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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Why Pryor Chose "University of Ohio State"

Look close. Really close. Is that a...Buckstache he's starting to grow?

Oh, and TP, it's Ohio State University - OSU - not "University of Ohio State" as you said in your 48th press conference today. But hey, everybody gets the name of the school they're going to wrong.

Welcome to the rivalry, kid.

(HT: AR)


Crock said...

thanks for the laugh.

surrounded in columbus said...

"university of the ohio state university"- UTSOU- sorta catchy.

kinda like the ADAA- american dodgeball association of america.

the two have a lot in common

Buccaneer_9 said...

The kid is a mouth breather anyway..."University of Ohio State" is a classic from the Department of Redundancy Department. Hearing that from his mouth makes me think we're gonna be better off without him. He's probably too "slow" to run R2's offense and that's why he chose to go to UoOS instead of "Michigan University"! What a dumbass...

surrounded in columbus said...

on a whim, i looked up the older "player rankings" from past years (almost as interesting as looking up past pre season polls). rivals.com's #1 ranked QB-

2007-Jimmy Clausen
2006-Matt Stafford
2005-Mark Sanchez
2004-Rhett Bomar
2003-Kyle Wright
2002-Vince Young

well, they predicted Young correctly. when you follow the lists down & review the top 5 QBs, names like Anthony Morelli, Xaivier Lee, & Mitch Mustain begin to really pop out at you.

point being for every Vince Young, you get a half dozen Wrights & Bomars.

Yost said...



THE University of Ohio State!

TUOOS or TUOS depending on how you feel about "of."

Hmm. Could be a new name here.

surrounded in columbus said...

Tuos could get you into a copyright infringement snarl w/ Taos New Mexico. i know if I were from Taos, i'd be pretty pissed off by people mistaking us for Tuos.

could you blame them?

WoodyHayes said...

Yes, Rivals.com gets it wrong all the time. Where did they have henne and mallett ranked? Sure you didn't beat the drum when michigan drafted those two yahoos.

Dezzi said...

I hear Pryor and Antonio Henton will be roommates next year... Henton will teach him "The art of the $25 hooker pickup"... which is somewhere along the lines of the "Quarterback Sneak"...


When have we EVER "beat the drum" with a QB at Michigan? Henson rings a bell... but he's blasted by almost every alumni... Henne, Mallett.... seriously...

UM fans have not been happy since Griese led us to a split NC... even Brady wasn't touted.

By the way... what happened to Justin Zwick (I remember a lot of TOSUUSOT fans beating a drum as big as the drum at Purdue University over him)...

GOD do I love being incoherent in my posts... maybe joshua will come bail me out (I emphasize names because I know HTML)

kristy said...

"I go to The University of Ohio State and I is the goodest player on the feeld!!"
Enjoy your spoils, Buckeyes.

surrounded in columbus said...

i swear, yost, i'll just ignore him after this (the way you should ignore all stalkers) but:

"surrounded in columbus' continued rants against Pryor are pathetic. mouth breather."

wtf? seriously. i make the same point that half the sportswriters and bloggers in america make- recruits can be talented but high school stats are meaningless- use Drew Henson as example (numerous times) and the f'ng troll suckeye accuses ME as the one ranting??

and mouthbreather? i guess this is what happens when kids get off the bus and don't have parental supervision when they get online.

ok, i'll just pretend he's not there lest T9 chastise me yet again.

WoodyHayes said...

Yes, Antonio Henton has turned out to be somewhat of a turd. However, let us not forget manningham and arrington's off-field issues last year? your team is loaded with the same crap.

I agree to annoint this kid the next great thing is premature. But you would have been ecstatic if Pryor had signed with your team. To suggest otherwise, is garbage.

Kristy must have graduated cum loudly from michigan.

JukeBox said...

University of Ohio State? UOS
THE university of Ohio State? TUOS
University of THE Ohio State? UTOS
Ohio State University? OSU
THE Ohio State University ? tOSU
State university of Ohio? SUOO
State university of the Ohio State? SUOS
State University of the Ohio State University?

tried my best by i just don't have TP's talents in making up names for lousy schools.

surrounded in columbus said...

on a tangential note, both tom lemming and tom luginbill have both been saying (quietly) very positive things about the likelihood of Threet picking up some shaun kingesque version of the spread by september. R2 will likely have to "dumb down" some of the reads on the running side, but the offense might come along nicely by fall. considering Threet was a 4-5 star recruit two years ago & has 4 years of eligibility left, it may not be as bleak as we think (though, pessimism is the hall mark of any good michigan fan).

beast in 'bama said...

Jukebox, that was fun. How about THE University of THE Ohio State Univerity? TUTOSU? Looks like a Samoan name.

surrounded in columbus said...

TUTOSU? didn't they give the noble prize to someone named that?

whetstonebuck said...


Samoan that got away from USC?
Central African dictator?
African tribal name?
Heard prior to launching a dwarf?
Libel evidence and outcome of slight toward Dorothy's little dog?

Forza Bucks said...

i just love how all the UM fans were so excited to let Mallett walk away, cause RRod was bringing Pryor with him. Now that Pryor is going to OSU, it's no big deal. please! RRod got hired cause he convinced Bill Martin that he could bring Pryor in tow and beat OSU. Now with your QB situation, you set yourself back another 5 years.

And, going back to surrounded's list, which player is Pryor most closely referenced to as.....that's right Vince Young.

so make fun of him pronouncing OSU wrong all you want, cause in the end i know it kills you that he is a buckeye and not a wolverine.

here's a great drill for UM fans: ask yourself if you would trade your last 5 years of success for OSU's....now ask yourself if you would trade the next 5 years. It's the same answer....really.

surrounded in columbus said...

if it meant having to be an tosu fan, and all that comes w/ that program, NO, we would never trade places.

not at any price.

whetstonebuck said...

"not at any price."

Okay, now we've crossed over to hyperbole.

surrounded in columbus said...

no, wtrk, i don't think so. the question was wouldn't michigan fans want to have tosu's record, and i meant that i don't think there is any sports record you could have for which any of us would trade. i don't know a single michigan alum who would trade places to be a tosu alum over any sports record.

now, i suppose if you wanted to expand the concept beyond sports record, then yeah, that was incorrect. i have a price (cash) i suppose. probably something akin to the cost of Pryor's corvette.

Lane said...

i'm all for some good humored rib jabbing.

but, some of the posts i've read in regards to pryor on mgoblog, rivals, etc. are just shocking. the poor taste being displayed makes me sick to my stomach, not to mention those comments jeering the kid with racial undertones.

i think everyone needs to take a step back.

all this is a microcosm i suppose.

Tom C said...

Hmmm. I'm on record as thinking Prior might be a thug, so therefor we win cause he is a buckeye.
Kristy might have graduated cum loudly but it wasn't with a buckeye. SIC don't fight with the PILLOW BITERS. Ohh and I'm not an alum but have two sisters that were tosu grads. It would take a lot more cash then his vette to get me. GO BLUE!

kristy said...

Apparently Woodyhayes didn't see the quotation marks, or just didn't get the bit of fun humor poked at the new recruit. If Pryor was coming to UM and spoke that "eloquently"about us, I'd poke fun.
Whetstone- great uses for the new TUTOSU!!
Isn't It funny how all of a sudden there are so many new posters from OH, all ready to jump on anyone trying to have a bit of fun with the new QB, TP?! Nicknames-Charmin, Cottonelle.... Just kidding. It is all in fun-at least from me.
WV? WAZQSWYE. "why did you rob that bank?"
"wazqswye needed some beer money dude!!!"

Joshua said...

Now with your QB situation, you set yourself back another 5 years.

Did the NCAA just institute a "You almost got the #1 recruit in the nation who may or may not be any good and sounds like he's as sharp as marbles so you can't recruit another QB for 5 years" rule? If not then I'm really confused. And for the record (once again) I've always been in the Shepard camp, because the kid actually sounds like he could carry on an intelligent conversation (amongst other reasons) and not like your typical Buckeye.

"ask yourself if you would trade your last 5 years of success for OSU's....now ask yourself if you would trade the next 5 years. It's the same answer....really.

You're correct, the answer is the same: NO. As a Buckeye fan I'd have had to live through the 2-10-1 era before that. It would also mean that while my team would have owned our most hated rival for the past 5 years, I would've been a fan of a team that has won ONLY 4 of 10 big games which it or its opponent entered undefeated in the past 15 years. Two were obviously in the same season as you won a NC in '02, so in 8 other seasons you've ended up disappointed. Because of that I can honestly say I wouldn't trade the last five years because it would include getting my hopes up and be disappointed again and again and again. But then, you should be getting used to that.

As for the next 5 years, name your wager tough guy. If we lose 5 in a row I'll meet it.

Feelin' Blue said...

Hey forza,

What would you give for the success we had from 1988 to 2000? Enjoy this little 8-year stretch while it lasts...

Tom C said...

Beer money? lol works for me.
I misspelled golden boys name. It's Pryor not Prior. Didn't mean it as I'm touchy about names. Luch to him and the girls ..... Cept the last game of the year.

Joshua said...

Proper new acronym:

tUoOS. It syncs with tOSU. Plus it looks almost as silly as the idea of calling it "The University of Ohio State". That's just f-ing classic.

whetstonebuck said...

"...because it would include getting my hopes up and be disappointed again and again and again."


Stick to football and leave your dating legacy out of the conversation.

Joshua said...

+1 to Whets.

I have an absolutely hilarious story about that coming up, btw. Definitely falls under the category of "you can't make this shit up".

whetstonebuck said...

Okay, my Wolverine friends: things are not always as they appear. Therefore, odds are Pryor will not live up to expectations. Too bad--so sad.

However, let's assume he does turn out to be a Vince Young/Troy Smith clone.

Now be honest, that possibility made you throw up in your mouth just a little, eh?

Feelin' Blue said...

Oh damn it, Joshua. I just noticed that you wrote about 2-10-1 before I did. So much for being original.

Tom C said...

Yes Whets just a little, but not enough for me to want him.

Feelin' Blue said...


The way I look at it, if we can defend against him and beat OSU, then it makes us look better, too.

We beat Katzenmoyer, Galloway, and Eddie George, who I must say is a real class act like Archie Griffin, whom we did struggle against.

Feelin' Blue said...

Let me rephrase that:

"The way I look at it, if we can defend against him and beat UoOS, then it makes us look better, too."

Tom C said...

UoOS..... I like it.

Mikoyan said...

Terrell Pryor...Terrell Owens...Hmmm....

Usually someone this highly touted ends up being a bust....

But we'll see.....

We may not have Pryor, but at least we don't live in Columbus.

TitleIX said...

no SiC, I'm with you
although I read it so quickly I thought he was calling Pryor a mouf breever.

tUOOS it is gentlemen.

University of Ohio State!?
Seriosly TP, that is just freakin' priceless!
Thank you thank you thank you for stoking the fires around here!

"Stupid is as stupid does", Forrest Gump

TitleIX said...

oh and SiC? et tu brutus?
called out by that dead non-woodyhayes and you too????


how many times can Carty write the same thing over and over in different order, you know, same stuff many times by Carty over and over????

whetstonebuck said...

"Seriosly TP, that is just freakin' priceless!
Thank you thank you thank you for stoking the fires around here!

'Stupid is as stupid does', Forrest Gump"

T-9, O Fair One:

Not to meddle, but you may be stoking TP's rage quotient for a few future Novembers. Just sayin'.

TitleIX said...

Would it were that said fair maid(en?) weilded such power with yonder Pryor of Wordsmith.....

c'mon whetstone, you soooo have to admit that you shook your head at least a lil' bit when he said
"University of Ohio State"

You did. I know it. ;-)

TitleIX said...

oops...i before e except after c

threadogg said...

clueless thread Pryor never said University "of" Ohio State, he said university "at" Ohio State.

buccaneer_9, yost, kristy,and goofball titleix all need to listen a little closer my friends, maybe just hearing the words caused a mind block, I've heard of that happening before.

whetstonebuck said...



I shook my head when I heard his choice.

threadogg said...

Actually it was the press who gave the "UofOS" misquote a start...apparently you guys have no comment on Pryor mentioning DickRod "giving him lines" to the very end of the recruitment process....evidently no one thinks handing out cocaine as an inducement is a big deal. nah

Joshua said...

Sure Threaddogg, sure.

....And I'm guessing when Antonio Henton said "You want a date" he wasn't trying to pick up a hooker, he was offering a nice young lady a piece of tasty, vitamin-filled goodness in the form of fruit.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

So "university at Ohio State" is better than "University of Ohio State"? I'm pretty sure they're both equally amusing, and that's really all that matters.

Well, that and the crazy day of wall-to-wall basketball coming up so very soon. But I can watch basketball and laugh at University of State at Ohio recruits at the same time. (Though I guess University of State at the Ohio would make it sound more appropriately Miss Teen South Carolina-ish.)

phil said...

He's going to the University of Ohio State to play ballfoot and score a downtouch.

Forza Bucks said...

if your idea of success for the next 5 years is going 1-4, then you have already hit rock bottom.

I'm not asking you to trade schools....just team success over the last 5 and next 5. you can still keep your general studies degree from UM. You still play your games in the Big House. Just the football teams success.

And having sat through the last 2 NC games. i would still rather be there than lose to UM any day of the week.

So do you make the trade....just the success. of course you do. And you know the next 5 years aren't going to be pretty either.

Forza Bucks said...

Also, I do realize we had a very tough time in the 90's with UM....thus i would trade our cumulative success, as the half title you won in 97 is greater than the 0 titles we won in that same time period. But i'm also more concerned with this decade and next, than last.

Things will obviously change. runs happen, and we are on ours. but for those of you that think this is the end of OSU's run, well yesterday just reinforced that it is absolutely not the case.

Forza Bucks said...

One more thing, for those bashing OSU for losing in 2 out of 3 NC title games we've played in:

We have actually won one. We were embarrassed in one after feeling like it should've been handed to us. Last year, we got there when NOBODY was expecting us to even win the Big Ten. We overachieved and lost to a better team. This is our year, and we will be hungry to get there again, and take care of business.

And nothing is as embarrassing as what UM did against App State. Nothing. You made the cover of SI for the most embarrassing loss ever.

phil said...

Forza Bucks--
You sound more and more like the old maid who is in the wedding party. "I'll never get married but I just enjoyed being in the wedding"

Vadatripp said...

And therein lies the difference between Suckeye fans like "Pryor went to OSU" Forza Bucks and UM fans. If UM had one-upped OSU yesterday, everyone would go to UM boards to celebrate.

When Suckeyes fans get a (perceived) upper hand, they go to... UM boards to talk trash. I guess the phrase "full of piss and vinegar" was started to describe OSU fans.

surrounded in columbus said...

for those who didn't read real closely- in columbus, the bcs game against LSU was "a real close game". the fans here seriously think they "almost won".

back to Pryor, as i predicted, the sports page of the Dispatch is a full page dedicated to this kid, w/ the lead headline: When Can He Start?


now, this is a team that returns a QB that won 11 games in his first year as a starter. they also have Henton as the back up, who himself was a fairly highly touted non pro style prospect coming out of high school.

if michigan fans are displaying sour grapes, tuos fans are behaving like drunken sailors w/ their first liberty in 6 months. and reading the dispatch doesn't give you the full depth of the mania. the radio talk shows are literally fixated on how many heismans and how many mncs they're going to win. i haven't heard this much hype since... justin zwick.

and wtrck- as great as Young was? no Heismans (not even a candidate until his senior year) and one MNC. now, i think that's great but, that's not exactly "heisman after heisman after heisman", is it? at this point, if Pryor has a career identical to Young's tuos fans will actually be disappointed.

surrounded in columbus said...

BTW- very level column in the News by Aneglique:


while the column basically says what most fans are thinking: "would have been nice, but oh well", she takes a REAL shot @ Sharp's ass clown column from yesterday.

G Bev said...

Second place again...

surrounded in columbus said...

note to Tuos fans who think any criticism or apprenhension about Pryor's potential to be a problem is some sort of Michigan/NY Times/ESPN plot against the suckeyes-

even the Dispatch has the same concerns:

Rob Oller commentary: Dual threat or double trouble?


Out of Conference said...

I wonder if Maurice Clarrett (Buckeye wunderkind emeritus) has been contacted to offer mentoring services - like don't get caught with an AK-47 and lint brush in your ride when you're on the way over to knock off the star witness in the upcoming case against you.

Justin said...

You know watching that debacle of a press conference yesterday what stuck out to me and what got under my skin was Pryor's "I feel so bad for them" stuff. Like he was a billion dollar grant that was dangling over U of M and then at the last minute yanked away and given to Tosu or TuTosu. You weren't doing Michigan any favors. Michigan WILL survive. Contrary to what those to our south think.

Dave said...

new kid here. does anyone have any info on this backup plan QB that R2 has been talking about? Who is it? Are they any good?

p.s. I am also living in enemy lines but thanks to my father being from Michigan, I have my head on straight (against my mother's wishes)

Joshua said...

Hey maybe the trolls are here to help walk us through what it's like being in second place.

Best quote from Pryor not involving the use of tUOS:

"I mean, we just want to work hard and do whatever we can to help Coach Tress get over that little hump he got -- that little championship losing two years in a row."

The SEC slayer has arrived!!!! Rejoice!

it's gotta be quite a sight down there. What's the local sports station? Maybe I'll stream it just for a few laughs.

surrounded in columbus said...


WBNS 1460 AM is the flagship for tuos sports:


they're playing their local mid day show now. you'll be stunned by the over focus on Pryor.

Dezzi said...

forza bucks

I don't understand where you get 1-4 over the next 5 years as our idea of success?

Just because a QB goes to OSU over UM means that we won't end a losing streak?

I mean... in 1995 and 1996, OSU had the superior team... what happened those years?

I guess back in the Cooper Era, I should have been more vocal about the streak....

Joshua said...


Turns out I have to use Explorer to hear the feed and just got it up and running with like 11 minutes left. I'll check out their 4 o'clock drive-time show for sure though.

rbeagle said...

Michigan Friends, I know you may be a little bummed but there really is no reason to be. What 2 QB's have won the last two NC's? TP does not guarantee a NC. I thought TP going to Michigan was a great fit because of all the changes at Michigan. Now it's time to move on. This next year will be a tough one, but your new coach is going to bring success with a more exciting offense and strong defense. Thanks for not taking Coach Miles away, we love in down on the Bayou. Good luck to you guys next year.

WingRG said...

it's a slow news day: the games haven't started yet (and OSU isn't in the tournament anyways), so they don't really have other things to talk about (besides OSU football). Plus spring ball starts next week for us.

As far as Pryor goes: I don't see this guy making a huge difference until his 3rd year, and with his track record i'm not sure he'll be there in 3 years. What makes a lot of osu fans happy is the fact that his decision not only made osu better, it made UM worse (in their perception).

You can't be a reasonable college fooball fan and say that UM is worse of without Pryor, especially since RR's system is so "tailor-made" for a mobile quarterback. Just my 2 cents.

WingRG said...

a former Lions' great Spielman is on their 4 pm show. When you look up "Homer" in a dictionary there's Spielman's picture right there, next to the definition. Chris will talk OSU football year around to anyone who'll listen, when he can't find someone to listen to him he'll talk osu football to a brick wall.

Can you imagine, this guy almost went to UM to play football, instead of OSU?

Joshua said...

Wasn't aware Spielman ran the 4 o'clock show but I LOVE that guy. Probably the only former Buck I'm actually a fan of. The rest range from "meh" to "I hope the get bit by a rabid squirrel and fall down a well", but Spielman's awesome. This should be huge on the unintentional comedy scale.

surrounded in columbus said...

you may have a very different opinion of Speilman after you hear his local radio show. like Herbstriet (who is also on @ 4), he has two different personnas: one for ESPN and one for the Columbus market.

did you see today's Dispatch? headline: "when can he start?"? as for yesterday's radio chatter? yesterday the cavs were playing the pistons, the CBJ's the redwings, MLB spring training @ full tilt, tous just finished up its first NIT game, march madness starting today, and what did they talk about for 4 hours? yup. Pryor.

which is one of the really big differences between the two schools. if Pryor had picked Michigan, yesterday's radio talk shows would have focused on the cavs playing the pistons, the CBJ's playing the redwings, the Tiger's spring training, march madness, and Pryor. the New or the Freep's headlines would have been about one of the pro games. Pryor signing would be front page, but not necessarily above the fold.

michigan fans would have been happy, but the entire world wouldn't have stopped to talk about it.

Feelin' Blue said...

Wow. I am all for freedom of speech and democracy, but Jim Carty and those douchebags at the AAN have really pushed my buttons. Yeah yeah it's a non-story and all, but what is annoying is that other papers are picking up the "report," even if they are the Orlando Sentinel and The Daily Daytoner. The point is, say it enough and it becomes fact. As a Michigan alumnus and fan, that is one thing that I shouldn't have to defend against.

In retaliation, someone should write a 4-part report on all of the bullshit classes that Jim Carty took during his 6 years at Syracuse and get it published. Now there's an idea. It's just a minor, minuscule annoyance that I don't need.

Crabapple Buck said...

For an arrogant bunch of hypocrites, you sure are a sensitive lot. Enjoy your version of the "Cooper years".

Tom C said...

For an arrogant bunch of hypocrites, you sure are a sensitive lot...
Crabbapple... Uhh sour pus Buck, I'm not a hypocrite. I've always hated you guys, though I think Whets and I could hang.

Feelin' Blue said...

Well, I don't know if saying this makes me an "arrogant hypocrite" or not, but I would never stoop to your level and talk trash on a Buckeye website. Not all people are as insecure or have as bad an inferiority complex as many of you Buckeye fans.

Out of Conference said...

"...Enjoy your version of the "Cooper years".

Do you think we could get some UM action in the Outback Bowl 2 years in a row? That wud be suhweeet.

surrounded in columbus said...

Here's what tuos fans will never understand. Tuos fans feel full of themselves when their football team beats someone.

Michigan fans are arrogant because they went to/root for Michigan.

When tuos fans sports program goes in the toilet, so does their pride.

When Michigan sports teams tank, a Michigan grad is still a Michigan grad.

So, if we lose the next 9 out 10 games (giving us Coops record), we still know we're better than you are. Get used to that.

Joshua said...

Just to set the record straight, I am an arrogant A-hole, not an arrogant hypocrite. Thanks for caring enough to come on a Michigan blog and whine though, I like hearing buckeye fans whine like 5 year old girls for no apparent reason.

Remind me why you're here again Crab Apple, didn't you just land the #1 recruit in the country? Is it because your Bball team was relegated to the NIT and the NCAAs were on today? Or is it residual regret over being a Buffalo Bills of college football fan?

And I have enjoyed our version of the Cooper years. But I think they're over- OOH! Maybe that's it! You're ticked b/c it took you guys 13 years before you decided to do something about it, and we've already rectified our problem after 5 years. You feel slow and incompetent. Kinda thought you'd be used to that, too. Either way I cannot WAIT to start dominating again. We're gonna have SEC speed soon, and we all know what happens when you try to play that. So say hi to Mr. University of Ohio state, and I hope you enjoyed our version of the Cooper years, because we're coming for you son. And this time our fan-base isn't gonna be quite as nice.

Joshua said...

Or I could've just said what SIC said.

Nicely done man!

surrounded in columbus said...

It also explains why we see so many tuos trolls here but so few M fans bother going to tuos sites: they really care about what we say about them, but we really don't care about what they say about us.

Joshua said...

That's true SIC, for as much of my time as I spend discussing/reading/obsessing about M football I've never set foot on one of their sites. Interesting study in the culture of the two fan-bases. I found it extremely comical how many Buckeye fans were entirely flabbergasted when we treated them well while tailgating for the game this year. They just didn't know how to react, as if out civility was such a foreign concept.

Vadatripp said...

Crabapple Bitch -

For an idiotic bunch of self-absorbed pillowbiting douchebags, you Suckeye fans sure care what we say a lot. Enjoy your second version of the "Clarett years".

Sadly (except for the rest of America), this version won't include a MNC, though.

Crabapple Buck said...

Since you never broaden your horizons by not "setting foot" in other sites, that would explain your lack of knowledge regarding tOSU or its fans. I have treated all with respect and as a result, get the same in return. I'm not insecure about anything, but enjoy other viewpoints as well.

While I'm happy to have another prospective player come to Columbus, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of life or how I conduct my business or day to day activities.

I do find it amusing that some think we held on to John Cooper too long. While losing to you 10x in 13 years, he made it difficult to fire by beating everyone else. He was canned when Reggie Germany posted his Blutarsky-like GPA and the off-field problems grew. The one similarity between Cooper and RR is one that can't be disputed. Both are not connected thru previous involvement with the program. Outsiders, so to speak, to the rivalry. This was a source of concern in the Cooper years, and his lack of passion for the rivalry contributed to his undoing in the game. Bo understood the rivalry, and his teams played like it too. At least for the next few years, you and RR should benefit from lower expectations. I don't believe IMO that he is the answer and 'SEC speed' is lost when it goes north. Haven't you noticed how much slower our Florida recruits get when they come to our schools?

BTW SiC, Buffalo never won in 4 Super Bowls, we won the the 2002 season championship. And don't bring up the penalty, there are photos to prove it was the correct call. The only one who doesn't know it is Dan Fouts. You aren't Dan Fouts, are you?

Forza Bucks said...


I got that 1-4 idea, because one of the posters on this thread said they wanted to bet that UM does not go 0-5 over the next 5 years. so basically, if UM goes 1-4, he wins. if OSU went 1-4, i'd be in depression, but i guess that's good enough for UM fans.

and trust me, i don't forget the Cooper years. The big difference between the Cooper years, and what's happening now is simply during the Cooper years, we constantly had a more talented team who would lose a game to underdogs (i know, not in a few years like 97). Whereas now, we still have more talented teams (not just individual players) and we win. this is not a mental thing for UM like it was for us. this is superior talent beating inferior talent, and that gap widened yesterday.

and don't give me any BS about your guys that stayed for their senior year. You'll see how talented they are when Jake Long is the only top draft pick from that group. The same Jake Long who got eaten alive by Vernon Gholston.

Beanie > Hart
Boeckman > Henne
Pryor > whatever retread RRod can convince to get the living crap kicked out of him next year

Dave said...

I am by all means not a big fan of Henne but at least Henne doesn't throw into quadruple coverage on every single down. Boechman is probably the hardest quarterback to watch on television... he is HORRIBLE. He would always get soooo lucky throwing into those coverages because his receivers would go get it for him or would just tip it... Knowing how Utosu coaches are though, they won't even play Pryor the same way they didn't play Troy Smith against Texas, and got raped.

0-4_Hart said...

What I find funny is that just about a month ago, your student section at a basketball game was chanting "We want Pryor" and now that you dont have him you resort to name calling a 18 year old. His off the field issues include him sticking up for a girlfriend at a park that was sexually touched by someone else, getting into a fight with someone for calling him the N-word. and you pathetic fans want to label this kid as a thug or problem child. Come on get a clue and get over it. Your all like a 4 year old that takes this ball and goes home cause you didnt get picked first.

Think about it maybe thats why Mallet left. Your program is in shambles. Deal with it.


surrounded in columbus said...

oh look! another overnight troll! get to leave wal mart early because you got the easter candy pallet set out early?

Dave said...

or Mallet left because he isn't a good fit for the spread offense, or is that too difficult to understand?

Dave said...

oh and SEC is hot hot hot.... winner.

Bucknut said...

All you Michigan fans are just jealous. So what if Pryor pronounced the university wrong. Is this all you got. This kid is only 18 and already got tons of pressure on him. He's going to be fun to watch running and throwing all over your asses.