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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Go Bucks! No, really

I admit it: it felt dirty to type the title of this post. And I might throw up in my mouth a little bit if Tosu wins their second national title this decade. And the Gloat Moderator might have to be turned on for the comments section here at the MZone. And the thought of all the poor Columbus fire fighters having to put out 600 dumpster, couch and mobile home fires saddens me.

Yet even with all those considerations, I will be pulling for Ohio State tonight in the BCS title game against LSU.

Not all my friends agree and I know some of our maize and blue readers don't. But I'm pro-Buck tonight. My reasons?

1) It's a Big 10 thing. Michigan knocked off Florida and a Buck defeat of the Bayou Bengals would go a long way toward shutting people up about SEC superiority and the Big 10's alleged decline (well, all except Drew Sharp).

2) Les Miles. If he stones the Bucks, the U-M Sky is Falling/Grass is Always Greener crowd will be back in full force. And even I might be tempted to second guess why I was so opposed to Lester back when it mattered. Plus he'll probably then hold another press conference after the game again announcing he's not coming to Michigan to rub it in.

3) Bucks on this site. After Michigan's Capitol One Bowl victory, we had a ton o' nice comments here on the MZone from Tosu fans offering their sincere congrats and kind words about Carr's farewell. Maybe I'm going soft (or you fuckers need to throw some more donuts at me this fall in Columbus to reignite the anger) but I thought that was very cool.

Thus, alas, with some shame, I'll say it again...

Go Big Ten! Go Bucks!

But tomorrow it's back to hating you. So don't get any wise-ass ideas that this makes us friends or some shit like that.

P.S. Okay, okay, maybe the exclamation points were overkill.


Jason said...

Very logical. You may (or may not be) surprised at how many Buckeye fans were actively rooting for the Wolverines against the Gators.

Weirdest feeling I've ever had in my life -- actually getting angry at a Mike Hart fumble.

Dezzi said...

I will be wishing for an OSU victory... probably not actively "cheering" for them (reason being I won't watch the game as it will be too early in the morning here)... but I hope OSU wins.

I'm more of a conference backer than a rabid fan of the Wolverines. I grew up in Ohio, went to Michigan.... and will always cheer for Michigan... but in a bowl game where the reputation of the conference is on the line, I'm all for conference teams.

Good luck Buckeyes... (I also say this to my homemade ones that I brought back from holiday... not sure they'll last the week!)

Katie said...

I will be rooting for the Buckeyes tonight (although I will have to miss the first part of the game due to a class) The reasons are exactly like Yost. The big 10 thing is huge, but also our buckeye friends here on the Mzone, when you make friends, it just doesn't seem right to want something bad for them. So, on this ONE day of the year.........


Jeremy said...

Buckeyes winning only hurts Michigan in terms of exposure, recruiting, and their insufferable woofing. And you're inviting that?

"Hey guys, go ahead and make the strongest possible case for Terrelle Pryor; it's cool, since you wished us well!" "Huggy rainbows, right buddies?" you ask, as they tell your grandmother to fuck herself. This is a rivalry, and why the hell would you ever root for them to have an edge?

Sorry, I've been to Columbus three times for the Game, and I want nothing more than to see their fans miserable and their dejected team lose its recruiting edge. I would expect nothing less from them in return.

An OSU win only hurts Michigan. Why cheer for that?

Doug said...

I would say, "Bleh, you've gone soft," but even as a Georgia grad, I was rooting for Florida to whack the Buckeyes last year.

The common thread here, though, is that tOSU sucks. Geaux Tigers!

DaBraylon17 said...

Two things:

1) I will never support OSU. Unlike many "Big Ten fans," I don't give a shit about the sake of the conference. When people make fun of the conference, I turn away and say, "I really don't give a fuck." All I care about is Michigan. Now when people make fun of Michigan, that pisses me off. I know this might piss Yost off, but I love the SEC. Don't get me wrong, I am maize and blue all the way and will do almost anything to watch a Michigan football game, but I simply don't care when people make fun of the conference.

2) I also don't give a shit about the OSU comments. It's easy for them to support Michigan in our bowl game because they wanted to see the team that humiliated them on national TV get beat. Not to mention, they have dominated the rivalry recently, so of course it's easy to support your rival in their bowl game when your team is in the championship game. Should Michigan be in the title game and OSU in the Capital One bowl, I will admit, I would probably have rooted for them. So I guess when I said, "I will never support OSU," I was exagerrating (spelling?) a little bit. The rare time they actually said something nice about Michigan was when we beat the team that they couldn't. These are the same fans who completely tried to destory our spirits when we lost to Appy. State and Oregon.

Let me tell everyone who does not know, I live in Ohio, so it's very difficult for me to support OSU. Do you think a Michigan fan living in Ohio wants to hear until next season, "Oh what up! Two national titles in 7 years and three title game appearances in 7 years!" I for one just don't want to hear that. You Michigan fans who don't live in Ohio have it easy and I envy you guys (or gals). I simply emvy you.

And thus, here come the OSU fans: "You're such a baby. Take your loss like a man. Grow up. There is more to life than football." OK, why don't you people try being a Michigan fan living in Ohio. Then we shall see how you react.

DaBraylon17 said...

And might I add that Jeremy (see above) is exactly right? OK, I will add it.

Jeremy is exactly right. An OSU win will hurt Michigan. We want Pryor (and other recruits as well) to think that OSU can't win the big game, and losing the title game back-to-back will help that a little bit.

Out of Conference said...

Why don't we all just hug and sing cum-ba-yah.
I'm guessing Benny is against all of this pro-tOSU crap. Of course he's locked away in a writer's sweatshop working under tyranical censorship and his "Frie" thoughts will never make the light of day.

I'm rooting for LSU, but more than that, Glenn Dorsey. While I don't want him to hurt anyone, I want someone on the Bucks team to go home after the game and slap their Daddy through tear-filled eyes for ever taking them to Pop Warner football signups back when they were just a little kid.

WingRG said...

i don't have to agree with your opinion, but i respect it and i even see some actual reasoning behind it.

let's hope the Bucks represent Big 10 football as well as the Wolverines did. It's going to be tough in the Kittens' back yard.

Jeremy said...

And on a personal level, here's your "conference pride."


You just expressed your desire for these people to be really happy again.

Hemlock Philosopher said...

Win or lose I get the sense that there are going to be fires in Metnal aka C-Bus tonight.

The recruiting/ trash talk argument is stronger than the Big 10 vs. SEC argument for me - especially since I live here. Hopefully it's a close and hard fought victory for the mad Hatter.

Eric said...

Your ideas are rational and logical... and that's exactly why they don't make sense. This is college football, baby, logic need not apply. Funk the Buckeyes, I root for them to lose every game they play... especially this one.

I didn't forget the annoying OSU fans laughing at our misery at the bar during the App State game.

B.A.M. said...

Maybe I'm the minority around here...but I could really care less who wins this game. Why? Because I don't think we're seeing the real national champion playing tonight. LSU lost twice, OSU is not that great. Someone please tell me, could either of these teams hang with USC at this point? And while we're asking...isn't the question itself make this game pointless?

SEC fan will not shut up, no matter who wins the game. The Big Ten is down...and if OSU wins, you still can't argue that.

I don't mean to sound argumentative, but thats just how I feel. And since I am a die-hard Michigan fan, I will cheer for LSU...because I simply can't stand Jim Tre$$el.

Corey said...

o$u fans/alumni show the conference pride at every Michigan game (NOT!). I have to agree with Jeremy and db17 FUCK the buck$ ... GO TIGERS!

o$u fans came down to our alumni club's bar (LoDos in Denver) for Appy State game to rub it in and then returned for the Oregon game to rub it in again. And then last week a couple showed up wearing Florida garb expecting Florida to just trounce us... so to you Mr. $uckeye fan/alumnus FUCK YOU and GO TIGERS!

Before this year I would have been cheering on o$u for conference SAKE, but not anymore. And I know how DB17 feels ... I lived in the Cleveland area for the past 3.5 years and have finally got the hell out that shithole of a state.


harry hasselhoff said...

Screw that, Geaux Tigers and Michigan Man Lester!!!

I could care less about this SEC vs. BigTen business, because Michigan is 6-1 against the SEC and that's all that matters to me. More importantly, no true blue Michigan fan roots for OSU unless they are playing against Osama bin Laden.

brian said...

I hope OSU does give a much better performance in the NCG for the sake of the conference.

LSU 40
OSU 14

Crock said...

I'll be cheering for LSU tonight - what I really want to see is tOSU fans get a little taste of how they treat fans in Columbus, since it's pretty close to a home game for the Tigers.

Win or Lose - tOSU fans will start stuff with LSU fans.

After the Capital One Bowl, we were waiting for the shuttle back to the parking lot - picture this - hundreds of Michigan & Florida fans in pretty close quarters- waiting, people being civil, WITHOUT any issues. I mentioned to my brother how that could NEVER happen with tOSU fans - regardless of their opponent.

That's why I'm cheering for LSU, oh, and Les is so much more fun to watch than the sweater-vest.

Jim said...

Yeah, I can't do it either. I don't know if it's chemical or just psychological (though you could argue those are two sides of the same coin, but I digress...), but it's just not possible for me. The Big 10 thing is just what I'll use to make myself feel better if tosu actually wins, "Meh, at least the Big 10 won."

As annoying as Les Miles was during the coaching search, at least he's a Michigan Man. I can live with the SEC trolls, we took care of our business.

beast in 'bama said...


"Win or Lose - tOSU fans will start stuff with LSU fans."

If the LSU fans don't start it first. The LSU fan base and the OSU fan base are very similar. Given the location of the game, OSU fans will be outnumbered and on the defensive all day and all night.

DaBraylon17 said...

to Beast in bama:

not according to Corso and all the buck fuck faithful. According to them, their "fan base travels the best and more than any out there."

um, ok...

are there statistical reports that prove this? while i don't give a shit if their fans travel more than any others, i would still like to see proof of that. since it's not possible, i don't buy into that for one second.

TitleIX said...

Nice intellectual post, Yost. While true that the buckeyes on this blog have been respectful and kind regarding our victory and that a Big 10 bounce of the SEC would be nice....
on a visceral level I

I can't

I hate the Buckeyes.
I won't root for them.
I just won't root against them.

And--as Andy pointed out, those F'ers better show up and play in a title game lest they shame themselves and this conference one more time.....

No two ways around it--today is a sad day. College Football comes to an end again, and tOSU could win a national championship...again. double piss.

whetstonebuck said...

Jeremy, et al, have a point. Can't argue that. The bigger the win for OSU the greater the edge in recruiting.

Also, one can't argue their bad experiences at the hands of Buckeye fans. It is what it is. I for one am sorry these experiences are true.

"This is a rivalry, and why the hell would you ever root for them to have an edge?"

I think it's called "sportsmanship." An attitude that seems to be fading from the culture. I'm sorry for that also.

We have the greatest rivalry in college sports. It should be emotional and intense. Too bad so many bad apples have ruined it to the point that sportsmanship is an historical asterisk.

Anyway, I loved your victory over the Gators; more for your program's sake and Carr's legacy than to revenge our loss last year.
Hard to believe, I know.

srudoff said...

What I'm hearing

Jeremy said...

I don't see what sportsmanship has to do with it. Sure, I want OSU to be 11-0 when we play, but after that, who cares? If I'm cordial to fans and wish them well and invite them to my house to watch the game but still hope like hell that the team loses, does that make me a bad sportsman?

You love it because you're 6-1 under Tressel. Did you love it when we won the Rose Bowl in '98 vs Wazzu?

DaBraylon17 said...

Wow Jeremy. I agree yet again with your post. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

--Chris said...

to hell with tofu...oops...i mean tosu. Win it for the Big 10 my ass. I agree with dabraylon...who cares about which conference has a winning bowl record? What does that get you? Every "big" bowl game any Big 10 team plays is down south or out west - a virtual away game - so what do you expect?

Screw tosu and the vest. Go LSU!

whetstonebuck said...


Your latest entry sounds good to me.

I understand sportsmanship as the overriding of one's visceral reactions toward a rival by choosing to wish them luck. It may go against my base nature, but it's a choice in the promotion of a higher ideal--much like the fading behavior of the "Gentleman."

Maybe this illustrates it better: you are in your local sports bar watching your team play and I, your rival football fan, saunter in. Instead of rubbing in the fact that your team is losing and making a complete ass of myself, I choose to buy you and your buds the next round while discussing how the rest of the season may turn out for both our teams.

whetstonebuck said...

Oh, I forgot.

No, I didn't love it when you beat Wazzu. Not because I'm an OSU fan, but because I lived in Washington for much of my youth.

dabearbus said...

Got to love the rational outpouring in response to this post. Go B… I can’t even get it out on paper, even mockingly. Yost, respectfully, you’re naive to think that the support issued by tOSU fans was anything but gratitude for our boys in blue providing them with some ammunition to combat all the SEC speed claims they are undoubtedly hearing down in New Orleans right now. I get tired of “the Big Ten is dead” talk as well, but c’mon, these are the same bucks that bought out all the Appy State gear from the Appy State bookstore. There can be nothing in your heart but hatred and contempt for that. Like some of these other folks have pointed out, this is a rivalry, one so strong that you should never have been able to utter the title of this post, let alone actually pull for bucks tonight.

Fruther, Jeremy definitely hit the nail on the head. The real issue at hand here is the recruiting. Yost, you watched the HS All American game, so I ask you, how many of those top recruits’ names popped up on the bottom of the screen followed by the words “Committed to Ohio State”? Lots. Too many. Especially in comparison to every other program (Michigan included) with the notable exception of the Domers. Don’t worry about the ND recruits, Charlie “Can I get fries with that?” Weis will have them on the chocolate cake diet by August and all future development hopes will be lost. But Tressel, on the other hand, does not have the same affinity for baked goods or the ego of a communist dictator to drive his players into total mediocrity. Don’t look now (I’ve been trying not to) but this tOSU program is the real deal. They reload. Every year. Without fail. The only hope of preventing them from running the table from a recruiting standpoint (and even scarier, on the field) this year, and in subsequent seasons is for tOSU to continue to lose these games, badly, and for Rich Rod to continue what Lloyd and staff showcased in the Capital One bowl win, namely implement a devastating spread offense and beat the very same “SEC speed” that tOSU falters against. For those keeping score, Ohio State is 0-7 against SEC teams in bowl games, including the absolute trouncing by Florida last season for the title. Meanwhile, Michigan is a cool 7-1 all time (6-1 if you exclude the win over clearly non-representative Vanderbilt last season). Think of the recruiting line for Rich Rod. Michigan is dominant in inter-conference play, even regularly topping the highly touted “SEC speed,” while in contrast tOSU pulls a choke job whenever playing anyone from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Recruits have to notice. It’s great to get to that title game, but if you can’t beat the best competition (which, for better or worse, is widely considered to be in the SEC) what good is that? “Great coach! We can get embarrassed every year, and on national television no less! Thanks!” Scratch that, the bucks can’t spell embarrassed or tell you what an exclamation point is, but you get the idea. It looks bad, it feels worse, who would want to subject themselves to that ever, let alone in back to back years?

Yost, I respect your views, your love of the Big Ten and your generally rational coverage of Michigan Athletics, your site is a daily addiction of mine, but to wish for tOSU success is to wish for Michigan failure. I can’t do that. Tonight I’d like my Buckeyes deep fried and injected with creole butter. Go Michigan Man Les! Geaux Tigers!

Bigasshammm said...

Yet again I will avidly be praying for another Bucks demise this evening. You can preach all you want to support the Bucks because they are a BT team and all but you say this from the mouths of people who don't live in OH. I being one of the many supporters of MI stuck in this Purgatory that is OH will be screaming and cheering LSU this evening. 12 months of shit is encapsulated into 1-2 games a year and I love it when they are destroyed. Now granted I don't like LSU anymore than I like tosu but it's just the fact that they aren't the Buckeyes that I will support them.

Go Suck OSU
Go Tigers

Can tosu survive 3 NC losses in 366 days or whatever it amounts to?

beast in 'bama said...


"you are in your local sports bar watching your team play and I, your rival football fan, saunter in"

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt that maneuver ANYWHERE in the state of Oklahoma!

whetstonebuck said...


Point taken. I read the story about the testicular relocation performed on the Texas fan.

Vadatripp said...

I've read this blog for a couple of months now and have never posted, but please allow me to share my thoughts on tonight's game:

Eat sh!t and die Suckeyes. Seriously, this blog (god bless it) has a lot of topics showing videos of Suckeye fans insulting/degrading/injuring/taking pleasure in the misfortune of/delivering pizzas to Michigan fans and I take it with a grain of salt and good-natured chuckle. But I think my tolerance ends about there.

I'm sure that the blogs in C-bus were glossing over the Florida-UM game because they couldn't decide who they despise more.

Well, I don't have any such struggles with tonight's game. I hope Miles and LSU kill OSU so bad that Sweater Vest punches himself in the face out of frustration (a la Woody). Go ahead SEC fans - rip the Big Ten. Michigan has still owned you in its last 10 or 11 games against the SEC, so what the hell do I care?

Die, Suckeyes, die!

Bigasshammm said...

Amen Vada amen.

michiganstudent said...

I find it to be complete and utter blasphemy what you just said. There is never a circumstance where I will ever cheer on Ohio State. As a student at the University of Michigan, I feel that it goes against everything this rivalry is meant to be to cheer on the Buckeyes.

You may say that it's a win for the Big Ten. Yet I say who really cares. Since when does our conference dictate how we are as a team. We won our bowl game, that is enough for me. I don't need Ohio State, or Penn State, or Wisconsin or anyone else in the Big Ten to win their bowl games to make me love and appreciate my Wolverines.

You may say that the Buckeye fans on this blog were kind and hospitable after we won our game. I say that if the times were different we that wouldn't have happened. I'm not saying that the Ohio State fans who read this blog are all jerks, but if we had one the last four games against them and they hadn't gotten smacked last year by Florida, there is no way that they would be congratulating us for anything.

There is also another huge factor to this game, Terrelle Pryor. He may say that whether a school wins their bowl game or not won't effect his decision, but I say he's an impressionable 17 year old kid. Even subconsciously, don't you think that if of the two schools he is seriously thinking about, one of them beats a formidable Florida team, the previous team of the coach of the previously mentioned school smacked a highly favored Oklahoma team, and the other school he is considering looses their game, don't you think that would sway his choice.

You may say that you will cheer for Ohio state for any number of reason. But I say that you shouldn't call yourself a Michigan Man. That may be a harsh statement. So be it.

I will never cheer for an Ohio State Buckeye for as long as I live.

Edgar said...

From the land of the Pac-10 we know the rule is always Pac-10, Big-10. The only time I violated that rule was when Texas played Ohio State.

Go team that is playing that other team from the SEC!

Feelin' Blue said...

Great point about Les Miles. If OSU loses tonight and we lose next year, we will have to deal with OSU fans mocking us for "failing" to get Les Miles. But then again, they already beat him in the 2004 Alamo Bowl.

It sucks rooting for OSU, but think about how much better in the long run it will be. The Big 10 will have that one National Title that could have gone to the SEC. And then we have to realize that 4 of those Big 10 titles have been won by OSU in the past 40 years. Fuck.

michiganstudent said...

I don't see why you guys keep trying to justify cheering for Ohio State. If you have to convince yourself so much it must be wrong.

We don't need to have a "win for the big ten." This should be a moot point.

Absolutely everything and anything that is bad for Ohio State is good for Michigan. As a student, as a fan, as anything having to do with the University of Michigan.

Stop all of this nonsense. You are all making me sick.

Feelin' Blue said...

Another thing:

Whether OSU wins a natl title or not will have no effect on Terrelle Pryor's decision. He says so, and I really believe him. I'm pretty sure that he's well aware of what OSU has done in the past 6 years. In fact, I bet that OSU getting beaten badly would motivate him more toward going to OSU, if anything. That would show that he can make even more of a difference there.

If he enjoys his visit to UM, count on him playing in a winged helmet next year, IMO.

Joshua said...


+1 to you. Absolutely fucking hilarious. I bow to you sir, good show!

I'm sorry man, I just can't do it. You happen to be the exception rather than the rule, and while I'd gladly let you buy me a beer and discuss football as the civilized gentlemen we are, I've had too many poor experiences with tOSU fans. If more were like you it'd be easy, but it just isn't. Another factor: I want to text my ex roommate and rub it in when the Tigers crush you guys. That lowlife still owes me $500. Fucker.

Feelin' Blue,
I'm sorry but Pryor is a 17 year old kid, you can't tell me this game won't effect him in some way shape or form. Something to think about though, is what if the Buckeyes win tonight? Todd Boeckman comes back as a NC winning qb, no chance of Terrell starting next year. With us, that's not such a problem.

See there I go, using that thar noggin' again.

Yost, while I respect your opinion and appreciate your blog (finally! another reason to have a free pron viewer- oops I mean computer) I just can't bring myself to do it. Too much stupidity in Buckeye Nation, and I love watching Stupid cry.

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim said...

I'm with Joshua. The "good" Buckeyes I know are a drop in the bucket compared to the truly obnoxious ones I've encountered. Whets, you've always been an honorable guy on the board, but the "gentleman/sportsman" speech borders on condescension. I thought that was a Michigan thing?

TitleIX said...

NEVER trust a Buckeye...

Corey said...

personal foul ... personal foul ... personal foul ... personal foul ... GO TIGERS!!! No poise or classless $uckeye$

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

The concept of keeping it in the conference is not lost on me.

HOWEVER, does this forum really think a tOSU win will restore national respectability to the conference?

It WON'T. The B10 could have gone 8-0 in bowl games this year and the national media would still be perpetuating conference myths.

Hell, even Drew Sharp is getting national exposure on the Jim Rome show.

Feelin' Blue said...

The SEC is OSU's kryptonite, much like the Pac-10 is to Michigan.

Anyone else notice the huge victory for Michigan tonight? I was thrilled to find out that Trinity won the Pontiac Game Changing Performance award and not Appalachian St! Now we never have to see that clip ever again!

Crap. Boeckman just threw an INT. Does anyone know if LSU fans will be classy and not bug us for not getting Les Miles?

I still think that RR is a better hire than Les Miles.

Walt said...

This is so bittersweet. On one hand I O-State winning another national champ. would have been unbearable. On the other hand ESPN is already startin the SEC love fest that wont end until the Big Ten starts beatin them head to head.

Joe said...

Ah. Another BCS Title Game. Another OSU team. Another SEC team. Another SEC national championship win.

LSU 38
OSU 24


Joshua said...

So who breaks out the "Sweatervest can't win the big one" column first?


So.... as the legions of two-toned 1980's stationwagons head toward I-59 and Columbus... after checking out of the Motel 6's and Super 8's this morning, and loading up all the laundry baskets full of their precious belongings... those big-boned, 180+ pound women will start on on their husbands... "Whose idea was it to come down here in the first place, and spend all that money? NOT MINE!"...

What a site. Hehehehe....

Well, it had to be. That's all there is to it. It had to be that way.

Man, it must SUCK to be a tOSU fan.

Jessica said...

The 8-billion lateral play won? There is a god after all.

This game was kind of a lose-lose (or a win-win, depending on how you look at it) for me. On one hand, I hate the SEC. On the other, I hate tOSU. Why couldn't have both teams lost?

But no, really, I'm sorry for your loss, Buckeyes, if for no other reason than that we'll now have to deal with yet another year of ESPN sucking off the SEC every Saturday when fall rolls around.

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

I didn't really care one way or the other about the game. I know people have been talking about Mallett, Arrington, and Manningham. It looks like they are all gone. http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=759477

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.