

whetstonebuck said...


You have an old lady. Quit worrying about what chicks dig.

Feelin' Blue said...

Regarding what kind of offensive scheme is better or more effective, I'll paraphrase an old adage: it's not what you have; it's how you use it.

Coaching strategy and adapting to game situations are more important.

surrounded in columbus said...

Dude- she's an MBA. She LOVES widgets!

whetstonebuck said...


Isn't she an OSU grad?

According to this blog she should just deliver the pizza and not worry about widgets.

Feelin' Blue said...

While using the spread doesn't guarantee you victory (as I just posted), it's very difficult to defend. It's been around for a while. I doubt that coaches have been clueless and are just figuring out how to stop it (although that certainly may be the case!). You need smart, athletic guys on defense and a gameplan. I don't know exactly what Jim Leavitt did against WVU, but the Bulls were prepared and also had a few turnovers go their way.

There are some teams that you can beat by just running the same 3 spread option plays, but against teams like OSU with better defense, no doubt you need an offensive gameplan and the ability to adjust to game situations. I hope to God that RR can do that.

surrounded in columbus said...

How do you get the tosu mba off the porch?

Pay for the pizza?

Wngrg- she has a very good job actually. She makes about 20% of what I make, but she has a pretty good job.

BTW-since she works full time, we have a maid. The maid went tosu, too. No mba though.

Joshua said...

Thanks for calling Columbus Papa John's. For your convenience you may pay by check, credit card, cash, or widget.

beast in 'bama said...

Chris Moltisanti:
"i'm a dog lover myself"

Do you think that's why Chase had Cristepha "return" as a cat in the final episode - or was it just to creep out Paulie?

Guess who's the best/lifelong friend of the West Virginia governor? Wait for it...
Nick Saban.
(That's the current governor - might not be the one to whom you're referring.)

Bartender, a round of Widgets for everyone!

TitleIX said...

nathan nathan nathan...
what does coach's wife's box have anything to do with this you prevert!?

I'm waiting for the sing-song version of 'liar, liar, pants on fire' from you boys. sheez....

and SiC: 'splain me how your wife with a very good job only makes 20%of what you do???? Given current stats she should be earning a whopping 70% of what you earn if you two had the same job....so what kind of "good" job wholesales things even lower????

yep. fair warning.

Joshua said...

Thanks for the link, I'll have to check it out. I would think that some of those things would be verbal, and asking for everything in writing takes away a lot of good faith, not unlike asking your fiance to sign a pre-nup.

"My dear I love you dearly, and trust you implicitly, and will be with you forever and ever and ever. But just in case, could you sign here... and here... and here so I don't lose all my widgets when you turn out to be a lying cheating whore?"

Sometimes getting it in writing isn't an option.

Joshua said...

OMG I was outdone on an obvious sex joke by T9. What fresh hell is this?

Quick T9- what's one box plus one box equal? Get this right and there may be hope for us yet. Provided you don't ask for a pre-nup.

WingRG said...

you keep blaming me for whetstone's mischief, i'm well aware of the kinda job you can get with an OSU education.

BiB (you guys have a matching 'i' in the middle),
"That was a para-normal event". I think it was mainly just to fuck with Paulie who turns out to be very superstitious in the end (but he's also the only one alive, so who am i to judge him)

As far as Chrissy being a dog lover himself, maybe we should ask Ade and Cosette about that.
"i oughta suffocate you, you little prick!"

Feelin' Blue said...


Lose the dog. Get a fuck lion.

Tom C said...

a good widget will get you more ass than a good Vette any day of the week.
............................................Uhhh Josh I'll take two please!;)

Katie said...

Sorry, 61 comments, I don't have time to read, so if this has been said, forgive me.

1. I agree with the entire, this is getting VERY old, enough already crowd.

2. RR was at a school that did not have the same resources that we do at Michigan. It is possible that he was looking for ways to increase revenue at WVU so that he could create a better program. I don't see that he needs to do that here. Could there be some "ego" of his involved in it, probably, but ultimately he was trying to create a bigger and better program with less, so yeah.....sell some ads....do what you can to increase revenue, it has been said before, CFB is a business......can you blame him?

I do hope it all ends soon.........no matter how clean RR may be, he is getting dirty the longer this goes on.

Mikoyan said...

Hmmm...Never thought I would see the advice from headhunters pan out in 3 million dollar jobs. They say to never take the counter offer.

Nathan said...

I agree that some things would be discussed verbally and there should be a certain trust issue between employer and employee. However, nothing is official if its not in a contract, especially when you're talking about multimillion $ buyouts and salaries.

On a side note, RR is now claiming he was "forced" to sign the contract, which sounds like a high school kid telling his parents he was "forced" to smoke the wacky weed.

Ryan said...

Yost, you can be downright hilarious at times, but your incessant whining about what is "right" in college football and fandom is tiresome. There are people that look for direction, and then there are people that make the decisions others are hesitant to make. I'm willing to guess that you're very obedient...