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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bucks Kicked Ass in New Orleans: Each Others'

According to the Dayton Daily News article linked here, the Bucks were rougher on each other than LSU.

Apparently halftime in the Tosu locker room was one big brawl.

"I couldn't believe that guys were fighting with other guys, this isn't a barroom. You don't need to be fighting with your own teammates. We were here to play football, (but) some guys didn't get that," a still-stunned Alex Boone, the massive Ohio State tackle, said as he stood in the middle of the nearly empty Superdome field an hour after his Buckeyes had been embarrassed by LSU, 38-24, in the BCS Championship Game.

"Everyone was fighting with each other and I'm like, 'Calm down. It's OK. It's halftime.' But everyone's like, 'This is your fault,' and 'No, this is your fault.' I was like 'Calm down, we got a half to go.' But some guys panicked like the game was over ..."

Ouch. Not good. And no excuse for something like this happening. This obviously isn't even my team, but Tosu fans should be very pissed about this sort of crap taking place.



srudoff said...

hey - only 8 days after the game too! way to be topical yost ;)

the great news is that we get EVERYONE back except gholston - assume he'll go on owning Jake Long in the pros. should be an interesting year although we'd have to go undefeated and hope that there aren't two other undefeated teams before they allow us back in the mnc game.

we play @ USC in september - should tell us everything we need to know right there.

as for the "fight", lack of senior leadership definitely showing. bunch of young kids obviously letting their emotions get the best of them. crazy thing is that they came out in the 2nd half like gangbusters til Spitler fucked it all up with the roughing the punter penalty. so perhaps the brouhaha inspired them more than we know

Oh Yeah said...

The only thing I was pissed about was Boone airing dirty laundry. I am sure JT has had a word with him as well. LOL. Somehow I doubt the slugfest you are invisioning, more like a shout-match of overrun emotions.

TitleIX said...

I think the missing element was COACHING LEADERSHIP sru.

I'm just sayin'

I'm blue, da ba dee said...


So apparently it only takes 2 post-season losses to develop a "wait til next year" attitude... and if JT loses next year's bowl game (or-gasp- the Michigan game), you get to look forward to the old "can't win the big one" tag on your beloved coach. Good times...

Crock said...

T9 once again hits the nail on the head!

Bigasshammm said...

More and more comes out that maybe Tressel isn't the amazing coach most of us thought he was. As I was saying earlier that it totally rests on the coaches for all the personal fouls and total lack of control the team showed. This just proves it more. A "good" coach would have had his team ready and prepared for both NC games and Tressel failed to do that two years in a row. I said it in an earlier post this may be the end of the "Sweater Vest" era. If MI can start beating OSU and they fail in more and more bowl games Tressel will be out in two years.

Good luck against USC. lol.

Crabapple Buck said...

Maybe if UM could get to ONE BCSCG we could consider your comments regarding JT. Since you haven't solved the riddle yet, stay on the couch and watch. What do you expect us to do, give up like you guys do and concede? In a rebuilding year, we go to the national title game. We have 40 of our top 44 back with a #1 recruiting class coming in 2008. It sure sucks to be us. RR isn't Bo, so don't expect 1969 results next year. Enjoy another middling year while you try to resurrect your program.

Andy said...

TresseLL isn't going anywhere. He would have to lose 4 or 5 in a row to Michigan for the shine to come off his star.

Although it is pretty funny to read the defensive posts from the buck fans here. You guys sound a bit anxious. [sarcasm] Everyone knows that your team is stacked. You should walk thru the season next year with no problem. Everyone knows that the team with the most talent always wins...[/sarcasm]

Bigasshammm said...

Already my prediction for next year. USC 42 Bucks 17.
Buck fans only comment always is "Least we got to the NC game." Then were embarrassed again and now have the media circus of the entire country bad mouthing your program and team. You can run the table next year and beat every opponent by 40 and I still doubt they would vote you into the NC game for a third straight time since everyone is just sick of watching it. Way to somehow benefit from a year where everyone seemed to lose because the talent pool is getting to be that spread out. Heaven forbid college football ever be like the NFL where ANY team can compete. No let's leave it how it is so we can see the same boring teams year after year go undefeated and then bitch about who's better than who. Personally I'd love to see a year where every team in the top 20 has 3 losses. It will never happen but it'd be great.

srudoff said...


we were picked in the preseason to finish 3rd or 4th.... in the big ten! we lost numerous first round picks to the nfl as well as a 1200 yd rusher and the Heisman trophy winner.

i'll take losing the national championship game at pretty much the home site of the winning team in a "down" year any day of the week. and so would everyone here. actually that's a good example. i'd bet money that with all of the players leaving and losing out on pryor ;) that Michigan is looking at 3rd or 4th in the big ten and about a 15th to 20th national ranking (if that). everyone in their right mind would look at that and be happy as hell to just be IN the mnc game, even if losing it meant 2 straight losses.

MGoBlue93 said...

Did anyone read the footnotes in that article? tOSU is scheduled a home and home against the Sooners. And a few years ago, they did the same with Texas, and beginning next year, tOSU has a series with USC (no the other one, the one in LA who they can beat; not the SEC one who owns them).

At any rate, I'm looking at tOSU with a bit of envy. I wish Michigan's chicken shit AD would have the stones to make such deals. And we know an early loss to a respectable opponent does not disqualify one from the BCS hunt. Texas and tOSU both found that out first hand.

tOSU works with Texas, USC, and OU. Michigan's AD gets Ball State, App State, and Eastern. What a complete fucking embarrassment.

srudoff said...


it's better than that actually

2005-2006 texas
2007 washington (back end of a home and home scheduled right after washington won the NC)
2008-2009 usc
2010-2011 Miami fl (again scheduled when they were awesome)
2012-2013 Cal
2014-2015 virginia tech
2016-2017 oklahoma

MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

Deep balls are thrown. WRs are required to catch or break them up. Ray did not do this, so teammates got in his grill about it.