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Friday, January 25, 2008

One more time, with feeling

Now, the video below is called "M Fan Impersonates Wildcat" on YouTube. But it sorta looks like she is having a seizure.


TitleIX said...

Helen Reddy's grand-daughter????

Joshua said...

What the.....?????

This reminds me, why do our current students insist on wearing maize t-shirts and asking for maize-outs? Other than 5 year old girls who has a bright yellow shirt? Everyone I know has a navy shirt of some sort, wouldn't that just make more sense? Can we put this right under key plays on the official Mzone list of pet peeves?

Feelin' Blue said...

Wow. You really have nothing to post. Yeah, I'm kind of a dick.

She reminds me of that asian kid in Superbad during home ec class when the kid who plays George Michael puts cat make up on his face using flour.

Bigasshammm said...

On the Maize out thing...
Doesn't it make UM as a whole look bad that we have to copy something another Big Ten school started? I amy be wrong but I never heard of any "_____ -out" until I watched the Penn State TO$U game a few years ago at Penn State in prime time. It seems like after that game since it apparently worked for the Lions, their players abilities having nothing to do with it, then every other team in the Big Ten adopted this as their rallying cry. I agree the maize out is stupid it's cool to see the whole student section in the student made t-shirt but otherwise you'll never see an all maize big house. Nor would we want to it would look like a toilet from the blimp's perspective.

whetstonebuck said...

"Nor would we want to it would look like a toilet from the blimp's perspective."

It is at this juncture that one and all marvel at my super-human self-control.

whetstonebuck said...

T-9: Most clever on the Reddy suggestion. Thanks. I now have that stupid song in my head.

Joshua said...

"Nor would we want to it would look like a toilet from the blimp's perspective."

I had something worthwhile to say until I read that last line and started cracking up.

Oh yeah- and in addition to being a complete copy-cat move, at least "white-out" is a certain play on words. We have 26,000 undergrads and no one could come up with something better? Maize-out? It makes no sense. And speaking of maize the term "Maize Rage" is just stupid. Who comes up with these things? "Hey, let's all wear yellow because that would make us a force to be reckoned with." That makes about as much sense as putting the words scary and potato together. While potatoes are a fine and tasty treat they are nowhere near scary.

whetstonebuck said...

"While potatoes are a fine and tasty treat they are nowhere near scary."

I can see that you're not a diabetic, O brave one.

Joshua said...

Oh, and Whets I got that mail thing cleared up. Apparently postal carriers in East Lansing smoke crack and don't notice when someone moves into a house. He had it marked "vacant". What, because there's never a car in the driveway when you come by mid-afternoon? No wonder all my "plain brown packages" haven't been showing up.

whetstonebuck said...

"Apparently postal carriers in East Lansing smoke crack..."

I hear they are UM graduates. The money at the P.O. is better than what they can make elsewhere.

Joshua said...

Oh, a "Michigan Education" joke. I see what you did there.

whetstonebuck said...

LOL. Can't slip nuthin' by you, Joshua.

Mary said...

the student section doesn't wear all navy because not everyone participates. If all the students wore navy, but 10 forgot and wore yellow or bright orange or something, who would you notice....the bright color. Hence the "maize out" idea....blue-outs have been tried and just don't work. At least with the Maize out you see a student section mostly yellow and you don't really notice the blue ones.

It's about unification and making the fans a unified force. It doesn't always work, but it's gotten a LOT better since it was first implemented.

PS. I think I recognize this person....and I think she's a bando that was in the same section I was in the band a few years ago.....that's funny.

Joshua said...

Thanks. That makes total sense and I hadn't thought of it. If the idea is ever to expand past the student section I think blue is the only way it'd work or even come close.

Mary said...

They've tried to do stadium-wide maize outs, but the problem is the old people won't go out and buy a frickin shirt, i mean it's NOT that hard to find a yellow UM shirt.

I was in the band when they started the whole "mazie out" movement, and it was essentially to try to unify the student section and try to get them LOUDER. The cheerleaders and the band met together and worked together to try to excite the students more.

BTW, the girl in this video is Stephanie Maniquis :P She was/is a Horn player in the MMB. A bunch of the band went to "take Ryan Field" that season....apparently she got taped and youtubed :P

But ya, the Maize-out ALWAYS looked so much better than the "blue-out" that they tried for a few games. I can't seem to find pictures right now of the blue out for comparison, but yeah, it worked better.

Mikoyan said...

I'm not sure when Penn State Started it, but the Winnepeg Jets used to do White Outs during the playoffs for a number of years. When they moved to Phoenix, they continued the tradition. Looks pretty freaky.