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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Quick Note on My Blogging Schedule

Sorry blogging was so sporadic last week but apparently real life doesn't give a shit about my hobby. Rat farts!

Anyhoo, hope to be back to normal this week. If not, blame The Man...whoever that is to you.


Maize said...

Rat farts are your hobby?

how do you get them to sit still while you sniff their butts? :P

TitleIX said...

perhaps the rats are the object farted???

zen wizard said...

The earliest reference to the phrase, "The Man" I can find is Benjamin Disraeli--and blaming him for a blog interruption would require very tenuous logic.

goat7ed said...

maybe it was background noise?
(pan in from left...a blogger pensively muses, then types)
"Sorry blogging was so sporadic last week but apparently real life doesn't give a shit about my hobby"
(rat farts!)
(Yost contemplates the bilious vermin, smiles to himself imagining the rat with a buckstache, and continues...)
"Anyhoo, hope to be back to normal this week ..."

Andy said...

I blame Kirk Herbstreit.

Although some would argue that he isn't really a "man"... and technically, (well, up until this weekend) he still had never done anything to beat Michigan.

1989 Michigan 28 Ohio State 18
1990 Michigan 16 Ohio State 13
1991 Michigan 31 Ohio State 3
1992 Michigan 13 Ohio State 13

Katie said...

Oh snap! Andy, nice one!

Yost, nice to see you back, I do hope the rat farts stay to a minimum for you :o)

Joshua said...

You could actually make an argument for Herbi helping Cooper keep his job by playing us to a tie in 92. Therefore, he's responsible for many more M wins than that. Perhaps we'll eventually thank him for his role in the Miles fiasco.