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Thursday, December 27, 2007

U-M Recruit Injured; Father, Girlfriend Killed

This is one of those horrible stories I wish I didn't have to have to pass on: 2008 Michigan commitment Elliot Mealer, 18, was injured in a car crash Christmas Eve that killed his father and girlfriend. Mealer's mother was treated for injuries and his brother, 22, was in critical condition as of yesterday.

According to the Toledo Blade story linked above, a 90 year old man ran a stop sign and plowed into the SUV driven by Mealer's father. The SUV flipped, went off the road and landed on its roof.

Mealer is an offensive tackle from Wauseon, Ohio who committed to Michigan in April, although none of that really matters one damn bit right now.

My sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the Mealer family at this time of unimaginable grief.


Bigasshammm said...

This is exactly why there needs to be mandatory road tests for drivers over 70 every 2 years. My famil and I were almost hit by two elderly people just this last week and it seems you see this kind of thing more and more. It's a terrible thing for that family to now go through and it's something that they can never get any justification for.

Katie said...

Very sad indeed. Losing anyone this time of year makes it all the more difficult, add in unexpected loss in such a tragic way, this will make his grief process even more difficult. I hope that this family can find a good grief counselor to assist them in traveling this painful path. I would be happy to provide written material to assist to anyone that is dealing with such loss, email me at nursekatie99 at yahoo dot com.

Haines said...

Very Sad! My condolences and best wishes for the Mealer family in this tragic time.