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Saturday, February 02, 2008

M Go Blue Bank Robbery!

We give our Buckeye readers a lot of grief here on the MZone when one of their Buckstache lovin' brethren runs afoul of the law. That's what a rival is supposed to do.

But today, the shoe - or in this case, the soon-to-be prison jumpsuit - is on the other foot, so to speak.

Yesterday, MZone reader Nate sent us the following email:

I am a fan of your site, and huge Michigan fan living in Southwest Florida. I had to forward you this link from one of our local news affiliates…did this guy have to get decked out in the maze and blue before robbing the Bank? I can’t tell you the shit I have received from my Gator fan friends asking where I was this morning…although my canned response has been, “Watching tape of the Capital One Bowl.”

Anyway, love the blog, and enjoy.


Apparently some chowderhead walked in to a bank in Bonita Springs, Florida, and robbed the joint in full "Go Blue!" gear. In fact, the police description of the suspect is "a white male beween 25 and 30-years-old with short hair. He weighs around 150 pounds and is 5'8". He was wearing a baseball cap with a 'M' on it, a blue sweat shirt with the word 'Wolverines' across the front and blue jeans."

Gee, I guess Rich Rodriguez will do anything to pay off that $4 mil he owes West Virginia.


whetstonebuck said...

University of Michigan

College of Business

101 - The Banking Industry

Pre-requisite: Rob bank while showing school spirit. Proof will be required: photo, Youtube, MySpace, etc.

201 - The Free Market

Pre-requisite: The Banking Industry 101

Use stolen bank money to pay tOSU grad student for pizza.

DaBraylon17 said...

uh, not funny. nice try though stone.

Bigasshammm said...

It's amazing just how dumb people can be. Make sure and wear something recognizable so they can easily spot you afterwards. Dumb.

On a side note I had a friend in GA who named his son Rob because his last name was Banks. True story.

srudoff said...

at least we all know what kelly baraka's been up to lately now

Joshua said...

Bray, the tOSU pizza money was definitely funny. Nice twist on an old favorite.

Whets, I used your twenty for Happy Hour yesterday so I didn't have to stop by the ATM, so thanks for the cocktails! (Looks like we cured my postman of his crack addiction!) Your package should be heading out tomorrow.

whetstonebuck said...


Roger, Ramjet.

mrnotebook said...

Was this a Joke? Or something that really happened? And by the way I have heard how Rich owes Wv, All I ever heard about that guy was negative talk about him sense he has been on as UM Head coach? Negative talk on ESPN.Sounds to me like that Rich isnt such a good guy for Michigan to have as a head coach but were stuck with him for a while til UM gets tired of him!

Go Blue!

Mikoyan said...

All the Bobbleheads had all but placed Les Miles at Michigan, now that they are wrong, they have to do something.

R2 can't be any worse than anyone else they could have picked up.

On the rob banks note....Don't ever say hi to your friend jack in an airport.

BlueFan said...

Probably a Gator fan.

I'd say tOSU, but they're not clever enough to think of this.

Curt said...

Rich on Garrison

zen wizard said...

You would think that scarlett and gray would match the exploding dye a little better.

But maybe it was laundry day and that was all he had that was clean.

Feelin' Blue said...

I'm bummed that my Pats lost. It just sucks all around. First App St, and now this. These are two big upsets of which I was on the wrong end. Plus, Plaxico Burress has beaten Brady again. So yeah, I'm still Feelin' Blue.