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Monday, January 07, 2008

Terrelle Pryor: Good as Advertised

A buddy of mine called Saturday. "Are you watching this U.S. Army All-American game?"

Yes, yes I was. Watching and praying to the college football gods. Praying for the college choice of a 17 year old high school kid.

Hoooooly shit. Terrelle Pryor is that good.

In case you're not familiar with him, Pryor is the second coming of Vince Young the #1 rated high school recruit in the country. His top choices were Tosu, WVU, Oregon and Florida...until Michigan hired Rich Rodriguez as its head coach. The Pennsylvania QB immediately put the Wolverines on his list (he wants to run the spread) and rumor has it, it's down to Michigan and the Bucks.

Now, I usually don't put too much stock in this crap. There are so many variables and high school stardom doesn't always translate to the next level. But this kid was unreal. Simply awesome.

And while they said he wore a Michigan sweatshirt to the game, as evidenced by the picture below, his helmet did sport one of those ugly-looking pot leaf things OSU hands out for not getting arrested for solicitation of prostitution or whatever they give them out for...

(Pic HT: LM)


Earle said...

I also heard they give them out if you're able to come within 50 feet of a state witness with a bullet proof vest while getting your "goose on"...but that's just hearsay.

I watched the game as well, and the announcers said that one of his teammates actually put the marijuana sticker on his helmet..not him.

Bottom line..Tressel doesn't run the spread...Double R will. He's coming to Double A!!!

Go Blue!

F-Michigan! said...

Marijuana sticker... you guys are too funny. And a Clarett, reference, that's like making a Fab Five joke.

Ann Arbor is a whore! Go Bucks!

rex said...

actually they announced that one of the players that was committed to OSU put the Buckeye decal on the back of Pryors helmet. I watched the second half and Pryor does look really good, if he thinks at all he will come to Michigan, just about guaranteed to start as a Freshman running the spread with Coach Rod! :)

Joshua said...

DeVier Posey of Cincinnati-LaSalle was the OSU committ who put it on there before the game, supposedly w/out Pryor's knowledge.

One thing that bodes well for us, he stated when he added Oregon to his list that he wasn't convinced OSU would run the type of offense he's interested in. Now with R2 we run that offense EXACTLY. One thing against us- the kid's a top 30 BB recruit as well. Call me crazy, but I think he's coming. Welcome Ninjaback #2 people.

I was going to comment on the game itself, but as long as the post would've been I figured I just need my own blog. The announcers did say that Jimmy Clausen recruited ND's incoming qb (Crist) "harder than anyone".
Just wondering, does having your starting qb suck off recruits count as tradition?

LudaChristian said...

Dear Lord, I hope that Bucknut sticker was just a joke. I saw the game as well, and he does look pretty redonkulous.

He wouldn't be a bad addition to the hoop squad, either. If letting him play b-ball factors into his decision to come to A2, I hope they don't blow it and try to make him play football exclusively.

srudoff said...

Michael Brewster, a Buckeye commit, said in an interview that he brought the buckeye stickers and that Pryor asked him for one to put on his own helmet. Later on in the broadcast, Pryor is shown pointing to the sticker and saying "buckeyes baby, buckeyes"


buckeyes baby

he's not going to michigan

Vadatripp said...

Wow, that seals it.

Hey, if I see a pile of crap on the ground, I might say "Crap baby, crap".

Doesn't mean I'm gonna step in it.