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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Please don't blow this...

The Detroit Free Press is reporting (via Rivals.com) that new head coach Rich Rodriguez has yet to contact Michigan uber-recruit RB Sam McGuffie.

"I really don't know what's going on," McGuffie told Rivals.com. "I haven't talked to coach Rodriguez yet or anything so I'm just kind of chilling and waiting to hear from him."

Yet while he waits, it seems others aren't. McGuffie has apparently been contacted by new A&M coach Mike Sherman and UCLA - even though they don't even have a coach yet!

Uh, Rich, please put this at the top of your "to do" list. Stat.


DaBraylon17 said...

i thought recruits were not allowed to be contacted right now? "dead period?"

Joshua said...

While I've never been as impressed with "The Matrix" as all the rest of the world seems to be, the kid does seem to have great skills. Seems to me Sam would be the perfect Ninjaback. I thought he'd fit in better with R2's offense than Lloyd's (and that he'd be excited about it), but he said a lot of what he decided to do would depend on what happened with Freddie Jackson. I think we're screwed.

SIC, did you see where'd I put the Scotch and Xanax?

Aside: Wasn't "The Matrix" the nickname given to Shawn Marion of the Phoenix Suns? Pilfering nicknames is like Giving Yourself a Nickname 2.0. Like Ladanian using LT. come on dude, you're better than that.

srudoff said...

dead period means calls only - no visits.

Katie said...

He has been the head coach for what, days now? Give him a chance. (Yes McGuffie is important and yes, he should have contacted him.) I am not prepared for another melt down of the fan base...LOL.

Joshua said...


(Upside down margaritas, of course. Regular margaritas being imbibed by a straight man when not in mexico, attending a cinco de Mayo fiesta, or strategically used in the hopes that the hot blonde will let her guard down b/c you're drinking margaritas and thus like dudes, well, that's just ghay. Yes, ghay with an "h".)

TitleIX said...

i thought you like brunettes????



Joshua said...

For Brunettes you have to go way over the top, they're more wiley. Plus, I prefer brunettes, but never ruled the blondes out. Try and keep up!

Katie said...

I thought the same thing T9, I thought he liked brunettes! Men!! A girl just never understands exactly what they want, and then you find out that they only wanted you for sex!

Bring on the Margaritas! (inside, upside down, who the hell cares, make mine a double though!) Or just skip the margarita mix and do tequila body shots!

zen wizard said...

C'mon! The guy needs to turn on his cable, return the U-Haul, and meet with the Welcome Wagon first!!