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Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Sign Spotted Near Toledo

Got the picture below from MZone reader RC showing the new welcome sign on the Michigan/Ohio border.

Even I have to admit this is funny...

UPDATE: Reader Scott reveals in his picture below that some work has already been done to the sign above. Apparently road crews were out this morning working on it...


Katie said...

Is that for real? It certainly does not look photo shopped! It is a little funny and also a little annoying! Think of the tax payer dollars that it is going to cost to have to replace that after R2 begins his domination!

Joshua said...

That's absolutely hilarious. Or would be if I could quit sobbing and rocking back and forth.

Joshua said...

Coach Cam out at Miami. Not surprising but kinda sucks.

Feelin' Blue said...

I didn't think that Mario had it in him. If he's telling the truth, then maybe he's maturing a bit.

"Even though many have assumed Manningham will turn pro, he insisted that wasn't true.

'I'm going back,' he said. 'I want to get my degree.'

When a reporter told the receiver he seemed to be joking, Manningham stood by what he said.

'I'm being for real,' Manningham said."

In the video of Uncle Lloyd's post-game speech, one of the first things that he did was beg them to finish their degrees. He is a special coach and a good man.

Joe Cullen Drive-Bye said...

That sign makes me want to cry. We will see who owns Michigan once R2 begins recruiting here. The one thing Llyod Carr wasn't the best at was getting recruits in state to come to Michigan. I really think that it will change with the new coach.

DaBraylon17 said...

i live in this god-forsaken state of ohio. that sign is fucked up. i hate ohio even more now.

Andy said...

Nice photoshop job.

Now go beat LSU.

Nathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nathan said...

This is actually pretty funny, although I hate everything about the state of Ohio (except for the Cincy Reds) and Ohio State. I also want to thank you for taking RR off of our hands b/c we never win the Fiesta Bowl last night with him coaching. We ran more than 4 plays and even threw the ball past the line of scrimmage. It was unbelievable. Again, thank you

zen wizard said...

...so send him a bill for the property tax.

Bigasshammm said...

Wheres the sign in OH that states... "Welcome to Ohio State Property of the SEC" ?

tOSU is 0-8 against the SEC I find that ridiculously funny. While at the same time LC was 3-0 against the "legend" Urban Meyer.

Out of Conference said...

Yeah, what does Tressel think of Lloyd beating Tressel's boss? Seems like Lloyd broke serious office protocol by going outside the chain of command.

WingRG said...


just to get the record straight: 0-8 is in bowl games, the record in other games is more respectable (although clearly not winning in OSU's favor). As far as Meyer being Tressel's owner (or boss), don't make me laugh. If that were to happen year in and year out, then maybe, but not yet.

dirty6 said...

But its only funny if we Buckeyes admit we're paying rent to Florida.

Who you guys beat.

Thanks for that, by the way. Fucking AWESOME.

Andy said...


As I said on the other thread, congrats on the BIG win last night.

I would be careful with the whole "RR sucks and we are glad you took him off our hands" schtict -- you never know if Michigan AD Bill Martin is reading this blog.... don't think for a second he wouldn't drive down to Morgantown and hire Bill Stewart away in a second too.

Corey said...

Jan 1st, I was walking into LoDo's Bar & Grill in Denver, CO to watch Capital One Bowl and in front of my were two guys wearing Florida Gators hats and shirts.
Me: I say to them don't the gators have their own bar to watch games at?
Gator Fan: "I am an Ohio State Fan!"
Me: Guess if you can't beat 'em join 'em! Go Tigers!

Needless to say I don't think they enjoyed the game all too much!

GO BLUE ... good luck o$u, but GO TIGERS!

Bigasshammm said...

Corey:: That sounds like me when it was tOSU vs Texas a few years ago when Texas won their NC. It happened to be the night of my bachelor party so I was decked out in my shiny new TX hat and Michigan jersey. Much of the evening I do not remember except for one instance of standing on the bar shouting "safety Texas safety Texas!" and getting booed and hissed at and then ordering more shots.

Needless to say it was a good night.

beast in 'bama said...

It's amusing to study the differences in fan bases and conferences. Last night I had the giddy delight of witnessing a full-on Sooner barbecuing. And I didn't feel the least bit bad about the butt-kicking the Big 12 Conference was receiving from a member of the so-called "Big Least."

I rooted for Missouri and all the other Big 12 teams in bowl games, and I will root for Kansas tonight. But I just couldn't bring myself to root for the Sooners.

Texas fans root for 1)Texas, 2) teams from the state of Texas, and 3)anyone who is playing Oklahoma - unless an OU victory somehow benefits Texas.

Being the gentlemen that they are, Wingrg and Whetstonebuck put a magnanimous example before me on how to cheer on one's most hated rival - and I just couldn't do it. And I don't see how you Michigan fans are going to be able to cheer for the Buckeyes on Monday night - especially if they start getting roasted in the 3rd quarter the way OU did last night. Best of luck with that.

One more off-topic note: if you think the "down in front" crowd at the Big House is bad, at least be thankful you don't have to attend games at the "Theatre of Dreams".

Joshua said...

That second pic is absolutely hilarious. Or would be if I could stop laughing so hard that I'm peeing my pants.

...which is awkward at best in the workplace.

MGoBlue93 said...

The rumor mill is churning about Ryan Mallet (and Scott Loeffler)... here and here.

Katie said...

93, the word SPECULATION screams pretty loudly there. It is all speculation. I find it amazing that the press prints shit like that. It is SPECULATED that Mallett will transfer. I can speculate many things that may never be true, but do I put them in print? No. People need to let him be and when he is ready, we will know what he is planning to do.

PS...Mangino is a BIG boy...LOL.

Joshua said...

Girls, You're welcome.


I think Smartwater got ripped off. I'd be handsome for $2 million, and through in a coupon for Free Awesomeness to boot.

A pic of Tom Brady teaching kids, Jeebus, we may as well just say
"Ready? Aaaaannnnnnd OVULATE!"

Joshua said...

Oh, and guys, there's some serious Paz Vega action there as well.

Now I know what you're thinking, and I'm glad to report the answer is Yes. That giggle she makes is exactly like the one she makes in bed.

B.A.M. said...

As much as Toledo sucks (I grew up there), it is split pretty much 50/50 UM and OSU. Thankfully I saw the light and moved to Michigan 4 years ago. But, yeah, it is a funny sign...I'll admit.

Brad @

MGoBlue93 said...

Yeah Katie, the Blade article I wasn't impressed with but the NY Times one gave me pause when they said UCLA was set to hire Loeffler.

Loeffler is known in the community (sometimes I wonder why) for developing QBs and since there's more pro set QBs than spread QBs in the NFL, it certainly seems a bit reasonable that Mallett would follow LOeffler.

IamCris said...

My brother in (Toledo) will take pics tomorrow of the signs and send them to me, both enterning Michigan and the back into Ohio.

At the very least i'll post to verify or squash the rumors.

Katie said...


93, seems as if the Freep read all of that as well! I think this story pretty much says what is going on......he just doesn't know what he is going to do....

jmied said...

Sign seen on the Ohio-Indiana border: "Welcome to OHIO. Home of the Buckeyes, crooked old barns and corn."

Daryn said...

Sorry guys, this sign is fake.

1. You can tell it's photoshopped.
2. I'm from Toledo, OH and I travel across the Ohio/Michigan border frequently (I go to Michigan, what a coincidence) and the sign definitely doesn't look like that. All of the Ohio signs look something like this.

ohio_guy said...

Come on now, do some of you really think that picture is real?

I once posted the real picture (it says "great lakes, great fun") on the O-zone and someone photo shopped it from there.

Recently I added it to a few groups on facebook, which how I'm guessing it managed to end up here.

How naive must you be to believe that M-DOT would actually put this sign up? Or to believe that someone could actually repaint it?

Katie said...

Before the second picture was posted, I honestly had to think, because the first photo is photo shopped very well! Once the second photo went up, it became very obvious that it was real....nice one!

IamCris said...

What's wrong with believing what you see or read on the internet? Isn't everything true on the net?

Great post and super clever, my brother happily verified it's a photoshop but had a good laugh over it.

Cheers from San Diego.

Katie said...

LOL, I said it became very obvious that it was real. I MEANT to say, very obvious that it was NOT real. *rolls eyes*