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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Funny Not to Post: No Snow Day for You

Nothing to do with college football but it's January. And this made me laugh.

So a 17 year old high school student left a message at home for a school administrator last week asking why they didn't have a snow day. He got a call back...from the guy's wife. And, well...


Bigasshammm said...

Sniff, sniff, I smell lawsuit. If any school official ever left that message on my phone for my kid you best be sure that school official would be fired soon. What can we expect from someone who's name is Candy though honestly? Doesn't she realize that she just ruined her husband's reputation all with a stupid phone call? Or that said stupid phone call made her sound like the 17 year old "kid" and not a mature women of the age of what 75? She sounded quite old and crotchety on the message. Definitely one of those "get off my lawn" type of snooty bitches.

TitleIX said...

Interesting clash of a Boomer and a Nexter....
said Nexter feels that it is perfectly fine to contact the Superintendent directly..you know, being proactive, taking control of one's life, engaging in debate (the kid is afterall on the debate team). Go right to the top. Behavior modeled by his 'helicopter parents' no doubt.

The Missus? A boomer who believes in hierarchy, privacy, and protocol. Ya don't just call my house at 4 in the morning to raise a complaint....
AND, there is probably some underlying marital-issues trigger that got slammed as well.

Not to mention all the boundary busting that went on.
Kid calls an administrator's house at 4AM
Administrator is not the one to respond, it's the wife who fires back.

A veritable treasure trove for the sociology/psychology majors in the crowd!

Bigasshammm said...

I don't think the kid called at 4am. She says at one point that he was in the office at 6:30 so I imply from that that the kid probably called around 7-7:30 or something. But I may be wrong. Definite boundary issues for sure but what did the kid have the number for to begin with. Maybe the super gave it out for whatever reason and if so then they should expect to get phone calls like this. There was a moment last year where during that huge storm that we got about a foot of snow in one day they didn't call school that day. How they came up with that idea no one knows and we received an automatic callback from the Super of our school system basically apologizing for his stupidity. I no doubt believe that there was several angry disturbing phone calls left on his vm that morning, my wife being one of them, that lead to him calling and saying yes we fucked up. But there wasn't a phone call from his wife bitching about everyone calling or putting us down. For that he should be punished and his wife should never be allowed on the phone again. Whether what the kid did was right or wrong isn't an issue.

As I write this I think man I miss football.
This is what we've come to talk about in the wake of a mediocre season. :(

Andy said...

Welcome back T9 !!!!

I'm blue, da ba dee said...

Fucking good for her! I'd LOVE to see this kid's parents try to sue the school and get their asses handed to them in court... he essentially prank called his district's superintendent at 4AM in the morning and his WIFE called back. If the superintendent had made the return call, then there'd be a problem. But there's nothing unlawful about an adult women calling to complain about a 17 year old who prank called her house at 4AM. She didn't threaten him, she didn't curse, she just gave him a piece of her fucking mind... if anything, she could probably sue HIM for posting the message on the internet. That being said, how popular do you think this kid is now?

phillip said...

I get the feeling that the superintendent will be forced to resign after this... just my gut feel since it was picked up nationally.

The call to the home was certainly inappropriate (why was their number publicly available? you've got to know better if you're dealing with stupid high schoolers - prank calls will happen if kids get that #) and I wish I heard what the kid said, but the response from the wife... I don't know if you can do that and not end up in a bad place.

Maybe the kid should have been called into the office or had his parents contacted? Just think there would have been a better way to deal with it.

WingRG said...

As Mr Tony (K) mentioned on his wed. radio show, the super had a publicly listed phone number (i wouldn't want someone who's that stupid running a school system).

Also, how is this a prank call? The kid was advocating for a snow day, he left his name and number ... Would he do that if he was prank calling someone? He was just being proactive. The wife definitely over-reacted: if she thought she was getting harassed, she should've called the cops

goat7ed said...

It doesn't seem this was the only call (or email), and apparently there were also threats. So by the time the kid pig-piled, she probably had enough.

From WTOP's website http://www.wtop.com/?nid=25&sid=1329558

Fairfax County Public Schools officials are responding to several phone calls to a school administrator's home and e-mails, some threatening, after a decision yesterday to keep schools open despite snow in the forecast.
A school system spokesman tells says schools will be notified of the names of the e-mail senders and will go to the police with the names of those who made threats.

It appears the home of one administrator, Dean Tisdadt, took the brunt of the angry calls, and his wife became so upset she called back one student with a fiery response of her own.

That response was recorded and put online where a large number of students heard it.

A school system spokesman say that the administrator's wife's reaction was understandable.

Bigasshammm said...

Understandable but not condonable. I don't care who you are or what you do but if I went to work all day and came home to find out that the wife of the Super where I send my kids to school called and left a message for my child like that I'd be pretty irate. And nothing can stop an irate parent when dealing with a school issue. Hence why we no longer have God in the pledge of allegiance or any of that garbage.

TitleIX said...

did you just equate G-d with garbage???

whetstonebuck said...

Used to be the parents would have handed what was left of the kid's ass back to the Super's wife with an apology.

Nowdays parents scream lawsuit against the school because no one insinuates my precious little johnny might be wrong. His self-esteem has been injured. Only money will cure this.

What a screwed up culture.

WingRG said...

the wife had no business getting involved in this. The kid should've been disciplined by the super (or in school), *IF HE DID SOMETHING WRONG*.

Now, if he just called and said: "I think the school should be cancelled", i'm not sure that's worth a punishment.

Crock said...

whet - you're absolutely correct.

I'd like to hear what kind of message the kid left. So many kids and teenagers have such a sense of entitlement, very little respect for authority, and they think they can't get away with anything.

I'm pretty sure the kid left some condescending message for the administrator.

I saw him on CNN and all I could think was, "hmm, is that the 2008 version of Eddie Haskell?"

Bigasshammm said...

Doubting the kid left a very nasty message when in fact he left his "name and phone number." Kids are stupid but I just don't see them being that stupid.

Once again I don't see where it says the kid called at 4am. The wife just mentions 4am as the time her husband was up making the decision about school. More likely the kid called at 7am or probably within a half hour of school starting whenever that is. What high school student wakes up more than a half hour before school starts?

T9... what I was classifying as garbage is any of the stupid new laws/regulations imparted by dumb housewives/husbands that have no basis on anything except potentially "offending" them. God in the pledge of allegiance, the ten commandments in courtroom, etc. etc. Half the time I believe these stupid people just want to get their names in the paper or start an argument over something so trivial it's best left alone.

I don't see where the kid did anything wrong here and like I stated before a very similar instance happened last year here. In that case though the Super was not dumb enough to publicly list his telephone and therefore it led to his mailbox at his office completely full with irate phone calls from concerned parents. Thus leading him personally to apologize to the entire school district for their mistake. In that he showed class where this guy's wife showed absolutely no class and defaced herself, her husband, and the entire school district by telling off a 17 year old kid.

Andrew said...

The super's wife went overboard. However, if I were the parent of one of those kids (including the one who posted the message on the internet), I'd smack him/her upside the head for being an idiot and force an apology for being disrespectful.

Feelin' Blue said...


Article on the whole thing. Great point, T9. On one hand, the student shouldn't have called. On the other, the superintendent's wife is the crazy lady who threatens to call the cops on kids playing stickball in the street.

And the guy didn't call at 4 AM; he called during his lunch break. I hate kids today. It was a big deal to get a cell phone in high school. I had an emergency cell that I shared with my sisters. Now 3rd graders have their own.

tommertoffo said...

Good for the woman. She's right on target. She should set that bratty kid straight.

Mikoyan said...

Why do you assuem that the kid was being bratty? If the kid was 17 years old, the kid was probably driving to school and given that it's Virginia is probably not used to driving in the snow. It sounds like the kid left a name and number and because of that probably got to be the one singled out.

Michael said...

Awesome. That was sweet. The kid probably shouldn't have called the administrator's house, but she could have handled that better too. We're only getting one side of the story here and I would like to know what the kid said to make this woman so mad. As a student, I empathize with the kid for not wanting to go to school, and living in San Diego I've never had a snow day, but if the kid is calling to complain about it, he probably should be forced to go to school. (wow. longest run on ever, but I'm too lazy to fix it)

whetstonebuck said...

He got Saturday detention.