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Monday, December 17, 2007

The Unhappiest Man in Ann Arbor

Not every Wolverine was happy to hear Michigan hired Rich Rodriguez as its new football coach. Below is the transcript of our exclusive interview with U-M QB, Ryan Mallett...

MZONE: Ryan, what do you think of Michigan bringing in Rich Rodriguez and his spread offense?

MALLETT: Fuck cocksucking sonofafuckingbitch ratballs fuckknuckle assfuck shit motherfucker cockstain anal beads fuck cockshit hairyballnuts fuck piss shit fuck fartsucker cum jabber dick fuck me with a spoon ball farts ass wiper munching piss fuck taint grabber whore fucker asshole shit licker fuck fuck FUUUUUUUUUCK--!!!!


MZONE: Hello? Ryan? Are you still there? Ryan?


Katie said...

So much for that integrity comment I left yesterday...LOL

Bo said...

My web filter at work is hurting...

surrounded in columbus said...

i wouldn't count Mallet out completely. yeah, he can't run the option. he can throw out of the shotgun, however. not too hard to modify that offense to have a less mobile QB w/ a quick trigger. wouldn't be surprised to see them try & do that, at least to start.

surrounded in columbus said...

watching the presser now- R2 is going to great lengths to suggest that he can fit a passing QB (& wide receivers, etc.,)into his spread (says that's the best part of the spread- you can adapt it to your people).

if nothing else, the very concept of adapting your game to your people will be a bolt from the blue.

Bigasshammm said...

I really hope that this doesn't bring MI into an option style of offense. You can run the spread without ever having to run the option. Just use more quick outs to your rbs or wrs and let them run which basically are like long handoffs. I think with Mallet and the incoming kid from TX (his name escapes me - amazing white tailback) They could do a number of different things with the threats they have. Now if only we could get a defensive coordinator who doesn't suck.

Maize said...

Let's just ponder for a moment.

Mallet can succeed with RR as head coach in a spread offense. Mallett ran one in high school. Mallet is comfy at the shot gun position.

RR can and will adapt his offense to Mallett. He has as much said so and has demonstrated in the past with Tulane.

Now ponder adding Terrelle Pryor to the mix. He can be used in certain situations when his running ability is called for. Just look at Arkansas and what they have done.

But, the BIG question is if Mallett will be comfy sharing the QB position. The jury is still out on that. So is if TP comes to UM.

It's been said that Toney Clemons and Pryor or cousins.

But man oh man, things are gone from 0 to 150 mph faster than you can sneeze.


lane said...

i get a tingly feeling all over with the thought of playing a Rodriquez coached defense in early November.

smiles for miles!!

TitleIX said...

uh, no lane, you missed the memo.....
NO MILES for Michigan
we've got a coach


Studevets18 said...

Mallett can and will take this team to the promise land next year. I can't wait to see him in the gun with 3 wide and back, 4 wide and 1 back or 5 wide. He's gonna be filthy.

Bigasshammm said...

How about Mallet and 3 wides with 2 backs. Oh the possibilities. Could still even run the option with a two back system.

lane said...

49 UM points are great, but when the other team has 56 it doesn't really matter.

just planting the seeds of reality!

John said...

Good Luck with Rich Rod .WVU'S gain is your lose . Believe a life time WVU fan Michigan is making a big mistake. One only has to look at the integrity of a man that would call recuites from his office at WVU to say if they want to play for him he will be at Michigan . You will find out just what kind of person you have hired,and it wont take long.