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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Rich the Grinch?

New Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez did his best Donald Trump impression yesterday, firing all nine current Michigan assistant coaches.

While that's certainly his prerogative, I thought for sure a couple of the assistants would be retained. But none? Not even to keep a little continuity? Wow (According to the Detroit News article linked above, O-Line coach Steve Stripling may be rehired).

A house cleaning such as this really drives home that the Bo-Mo'-Lloyd Era at Michigan is no more. I can only hope that's a good thing.

UPDATE: Fred Jackson is being retained. This is very good in terms of keeping Sam McGuffie.


bubulldog said...

Does this scare anyone else? I know English's D wasn't great, but it was a hell of a lot better than any defense Rodriguez has ever had at WVU... I don't like it.

DaBraylon17 said...

i think this is exactly what the program needed. while by no means is UM "starting over," they are just getting a fresh start with new personnel?

maybe those ARE the same things. but i'm sure you guys understand what i mean.

they needed a whole new coach staff is what i'm saying. who better to get UM football in the 21st century than the guy who pretty much invented the spread and his coaches who know RR's system better than anyone?

Feelin' Blue said...

He might rehire some of the staff. I think that this might be standard protocol. Either way, I don't like it.

We need Fred Jackson and Scot Loeffler. They're great recruiters and they have developed some important players. Same with the WR coach. And Ron English is a great coordinator (I don't care what any of you say). We also need continuity. It's good for the tradition and easy for the players. Hopefully he'll have enough sense to rehire them.

ChicagoWolverine said...

Wow -- I'm really sad by this news. I'm concerned about what this does for our recruits like McGuffie who said they're excited to play with their respective assistant coaches.

srudoff said...

I heard that he called Pryor to tell him before he actually told the coaches.

Joshua said...

Amazed he let Freddie go, thought he'd keep him b/c of the McGuffie comments.

I don't see English staying on, but I agree, I think he's a good d-coordinator. The Stack is interesting, but I'd love to see our D as it was plus a little more of an attacking style (BRING IN TENUTA!!!) Just don't see it happening. There's an amazing article about the Stack floating around, it has like 19 diagrams in it or something, I'll post a link if i run across it. Seems versatile, but all the change is starting to shock my system.

Loeff always impressed me. Wish he'd never blown his shoulder out, that guy would've been an amazing QB, possibly Brady-ish. I think the he'll definitely land on his feet somewhere else, but I wonder what impact that'll have on Mallet.

Joshua said...

Sru, he called Pryor before he took the job, and before he told his players at WV. Timing thing I'm sure. Not sure why he'd be calling Pryor before anythiing about the assistants. That just smacks of talk-radio and interweb rumor.

srudoff said...

or sarcasm ;)

Katie said...

Sorry, no time to read all the comments. Please, can we not freak out about this? He said in his press conference that he would not retain anyone, and would possibly rehire. This is a new era, trust might be something that will help us get through it without jumping off the side of a building. The first step to rehire is to fire.......I for one would like to see some of the coaches rehired, but I am not the head coach, and I do not know what he needs in a staff. Anyway.....keeping calm might just be the thing to do here.

surrounded in columbus said...

Sorry, but I think this is GREAT! First, it's good for the fired assistants- if you're losing your job, far better to find out today so you can start looking now. Waiting two weeks would have helped none but R2.

Second, this staff has lost 14 games (& counting) in 4 seasons. Frankly, none deserve to be kept.

Finally, all this crying about "michigan tradition" is overwrought. If R2 didn't already have SOME feel for it, he would have stayed @ wvu OR taken the Bama job last year. He came here 'cause we're special.

You can read about Yost or Bo in a book. You can learn about the importance of academics from Martin. The "tradition" this staff knows- weak D, obvious play calling, & soft weight training? Who wants to keep that?

Nathan said...

As a WVU fan, just advising you to pray he does not bring the 3-3-5 stack with him.

whetstonebuck said...

"He came here 'cause we're special."

Finally, an explanation for the short, yellow team bus.

surrounded in columbus said...

Just remember- while you were sitting in class? I was on a "field trip" to the zoo. Eat your heart out.

Actually, R2 referenced Michigan being "special" several times during his presser.

And the 3-3-5 stack? WVU is ranked #4 in total D. We're #20something. I'll take my chances.

Joshua said...

Sru has a sarcasm bone, Duly noted.

Comment deleted.

Joshua said...

Nm, comment left for those who crave tradition and continuity.

Feelin' Blue said...

Fred Jackson is probably coming back. Yay!


Also, Paul Johnson let Tenuta go, so now one of the best DC's out there is on the market. RR better act on this.

Andy said...

Good news on the Jackson re-hire. Without him, McGuffie is wearing maroon and saying "howdy" in college station next year.

I am OK with everyone else going away for good (although I do like the thought of Ron English with a group of faster/stronger players).

This is a new era. Let's move on and give him a chance to pull us into the 21st century.

Jim said...

Straight from the horses mouth on the Mike Tirico Show just now. Jackson has already been re-hired.

Feelin' Blue said...

Now RR just has to keep Erik Campbell, and we're all set.

Ron English, Szabo, and/or Loeffler wouldn't hurt either.

srudoff said...

WV was #4 in total defense, playing mostly Big East schools...

zen wizard said...

They don't call him "Dick Rod" because he holds up the shower curtain for ya!

(Actually, let's cancel that mental image, shall we??)

TitleIX said...

It's kinda sad, you guys. The football complex feels like a funeral home. Not only is all the equipment and stuff being packed up (on like 3 semis)for the bowl game, but the staff is also packing their offices up.....
How can you prepare for a bowl game knowing that after that you have no job, no office, no where to go to work with all your buds for the past 10+ years etc?
Coach Jackson is the only one left standing. How awkward for him right now, given that everyone else is leaving?

And I worry about what we all know as "the tradition". While it's true you can read it in a book and "talk story" with others, unless you lived it, it's hard to respect, appreciate, and FEEL it.
It's like the mom and pop company just got bought out by the big corporate entity....might be better for business, but the whole "feel" of the place will be off.
new faces.
new culture.
no direct ties to the institutional memory.

i dunno, maybe i'm too nostalgic, but i think we are failing to realize the complete culture change that is coming.....

lane said...

once again, tingly tingly feelings all over!!!


Andy said...


I heard they are putting up a new sign:

Those that are left will be Champions...

This was to be expected. How many of Bump Elliott's coaches stayed on for the 1969 season ?

Coach Carr knew what he was doing when he got all his coaches 2 year contracts last year. He knew what he was doing when he decided to retire in November rather than wait until after the bowl. They are all grown men and will find new gigs.

Although I think this will have a murderous effect on their bowl performance - It is time to try something new.

TitleIX said...

yep, it's the girl in me....guess I can't REALLY hang with the boys

I was just pointing out the human aspect of things, sheez. ;-)

Andy said...

This is business. BIG business.

Failure (like we saw this season) means there will be changes.

It sucks to fire people. But sometimes it is necessary to move the organization forward. By all indications he did it as professionally as possible.

Once things are back on track with a win against Ohio State, a Big 10 title, and (sigh) a National Championship, all this will be forgotten.

lane said...

andy, you forgot cold fusion & the meaning of life.

whetstonebuck said...

Eeew, Andy,

You're looking at 0-3 there.

Maybe when Miles arrives.

(poking the bear today)

Joshua said...

I have no doubt that The Sweatervest is now an Ohio state guy through and through. I'm sure Lloyd and a great many Michigan Men will be around in an effort to remind these guys of the M tradition, and before we know it they'll have become Michigan Men themselves. If not, well, Les will be available I'm sure, as this won't be a mistake made twice (though I'm thoroughly excited by the prospect of Ninja Football and expect it won't be a mistake).

With their resumes I fully expect the assistants to have new jobs come fall, (and a double paycheck to boot) so there'll be new offices and new players to be taught. The colors may change, but it's really the passion we all crave anyway; the smell of the air in late fall, the sound of the pads and the roar of the crowd, taunting Whets, and the feel of a flask in your back pocket. Just be careful of those flasks, or you might be taunting it and have the feel of Whets in your back pocket- and no one wants that!

PS- WTF happened to Navy? And when are you guys road-tripping to E.L.? Watching football in the presence of so many Spartans is having a scary effect on my psyche, like losing might be acceptable or something.

surrounded in columbus said...

Before the '05 season, SI described us the most surprisingly successful incestious program in sports. Bo made assistants into head coaches. Lloyd made 'em into lifers.for the younger guys, getting out of Lloyd's mediocre system & learning new things other places is the best thing that will ever happen to them.

I realize there's a human side to change. But isn't thatthe human side of losing? You lose to App St? How in the hell can you say you should be heldover?

Is there anyone here, if their track record @ their jobs were equivalent to this staff's over the last 7 years, who would expect to still have their job?
And as for the long term effects on "culture", let's remember how we got it.
Let's all go & read "Bo" again. Listen to him talk about the early days after his hiring,how everyone shuddered @ the changes he made, how he was told "his way" would never work in A2.

Think about how "those who stay..." came to be in the first place (it wasn't because players were threatening to stay in the face of his changes, was it?), and let's reflect that THIS is how Bo did it.

That's part of Bo's legacy, too.

surrounded in columbus said...

And tosu's #1 ranked D came against???

Seriously, when 8-4 Michigan is the "best" team you beat, your ranking isn't anymore impressive than WVU's (maybe less- the Big Easy features more impressive O's than the Big Ten).

whetstonebuck said...

And tosu's #1 ranked D came against???"

Why, Mighty Mike, of course.

This year it was more impressive. Just ask him.

TitleIX said...

SiC --
excellent point re: those who stay and its origins.
for the psych majors in the crowd, clearly the ego is holding on desperately to the past.

Andy, you are right, business is business and anyone in coaching knows the risks going in.

I was touched by the feelings and skepticism expressed by those on their way to other opportunities....

I need some healing.
KATIE??? (and anyone else)

David Beckham
Tom Brady???

srudoff said...

sic - you're missing my point - the big east teams minus wvu averaged 2914 passing yards per team and 1805 rushing yards. the big ten teams minus osu averaged 2740 passing yards per team and 2065 rushing yards.

my point was that the 3-3-5 works better against passing teams with the extra dback but is succeptible to the run. the big ten loves to run. therefore the 3-3-5 most likely will not lead to a #4 ranking for a big ten team.

Katie said...

Awww T9, I too felt the pull on my heart strings when I read about Campbell, I felt very sad, I am sure that coaching at Michigan was a true dream to him.

I did find this for you T9, maybe it will console you just a bit, it sure sparked something in me!!!


Joshua said...

Educate yourself about the Stack here. Tremendous article featuring 17 different diagrams. A veritable football geekfest!

Joshua said...

Girls, can't you just love us for our minds?

Damn, I almost pulled that off with a straight face.

surrounded in columbus said...

Sru, ok- THAT actually is a good point (careful- you're beginning say reasonable things, which I find suspicious). However, I'm going to take it on faith that he'll watch some film before he preps for Wisco. He's well known for flexibility & adaptation. Besides, we've been torched so horribly by spread teams & passing, I'm willing give anything a try.

Didn't mean to be quite so Grinch like, but a day of xmas shopping & not being able to find anything that isn't red & grey has left me ill tempered. Also, 20 years of living amongst the heathens have left me cold hearted.

And the 13 year old daughter says definitely Tom. Says Beckham is as over as the Spice Girls!

TitleIX said...

Katie and SiC--
regarding Tom and Xmas: "wrap it up, I'll take it!"

gonna check out the Stack joshua, thx
Thought you all would LOVE anything stacked, no??
corned beef.
line backers......

TitleIX said...

who's watchin' the deuce??

TAWeer said...

You guys will get your fill of RR all too soon.

TAWeer said...

You guys will get to know RR all too well over the years.

Joshua said...

Boobs are great, but overrated. I'm more of a leg man myself. And long, elegant necks, Audrey style. And small of the back.

SIC, 20 years??!! In that Mad Max replica of a town? No thanks, you're a better man than I.

Joshua said...

Hey everybody look, it's another West Virginia troll!!!!

Say "hi West Virginia troll"!!!!

Funny how everyone over there loved R2 until he lost to Pitt and decided to leave for greener pastures. Maybe I should repost my letter.

TitleIX said...

ok--back to the 3-3-5 stack.
as I understand it, the linebackers are KEY as they have to be able to read on the fly and check into the coverage based on what the backs are doing and where the wide-outs are. If a linebacker is too slow, or over-perues...BIG yards.
And, the DBs behind them have to play man???

with our current personnel?
how on earth are we gonna succeed on that one???

let's run some scenarios...
I-back set: full back clears the first linebacker thru and tail back hits the hole, who's there to cover behind him???
Play action pass: linebackers bite, DBs get juked, bang bang your dead.

ya need fast, strong, smart linebackers for this to work, right??
and lightening fast DBs that can make up difference in case they get smoked or cover the hole the LB left in front of them....

Am I getting this right???

TitleIX said...

isn't the 3-3-5 just a morphed Cover 2???? right, I mean the linebacker drops back into that 'soft' zone behind the zebra and waits.

so, if you are watching the Memphis/FAU game, what defensive schedule is Memphis using??

Joshua said...

ARGH! can't watch, just listening.

I was thinking your strong safeties were key, and acted like db/lb hybrids. Not unlike Troy Polamalu. They have to be fast enough to cover a back coming out of the backfield or blitz, and strong enough to contain and be able to defend against the run. Seems to me it's versatile in being able to play zone or man, you definitely cannot have many missed assignments or your screwed.

Joshua said...

And you're definitely right in the need for fast, smart, strong LBs. It seems to me this defense has been created out of necessity much like the wacko ninja offense, and depends on guys being able to cover their "spot" on the field, disrupt the play and other guys flying to the ball. If we don't learn how to tackle better we're given up 40 pts a game easy.

TitleIX said...

or missed tackles....

apparently Memphis had a stack defense but they fired the guy 3 games in and now they have the standard 4 linemen set. (at least that's what I thought I heard from the announcers)

I can see how the safeties would be key too--and allow for all that flexibility.

maybe it will work!?

Joshua said...

Lol, and I think you may have scared some of the guys away with your analysis. Haven't heard a girl talk football like that since a friend of mine who had two brothers play linebacker at Florida State. Watching her tear guys apart at the bar was a riot.

I'm still voting for a more aggressive version of our current D. Come on, please?!!!!

TitleIX said...

just don't ask me to do math....

I agree about our aggressive D as it stands right now---to my simple eyes it looks like it shifts from the pro-set cover 2, in and out of a modified 3-3 thingy.

When I used to go to Coach Carr's Women's Football Academy, a number of us begged for a film session. Our window of opportunity may have closed....

TitleIX said...

and by the way---
FAU is DESTROYING Memphis with a well-executed pro-set offense with a full back and a tail back and (get this!) a tight end who can catch!?
Can anyone say PATRIOTS ????

or us in the good ol days???

Joshua said...

"...If we don't learn how to tackle better we're given up 40 pts a game easy."

"...or missed tackles."

Dead on sister.

Joshua said...

"When I used to go to Coach Carr's Women's Football Academy, a number of us begged for a film session."

Now there's something you don't hear every day. Ok, fess up- you're really Bo's long lost illegitimate daughter aren't you. With such access I figure you have to be....

And I'm really ticked about not getting to see the game- no ESPN, no one's streaming it, and I've got a tournament starting in a few which means no bar tonight for me!

Katie said...

I would love to do a women's football camp!

No football here tonight, Jeff Dunham on the comedy channel. My boys don't like CFB (wtf?) They only like pro and it is a re run of the Miami/New England game on the NFL channel. I used to be in charge of the remote control.......

Katie said...

My kids have the Big Ten Network!!! I might need to visit them next season for away games *evil grin*. They are reviewing the bowl games this morning. Pretty cool channel actually.

They also did a piece on R2 firing all of the coaches and were sane about it!

surrounded in columbus said...

Forget boobs, long legs, or smalls of the back. There's nothing sexier than listening to suzie kolber or T9 talking X's & O's.
Now if we could only watch as the girls diagram/break down film w/ the telestrater...

TitleIX said...

Thanks for the huge complement SiC.
Coulda shoulda woulda been a sports reporter had I known better!

Speaking of...Jim Carty has a piece in today's A2 news which I found slightly bizarre. He too talked about the human side of all these firings, but the necessary reality of it (I SWEAR the guy steals our stuff, that or we all should be getting paid!!) but then he makes it personal and talks obtusely about some of the folks whom he won't miss but wishes well anyway.....

UH, hey, JIMBO?

Gawd he incenses me....
write 'em a letter, or pick up the phone and call them but don't use your column as a platform for your egocentric shit...
oh, wait, it's Jim Carty--what was I thinking??

Joshua said...

True my friend. I tell you I'll find (or found) a stock market/football channel yet.

T9, you don't have to do math, you had me at "I-back set:". lol. And Carty has an ego, but he's a columnist not an indifferent vessel delivering facts. At least he's no Drew Sharp.

I don't understand why everyone freaked about the BTN- (I have a tremendous "societal theory" about it, but that's for later days.) The coverage is great. You can flip back and forth between every game in the big 10 (and so can recruits) so it makes for a more knowledgeable football fan and a more well-informed recruit. They have a hot sideline reporter (though she'll never overtake girl next door hottie Erin Andrews) who is destined to be involved in the next Rich Eisen bikini email scandal. They have entire shows devoted to Big ten sports. In the off season you can see Wolverines basketball games that would never be shown on tv otherwise, and can someone please tell me the last time they were able to watch a Wolverine baseball game without being in A2? Try never.

Plus, Dish and Direct tv are less expensive than Comcast (yes, you have to sign a contract, but you also do that with a phone. Since I'm the only person any of you know who's recently sold everything they own and moved to a tropical island I don't see this being a problem for you.) Internat access can be handled easily via a cell carrier for the same amount. Weather interruptions: they are extremely rare anymore, the technology is light years ahead of where it was 5 years ago, as with anything. So I just never got the big uproar. I know in your case you had to have a large amount of insurance, but I think if you rent you'd find it costing about $15 a month and it's something you shouldn't be without anyway.

The real issue is Comcast wanting all the extra money for when the SEC, Big 12, Pac-10 and everyone else follows suit. It's precedent.

So anyway, I'm glad you like it. Consider yourself enlightened. So many people have made a judgment based on what they hear in the media, and that drives me nuts. Think for yourselves people!

Katie said...

I thought I was the only one that thought Carty was an ass...LOL! Thanks for the heads up on his article, I will be sure to avoid it!

And, your X's and O's talks turn me on too! (and I don't swing that way...LOL) :P

TitleIX said...

thanks for clarifying that Katie--lest they all start clamoring for girl on girl telestrations....

Katie said...

Joshua, I have hated Comcast for a long time, long before the Big Ten Network, so I have always laid more blame on Comcast in this whole fiasco.

As for the Insurance (are you the one that sells insurance?) I do have renters insurance, it costs me $35 a month however, maybe I do need to call whoever it was that sells insurance, and that is mandatory to live in my complex. They said that in addition to that, I also needed to have additional insurance to have a dish. There is not one dish at this complex, so I am assuming that it just is not feasible. I am assuming that the insurance is for major property damage if say, Lightening should strike the dish?? I really have no clue, I just know I am stuck with Comcast and not too happy about it.

Katie said...

LOL@T9, which is exactly why I clarified that comment, I could see it coming!

Joshua said...

Who's to say that'll stop us from clamoring?

Katie said...

LOL@Joshua, I am sure nothing could stop guys from clamoring for said activity, I think that is referred to as delusional. :o)

You are the one that left me a message about insurance and I have your phone number....I could really make trouble for you! *evil grin*

Joshua said...

Hey now! Maybe that's a fake number. To a, uh, other insurance company...one where I don't work. Yeah, that's it!

Just trying to help a girl out who wanted to watch her Wolverines. :)

Katie said...

LOL....be afraid, be very afraid!

Teasing, I may call you though after the holidays and get a quote, I think I am paying too much.

TitleIX said...

>threadjack to McCheaty Sweatervest<

check out the new report on ESPN

seems along with exercise equipment ol' cheaty pants takes his players on trips as well, based on his good intentions and understanding of the rules.

Is Tressel an idiot that he doesn't understand the NCAA RULES?
or does he just ignore them?
or is someone giving him really bad advice???
or just he just not bother to check?
NCAA compliance is the #1 thing that schools talk about.
witness the guide that comes with our football tix.
witness the multitude of classes/seminars the athletes have to take
witness the previous debacle with rules, the NCAA, and tOSUs basketball team.
You'd think that they'd have some snoop-dog all over this down there.

FIRE your compliance officer guys, or buy Tressel a rulebook.


Katie said...

The compliance officer is the one that caught it and reported it. Albeit reporting it as smoozing for future donors *rolls eyes*

Joshua said...

T9, you really need to learn how to form an opinion. Such a wilting flower that one.

Ok, and not to beat a dead horse, but well, damn, i'm gonna beat it! I have a source i would trust to marry my sister who says Les is pissed. Apparently he told Martin he'd take the job after their bowl game.

Yes, I know, we have a coach,(btw Source says he'd bet NC for us within 5 yrs. Loves the hire.) but this is for shits and giggles, so whatever. Two scenarios play out here: If R2 somehow lays a massive egg and gets fired inside of 5 years there will be no search, it'll be Les. (Provided he doesn't lay an egg as well during that time). OR: Les regrets this decision until the day he dies. He had his chance at his dream job and blew it. Interesting either way.

Jimbo Fisher might be interested in WV according to ESPN, btw.

TitleIX said...

I don't do stupidity very well.....

Man-love, Hunk alert
Tom Brady on 60 minutes tomorrow night.

My bet is that MSC told Les to take a leap after he pulled all that news conference crap in the middle of negotiations. INTEGRITY issue. How can you trust a guy who is talking up a huge storm about how he wants to be here, sending emmisaries, working numbers etc on the one hand and then publically, um, for lack of a better term, lying on the other????

that doesn't fly with MSC. No amount of begging by Les would have changed her mind.


is this horse cut up into dog food yet???

Joshua said...

Hmm, the replay of the interview from a few years ago? That's my entire basis for the idea Tom'll be president some day. If it's a new one, well, sweet. I'll have to call my friend who turned him down in school because he was "cocky" and let her know. She's never gonna live that one down.

As for Barbaro, word is he thought they had a deal and was blindsided by the R2 hiring. Don't really care much anymore (b/c Ninja Football's here bitches!!!!), but it's interesting to me- both as a writer and just as a curious person- the way we live our lives and the consequences of choices we make.

whetstonebuck said...


Ol' J.T. is a real criminal. His biggest crime is encouraging young people for doing well. Hang him. We can't have any of that going on.

So, he's on the lookout for donors. I think we've already established the fact that college football is a business. I'd be disappointed if he wasn't keeping his ear to the ground (weren't there some issues about donors, etc. surrounding RR's flight from Morgantown?).

You want to argue that he should know better? Go for it. Not much mileage in that debate. Everyone should know better.

Maybe he does know better and doesn't care. That would be interesting.

Maybe he’s just stupid. Yeah, go with that one…

I sure don't know what he thinks or how he views the tension between taking care of his people and walking the tightrope the NCAA puts out there.

Maybe he's just a gambler and plays the "it's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission card" knowing it’s not worth the NCAA’s time to investigate and he accomplishes his mission. The real skill there is knowing how often you can play that card.

If he gets the University in trouble I'm sure he'll suffer for his actions and as a bonus you all can break out the torches and pitchforks. Until then, I would recommend keeping an eye on your new coach and his hillbilly buds. Talking too boldly can backfire. Even Rachel Ray can't make crow taste good.

Katie said...

The Horror is on the BIg Ten Network right now. I am a masochist and watching it!

Joshua said...


You already know my take on college coaching and the job they have. Thought the idea was a good one, rewarding academics. Wish I would get a trip for coloring inside the lines!! (Ok, couldn't resist) Seems everyones just a bit testy around here lately- pre-holiday stress or what?


Katie said...

Whoa, you might be right Joshua, it was all good until about mid way through the 2nd quarter, I remember what happened prior to halftime.......do I want to relive the last 51 seconds of this half? I feel the life being sucked out of me.........

AUmadman said...

Found something I figured fellow UM fans would get a huge kick out of. I hate Notre Lame as much as the next guy, but this takes the cake. Check out this shirt at http://www.wideleftwear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=ND%2D3OUT

surrounded in columbus said...

That sucked. The list of ncaa transgressions under his regime stretches back 20 yesrs to his YSU.

Go ahead tosu fans- drag out the usual excuses. Nobody but you believe them.

Joshua said...

OMFG. Three and Out Jesus. That's the best thing ever.

BajanBlu said...

"girl on girl telestrations..."

As Jessica Simpson said: I don't know what that is, but I wanit.

whetstonebuck said...

That sucked. The list of ncaa transgressions under his regime stretches back 20 yesrs to his YSU."


Maybe you're right. I'm not J.T.'s apologist (sounds like I am though). Criticism is fine.

I suppose his priorities and discipline philosophy are different than other programs. If he's as bad as some say, I would think someone from the NCAA would be watching his every move.

If he plays with too much fire he'll get burned and that's the way it should be. You play you pay. I'm not here to excuse his actions. As I made plain, I have no idea how he thinks or does what he does.

I think I react to what appears to me to be outright irrational hatred for the man. I just don't understand that mentality.

I'll pick on Mikey for his big mouth, but I sure as hell don't hate him and never will.

Life's too short to blow an artery over this stuff. I think I'll just avoid this subject from now on. No joy.

Merry Christmas to all.

Katie said...

Whets, You are a good man. I think sometimes college football brings out deep passion in people. Certainly hating anyone is not a good thing to do. I do value integrity to a large degree, so to know that some one seemingly intentionally rides the line on rules to see just how far he can push it, with whatever good motives he may or may not have, it is slightly irritating. I hope beyond hope that R2 has integrity about these things, I do not want to see it happening at Michigan. I understand though what is under your skin about this, and I think you are right to a large degree. You are a good voice of reason often! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

surrounded in columbus said...

1st, having 3 kids between 13 & 16, the word "sucked" gets used a lot. it doesn't carry the same level "harshness" or condemnation for me (or most anyone under 20) than it may for others, particularly those more grown up.

2nd, switzer's tosu teams have had multiple ncaa problems w/ claret, smith, and now this. lauding the integrity, honesty, and moral fiber of somebody who has an obvious issue w/ following rules that everyone else follows? not likely to garner a friendly reaction. most people would find the two positions contradictory. tosu fans don't. that's their issue.

3rd, no one, especially myself, is blowing any artery, but i appreciate the concern. as mentioned, saying something "sucked" is simply saying it's wrong or incorrect.

it's your inalienable right as an american, and a tosu fan, to suck. actually, we michigan fans expect it from tosu fans.

you go ahead and keep on sucking.

god bless us, everyone.

Katie said...

SIC, Indeed, "suck" has a much different meaning in today's world than it did in "our generation". Even the F bomb is far more acceptable today than it was "back in the day". I always enjoy your take on things, Merry Christmas to you and your family as well, oh, and the puppy too! (I am so glad you have kept him, I just want to rub noses with him every time I see your post!

Katie said...

PS, I am out for the day, so you all behave and try not to have too much fun while I am away! ;o)