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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Assclown Asshattery

Just when you think Detroit Free Press "writer" Drew Sharp can't get any more ridiculous with his columns, he finds another way to outdo himself. And while Brian at MGoBlog covered it extensively yesterday (along with Varsity Blue and Detroit Sports Rag), we had to weigh in as well. It's that egregious, outlandish and, well, assclownish.

On January 12, Sharp wrote a "column" with the long winded title "Michigan coach must beat OSU to nation's No. 1 recruit Terrelle Pryor" saying exactly what the headline implies: that the battle for uber-QB recruit Terrelle Pryor was a "win-or-else" test for new coach Rich Rodriguez, that Rodriguez had to keep TresseLL from getting him, and that "failure was not an option."

Then on January 27th, two weeks after he penned the above journalistic masterpiece, Sharp wrote another column about Michigan and its pursuit of "must" get Terrelle Pryor. And the title of this Drew Sharp Special? "Michigan landing super recruit Terrelle Pryor would be an overrated victory."

Oh...come...the...fuck...on! Are you shitting me?!

If I didn't have those hyperlinks above, you'd almost think I made the titles up for some comedy piece here on the MZone mocking Sharp.

But they're real.

As DSR wrote in its story linked above, will this guy write anything to get under the skin of Michigan fans?

Actually, it's worse than that. His anti-A2 "vendetta" is so great that he's covered both bases so that no matter what happens on signing day, he can bash Michigan.

Fail to sign Pryor? Ha! You suck, Michigan! Rodriguez is already "losing" to Ohio State! Na-na-na-na-na-NUH!

Sign Pryor? Ha! Joke's on you. It's not a big deal, suckers! He's overrated! Idiots!

Amazing that this guy doesn't write a single column about Michigan's victory over Florida in Lloyd's last game. But he writes two about a Pennsylvania high school recruit.

That a supposedly "legit" newspaper like the Detroit Free Press puts such "annoyance journalism" out in order to, as Brian says, get eyeballs any way they can is shameful.

What a joke - both the paper and the provocateur.


whetstonebuck said...

Who is this Drew Sharp and how did he get that name?

All I can ASSertain is that at one time this edgy penman drew sharp, but is that a thing of the past? Are his ASSignments drawn sharp now? Will his ASSidic (sic)drawings become dull as he ASSails the Michigan faithful? Will he ever draw sharp again? Stay tuned.

TitleIX said...

why do we pay attention to him, again???


that is all.

Crabapple Buck said...

I guess you now know why tOSU faithful get so pissed at Kirk Herbstreit for his douchebaggery ramblings. When you have the power of the pen, or the bully pulpit as KH does, words carry more weight than a one on one conversation. That is why these jerks need to be called out when they make their outlandish and contradictory statements. Keep up the good work Yost.

Bigasshammm said...

By posting this and the other pieces on Mgoblog and Varsity Blue etc. you essentially let him win. The only way he will ever disappear is to completely ignore his articles. Hell ignore the entire paper for that matter. Don't talk about doing it, DO IT.

I don't have the pleasure here in Ohio of reading this douchebag but even if I did I wouldn't. The media exists for one purpose, to incense the masses over a particular topic. Whether it be informative, spiritual, emotional, or anger. This guy chooses anger and you all fall right in line.

Dezzi said...


You can read the paper on the internet... but if you didn't read it at all, you'd be missing out on breaking stories such as this one.

Matthew said...

All this "just ignore him" jibber jabber is meaningless. THIS IS A SPORTS BLOG!

All you twits who whine "just focus on the next game" or "don't over-analyze everything" need to discovere the indents on your rear end from the bleachers. Yes, that's right, you're not a baller, you're a fan. And as a fan, you have the freedom to discuss, analyze, pour over all the little details, and argue with the naysayers.

The things you do between games doesn't mean squat to the team.

(Unless you have a lot of money and donate it to build something for them)

Joshua said...

Dez, I had no clue I made the paper. That's right, my real name is Frank Kozumplik, and I'm a drunken lawnmower driver. And I look amazingly like a soccer mom, as displayed by my avatar.

Something something Assclown something. That's all I'm willing to put out anymore as I said yesterday.

Threadjack Alert! In football related news, I'm predicting Barwis (He who thinks Chuck Norris is a little girl) will turn Marcus Witherspoon into an unstoppable force on par with the Sun. Seriously- the kid played an entire season with a separated shoulder and still landed 19 sacks? Holy jeebus is our linebacking corps gonna rock in a few years.

Der Schatten said...

When did your linebacking corps ever suck?

mmacrn said...

I did read the first article concerning RR's need to get Pryor @ any cost. I did not however read the second article IE: overrated. I will say that Sharp has an ability to piss me off, so, I choose not to allow him the opportunity. As far as the Pryor thing, frankly I'm tired off hearing about it. I would like to see him in Ann Arbor, however, if he doesn't sign, so be it. The world will not end and nor will Michigan football.

Colin Cowherd said...

Stop picking on the man. They are everything you strive to be!

Joshua said...

They haven't sucked. One thing that has frustrated me over the years is our lack of utilizing the strengths of certain talent we have at certain positions- one being linebacker. With the addition of Scott Shafer as DC we should be in attack mode pretty much every down, blitzing frequently and being aggressive non-stop. Imagine Crable with 3 or 4 years of top level S&C, then put into a scheme where his natural aggression would be utilized in a positive way. I wasn't denegrating our past linebackers (and it's a stretch to think I was) but with our current class and the possibility of adding Perry we'll be fast and fierce- I'm excited by the prospect. Ninja Football people! Ninja F-ing Football.

srudoff said...


after reading the second article the other day, I thought it actually made some sense - UM is always bigger than one recruit. I was actually wondering if you guys were going to say something about it. However after you showed me the first one, I now realize that Sharp is an asshat as you say. Actually he's far worse than an Asshat - I know some asshats (dabraylon comes to mind) and saying that Sharp is an asshat should be an insult to them (I've got your back dabraylon).

As I've said before though, unfortunately this is what the media has become in the age of the internet and cable TV (instant access/instant response). The only ones we talk about are the dickheads that stir up the pot on purpose.

Dezzi said...


Your comment makes me think of the Simpsons Halloween special where all the signs in Springfield come to life... they have to ignore them to stop them... and they sing the song "Just don't look" ... but Homer keeps looking at the donut....

Drew Sharp's articles are our donuts...

TitleIX said...

NO WONDER Yost hates Asshat soooo much....it's the DONUTS!

(sorry Yost, but dezzi just tee'd that one up for me!)

Paulie Buckeyes said...


It's more about The People of West Virginia vs. Rich Rodriquez.. pretty funny tho, so check it out.

Katie said...

I cancelled my subscription to the Freep, I NEVER click on links to the Freep, AND I wrote a letter to them explaining WHY I did the above, because of Drew Sharp. No response of course. They don't care and I doubt that they are going to care. But as long as the links go up and people click on them, they don't have much of a reason to care.

Just sayin.

Feelin' Blue said...

Funny you mention donuts...

I have to see it for myself, and maybe I misunderstood someone, but apparently Sharp can seen be seen eating a donut at the end of the Barwis interview video.

T9 is right: don't read him. He just wants an audience. I would mainly judge the quality of a newspaper on its coverage of far more important world and domestic issues, not on the incendiary writings of a shitty sportswriter.

MGoBlue93 said...

I'm with you Katie... haven't read the freep in a while, won't read the freep anymore, wrote a letter to their GM -- not even a form letter response.

Drew Sharp = a load that should have been swallowed

jblaze1 said...

Between Brian and you, he has probably gotten another 1000+ clicks for that "legit" paper. Sadly, that is ultimately what they are paying him for.

Jim said...


That little voice that tells you to post? Just ignore it. You shouldn't over analyze blog comments.

t said...

Drew sharp? what a clown, this guy thinks he knows college football?
we dont need pryor to be a great football program. When was the last time Michigan revolved around one single player? Never,thats when.
Its all about the team.
even if we dont land pryor(who is begining to annoy me with his cry for attention) we will still beat OSU

Darren, Ann Arbor