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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sharp's Silence Speaks Louder Than Usual Dick Columns

So, did you see the Drew Sharp article about Michigan's big win over Florida this week?

Yeah, right. There was none. Sharp simply ignored the game, treating it as if it never happened.

And the very fact that he wrote nothing at all should point out yet again what a complete intellectually dishonest ass-hat he truly is.

You think if Michigan had lost - as everyone expected - Sharp wouldn't have written about the game? Ha! No, he'd be ripping away. But after a victory in which it would be hard to write something negative without his true asshatery laid bare for all to see, he instead simply pretended the game never happened.

Newspapers around the country, cable sports shows and national college football Internet sites all had stories on the Wolverines' impressive victory in Carr's final game. Yet one of the "major" sports "columnists" in the ol' hometown paper doesn't even bother mention it?

What a load of shit.

Sure, the guy never misses an opportunity to criticize Michigan (usually when it's unwarranted), but when it's the ultimate feel-good story in which the long-time UM coach rides off into the sunset after beating the defending national champ...QB'd by the current Heisman Trophy winner...in what amounts to a home game for the opposition? Oh, yeah, no story there.

What a transparent hack.

And the Detroit Free Press should be ashamed of itself for pretending it doesn't see what's happening (and has been going on for years). Bravo, Freep. Nice journalistic douchebaggery.


Katie said...

Oh, I have been on the ready.......and nothing. crickets. Ass. He is just waiting for the glory to die down a bit, then he will have a piece, for all the Sparty readers to enjoy, trust me, I will be there with my comments when that happens.

Mathew said...

Well, he did mention is today while talking about how bad the Big10 is:


Eric said...

Yep, in the article today, he takes a nice shot at Michigan for out-SEC'ing and SEC team. Whatever the hell that means.

Also, his comparison of the Lions and Cowboys makes no sense. Since, you know, to get to a bowl game to defeat that SEC team, you might have to win a few other games.

I don't read Sharp much, but damn if the criticisms aren't on point.

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

Has he ever had anything slightly positive to say in regards to Michigan? I can't believe he has managed to stick around as long as he has. A little objectivity would be nice every once in a while. "SMH"

Dylan said...

The funniest thing about is column is that it tries to agrue against pure numerical facts. It points out the Big-Ten's advantage over the SEC in head-to-head games, and tries to tell us that it is misleading. As if to say the losers are actually better than the winners. Big-Ten 12, SEC 10 head-to-head since the BCS. Last year, Big-Ten 2, SEC 1 head-to-head(two games in which the SEC was the higher ranked opponent).

ha ha, what a dick. I like in the comments under the column where a guys actually looked up the offense/defensive linemen in the NFL and found out more had actually come out of the big-ten.

Plus, did Sharp forget about Jake Long when trying to make the point SEC lineman were far superior? What a moron.

Earle said...

"Douchebaggery". Classic!

defensewinsgames said...

This is the #1 reason I do not read the Detroit Free Press or freep.com. I imagine Sharp fancies himself an "artist" that provokes controversies and discussions. He should stick to the high school circuit. He could get better stories from disgruntled parents.

Anthony said...

With all his negative U-M columns, who would've thought he went to U-M? I wonder it he had some bad experience as a student or something... or maybe he tried to walk on to the football team and was rejected.

Katie said...

I have determined that it is useless to wonder about this. The only recourse is to refuse to buy the Free Press or to read it online. I will cancel my membership with the reason why. I refuse to support a paper that allows poor journalism. If he had a point, that would be one thing, but he does not. He is inflammatory simply to be inflammatory and that makes him exactly what he is,exactly what Yost called him, an Ass Clown.

Katie said...


Maize said...

Simple reason is that Drew has a vendetta against his alma mater cuz no one on the football team will talk with him. I think he's persona non gratis with the team. And rightfully so. He's a schmuck and I hope RR freezes the jackass out too.