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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Carr's Final Locker Room Speech

MZone reader/Buckeye JB sent us this link from Tosu site Men of the Scarlet and Gray. In it, they had the the clip below of Carr's locker room speech following the Florida game last week. Folks, he was class until the very end...

Must also note that the MotSaG post linked above was very cool and positive about Carr. They contrasted Lloyd's talk to his team and his seniors with Urban Meyer's postgame comments. Worth a look.


Dezzi said...

If I recall correctly, didn't UF score a TD after one was called back on a penalty? How can Meyer sit in a press conference and say that bad calls on those basically shifted momentum and cost HIS team the game??

I would also have to say that having Mike Hart fumble TWICE inside the 5 yard line as being big time mistakes... but a disciplined and prepared team was able to overcome it.

I had tears in my eyes when they carried Lloyd off... and then chills through my body after hearing his comments in the locker room. Such a class act.

Enjoy retirement Lloyd... you deserved this one!

Katie said...

Lloyd is a class act like we will never see again in CFB. He deserved this win. I also believe fully that had he not won, he would have had just as much class, unlike crier Meyer. I do hope that Lloyd can stick around the AD and have some impact on showing R2 how to have a little of that stoic ability.

You will be missed Lloyd, more than most fans can even imagine right now.

WingRG said...

Lloyd Carr is a class act, and will be missed greatly by the Big 10 community.

Now, as far as that other classless piece of shit, well he's just that: a classless piece of shit. Good luck to him, and the poor souls that will be calling him "coach" in the future.

ChicagoWolverine said...

I think we can look back at last season to compare these two coaches when Urban went on his media blitz to get his team into the NC game and Lloyd played the class card.

I was also teary when lloyd was carried to mid-field. An amazing man who has done so much for a football team, The University of Michigan, and Ann Arbor. Go Blue Lloyd!

whetstonebuck said...

Damn! Group Hug!

Excellent stuff. Good character is its own reward.

Tony said...

el Kaiser here from MotSaG - thanks for the linkage and the kind words.

Today we are all Big Tenners. Or something like that!

G8RB8R said...

Geez, I followed your link to the video, and what do I find...? Buckeyes that are still moaning and whining about their loss to the Gators last year, what a jerk Urban Meyer is, one poster who hates Steve Spurrier, Jr. (can't figure out why anyone would hate the Ol' Ball Coach's son!), that they should have been playing UM in the championship game, etc. There's going to be a complete melt down tonight if LSU kicks their ass. OSU will become the offical bitch of the SEC.

I for one am not sorry to see Lloyd go, hell you guys kicked our asses twice!

Mark said...

I am a Buckeye fan, but in no way a Michigan hater. UM is an excellent school with a great football team and tradition. During the Cooper years, if the Bucks couldn't win, that was because Michigan played better. Hats off.

Lloyd Carr ran a great program. It was clean, had good discipline, and was successful.

However, I for one am glad to see him go. I don't really think class described him. He was nasty to reporters and others who were just trying to do their jobs. Even after the fantastic win over Florida, he had to ruin it by saying that injuries were what ruined his season. "That's not an excuse, it's proven".

I truly hope Rodriguez is great for you guys. Perhaps the Wolverines can pull out a National Championship from the SEC. My Bucks sure can't.