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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Spread Comes to Michigan

With all the talk about new Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez wanting to bring the "spread" to Ann Arbor, apparently some Michigan players misunderstood just what that meant...

(HT: LM)


Katie said...

Speaking of Spread Offense, take a look at what the Freep has in an article today

"Carr explained the nuances of Michigan's offensive game plan, including the unusual wider, occasionally empty-backfield, formations, a result of offensive coordinator Mike DeBord's time spent last off-season with Indianapolis Colts coordinator Tom Moore."

If this is true, then I am just a tad bit miffed, why wait until the bowl game to use it? Good grief!

Andy said...

Have you ever really watched a West Virginia football game ?

I did last night for the 1st time - and I have to say that I am impressed. The things they get done with mid-level recruits is incredible. Their offense is makes you dizzy with the choices... and the 3-3-5 defense is tough to decipher with the right athletes. If you are a real football junky -- take a look at this to get an idea.

Based on the reports I hear about strength and conditioning program used at WVU -- I seriously doubt that players like Alex Mitchell will be able to exist in the pictured condition.

After last night, I am even more excited about the future of our program.

Spot the ball !!!

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

Hopefully, RR will be agressive with his play calling. Speaking of Freep, did you see the article in regards to Mallet? They made it seem like he is gone. I hope that is not the case. He should stay around through the spring.

Nathan said...

Please tell me RR didn't bring "Spot the Ball" to Michigan. WVU students use that as a joke b/c that's all he said in his first year at WVU (3-8) and then it was never heard of again b/c it was so terrible. Oh and that fat body in the picture can probably consider himself cut or benched by RR.

Andy said...

The OC (Calvin Magee) that was calling the plays last night for WVU is already stated that he is coming with Coach Rod to Ann Arbor.

Andy said...

I picked up SPOT THE BALL from the playbook.

I like "SPOT THE BALL" -- as long as he does not go 3-8 here.

Nathan said...

Calvin Magee is going to Michigan with RR. I don't think that's a very smart move by him b/c RR calls the plays. I honestly had never seen the OC until the Fiesta Bowl last night. It had always been stated that RR called the plays. Magee's playcalling was 100 times better.

Katie said...

Nathan, I think we get that you are glad to be rid of R2. Me thinks you doest protest too much!

Am I the only one that is even a tad bit appalled that Debord did not bring this offense into the regular season, given that he learned about it in the off season?

Andy said...

I think we have already established that Bebord is a dolt.

Saving the playbook until you are fired and playing in a meaningless bowl game is not surprising from him.

Bigasshammm said...

I think Debord saying he learned this offense in the offseason was a cop-out. Typical media lollipopping so they can change the subject and get off an uncomfortable situation. I still believe RR had something to do with the bowl game and maybe had a meeting or two with Debord and explained to him how it goes.

I don't understand why Mallet would go. He got a clear picture in the bowl game of exactly how the offense should look next year and Idk bout him but I would be damned excited. If he stays and racks up 300-40o yards a game and keeps the interceptions low he could almost guarantee himself a finalist for the Heisman. Henne didn't run at all in that spread and was able to pick apart FL's defense.

I guess we wait and see.

Andy said...


Congrats on the big win last night. I was very impressed with the passion and speed of your team.

I look forward to seeing if the architect of your program can install the same at our school.

Good luck with your new coach.

beast in 'bama said...

I think somebody better locate Vern Troyer STAT!

TitleIX said...

thanks for the link!!!
looks like some goooood reading.

after seeing the 3-3-5 last night I am SALIVATING

MGoBlue93 said...

Katie... I'm with you. How much potential did Michigan live down to (instead of up to) by saving that offense for the bowl game?

The only reason I can think of, and this is a stretch, is that it is not generally a B10 scheme. Perhaps Debord thought he could get away with running the pro set for the conference schedule and unveil what we saw on the first later... which is of course total bullsh!t (but I did mention that I was making a stretch in my logic).


I hope Debord doesn't even get a HS job. The last thing any kids need is someone who doesn't have faith in them!

srudoff said...

don't be surprised if mcgee decides to stay in wvu

apparently the players made an passionate plea to all of the other assistants to stay in morgantown - we'll see if it works

MGoBlue93 said...

After reading that the 2005 WVU book, its amazing these kids have time for anything other than ball.

Joshua said...

While waiting to see if Mallett is indeed gone...(and the Toledo article is speculation, so don't freak out)....

Ladies and gentlemen:
Meet Your new Ninja Back. Just in case you hadn't seen that yet. The other guys at the Army AA game nicknamed him "Circus Act" this week.

Reports say Boubacar Cissoko has been dominant, but this kid is only 5'8"? Really? And he's a five star CB? Must have crazy skills.

Brandon Smith, a 6-3 Safety with 4.5 speed is declaring during the game saturday, he's down to us and S. Carolina.

Sounds like Pryor's waiting until signing day, but he showed up for the week in a Michigan T shirt.

Oh, and the guy McGuffie flips in that video? He's 6 foot 7.

And T9 thought she was salivating before. Ha!

Katie said...

Wow, that is impressive! I am trying to not worry too much about recruits until signing day. I have no control over it. The same for the Mallett thing. I think he would be really foolish to leave, but then I am biased. I would like to see Loeffler rehired, and if that happened, maybe it would be the thing that Mallett needs to stay. (could be why he is hanging out a bit, waiting to see what pans out for the assistant coaches). All speculation of course and, again, I have zero control over any of it, so I am just reading my philosophy book and not caring too much about it all. :o) That flip is very ninja though!

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

There is so much rumor an inuendo in regards to Mallett and recruits. People are freaking out like it's the second coming of christ. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Katie said...


5 assistants are for sure coming to Michigan. Casteel is still on the fence. Just confirmation of what Brian put up on MGoBlog.