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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can't Spell TresseLL without Two L's

Remember how Buck fans used to love to spell Lloyd Carr's name with the emphasis on the L's in his name? They never missed an opportunity. And it was pretty funny...the first 6,000 times.

Well, with Tosu in a bit of a slump in the public eye after back-to-back bitch slappings in the BCS title game, I think it's time Michigan fans returned the favor. From now on, on message boards, in chat rooms and whenever you are forced to print or spell the name of the legendary Buckeye coach, make sure you do so with the new, proper correct spelling: TresseLL -- with two large L's at the end.

Now, before Buck fans remind us here at the MZone that Ann Arbor is still a whore and leave misspelled profanity-laced sentence fragments in the comments section frothing at the mouth that doing something like this takes a set of brass balls coming from a fan base that's lost four straight to the boys from Columbus, we have one thing to say:

Ain't college football rivalries grand!

(HT: Andy)


Richard Cranium said...

Wellity wellity wellity. I suppose that was coming but hey did we all forget what happened to Michigan in bowls in the past 3 years? I still am very glad that you beat the Gaytors!

TitleIX said...

and, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back from a long an silent yet celebrated absence...
dick brain!

TitleIX said...

and an HT: to Andy for the LL post

whetstonebuck said...

Touché. What goes around comes around.

I think I would spell it like this though: TresseNCLL. We have to find some joy in all of this.

Oh Yeah said...

Very clever. Except for the fact that the buckeye fans can laugh at the LLLLLLoyd because WE delivered those L's. Michigan saying it just makes you look like the little kid beside the big kid yelling "Yeah! What he said"!

Out of Conference said...

Shouldn't it be TWesseLL? I mean there is a W in there somewhere.... that game was on constant loop on the BTN prior to the MNC game.

Joshua said...

Only if TWesseLL is hunting wabbits.

Yost said...


Yes, big props to Andy for the idea. Will update. I couldn't remember where I saw that comment and who wrote it. Thanks.

tripnfall_17 said...

Um, I think this is funny, but why hasn't someone tried to start the "Wwweis" campaign?

Tommo's Books said...

So original.

ohio_guy said...

Michigan can't seem to beat OSU on their own, so they have to root for SEC teams to do it for them

that must suck.

Joshua said...

Almost as much as living in Ohio would suck.

ohio_guy said...

here's a quote from the Detroit News for you Joshua:

"Michigan was one of only two states that lost population last year as fleeing job-seekers accelerated the state's population decline, Census estimates released today show.

Only tiny Rhode Island also lost population in the year prior to July 1, as Michigan's population plummeted by 30,500 last year, more than five times the loss in the prior year and echoing the devastating slump that hit the state in the early 1980s.

"It's pure economy," said Kurt Metzger, director of research for the United Way for Southeastern Michigan. "It just reinforces that one-state recession."

link to full article: http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20071227/METRO/712270389

Michigan is worse off than Ohio right now, so I'd watch what you say about it sucking to live in Ohio.

TitleIX said...

got any waterfalls in Ohio?
how many lighthouses?
how about a fresh water lock?
what about wineries?
or powdery sand beaches?
how about the largest techno music scene on the planet?
or an olympic training site?
or a world renowned music school?

cuz it's allllll about the economy in Ohio. And the yahoos that live there.....

ohio_guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ohio_guy said...

"got any waterfalls in Ohio?"


"how many lighthouses?"

not sure on the number, but we have some

"how about a fresh water lock?"


"what about wineries?"


"or powdery sand beaches?"

not sure about the powdery sand part, but we do have beaches

"how about the largest techno music scene on the planet?"

who gives a shit?

"or an olympic training site?
or a world renowned music school?"

good for you.

now, may I ask about Michigan:

How many roller coasters do you have? And of those, how many held a world record at some time?

How many professional sports teams do you have? And how many pro sport leagues started in Michigan?

Did anyone form your state invent airplanes, invent light bulbs, become the first person to walk on the moon, or get elected president?

How many universities do you have?

And since you mentioned techno....did rock and roll start in Michigan?

Yeah, I went to Michigan....(western) Michigan... said...

"And since you mentioned techno....did rock and roll start in Michigan?"

No, and it sure as heck didn't start in OHIO! Alan Freed claims to be the first person to call the music "rock and roll," but the music itself had been around a while before him, and the phrase "rock and roll" had been used well back into the 40s. You have one mis-placed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame connecting you to rock and roll's legacy, thats about it. (Oh, plus that WNBA team named the Rockers, only because the "Cleveland Suck" would have hit too close to home.)

Corey said...

I lived in Ohio ... and it does suck! Hence, my move back to Colorado.

Ohio_guy ... sandusky might as well be an extension of Michigan, because on any given day there are more michganders there than Ohioans. But to answer your question Michigan does have RCs (no, not record breaking though)

professional sports teams 4 all in one city (cleveland only 3 pro teams, c-bus 1 pro team, cinci-2 pro teams, but NO 4 pro team city in the state). One professional sport started in Ohio? Just because the NFL Hall of Fame is in BFE ohio doesn't mean the NFL started there

planes, no ... cars yes, which is more used by the average person on daily basis

light bulbs, no ... how about the cure to polio

walk on the moon, yes (first no)... how about all Apollo 15 crew from UofM

President 1, and he was a Michigan Alumnus and Football player

Universities, how many ... does this really matter ... MICHIGAN is above Ohio State in academics!

And just because the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland doesn't mean Rock and Roll started in Ohio ... go pay your $30 and go spend another day in the R&R Hall of Fame.

If you count flying 200 ft in the air

ohio_guy said...

"Ohio_guy ... sandusky might as well be an extension of Michigan, because on any given day there are more michganders there than Ohioans"

um...this helps Michigan's case in what way? that's like saying: "you suck so bad that a shit load of our people go to your state for entertainment"...um yeah. And I know you have coasters, the point was that ours are much better. And Cedar Point isn't our only park with record breaking coasters.

"professional sports teams 4 all in one city (cleveland only 3 pro teams, c-bus 1 pro team, cinci-2 pro teams, but NO 4 pro team city in the state)."

you only have one city with a population over 200,000. So no shit that's where all the sports teams are. Ohio has 5 cities over 200,000

"One professional sport started in Ohio? Just because the NFL Hall of Fame is in BFE ohio doesn't mean the NFL started there"

yeah, but the thing is, the NFL actually did start in Ohio. Also, the Reds were the first pro baseball team.

"President 1, and he was a Michigan Alumnus and Football player"

I said "did anyone from your state get elected president"

Spaldo said...

Leave it to an OSU fan to rely on a "does your state have roller coasters" argument. Come to Ohio --we have roller coasters! Only an OSU fan would wear Cedar Point and roller coasters as some sort of merit badge. What a grade-A, royal douche.

Fucking roller coasters. Unbelievable.

Spaldo said...

BTW, it's REALLY easy to be an arrogant asshole when OSU set themselves up by making roller coaster arguments.

I am just flabbergasted by that post. My co-worker from California just spit his coffee when I showed it to him.

ohio_guy said...

spaldo, you make it sound like that was the only thing I brought up.

I wasn't the one who started this argument. I responded to Joshua's comment, and then to tile 9's comment.

and if "come to Ohio, we have roller coasters" is such a dumb argument, then why do so many people from Michigan come to Ohio for that very reason?

Joshua said...

Actually, I lived in Ohio for about seven years, so I speak from experience. All those things you mentioned? Definitely assets to your state. If not for the over-abundance of asshole tOSU fans who wouldn't know the meaning of class if a dictionary came to life and kicked them in the nuts it might be a nice place to live. A quick perusal of youtube will prove that your fanbase as a whole is one of the worst behaved in the nation. I tip my hat to people like Whets, who has class and can form a valid argument. Those who throw D cell batteries at opposing players and coaches, or those who berate Michigan fans who come to cheer their team on in Columbus are all too common. On many occasions I had friends, Buckeye fans, who had to intervene while I was watching games with them and minding my own business and got challenged to fights. For that reason I do not enjoy living in Ohio. Too many idiots for my taste.

As for yourself, you seem like a nice enough guy, and can definitely form an argument, so let me be the first to welcome you. If you stick around you'll see I'm a chronic smartass, have an overinflated ego, and would gladly be T9's kept man if only she could do math. But we do get each other's backs here, team affiliation aside, so don't take offense at people jumping to my defense. I just happen to be the asshole they know. :)

Stuck in East Lansing said...

The current argument over which state is better reminds me of those "Bum Fights" videos from a few years back. That said, I have to side with ohio_guy.

Ohio has 3 decent (where by decent I mean they're not Detroit) big cities, they have a better economy,and their winters aren't as miserable. Both states have their pretty nature-type attractions and both have their fair share of uneducated rednecks. So they're equals in those areas. From my own experience, I can vouch that living in Columbus was like living in New York or SF relative to my current squalid existence in East Lansing.

Spaldo said...

I grew up in Michigan, went to U-M undergrad and law school, and then fled to Washington, D.C.

With all that being said, comparing cities in Michigan and Ohio is like comparing a turd and a turd wrapped in burnt hair -- they all are shit. Just my humble opinion. However, there is a reason why celebrities and professional athletes purchase luxuary homes in Traverse City -- it's gorgeous and the summers and Lake Michigan is glorious. That tips the balance to Michigan.

If I had to live in either place, I'd blow my head off.

whetstonebuck said...

Arizona is nice all the time. We don't have roller-coasters, but we do have lots of immigrants from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and *shudder* California.

I guess our doom is sealed.

PS: water is overrated.

Dennis Wilson said...

Oh, and one more thing: How many peninsulas does Ohio have? None.

Michigan has two!

ohio_guy said...

"Oh, and one more thing: How many peninsulas does Ohio have? None.

Michigan has two"

Michigan has way more than just 2 penisulas

And Ohio does have at least one.

srudoff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
srudoff said...

guys (and gals)....

i'm getting kinda worried about you

if an msu fan (whom you own big time) or psu fan (ditto) came up to you and started laughing in your face because you can't beat The Ohio State University, you'd think it's pretty pathetic - and it would be!!! They can't beat you, so they live vicariously through a team that owns you?!?! Losers! Ridiculous and pathetic for those PSU and MSU fans to have to stoop so low!

Pot, meet Kettle. C'mon, you guys are better than this (well except maybe daBraylon)

and somebody please get Spaldo his roid rage medicine. Jesus Christ. Title 9 brings up techno and wineries (sorry girl but you know i love you anyway) but we get called out for retorting with rollercoasters (admittedly weak)???
Apparently reading things in context of the whole thread is a concept you haven't grasped yet.

Finally, it saddens me somewhat to see a supposed Michigan grad and law school student talk about the "luxuary" homes in Traverse City. I guess you were sick the day they taught spelling at Michigan.... I guess Nick Bakay would say "Education, advantage Ohio"

whetstonebuck said...

"Michigan has way more than just 2 penisulas"

What's a penis-u-la? Is that part of the French influence in the settling of Michigan or the Jewish migration as seen in places like fondue-yur-lox or whatever it's called?

And why would you have two?

I'm so confused.

Pyle said...

I think some of us missed the point on the OSU intentional misspelling of Lloyd. The number of L's comes from the amount of losses (1-6 vs. Tressel), so spelling Tressel with two L's (6-1 vs. Lloyd) looks pretty dumb, at least at this point in his career at Ohio State.

Maybe wait until you guys actually beat us.

Joshua said...

one little smartass comment and I get the Michigan v. Ohio v. the rest of the nation where would you rather live war. Man, you guys either need a drink or need to get laid. At the very least take too much cold medicine and spend some quality time with the bra section of a JC Penney catalog.

And Gomer- yeah, we know. Yost was being "ironical".

Spaldo said...

@ srudoff

The only thing more pathetic than leading off a defense of your state by emphasizing roller coasters is commenting on the spelling habits of blog posters. I spell check 2nd Circuit briefs, not my blog posts.

Love the roid rage comment, as well as the educational barb. I'll admit over the last six years you have "owned" us on the football field. But please -- let's not even get into the educational arguments. You're an even bigger douche than Mr. hill billy roller coaster.

Oh Yeah said...

Seriously? Are we having a "My state is better than your state" pissing contest? You both need to take your ball and go home.

And have a nap. You sound cranky.

Randy said...

1. I cannot believe that such a great blog as this one would propose to copy the LLLL thing. Stealing from Ohio State fans? Come on!!!!

2. I cannot believe you guys fall for someone using roller coasters to compare state. Don't you recognize sarcasm or just don't believe such a thing could come from a non-Michigan fan?

2 bucks 1 cup said...

How many total holes of miniature golf does Ohio have?

Josey said...

What Michigan fans don't know is that we were saluting Carr's Best years! It wasn't an insult like you think. In his thirteen years other than the undefeated season 2 loses was the pinnacle of Michigan football! He reached that lofty goal two whole times! The other ten years it was three to five loses per year. Carr, what a man, we will miss him.


Mike said...

Well done, that's fairly funny and well-deserved. I'm a Buckeye fan, but I'm not sure why people are getting their panties all in a bunch about this post.

All in all, turnabout is fair play, and this was something I hadn't heard before, so props to you for seeing it and bringing it up.

Now, I'll just sit back and watch Tressel start hanging L's on Rich Rodiriguez......we'll have to come up with something different for him, obviously(and I'm not a big fan of DickRod or DickFraud or whatever some of the idiots on our side stole from WVU).

Saying he runs "the Shred Offense" is the only one I've heard that's pretty good.