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Friday, December 14, 2007

Rich Rodriguez Rumor Mill is Our Coach!

UPDATE: WVU coach Rich Rodriquez is set to become Michigan's new head coach. As excited as I am, I have to say, I'm sad for WVU's current players who are getting hit with this weeks before a BCS bowl berth. I know, I know, that's just the way it is these days. But still, as good as it is for us, it sucks for them.

Well, lot's to write about this in the upcoming week. But must go try to find the press conference on TV.

Since poor Bobby Petrino's post is getting plastered with comments on the possibility that U-M might swipe it's second WVU coach in as many years, wanted to open up this thread to track thoughts on the Rich Rodriguez rumor.


Brian DeWagner said...

Somebody say out loud that it's not possible for yet another coach to use Schembechler Hall for leverage at his current school...

It's not possible....is it?

Maize said...

Hopefully Rich will make some type of announcement tomorrow at 10am est when he gives a presser about the Fiesta Bowl. Will he stay or will he go is the question? And what does WVU do since they seemed to be caught with their pants down? Does Senator Pork Barrell Byrd name a whole city after Rodriguez to entice him to stay?

Do they give him his own Moon shine distillery with a pristine General Lee to drive around in?

Hopefully we will get a yea or nay tomorrow but initial word around the urinal is that he has taken the job.

We shall find out tomorrow, hopefully!

Katie said...

I don't get the feeling that this is a ploy by RR to get more of anything on his end. He just got a boat load last year after the 'bama thing. I do think that he has some serious interest in the job. I just can't imagine him leaving WVU, particularly with the $4 million buy out looming (knowing that Martin didn't pay the buy out for the BB coach.) If this happens, and we get him, Martin will be forgiven profusely by the fans, if we get a rejection, there will be hell to pay. I know that I can not deal with another rejection story, and if that is what this turns into......I might have to stop reading the Freep and all Michigan blogs until this is over, it is just too much for one soul to take.

Jerry McGuire said...

Watch us end up with Les Miles. Don't buy into this, see Saban and Petrino. Good luck finding a coach in this day and age that isn't looking out for them and only them. And who can blame them...the universities and pro teams are not loyal unless the W's are adding up. The only reason we should settle for RR is if Noel Devine comes w/ him.

whetstonebuck said...

It was mentioned over at MGoBlog that RR has an abundance of skeletons in his closet.

Most interesting.

Katie said...

Whets, after this week, the comment section at goblog is certainly not high on my list of credible sources. I am fairly sure that there are very few coaches that don't have a skeleton in their closet. I have a few myself :o) That must be why they never called me after I submitted my resume'. :P

Hemlock Philosopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hemlock Philosopher said...

Just like the skeletons that Tress had? A few used car salesmen in his pocket when he came over from Gangsta-town USA? Rumors are rumors. We can blame R-Rod for the antics of Pac-Man Jones just as we can blame Sweatervest for the antics of Mo' Cee.

whetstonebuck said...


So, if RR has some questionable coaching activities AND you all hire him...

...the rest of the college football world won't be hearing "Cheaty McSweater Pants" anymore?

Will the pot and the kettle settle on black?

Yuk, yuk. It's a slow night.

whetstonebuck said...


You make my point.

MGoBlue93 said...

Wow... how much of a hatred/rivalry develops towards Blue by WVU if Michigan pries their BB and football coaches away from Morgantown.

The first thing I thought of and Katie beat me to the punch, was about the buyout. I don't know enough about RR to make a call about him yet but Martin was tacky in the way he handled Beilen's buyout, I don't immediately see how a $4M tab can be overcome?!

Buck4aReason said...

Seems like a moonshot to me, much like Miles and Stoops.

Ugh! That buyout. 4M clams. Fall could hurt.

Keep searching, BM. I hear Callahan is good with the spread offense and guess what...no buyout.

Ryan Ferguson said...

Three words:

Brady Hoke. Inevitable.

Evan said...

we have a $7 billion endowment, we can afford a $4 million buyout and at this point i think we are ready to offer it. it's more a question of whether he'll be willing to leave.

Katie said...

Whets, I will be most vocal if any coach lacks integrity. That would include any coach at Michigan as well.

I have a feeling we are not going to hear much today, unless it is "I am not a candidate for the Michigan job", I am hoping for a no comment vs that.

whetstonebuck said...


Fair enough.

Jim said...

Anybody else think it's strange that App. St. finished it's season the way it started it? Beating a team in with winged helmets wearing blue and gold? Surreal.

Anybody know the story on Delaware's unis?

whetstonebuck said...

Wings? I thought your helmets were displaying a big unibrow.

DaBraylon17 said...

i would like to have rodriguez. thought i would prefer miles still, rodriguez is a great second option. he would actually bring michigan football into the 21st century (spread offense)

DaBraylon17 said...

does whetstonebuck think he is funny? i sincerely do not. his comments are completely pointless.

Katie said...


DaB17, sometimes it just helps to have a laugh, particularly the last few days.

whetstonebuck said...


I obviously still own you.

Let's give ourselves some nicknames, shall we?

You call me Vest and I'll call you Lloyd.

Katie said...

From anything I can find, there was no comment from RichRod at his presser. One would think that if he was staying at WVU he would have denied reports. So he is either still thinking about it, or he is coming. It really would just be easier to not know anything, and just wait for the presser that will eventually come on who the new coach is.

Joshua said...

"........the rest of the college football world won't be hearing "Cheaty McSweater Pants" anymore?...."

Now hold on just a minute. They make PANTS out of SWEATER material? How did I not know this? I will now be wearing Sweater Leisure-suits everywhere. I will be unstoppable. People will bid on my lint balls on Ebay, and speak in hushed whispers as I pass. I will be named head coach and design a new offense which involves neither the run OR the pass, yet somehow we average eleventy-billion points a game. All because of my new wardrobe choice. Thank you Whets. You've changed my life. Sweater pants. Who knew?

whetstonebuck said...

"Thank you Whets. You've changed my life."

That's a common greeting where I live.

Oh, you're welcome.

TitleIX said...

Supposed origin of the winged helmet, according to Delaware:

Joshua said...

Nice Whets. In Not-at-all related news I had the pleasure of watching the App state game with a bunch of Spartan fans last night at the local BW3, which was highly amusing. You'd think they'd learn that the "You guys lost to App State" thing doesn't work anymore as they lost to us, but apparently simple logic doesn't work at BW3 in East Lansing. It's like a logic vacuum. Then some poor guy started baggin' on Desmond and how he never amounted to anything in the pros and how Plaxico was better injured than Desmond ever was blah blah blah, and how the Wolverines didn't put out anyone who amounted to anything in the NFL. Wow.

whetstonebuck said...

"People will...speak in hushed whispers as I pass."


Mission accomplished, dude.

CrimeNotes said...

we have a $7 billion endowment, we can afford a $4 million buyout and at this point i think we are ready to offer it.

The endowment can't go to sports. The Athletic Department is financially independent.

I bet at this point they'd pay the $4M. Chump change in light of the $200M+ renovations. Budget it out for a few years and it's not really a big deal.

Biggest question: How would a guy who runs the spread adjust to the Malletts and Threets of the world? I hope everybody who's been wanting a new style of offense is prepared to be patient.

CrimeNotes said...

Also, I wouldn't be so dismissive of rumors about skeletons in the closet just because they happen to be rumors. Remember that most of this stuff isn't transparent, so when there are problems rumors are where they come from. 'Bama got sunk by rumors that turned out to be true; tOSU just got lucky and was better at circling the wagons than most places.

I haven't heard anything that should be disqualifying, but my guess is that the reason MSC is actively involved has to do with getting assurances that things are going to be done right. She wouldn't be there to ask questions about recruiting or playcalling.

TitleIX said...

she's there to babysit BM....

Joshua said...

Whets, I don't know if that's a compliment or meant to mean I'm a loony, but my ego says compliment so I'll take it! Btw, I think I made the Plaxico guy cry. I have no mercy when it comes to Stupid.

My brother and I had an extended "what if" conversation last night and here' are the cliffnotes.

I think (hope) RR took on those players because it was who he could recruit, and the same with his offense. A basketball analogy: If you're Coach K at Duke you have your pick of pretty much anyone, so you don't have to take the guys with questionable character. Whereas if you're trying to build a program you might need to take a chance on guys with a past. I hope that's the case, and he wouldn't have to do that here. Secondly, I don't think our establishment would stand for it.

Same for the offense. I'd like to think he'd install a hybrid and that he's been running a pure spread because of the talent he could recruit there. This is probably just wishful thinking on my part, but wasting Mallet would be a shame. The mistakes he made this year can be attributed to youth, and seeing him run a wide open shotgun offense would make me giggle like a little girl. RichRod is obviously a smart cookie, so hopefully this is what would go down. I just can't see us with a Juice Williams at QB.

whetstonebuck said...


It's a compliment via humor. Trust your ego.

Joshua said...

Thought so, but stupid people also drive me to drink, which i did like a champ last night and am paying for today.

Katie said...

I went for a run and now I am going to have a "spa" day and hope to goodness that no news is good news. I really don't want to hear what the Michigan haters will say if this is another rejection story. Margarita anyone?

TitleIX said...

Saturdays are sad without football.....
have resorted to watching the D2 and D3 championships.
NW Mo. St. just lost their 3rd championship game in 3 straight years. Makes me want to cry for them.
Valdosta State wins!

up next?
UW-Whitewater and Union College

Jim said...

All this talk about the spread...eventually the spread will be as dated as the single wing. What we need is a coach that can adapt to the strengths of his players and the weaknesses of his opponents. Someone capable of making in-game adjustments would be nice, too.

I'm just sayin...

Joshua said...

Brian's reporting RR's staying. I will now commence throwing things.

Katie said...

LALALALALALAL I can't hear anything lalalalal

Joshua said...

A good point from Jamie Samuelson's blog on Freep

..."And if Rodriguez decides to stay at West Virginia, it's not the end of the world. If anything, you should be thrilled. Most UM fans I talked to figured that UM would settle on Ron English or Brady Hoke if Miles stayed at LSU. Clearly, they are not settling. They are targeting the top coaches available in the country. That's refreshing, whether Rodriguez takes the job or not."

Katie said...

Nice thought Joshua, let's hope the rest of the media is as kind to us when RichRod announces that he is staying in WVU. I was at dinner and caught myself thinking "Urban Meyer might not be so bad of a choice" That is when I knew, I have gone over the edge...LMAO!

Jim said...

We don't really need to freak out every time an interview doesn't work out, do we? Dozens of reasons things don't work out. RR is a high profile name, but that doesn't make him a perfect fit. He says no, we move on.

When we're looking at top tier prospects, the possibility of "rejection" is higher. They're already in a good situation.

Katie said...

I agree Jim, my issue is mainly with the media that is bashing the situation at every turn. I wish it could be kept quiet until the decision is made. I take issue with how Michigan is being portrayed in this process. Nearly everything points to how it has been blundered, based on half truths. Anyway. This too shall pass.

BajanBlu said...

Okay, is it just me, or does anybody else see the obvious out-of-the box answer here? It's Jerry (Mr. Threepeat) Moore people.

Who needs revenge when you've got bank. You beat us, we buy you, period. Obviously the guy can coach, and we could probably pay him in moonshine. Seriously, he's got more bling than sweatervest had at that level.

By the way, I'm still P.O.'d that we didn't go after Paul Johnson, while most of y'all were too busy wanking over Les' picture. Watch GT and get ready for my I-told-you-so's

MGoBlue93 said...

John Wienke decommits from Michigan (verbal as it's not LOI season yet -- in July he said he was strongly committed to U of M, FWIW).

Don't know too much about this guy other than he's another tall, strong-armed, slow QB (perhaps in the mold of Navarre, Henne, etc.)

And wouldn't RR want someone mobile eventually?

Katie said...

93, I was not to worried about losing him. I am worried about Mallett transferring. He had a rough start, but he did get lots of play time (more than he would have if Henne was healthy the entire season) I see him as being a great QB (particularly If we could let him play shotgun) So I am really hoping that the rumor about him considering a transfer is just that, a rumor.

Lysa said...


I hope so too. I like Mallett!, he's going to be great.

Does anyone know if Sam Mcguffie is still comming to Michigan?

Katie said...

Lysa, that is still a go at this point. I think his dad is an alum, so that gives us some clout. The fact that his mother wanted him to go to A&M isn't in our favor though. But we all know that men have the final say (tongue in cheek) so I am hopeful that we keep him.

Joshua said...

Katie, women rule the world, we all know that. As the old joke goes "I've got one of these so I can get as many of those as I want."

His Mom may want him to go to A&M but he's the future of the program and anyone who doesn't utilize his talent would be just plain stupid. RichRod or not. And we know how I deal with Stupid. I make it cry. My point, meant to be portrayed within all this rambling but not even coming close, is that we have inertia on our side-

Katie said...

Oh, here I thought "I have two of these, so I can get anything I want" ;o)

I would be more inclined to think that inertia is going against us in this matter. Unless of course you mean that it is not the recruiting hour, no more games to drag recruits to at other schools, etc. However the fact that we don't have a coach at this time and by all appearances we won't until after January 9th, that seems to me a huge draw back in keeping our commits.

Joshua said...

Inertia in the Mallet situation. He's already here, so going elsewhere is much more work. And two of "those" are merely a bonus, kinda like a personal assistant to the boss. As I tell people who accuse me of thinking with my "other brain"-

"I don't think with it, I just act on its behalf. Like it's agent. I try to get it as many auditions as possible, and hope to one day land it a regular gig."

Katie said...

Ahh, you were talking about Mallett and not McGuffie. Yes, agreed inertia is in our favor.

Joshua my friend, you most certainly are a man. Just be careful about those auditions, too many auditions and it is slightly more difficult to land a regular gig. ;o) (or does that just apply to women....that would figure, always a double standard!)

Joshua said...

Ah yes, and a rather unfortunate double standard as it impedes my auditions on occasion. If you're auditioning correctly it tends to work in your favor as a man, but I digress.

Didn't McGuffie's dad go to UM too- or am i just suffering from post Christmas party stupidity?

Katie said...

The same could be said for women, particularly the more mature woman :P

And, if you had READ what I wrote about McGuffie, you would see that I said that his father was an alum (i believe that he is, not certain on that). I suppose momma just prefers to keep him closer to home, thus the difference in opinion from daddyO. I begged my kids to move away for college, they all stayed close to home, so I showed them how to do it and moved to A2 for my graduate work....ha! Now of course when I go home to visit them, I have to stay in the house I raised them in, which has become a "frat" house, I am afraid, very afraid to touch anything when I am there....LOL.

Joshua said...

Oops, I was thinking Mallet's dad was an alum. See- post Xmas party syndrome.

Off to BW3 to watch Tom destroy the Jets. After last night I should have a rebate buzz after half a beer.

Katie said...

Oh good grief. Ok, sorry, I should have picked up on the Mallett thing at that point. I have no idea about that, I have not heard that. Have fun!

MGoBlue93 said...

The only thing which has me the least bit concerned about Mallet, is he was already once very close to transferring.

From a maturity standpoint, I think he had a bit of a rough season. From a mechanics stadpoint, Mallet is really that diamond in the rough -- he cannot keep the ball down.

Who was the wide receiver bickering with him on TV this season? Is that guy coming back?

Katie said...

It was Mario, I have not heard if he is going into the draft. My prediction is that he is. He would not talk to the press all year and had (what appeared to me) a very negative attitude all year. He would serve himself better to play another year (in my humble opinion) as he didn't have that great of a season, and he has the potential to be really great if he could check his attitude at the tunnel. Although it appeared to be bad on the sidelines with Mallett and Mario (particularly for Wisky game) I don't think that was a deal breaker for Mallett, he seems to have enough ego to blow off that type of thing. Is it just me, or does September seem like a really long way away!

Danny said...


SA said...

Katie-I don't know if I would want Mario back. His attitude this season spoke volumes about what he was really thinking about this season. Yeah, it would be great to have him back, but maybe this is addiction by subtraction? I don't know. I go back and forth on whether I want Mario back or not.

And per Brian, RR is the coach.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

Here it is:

one of my best friends plays for WVU, he told me at around 2:00 PM today that coach Rodriguez told the team that he is going to Michigan.

Believe me now, or believe me when ESPN reports it, but RIch Rodrigues will be Michigan's coach next year.

Paulie Buckeyes said...

sorry about that Rodriguez typo..

SA said...

Yeah, I suck with spelling. Addition by subtraction. But I think you knew what I meant.

Jim said...

ESPN also reporting:

"West Virginia football coach Rich Rodriguez informed his players at a 1:30 p.m. meeting Sunday that he was leaving to become the new coach at Michigan, according to multiple reports."

Kirk Herbstreit had no comment.

wvu fan said...

You guys can have him if he goes it shows he has no loyalty to his employer players or fans. If he can't beat Pitt and wanstadt what makes you think he can beat Tressell. You will enjoy his hoochee moma wife as well.
Just what Michigan needs a used car salesman, since they don't make new ones there any more

Katie said...

ACK! I lose internet connection as this is all breaking! (Crappy comcast!)

Ok, first, I also do not want Mario back, my comment was, if I were him, I would want another year to show I am as great as I claim to be.

And.....RichRod coming??? I need to go read ESPN, how funny that Herbie was mute, at least something good came out of all of this!

SA said...

My mistake Katie. Sorry.

And ESPN is just reporting it, but several WV local newspapers had it first.

Katie said...

Holy Crap! I will feel better when Michigan holds a presser, but this looks like the real deal! I called my brother and he said that they are reporting that RR will not coach his bowl game. I am sure WVU is mad as hell (I don't blame them, and I do feel badly for them). Holy crap!

Crabapple Buck said...

Our long national nightmare is over

Katie said...

MgoBlue has it


I think that makes it pretty damn official. WOOT!

surrounded in columbus said...

Bruce Madej, AD spokesperson, is reported confirming the hire. All media, D-News, Freep, Fox, & ESPN all reporting story.

Me & the pup are gonna take nap now.

Katie said...

A nap??!!!! A NAP!!!!??? Sic, tap the keg baby! :o) It is over, no more rejection stories!! And we ended up with a very decent coach! Woot!

Merrick 561 said...

Everyone crack a beer, tap a keg, pop a cork (pick your own poison), we can celebrate.

TitleIX said...

let the speculation begin about
R2's success in A2

bets on weather or not English stays?????

Matthew said...

And Michigan goes with the quick fix. Should you guys forget, half of football is defense, and it's all well and good if he can score if he can't stop Beanie, Mendenhall, PJ Hill, and whomever else runs roughshod over a Wolverines-RR-Coached team (same coaches that couldn't stop LeSean McCoy, mind you).

Katie said...

As long as DeBord goes, English can stay as far as I am concerned. I doubt highly that RR would have agreed to come if he was expected to keep our current staff.

No one can rain on this parade, so be fore warned, I do not want to hear anything negative today. I will hunt you down and drag you bloody to curb, I swear to God. ROFL!

Feelin' Blue said...

This is great news for us, but I do feel bad for Rich Rodriguez's players at WVU. I'm sure that many are returning for another year, and it really sucks to lose a coach. I sure hope that WVU can continue its success and maintain a strong program. Rich Rod didn't really do anything as sleazy as Petrino, and from what I understand he had issues with the athletic facilities at WVU. But I still feel bad for the players.

Second, I hope that Rich Rod keeps most of the assistants. Andy Moeller, Debord, and some others must definitely go, but I really hope that Rich Rod keeps Ron English, Scott Loeffler, Fred Jackson, Vance Bedford, and Steve Szabo. It would maintain some tradition and continuity at Michigan, as well as hold on to some vital elements of the coaching staff that have actually been producing positive results.

I really hope that we can beat the Buckeyes. GO BLUE!! BEAT THE GATORS!!

Feelin' Blue said...

Also understand that Don Nehlen, RR's predecessor at WVU, was an assistant unders Bo, and was instrumental in some important changes on the UM team.

Much like KC Keeler is connected to UM through Tubby Raymond, who played for and was a disciple of Fritz Crisler.

In all honesty, I was hoping for Craig Bohl from NDSU, Rich Rod will do fine.

And consider this: the media was trashing Michigan as incompetent and arrogant. Some douchebag named Doyel wrote a particularly nasty column. But now there are juevos on all their faces. BAM!

whetstonebuck said...

Another head for J.T. to mount on his office wall.

"You will enjoy his hoochee moma wife as well."

I smell scandal a-brewin'. Keep her away from the locker room.

Katie said...

"And consider this: the media was trashing Michigan as incompetent and arrogant. Some douchebag named Doyel wrote a particularly nasty column. But now there are juevos on all their faces. BAM!"

Feelin Blue - I love it, I hated the negative press and I love the fact that we landed on our feet looking mighty sweet!! I won't read Drew Sharp for a few days because I am sure he will have some negative twist on this. Jerk.

I want to go meet his plane and kiss him!

Feelin' Blue said...

I also hope that RR can maintain the standards and integrity of the Michigan program. I don't want these things sacrificed for better recruits or results on the field.

Yeah, yeah, I know that the players aren't all rocket scientists.

MGoBlue93 said...


You know what September means... another round of papers staring us in the face. Okay there's my negativity. nuff said.

I can understand WVU nation being pissed. Michigan raided them for both their school's biggest athletic revenue generating sports coaches.

On the other hand, I think I like this move; any speculation who the OC will be? Like the other comments, I don't mind if English stays... but for the first time on over 10 years, I'm looking forward to some creative play calling. Will Michigan run a modified spread?


Katie said...

93, yeah yeah, I am still trying to finish this round. Last one for this term, 5 more pages to bullshit before I am finished! I should not have checked my email!

I could be wrong, but if RR knows how to run a spread offense (which of course he does) then shouldn't that mean that he has an idea of how to defend against it? I see good things, very good things. (and I don't want to hear anything but that, I am serious, see post above)

Ok, I am not going to think about this until this paper is in the can....shhhhhh......but I will be back!

MGoBlue93 said...

Apparently, the #1 QB prospect, Terrelle Pryor, was looking hard at WVU (because of RR's offensive prowess). Now, he's added Michigan to his list.

Holy shit... I'm gonna wet myself at the prospect of actual offense occurring in A2!!! Come on, even in the '97 Rose Bowl, the defense needed to seal the deal for Michigan.

Jim said...

I don't know all the details, but just about anyone we picked up would have been leaving their team. Coaches move. It's all in how they handle it. RR handled the presser properly, don't know what was said internally.

This may be a perspective we can't appreciate. At the risk of sounding like a typical "arrogant" Michigan fan, there really aren't any greener pastures for UM to loose a coach to...maybe save for the NFL. I agree that those kids recruited by RR have good reason to be ticked. They're probably too young to have the cynical reality of career ambition at the back of their minds when they commited/transfered (except their own, of course). I'm sure they fully expected him to be there all four years for them.

IamCris said...

My predictions over the past year (beginning in the offseason)

1) Illinois would compete or go to Rose Bowl (happened a year early) behind Juice Williams
2) Michigan would go to the Citrus Bowl (after finishing 2nd in the Big Ten)
3) Les Miles would coach Michigan next year. (after Herbie single handedly woke up the football nation).

I am so happy I was wrong on the last one. I am having visions of absolutely steam rolling teams just like Bo used to. Do Pat White and Steve Slaton transfer to? If not, how about Jon Tenuta?

zen wizard said...

There is a four million dollar buyout clause if he leaves before September.

I hope that doesn't come out of the Field Hockey budget!

dev4bucks said...

Congrats to UM on the hiring of John Copper! Oh I mean RR....Good luck...

Jerry McGuire said...

If RR convinces Terrelle Pryor to come run his offense in A2, then this is a great hire. Pryor said today to "add Michigan to my list." New coach, new offense, newer facilities...welcome to the 21st century!

TitleIX said...

No worries, Zen.
BM's strength is that fact that he has collected a freakin' GOLD MINE of cash....in off-shore assets I'm sure so we all can claim "poor" Michigan.

4 mil?
chump change

whetstonebuck said...


The comic opera (known as the Michigan Coach search)is now over. What are we going to do whilst waiting for the Bowl games? I lengthened my life span with hours of laughter reading the comments at Mgoblog. What a glorious Area 51 circus it was to behold. Now...sigh.


You folks are going to go into the yearly tOSU game thinking you can win it. Stress increase.

We will have to scratch our plans of making UM our "little brother" while creating a real rivalry with Penn St. Sorry JoePa. Glad Schiano's not there (even more stress).

That shipment of little gold pants may take longer to distribute than previously thought. We were handing them out earlier in the year AND to the freshmen class, but that will have to stop.

Tressel and Co. will have to figure out how to stop the spread.


No more "Cheaty McSweatervest" comments from holier than thou wolverines. You have your own rumor mill to deal with now.

The Big Ten should regain strength and respect. We all profit.

Tressel and Co. will have to figure out how to stop the spread.

In closing, congratulations; enjoy your day in the sun.

Also, some friendly advice: you might want to avoid teams with "Mountaineers" as their mascot. One team says they own you and the other team wants to piss in your soda.

Lysa said...

Ok for RR,

The Big Questions are Mallett leaving?
Is Manningham going pro ?

TitleIX said...

oh whets...
what WOULD you do without the Michigan faithful to taunt???

Help me understand how Cheaty McSweatervest and RR on the same page of the cheaters hand book???
I'm not aware of the connection there.

TitleIX said...

missed an 'are' there

Feelin' Blue said...

One WVU player said that Coach Rod was a man about it. That's good. But I really feel bad for the WVU fans and players, almost to the point of guilt. I mean, RR played there.

Hopefully he can prepare the Michigan players for The Game.

michiganwolves51 said...

I initially was on the fence about whether hiring Rodriguez was the right move or not. But after reading this article on rivals.com, I jumped onto the bandwagon. With all these top recruits now looking at Michigan, with a new, fast, and potent offensive scheme, it looks like there are good things to come.

Go Blue

michiganwolves51 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
michiganwolves51 said...

here's the site:


Jim said...


Go troll on the MGoBlog boards. Here's it's just tedious.

whetstonebuck said...


Don't act innocent; the rest of the world is watching. Okay, those of us who frequent this blog are watching, but that must be millions of blue and maize faithful with a few of us trolls thrown in.

Rumors about RR exist as they do about many coaches and programs. The hiring of players with questionable character, booster shenanigans, etc., haunts many programs.

The most positive spin I've heard concerning RR is that he won't have to recruit players with rap sheets at Michigan because of the quality of recruits. That's a nice thing to hear if you’re Michigan, but it doesn't whitewash RR’s past. It is what it is.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me and I give RR the benefit of the doubt (aint I magnanimous). I figure if you can rehabilitate a young man that’s a good thing. Sometimes it bites you in the ass. However, I take that chance with folks so I can see why some coaches do it. Yeah, yeah, I know. There’s this little thing called winning at all costs in sports, but I’m willing to give the coach credit until the NCAA busts him.

I find rumor mongering the last hold-out of the sore loser. It’s just character assassination from the shadows. If one can't prove there's a fire; note the smoke and move on. My philosophy is believe the best until it becomes a mini-series.

Things are not always as they appear.

whetstonebuck said...


Thanks for the advice. I like it here. I think I'll hang out.

Jim said...


You can hang out anywhere you like. I just thought the trolling was beneath you.

TitleIX said...

I'm not playing the innocent: I seriously have no idea about RR's wrap. (lovin' the illiterations of R)

I'm not understanding your post:
"Rumors about RR exist as they do about many coaches and programs. The hiring of players with questionable character, booster shenanigans, etc., haunts many programs."
followed by "I find rumor mongering the last hold-out of the sore loser. It’s just character assassination from the shadows. If one can't prove there's a fire; note the smoke and move on. My philosophy is believe the best until it becomes a mini-series."

are you rumoring on RR to denigrade our new coach, but then saying that rumoring is rank and trying to distance yourself from said rumor-mongering???

for a smart girl, this one is like math to me.....DUH
post some links of RR's transgressions as I've been googling/asking/trolling all afternoon and can't find anything but good ol' boy, coal miner's son stuff......

now schwetty mcschweater vest, that we can google!

whetstonebuck said...


Apparently, my attempt at humor fell short. I take back and apologize for the "holier than thou" comment. Since one can't witness my facial expressions it probably came across mean-spirited. That was not my intent.

TitleIX said...
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TitleIX said...

exercize equipment anyone??????
coach's clout helps shit get delivered RIGHT to your garage.



whetstonebuck said...


Nope. Just sayin' people "say" all kind of things. Again, things aren't always as they appear.

I say RR must be a good guy if he has a desire to mold young men into good men regardless of how others view them. I'm on his side.

As for googling. Did all that after coming to this blog and hearing the comments. Some strange things at Youngstown, but I'm not privy to what really went on. All I know is that the NCAA came up short. Maybe Tress and the boys circled the wagons and escaped. Don't know about that.

He seems to be doing fine on the main stage and helped a few folks with their character along the way. I think that's a good thing.

I bet his mother loves him.

Katie said...

Hey now, I thought I said no negative talking today!! We are celebrating, tomorrow you can dig up the dirt (if there is dirt to dig up) and discuss why RR can't make the spread offense work at Michigan.....today.....we are smiling :o)

Got it? LOL

Feelin' Blue said...

If you want trolls, just go to mgoblog. Even the Michigan fans there are trolls. Yeah, I'm not so hot on the posters. They're kind of nuts.

Whetstone, you are welcome here anytime. IMO he's a classy fan.

whetstonebuck said...

I like exercise equipment. I'll take one.

I think clout should be used when it is helpful. Apparently, the idea was Tressel's.

I was struck by the fact that he would consider helping a kid that no longer could do anything beneficial for the team.

whetstonebuck said...

Thanks, feelin blue.

I was in the hot tub and meditating on the razor blade between my fingers.

I'm better now.

threadogg said...

Fantastic news with Rodriguez bringing Pryor with him. Mallett would never start for a RR team so already he's rumored heading to Arkansas. Any team with Pryor will win a national championship game before he turns pro.

Katie said...

You know I luv ya whets XOXOX

Is their proof that Pryor is coming? I thought he just added Michigan to his list of top choices. I agree though, if he comes, it would be awesome and I am certain if that is the case, Mallett would leave.

TitleIX said...

thank goodness for moms!

whetstonebuck said...

To head off any thing I may have started, allow me to state what I was trying to say through very poor satire.

I think Michigan scored well today.

The rivalry is going to be more balanced and intense. I believe that's what everyone wants.

RR is going to force tOSU to get better and vice versa. We all benefit from such an arrangement.

The Big Ten is going to be stronger because of your new hire.

And…I was hoping the program/coach bashing would end. Maybe this one was too never-never landish. I can dream.

TitleIX said...

someone slipped you some kool-aide!

thanks for the good wishes.
I'm waiting for the presser and the ink on the paper before I get too excited.
although it is nice that all the pics of RR have him already wearing maize and blue ;-)

while it's cool that Tressel wanted to help one of his kids out, it's sooooo inside the NCAA foul-pole that I can't believe he can just innocently say, oh--isn't it great that the company helped this kid out?
I mean.....really!
however, I'm sure alllll sorts of folks have just one toe within the line about lots of things.
so there ya go.

peace on earth and holiday happy happy joy joy for all....


Katie said...

wow, MgoBlog is almost being nasty to the WVU fans. I can certainly understand their disappointment at RR leaving, taunting them seems like pouring salt in their wounds! It has to suck to lose a home town boy before the bowl game and potentially be losing a QB recruit too boot. I feel bad!

You all know I was playing around about the no negative stuff, but I do appreciate very much the integrity that shows up here in the comment section at the Mzone, as well as the integrity that Yost presents in his posts. You guys rock! (however, I was not above hunting anyone down......just so you know.....LOL)

dev4bucks said...

OK, I admit I am confused.

1. Why the sympathy for the WVU kids/fans and none for Mallett and others who were brought in by one system and are going to be pushed out by a new one!

2. Did any one watch WVU loose their game w/Pitt? Coach RR was dancing and crying on the sidelines like a little kid who had their lead based toys taken away? Would not want him marching on my sidelines! Still do not understand why he a highly rated coach? He lost 2 games in a VERY weak conference this year alone!

I recently discovered this site and find it amusing(buckstache) that is great! Seriously wishing u all the best, except the 3rd sat in nov.!
go bucks!

Katie said...

Dave, since you are new, I will be nice.......

1) Would you like the coach that you love (say sweatervest) to leave your team, prior to your BCS bowl game? I think not. I think we can all appreciate how that could really suck. As far as Mallett, no one is asking him to leave or suggesting that he will not be able to find his place here in this program, so no sympathy for something that hasn't even happened yet.

2) We are not discussing the negatives of RR today. Tomorrow it is allowed. Today we are celebrating the fact that our search has ended with a decent coach. Every coach has their issues and most certainly he does as well. Exactly how much were you celebrating when your third choice for a coach was Tressell from Youngstown? Yeah. My point. Every coach is a gamble, but I do believe RR is a good gamble and hopefully we have the same success that you have experienced with Mr.Sweatervest.

GO BLUE (and on January 8th, GO BUCKS!)

Katie said...

ooops, sorry that would be Dev and not Dave!

Joshua said...

"...thank goodness for moms!"

Yes, b/c without them there would be no MILFs.

Whets, by definition you are not a troll, and where all the animosity came from I have no clue. Had I been around and/or sober I would've had your back sooner. You know where I stand on coaches and the job they have.

"The most positive spin I've heard concerning RR is that he won't have to recruit players with rap sheets at Michigan because of the quality of recruits. ..."

Yeah, that would've been me, and I hope it's the case. Ok, I'm back off to bed. Even the hire and the number I got today can't keep me up after last night. Will someone remind me I'm not 18 anymore next time I attempt this?

Feelin' Blue said...

I feel bad for all of the great young players and recruits at Michigan if the assistants go. Think about it: Donovan Warren, Guff, Mallett. I think that they must have known that Lloyd was on his way out though. I really hope that Ron English and the other assistants I mentioned stay in Ann Arbor.

When Beilein came, he kept some important recruiters from Amaker's staff. I think that RR will heed Beilein's example. I also think that RR wouldn't completely strip WVU of a coaching staff.

How strange is it for Ryan Mundy? He transferred to WVU and now his coach is leaving before the bowl game for Michigan.

srudoff said...

Good hire for you (wish you would have signed Miles) - two things to note though...

1. I hope Rodriguez fares as well against his rival at Michigan as he did against his rival (Pitt) at West Virginia

2. If the rumor that he told Pryor he was leaving before he told his players is true, that says all you need to know about the man.

whetstonebuck said...

Joshua, Thanks. When you're sober I'm buying.

Katie, I forgot to thank you for the X's & O's. Most appreciated.

Joshua said...

Hey everyone- it's Srudoff!!!!!!


Pryor said he talked to RR today about 10 am I believe, but that doesn't necessarily say anything about Rich Rod's character. Getting all of those people together at one time is logistics. Nice try though. As far as I'm concerned you guys should be shaking in your boots. 32-5 in the last three years? At West Virginia???! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Joshua said...

No problem Whets- I attempted comments pre-nap, but apparently 2 NFL games worth of beer and shots is more than I can take. Finally had to leave before I made an ass of myself and Kendra asked me to erase her number from my phone.

I'm so psyched by this hire it's crazy. Everyone's freaking out about Mallet, but I believe he ran a wide open offense in high school, and RR doesn't get where he is by being an idiot. And that's what he'd be to dismiss Mallett out of hand. That kid running a shotgun offense in Ann Arbor? Like I said before- be very afraid.

Joshua said...

And as an aside, if I'm West Virginia's AD I'm hiding my wife from Bill Martin. That's about the only thing left for him to take.

Katie said...

ewww, Joshua, not an image I wish to take to bed with me tonight!!!

Ok folks, I got a little carried away today. Goodness knows I am just glad to have the term over with, add the news about RR, and WHAM! One very happy Katie.

Now......Peace. :o)

Joshua said...

Katie, I had no mental image of my comment until you responded. Now I might need therapy.

And it's celebrations time people- I no longer have to fulfill my promised passing of the fowl.

Katie said...

One good turn deserves another! HA!

Damn, I had forgotten about my prediction, and now I don't get to see your greatest feat......damn the luck.

MGoBlue93 said...

Since there's a lot of speculation about RR's character (and I know nothing of it other than the anti-Michigan crowd being very quick to point it out before the ink is even dry on the contract)... I did read he had a wall of fame in WVU's football building for all players with 3.0 or better GPAs. No word if he'll put a countdown clock to the tOSU game in Schmbechler hall though ;)

There's also an article floating around about RR's wife getting death threats after the Pitt loss. Perhaps that made it easier to leave WVU? I don't know.

MGoBlue93 said...

Josh... rumor had it, when Mallet was having trouble with the exchanges this year, that Mallet had never been under center before. Apparently, he's always ran a shotgun offense.

Mallet's dad (BTW, when my kids get older, I hope they learn to speak for and make decisions by themselves -- right, Mrs. Legion?) was quoted today as saying that in this point in time his son isn't looking anywhere else. WTF is up with all these helicopter parents today?

I think Razorback nation is trying to stir up the same shit as they did last winter (although rumor is Mallet almost did transfer back then). Who would've thunk it? There's computers in Ar-Kansas!

Joshua said...

OMG- just read an article by RR's first qb back at Backwater State or wherever. Did you guys realize he's never had a recruiting class ranked higher than 26th? And now he's gonna have our talent? A possible Pryor-McGuffie backfield? This might be better than math-crazed supermodels.

and btw, via deadspin I found this.

If you're not prepared to laugh do not look at that site. It is hands down the funniest thing I've seen in years. Simply awesome.

And Katie, my greatest feat involves something much more fun than chickens. Hopefully I'll have a new witness to that fact soon, via a certain football loving young lady who's number I got today.

Joshua said...

Oh holy shit the Bill Clinton photo is great.

Katie said...

Women actually give you their number? LOL :P

zen wizard said...

I forgot--U. of M. alumni tip parking valets with $100 bills!

(Parking valets that went to MSU...)

$4-million just means they might have to have the Annual Caligula Party--I mean, Christmas Party--somewhere other than Dubai next year, and beef up there donation!

napp said...

Thanks for funding our athletic department. I hope you get what you deserve in this deal. Let me say this, not too many people are sad to see him go. With the way this was handled this year and last with Alabama, I was ready for him to go Friday night.

jay said...

funk that traitor, he is gonna leave Michigan High N' Dry as soon as a better offer comes down the sh!tworks - "In Rod U Suckle"

jay said...

We were ready to run him outta town after the Pitt debacle!

wvfan4ever said...

After reading through most of the posts here i can't help but to laugh. Those of you that think rod is such a good coach didn't watch the 2 games WV lost this year. White and slaton are our whole offensive and when they were both shut down during the south florida and pitt games MR.Rod had no idea what to do. He didn't even try anything different. He just kept running the ball and getting shut down at the line of scrimmage.White and slaton run on instinct which is something he don't control thank god. I am glad i don't have to watch him stand on our sideline and cry while he is loosing next year.Hopefully we will have some one in there that can buckle down and turn a game around when loosing.During the pitt game the coach on the crutches had the most will to win.(LOL) I see that some of the people in these posts can see whats comming.