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Monday, December 03, 2007

Michigan vs. Florida: First Thoughts

Don't be fooled - there's a lot more on the line when Michigan squares off against Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators on January 1st in the Capitol One Bowl in Orlando than sending Lloyd Carr off with a victory.

Much more.

Like Ohio State's chance at redemption a few days later in the BCS title game, the game against the Gators is an opportunity for Michigan not only to salvage its 2007 season but a chance to prove that the Mighty Gators - and by extention, the SEC - aren't.

This second tier bowl featuring an unranked 8-4 Michigan squad is a statement game. Make no mistake about it.

A spanking by Florida will not only erode the perception of U-M's football fortunes in the eyes of the Maize and Blue faithful, but such a loss would go a long way in solidifying the view among college football fans around the country that Michigan, while the winningest program of all time, simply isn't among the nation's elite when talking football as it's played in 2007.

So get ready, team. Practice hard. And play like the former UT Invitation means something.

Because it does.


Oh Yeah said...

Dear Michigan-

Please, please. please kick the shit out of Florida. I will personally sing "Hail to the Victors" as soon as you shove that ball down Urban Cryers throat! (But I may have to go brush my teeth afterwards. ;)

Crazy Joe said...

Michigan defense vs Tim Tebow...Michigan will be lucky to beat the UF-OSU spread (27).

Oh, and I thought last year's bowl results proved Michigan DIDN'T belong in the championship game.

Steve said...

a Buckeye posting here, hoping you guys triumphantly sing Hail to the Victors over the too-fast-for-scientific-measurement SEC. This might actually be the game where Crable's unrestrained murderous impulses come in handy; walloping Tim Tebow might actually behoove me to buy a Michigan shirt.

beast in 'bama said...

It's all about the matchups.

I cringed for you guys when I saw the Michigan-Florida matchup. They've got a lot of weapons that give you problems - namely speed to burn at wideout and a versatile QB who can run and throw effectively. Florida's secondary is subject to multiple flameouts, however. For Michigan to win, Manningham's got to have a BIG game.

Wisconsin got a great SEC matchup for them (again) in Tennessee.

The only other Big 10/11-SEC matchup is Ohio St. vs. LSU, and that one's pretty even.

Unfortunately for me, the only Big 12 vs. Big 10 matchups are ho-hums: Aggies vs. Penn St. and Indiana vs. Okie Lite. I can't root against Indiana this year - they've been through too much - and anything Aggie turns my stomach. Why can't we have a meaningful bowl matchup with the Big 10 outside the occasional BCS game?

Mikoyan said...

I would like to see the Wolverines beat the Gators (Duh!). I think with a healthy Henne and Hart they have a shot.

Crock said...

Just ordered my tickets for the game (Michigan athletic site still had some) and I am going to Orlando. I'm so excited - never been to a bowl game.

This has all the makings of a great game. I can't wait - getting to see Coach Carr, Henne, Hart, & Long in their last Michigan game.

And, I'll be attending with my brother and 8 year old nephew - what is better than that? Oh, a Michigan Victory!!! Go Blue!!!

Bigasshammm said...

Being realistic here I really don't see MI as having a chance in this game. FL will run the spread offense and although MI will shutdown the receivers to a point it will only leave Tebow to run rampant all over them. And what is it with MI always playing in bowl games that might as well be home games for the opposing team. Everytime they play in the Rose Bowl it's USC. Now they play in the Capital One bowl in Florida against Florida no less. What a waste. Last year's Rose Bowl made me sick because it was about 85% USC fans.

Maize said...

Chances are that Florida is going to do a "Dexter" on Michigan.

But isn't it hilarious that Carr is playing his last game against one of the best spread offense teams in the nation?

It would also be quite fun to see Crable take out Tebow when Tebow is running the ball.

I can see the headlines now

"Crable takes out Heisman Winner to help Carr win his last game."

Bigasshammm said...

Crable will wind up in jail within the next 3 years if he plays in the NFL. All that money + that big head of his + his gangster spirit = Mike Vick like atrocities.

Dennis Dixon of Oregon should still win the Heisman blown knee or not. It clearly showed how good he was when after he went out his team was unable to win another game. Before that they were in the National title picture and I really wanted them to win it actually. They were an electric team much like Hawaii.

TitleIX said...

you don't know JACK about Shawn Crable....

he's no hoodlum


MGoBlue93 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MGoBlue93 said...

Using the unscientific method of judging sentiment on ESPN forums, Michigan has already lost that respect nationally.

Yeah, the ESPN forums are polluted with trolls, larpers (saw that term on Beauty and the Geek) and D & D players but there are already a couple o thousand comments about the Citrus Bowl and the game is several days away.

If that sentiment is true, there should be absolutely no pressure on Michigan. This is a trap game for Florida and it's theirs to screw up. If Michigan wins, then it will be a pretty big upset. If Michigan loses, they were expected to do so.

Michigan has at times this season confused teams with the no huddle and going vertical. Of course, when the other team is on their heels, DeBord lets them off the hook by repeatedly running Hart into the line.

Michigan has a chance if they throw deep and throw often.

Crock... have fun. Wear your Maize and Blue proud!

MaizeandBlueinValpo said...

If they play the way they played the last game then they have no chance in hell. I have a better chance winning a gun battle with a pocket knife. Hopefully, everyone will be healthy, focused and ready to go. Has anyone heard anything about Chad's shoulder?

Feelin' Blue said...

If Michigan prepares and doesn't just craft a shitty Debord plan, it can win. If the plan is "run, run, incomplete pass," then the Michigan AD must read the writing on the wall that Debord hates Michigan football and must go.

To the coaching staff: believe and invest in the team. Don't give up on them just because they haven't played in a while and craft a one-dimensional gameplan. It will embarrass us.

Joe said...

Can UM defend against the spread? Can UM stop Tebow? On the ground? Through the air? I dunno. But this should be a very good game.

Go Gators!
(I just threw up a little)

IamCris said...

Lloyd Carr is 2-0 vs Urban Meyer. That's the first thought.

Healthy Hart (35+ rushes) and a healthy Henne might be enough with a couple of deep routes to Manningham FTW. That's the second thought.

Thoughts after that became negative, so I won't share those.

njbleednmaizenblue said...

Ok, I think the way this year has gone for us and the crap the big ten has taken from the SEC (Special Eduction Conference) supporters, this is the year we all support every team that is playing against and SEC team. ARGH, even you to OSU, it is time to kick butt.

Ron said...

Disclaimers: 1) I am a UF alum. 2)I am not a Big Ten fan. 3) I live in Michigan.

I respect the fact that both conferences have rich traditions and history, but I think that *at this time* in history, UF (and the SEC) is more competitive than UM (and the Big Ten).

I think parity in college football is a good thing. It generates excitement because lesser programs sometimes win over mightier opponents. And the fact that members of these two conferences have a tendency to beat up on each other can be perceived as one conference is mediocre or that the entire conference is competitive.

Anyway, I dismiss the misconception that either opponent can be taken lightly. There's too much pride and tradition on the line. That said, I'll take UF by 14.

daceybigblue said...

I'm live in Florida with my friends and I'm tired of hearing about how Florida's is going to whipe the floor with Michigan.I can't what to show my true blue fan hood after reading the paper's headline's like wheres Tebow or upset Michigan kills Florida in a "sure fire blowout."