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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bob Ufer: There will never be another like him

This play and Ufer's call still sends chills down my spine. Behold...

(HT: BP)

UPDATE: The excellent clip above was done by our pal, Andy, who wrote: "I posted it on youtube last week. I was pissed about Ryan Mallett calling himself a 'michigan man' and I put something up to remind me what a real 'michigan man' was."


JPCauz said...

Chills just chills whenever I hear that call.

Joe said...

Gee Whiz. That man sounds drunk, high, both. Did they have crack back in 1979?

Andy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andy said...

"I'll always be a Michigan man, even though for the next few years I'll be wearing the colors of a different school."

Bob Ufer = Michigan Man
Bo Schembechler = Michigan Man
Anthony Carter = Michigan Man

Ryan Mallett = Arkansas Man

Feelin' Blue said...

Ryan Mallett couldn't handle the transition, so he wimped out. Revisionists will say that he was pushed out by RR, but apparently Mallett was not well-liked by his teammates. My friends who were involved with the team told me this before he transferred. I also know that he has been involved in some altercations with students in Ann Arbor. He's a cocky little asshole, albeit a talented one.

Joe, don't diss Ufer.

dtw2phx said...

Emotional/bad news day here at the office so your post brought tears to my eyes -- the floodgates are now open. I LOVE that clip! No one like him, no one.

A couple things: I totally dig the 70s porn-esque theme music for M-Replay back in the day (lol), and I can't get over how low the wall/how high the field was in those shots. Oh, I remember it...but just so funny to see it now.

Thanks for posting, Yost!! :-)

Andy said...

A couple of things about this clip:

1) Obviously this is Bob Ufer at his best. No one has ever come close to his style. I miss him.
2) The gutless decision by IU coach Lee Corso to go for the tie rather than the win.
3) The now illegal intentional fumble by Larry Reid the play before the Wangler to AC miracle. Reid actually threw the ball to Corso to stop the clock.
4) Bo's reaction immediately after the touchdown. He just didn't know what to do.

Reed said...

It's an amazing play. I wrote about it over here from my road trippin' perspective.

Joshua said...

Leave it to a Bama fan to associate childhood memories of "special times" with an old drunken guy.

jteras2000 said...

Actually, Reid throwing the ball out of bounds on purpose was illegal then too. Lee Corso went ape sh-t on the sidelines but the refs didn't call it. Still drives Corso crazy.

Breaston154LIFE said...

Great great clip. Even though this happened way before time, this could pass in today's sports nation as 1 of the greatest calls.

Hey who knows, maybe I'll match up to Bob Ufer down the road. Jeez how old is Jim Brandstatter?

616goblue said...

Yost, special props to Andy for his youtube video! I found it the other day and sent it to you (Andy, you should have sent it to Yost instead of me). How I found it was my nephew will be a freshman at Michigan this fall and when I asked him about Bob Ufer, his response was "who is that?"

this was the first time I was in The Big House. I was 12 and sat in the student section with my older brother...ran on the field at the end of the game (I cant find me on the field in the video) and I still have the ticket stub to prove I was there!


Joshua said...

God I wish the stadium was still like that today? Obviously no room for things on the sidelines, but that's like being court-side at a BB game. Can you imagine? It'd be crazy.

LyndaC said...

I'm old enough to remember hearing that on the radio live. I loved listening to Ufer back in the day. I still remember most of his Woody Hayes poem. "Ohio came to bury Michigan all wrapped in maize and blue...."

616goblue said...


check out www.ufer.org and click on "sound clips" for the rest of that Woody Hayes poem--enjoy!

Mikoyan said...

Hey Joe...You don't diss Ufer and we don't diss Bear Bryant, deal?

Or better yet, imagine someone going to an Alabama board and dissing Bear Bryant. But the Alabama folks may not understand words longer than 3 letters.

Joe said...

Oh guys...I wasn't trying to diss any one. Sorry that I seemed to have done so. That was just my first thought when listening to it and I thought I'd make a funny. Sorry I offended you guys.

Joe said...

Mikoyan, people come to our boards ALL of the time and diss the Bear.

And I am a grad student at Bama. So I will have you know that I am perfectly capable of understanding words that are at least 4 letters long! lol

LJTunes said...

I've heard the audio 1000 over the last 25+ years but that was the first time I have seen the video. Very cool. I could even hear the crowd make some noise. :)

MGoBlue93 said...

ljtunes... I was thinking the same thing. I have the CD and the MP3 but I have never seen the video before. And this was in the days of there was only one or two college games on TV all weekend.

Andy. You made my day. Anytime I hear Bob Ufer (wasn't he from WV as well) it give me chills, makes me cry, make me proud to be a Michigan Man. And you left one thing out:

5) The legend of #1 jersey was born.


MGoBlue93 said...

Oh... ljtunes... back then, I've actually heard Michigan got penalized as a team for too much crowd noise.

TitleIX said...



Mikoyan said...

Nah...Joe Buck is the best announcer ever....I love his pairing with Troy Aikman. His coverage of the Tigers World Series was so awesome that I had to turn it off because my brain was going to burst from all the pleasure he was....


Your right Ufer was awesome. I have a CD of a show they did about him (from WJR, I think).

Buccaneer_9 said...

"...football Valhalla..."

Classic Ufer.