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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan Modernizes Strength and Conditioning Regimen

New Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez has completely revamped the Wolverines' strength and conditioning program. And Mike Barwis, the person Coach Rod brought in to be in charge of program, is said to be one of the toughest and best in the country at what he does.

Which is a good thing.

Michigan had a reputation of using outdated strength and conditioning methods before Barwis arrived. In fact, earlier this week, U-M got rid of all the old equipment during a sale at Oosterbaan Fieldhouse in order to make way for the new stuff Barwis is bringing in to implement his program.

Now, I must admit, I had no idea just how antique the strength and conditioning regimen was at U-M until we here at the MZone obtained the exclusive picture below of a Wolverine workout from the start of the 2007 season...


whetstonebuck said...

Are you sure those aren't undocumented aliens building your original field house? I mean, who else would dress like that?

I demand an investigation!

beast in 'bama said...

They did keep the medicine ball, though, right? Right?

Out of Conference said...

I think this and the shredding post you have are pretty related, according to the truth you read on the internet.

Nathan said...

What the hell were you guys using up there if here at WEST VIRGINIA University had more advanced training equipment? Did your locker room look like one of those world's strongest man shows with just big rocks and kegs of beer for the players to roll around?

adioscordura said...

Going by your pictures of UM linemen
(http://michiganzone.blogspot.com/2008/01/spread-comes-to-michigan.html) a new work out plan would be beneficial. I mean they need to get stronger and faster to beat Div. I-AA schools.

phil said...

Hey, I need to point out that the gym in the picture is NOT Michigan's workout facility. That's a picture from my Pilates class. And for your information, the guys and I in the class WERE ready for App. St. (did they have a Pilates team?)

Mikoyan said...

State of the art facilities didn't help Drago in his last fight against Rocky. Rocky was running up and down Mount Everest or something.....

Out of Conference said...

Yeah, but Rocky was running on pure capitalist/imperialistic pig energy that even the KGB shadows couldn't thwart.
Draco rulz!1!!! I vill krush you!

WingRG said...

i know that might be news to you, but most UM people feel the same way about OSU, as Rocky felt about Drago.

In all fairness, Rocky winning had more to do with Apollo's death than his training regimen. As a Russian, i can't help but love that movie, though.