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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The End of Times?

Quick - when is the last time Michigan entered the season unranked? Whatever the previous answer is, the current answer just might be 2008.

A Rivals.com article called "Draft departures cause Top 25 to change," took another look at its first preseason poll of 2008 and had this to say about the Wolverines in the wake roster changes due to players leaving early for the NFL draft and coaching changes:

"Michigan's place in the top 25 was tenuous at best following the graduation of its starting backfield and offensive tackle Jake Long. Since then, wide receivers Mario Manningham and Adrian Arrington entered the draft and Chad Henne's heir apparent at quarterback, Ryan Mallett, transferred to Arkansas. New personnel and a new scheme could mean growing pains for new coach Rich Rodriguez.

Taking the Wolverines' place in the top 25 is Fresno State."

I'm sorry, for a second I thought that said Fresno State.

Fresno State, ladies and gentlemen.

As in the WAC. Taking Michigan's place in a preseason Top 25.

Fresno. State.

Holy Schembechler!

Hold on, folks, I'm looking outside for locusts. Because I'm pretty sure the Bulldogs replacing the Wolverines among college football's preseason elite is one of the signs of the Apocalypse as foretold in Revelations.

And to all those who couldn't wait for Lloyd to leave, who claimed any idiot with a coach's headset could do what he did with the talent at a school like Michigan, well, we'll see.


phil said...

Don't forget another sign of the Apocalypse:
Notre Dame ranked in the top 10 preseason.

Bigasshammm said...

Preseason rankings are buttkiss anyways. Every time MI is ranked highly in the preseason (5th last year) they find some way to suck it up and drop way down. I'd rather see them unranked in the preseason and then power climb their way to the top. If you take much stock in preseason polls then you really shouldn't be watching college football.

Mathew said...

It doesn't matter where we start in the polls, only where we end in them. Yes, you've got situations like Auburn in 2004, but I doubt it will matter for us this season. I'm thinking 9 wins sounds about right, maybe 10 if this QB situation turns out alright.

DaBraylon17 said...

i have been saying for a while now that i don't want to be in the top 25 preseason ranks. or if they are, i hope it's 20-25.

DaBraylon17 said...

and michigan will beat ohio state in cbus

surrounded in columbus said...

Ok, I’m one of those who have been calling for Lloyd’s head for some time, so let me answer your question squarely- we’re not ranked because of Lloyd, not R2. i'm sorry. I know it’s very “michigan” of us to look back at lloyd and try to be kind, remember the "good times". yeah, that win over FLA was nice. But seriously- what else about last year does anyone care to remember??? The 0-2 start? The 0-2 finish of the regular season?

Face it- most of the program's problems, at least from a reputation standpoint, are a direct result of Lloyd's coaching over the last 5 years. we finished the last 5 years 1-4 in bowls, 1-4 against tosu, and 17 losses overall. compare our record to other top programs we like to think of as our peers- OU/USC/UT/any good SEC school over the same time period and we have sucked.

And last season? we lost to f'ing App St. that's not "maintaining" the program. that's letting it go to hell. Lloyd ran the program into mediocrity. we spent a significant amount of time unranked last season. Only the upset of FLA kept us finishing unranked for the 2nd time in 3 seasons (2005).

R2 may turn out to NOT be the answer. He may flame out in 3 seasons for all we know now. But if he does, when we look for a new coach, it won’t be for another “Lloyd”.

Mikoyan said...

Pre-season rankings mean squat especially since they haven't even signed their new players or even had the spring game. I'm with the other folks here, I'd rather see them unranked and climb to the top rather than start and the top and crash to the bottom.

ND in the top 10...someone needs to step away from the crack pipe.

Bigasshammm said...

ND being in the top ten proves exactly why you shouldn't base any merit on Preseason rankings. Unless they got a new QB and coach and WRs and RBs and DL and....

Joshua said...

Well it'll make us look good when we beat the "Top 10" Domers on their home turf next september.

SIC, as usual I agree with you. While I respect the things that Lloyd did with the program- no check that- I respect Lloyd and his love of the program. What we did in the Florida game shows me that we could've been dominating the last few years if our coaches had been coaching like they were auditioning for other jobs and were aggressive insteas of playing not to lose on a consistent basis. We won because of our talent and in spite of the coaching, not vice versa. Had Lloyd opened things up and we'd been winning and he'd retired this year by his own choice, you can't tell me we wouldn't be ranked.

I think all the Chicken Little's need to relax a bit. What has happened at ND is a direct result of Three & Out Jesus's arrogance and refusal to simplify his offensive system. We won't have that problem with R2. the blocking schemes are simple, the reads aren't that complicated, and even if Threet is running it he's by all accounts a highly intelligent dude. I just don't see us having that big of a dip.

Oh, plus our defense is gonna be crazy good. I'm calling it right now.

harry hasselhoff said...

Did I miss something? Where is ND ranked in the pre-season top 10? Certainly not on the Rivals.com list that the article links to. ND's not even in the top 25.

N8Dog24 said...

Don't worry UM fans, any polls that has South Florida ranked ahead of Oregon after the @$$ woopin we laid on them in the Sun Bowl is absolute garbage anyways. Not being ranked in that poll is not a bad thing at all.

zen wizard said...

Michigan still ranks number one on my list:

Of course, that's the list of, "Highest Out-Of-State Tuition Fees for a Public Institution."

Not quite as "sexy" as football, but let's see those pussies at Berkeley just try to steal that title away!

mrnotebook said...

I didn't even know til now that the preseason polls came out. That sucks that Michigan is not rated it's a shocker! By the way I knew about this blog before but I forgot about it for a while it looks like I will visit this blog every so often to get my Michigan info because I am a Wolverine fan.

Go Blue

Joshua said...

I thought it was weird the Domers were ranked too, but I haven't seen the list, so if they're not I'm guilty of believing internet propoganda. Looks like my self-imposed ban on making fun of stupid people may have to be raised to 2 weeks. ouch. Come on people! I'm trusting you as sources, and I love making fun of stupid people- you're killing me here!

Jim said...

I'll bet the pollsters come around by the time the season starts. I mean, FRESNO? Nobody goes to Fresno anymore.


Joshua said...

Surely you can't be serious.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

It's way too early for preseason rankings. I mean, I detest preseason rankings anyway, but this is even before preseason. These rankings are more like Completely Devoid of Meaningful Perspective Rankings.

DaBraylon17 said...

to everyone: the preseason polls are not out yet. the "official" preseason rankings don't come out until a couple weeks before the season starts. the rankings yost and everyone are talking about are just from various sporting news companies, ie sports illustrated or scout.

beast in 'bama said...

Joshua beat me to it, Jim - and don't call me Shirley.

Here's another:
"It all started at a 50,000 watt station in Fresno, California..."

Out of Conference said...

How'd you git that big motorsickle up there on da high dive?

mrnotebook said...

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Joshua said...

GD MF-ing son of a- bad bad words repeated many many times! The friggin Irish and Charlie the Hut just hired Tenuta. Bastards. This does not portend good things for us. Screw it, it's Thursday- who's up for happy hour? Damn it that just pisses me off. Of all the places for him to end up. Gah!

Notebook, if you head over to MGoblog. Brian has a fairly comprehensive bunch of links to UofM blogs.

Matthew said...

Michigan started the 1985 season un-ranked. Anyone know of any time after that?

surrounded in columbus said...

1985? Really? If I recall, we went 10-1-1, conference co-champs, & beat Nebraska in the Fiesta to finish #2 in the final polls.

Maybe not the portend of doom afterall.

Tenuta is good, but Fat Charlie won't share the spot light w/ anyone. 1st time the media credits ND's defense for a win? It'll blow up.

Sgt. Wolverine said...

Is it possible that Tenuta will get sucked into Charlie's Vortex of Bad? Does he have a Lions-like power to destroy coaches?

FSDogs1 said...

Hahaha, you know the funniest part...Michigan is scared to play Fresno State on the field. They know there's a good chance the 'Dogs would win.

Remember when Michigan agreed to a game at the Big House a few years ago and then backed out about a week later? I do.



Vadatripp said...

Sorry, squirt, you must actually be a fan of an ACTUAL school to post on this blog.

... OMG. I just Googled it. There actually is a Fresno St. My apologies. By the way, the kiddie blogs are ------------------->
thataway. Don't let the door hit you in the poopy diaper on the way out.

Joshua said...


Snow Day fun for those of you stranded in the powder here in Michigan.

And dogs1,
Alabama's not a better job than Fresno State? Dude, put down the pipe.

Loid said...

A couple of things:

As duly noted by others, preseason means squat. Llllloyd made a career of being highly ranked early on, then dashing the fans expectations by the end of September.

Secondly, the reason they aren't ranked in the top 25 next season, is perhaps because Lloyd left the cupboard relatively bare? Once RR gets his feet under him, and a full year of recruiting, I think we will see the positive results on the field.

Korematsu said...

Surrounded in Columbus--despite the disagreements we've had on past posts, I totally agree with you. Break down Lloyd's performance against teams with a mobile QB (I know this has been rahashed all over the sports world, but it's worth being reminded of). Do you guys remember the San Diego State game? Northern Illinois? The first half of the '04 MSU game (before we knocked their QB out of the game)? Texas? Iowa and Brad Banks in '02? Vince Young and Texas? Looking at our history against mobile QBs and how Lloyd failed to prepare our team against them, is it any shock that we see App State and Oregon added to that list? The problem isn't that we thought Lloyd Carr was a crappy coach. The problem is that we thought Lloyd Carr was incapable of adapting the game to the different "types" of teams that we've played. Beating Florida was sweeeeet, but it happened because we changed the way we play football, at least for one game.

Lloyd does deserve credit, however, for the poise that he showed AFTER we lost those 2 games. He kept the team focused. But he was also fortunate that there wasn't another true spread offense left on that schedule. Our pre-Wisconsin comeback from the 0-2 start came at the intersection of Lloyd's poise and our good fortune of playing the power Big Ten offenses.