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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Monday at the MZone

Lot of stuff up today, folks. So scroll and scroll away. Even held back a couple things as I didn't want to over do it (and get to bed before 2 am).

Thanks to every who's been sending in so much great stuff, regulars and new contributors alike. It's much appreciated.


Out of Conference said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Out of Conference said...

sorry for the deleted comment above^^^
- I fixed an error
On the day of the end of yet another college football season, I hope I speak for everyone when I say thanks for all you do to add humor in the form of college football to my work day.
You deserve another 'week off' vacation- especially if it means the clothing of the pics will get a little skimpier like they did when Benny had the reins last time.

Crock said...

i agree with ooc (except for the skimpy pics comment.)

thanks for a fantastic blog!

Joshua said...

Cheers to Yost!

Like a good drink and good adult entertainment, you've brought me much happiness this college football season. Only you're cheaper. And I mean that in the best way possible.

JukeBox said...

TD LSU, 13:00 2nd Quarter. woo SEC speed. but there's still a lot of game left.

wow ray small got hammered.

Tom C said...

I wonder how many four and five star recruits become what we think they will be. On Pryor I can't get past Tim Tebow picking grass out of his pie hole.

Corey said...

That loss couldn't have happened to better fan base anywhere!

Great job Tigers!


chazz said...

Thanks for hosting an entertaining fan forum. I'll be back next spring. I'm still a Buckeye fan.

JukeBox said...

one thing about the NCG is that I think LSU didn't really outcoach sweatervest, because it's really hard to do so, they just had a more experienced team, more talented tailbacks and secondary.

It really scares me, the potential tOSU has in future years.

and yes, I really hate the buckeyes.





We OWN your champion. Whilst we destroy them (at our whim) we toy with them. They are nothing.

And YOU are nothing.

The SEC OWNS the Big 10. And WE DO NOT CARE.

Joshua said...

Or you could just admit you care by posting on a Big Ten blog, on the night your conference won the NC game and you should be partying with friends. What's that? You have no friends? Oh, I'm sorry, please prove my point by commenting more.


The most entertaining thing tonight?

Watching Todd Blackledge, Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit talk furiously about the SEC's superior speed, skill players, depth, and coaching - trying to save their reputations YET AGAIN - after spending the ENTIRE pre-game show talking up how tOSU was better than LSU.


And yes, Kirk, the rest of the country thinks the Big 11 is somewhere between the MAC and the WAC conferences. And don't think we Auburn fans don't remember beating your slow white ass back when you were a tOSU quarterback.



Joshua said...

It appears the only slow thing associated with the SEC tonight would be............wait for it.......
oh, yeah- You.

Point proven. Thank you.

allvalley said...

I shouldn't really get involved here..... but Michigan is something like 8-2 8-1 versus the all mighty sec lately including beating the faster,quicker,stronger Florida Gators team this year. And btw Yost,Benny your blog is awesome not a day goes by where i don't check up on it. Keep up the good work fellas