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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New study blames Columbus for syphilis spread

Yeah, the headline of this news story caught my eye, too.

But, alas, the story wasn't about that Columbus, rather Christopher.

Still, any excuse to put up that headline on a post here on the MZone, by God, we'll take it. Lot a space to fill and September is a looooong way away.

(HT: MS)


Reed said...

Ah, finally something that trumps the banal "Ann Arbor was a whore" t-shirts.

srudoff said...

damnit reed, you blew my "unfortunately they didn't report that Mary Ann Arbor was the person that actually gave it to him" joke!!!


Joshua said...

Yes Reed, I smell T-shirt.
Bravo Yost. Good find my man!