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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Les Miles to LSU: Michigan and I are just friends

Was reading over on MGoBlog about Les Miles' latest press statement denying he's interested in/thought about/ever even heard of Ann Arbor so why would he care about the Michigan head coaching vacancy. Here's the text...

BATON ROUGE -- LSU football coach Les Miles issued the following statement on Tuesday regarding the conversation he had with Michigan last week:

“I had a conversation with Michigan last week that covered a wide range of topics. I was doing nothing more than helping them with their search for a football coach, just as any loyal alumnus might do. It was nothing more than that.

“I’m not a candidate for that job and I will not be a candidate for the job. I was only assisting them in their search for a coach. I have a great job at a wonderful place, a place that my family calls home. It’s time that Michigan goes on with their search for a football coach. I’ll say it again, I’m going to be the coach at LSU next season.”

Oh brother. Is anybody buying this?

"I was doing nothing more than helping them with their search for a football coach, just as any loyal alumnus might do. It was nothing more than that."

Somebody doth protest too much (and hold way too many press conferences and issue way too many press statements for something he's not interested in).

Is it just me or is Les starting to sound like a guy who just got caught by his new girlfriend hanging out with his old girlfriend?

"What's the big deal, LSU? We were just talking. I swear. Michigan and I are just friends. That's it. She just needed some dating advice. She's going through a rough time right now. Remember I told you about that Greg guy who blew her off? What a dick. So I was just, you know, helping her find somebody else. Like any old boyfriend would do. As a friend. A platonic friend. And that's it. I swear. Just friends. Because I don't even like her anymore. I love you, LSU. Only you. Honest."

Gee, can't wait for his next press conference which should be in, oh, about five or six minutes.


Joshua said...

I'm telling you, the longer we hear nothing coming out of Ann Arbor, the more viable he is as a candidate. If we get to the bowl game w/out an announced hire it's a done deal. Though I will not bet any farm animals coming out of my ass on that.

Joshua said...

It would appear that Chris Spielman agrees with me.

...........about the Miles thing anyway. No comment one way or another on farm animals.

Joshua said...

here's some good news.
Looks like he's not sold on the Buckeyes.

And Yost, hope you don't mind me linking to some reading material for people. Insomnia+poker = me posting a lot and not making it to the gym tomorrow morning. Figured the least i can do is be productive for other people.

Misha said...

Friends can easily turn into friends with benefits. Friends with benefits can easily turn into the two being joined at the hip. But it takes time.

TitleIX said...

Spielman has been hit in the head way too many times.

Chuck said...

He's not coming. But Brady Hoke is. Excuse me while I take a cyanide pill.

surrounded in columbus said...

so, here's my moral dilemma question of the day- which can we learn to live with? les "nick saban double talking" miles??? or brady "straight shooting will coach for food" hoke???

yeah, yeah, yeah. we're all hoping for that third option, but if it came down to one or the other???

seriously- brady hoke???

surrounded in columbus said...

BTW- Orson/TSN has a pretty funny outsiders view of our little drama:

funny & true

whetstonebuck said...

Pryor sounds like another Jimmy C. from N.D.

Good luck to whomever gets him.

Out of Conference said...

Why would Les want to get back with his old girlfirend when she's just a good, moral, upstanding girl. While she provides a steady (but not excessive amount) of action, she only likes it missionary style, not a super-freak like LSU who's willing to throw that funky stuff at you and "bang like a screen door in a hurricane" (HT BiB).

Bigasshammm said...

This whole coaching dispute is a disaster for MI. Everyone in the country knew that LLoyd was retiring they should have easily had a list of names to pick from. If it does end up being Les then more power to him since this restructured contract of his gives him an 800K bonus when he stomps tosu. I'll give even bigger props to MI if they played a hand in orchestrating that contract extension in the hopes that the then 800K will be put towards the 1.25 Mill they will have to dish out to take him from LSU. Just another scenario for you conspiracy nuts to munch on.

Blakestyle said...

What about Gary Crowton?


adam said...

Super lame analogy. Maybe Less was getting info on Ohio. Maybe they were both apologizing for the crap that has been going on. Maybe they offered and Les told them no. Maybe he said we will talk after next football season. Maybe he said get rid of Carr. Maybe he was telling him how they do it at LSU and to get with the times.

Feelin' Blue said...

First of all, that's a hilarious analogy.

Forget Les Miles. I keep saying that he's not that great, and he isn't, although he did turn around OkSU and beat highly ranked Oklahoma twice. That's impressive. But if Michigan gets him, then he ends up being a liar, and is that something that Michigan wants? It's not good for us, or for college football in general.

If we hire Brady Joke then that's a travesty. He has demonstrated little coaching acumen. Why hire him when you can just promote Ron English or Scott Loeffler?

All Chris Peterson has done is sustain a program for one year that is top dog in a weak conference. And he beat Oklahoma. I don't think that he would fit in so well in Ann Arbor. And he seems like a nice guy.

One guy I like is Craig Bohl, coach of North Dakota St. He's successfully guided them in their transition from D-II to FBS and, after losing to Minnesota last year by 1 point, came back and beat them. MN went to a bowl game last year. And while MN was terrible this year, there still is a vast disparity in talent between a program just coming out of D-II and a BCS program, albeit a crappy one. Craig Bohl is a coach that can beat the odds, and I hear that he is a "stickler" for academics, as a poster on mgoblog said. He could be our Tressel, but he has no connections to Michigan or Ohio, although he did work at Wisconsin as LB coach in the 80s. He's about 50 years old.

Joshua said...

Is that a situational response or just a genral observation?

Feelin' Blue,
Not that great perhaps, but I won't believe it until I (don't)see it. The article about Skip Bertman telling us "it's over" yesterday sounded more like he was trying to convince himself than anyone else. Read it here, it's hilarious. In the the same paragraph he says it's not about money with Les, then points out LSU is willing to pay more than U of M.

Then in back to back sentences he says to leave Les alone, talk to his agent if we need to, but not him, then turns around and says anyone can talk to Les or his agent. It's like the new girlfriend explaining to her friends why the boyfriend is hanging out with his ex.

"Well, they weren't actually holding hands, hers were just cold and he was warming them up. And they weren't kissing- she has a condition where her tongue needs to be massaged and what was he supposed to do- massage it byu hand? That'd be weird."

Still won't believe it till i see someone else at the podium.

Love the suggestion of Bohl though- a little creative problem solving instead of whining is nice. And a new name to hunt info on- sweet!

I could live with it. He's never hidden the fact that he wants to be coach here, I don't think it'd take anyone by surprise. Watch it turn out that BM is an evil genius and sandbagging until the bowls are over. Sure we'll catch shit for taking him on, but everyone lives to bag on us anyway. Fuck 'em. fuck 'em all.

zen wizard said...

That statement to the press is unequivocably the biggest crock of bullshit I have ever heard.

If he's working for LSU, he shouldn't really be helping the U. of M. FOOTBALL TEAM with ANYTHING, but especially recruiting.

So even if the statement were true, there is an inadvertent admission in it.

If he wants to help the school as an alumnus, his efforts should have been restricted to academics.

tigre said...

doth protest too much?

Or maybe Miles has a national championship game to prepare for and doesn't need distractions emanating like a week-old walleye from a washed up program that can't accept their current second tier status.

I realize its cold up in AA but you'd be well advised to find someplace warm to melt away the delusion, accept reality and move on with your search. Thanks to fine supporters like yourself and the conspiracies you regurgitate, Michigan and its fans are quickly losing what little respect the program had left.

how the mighty have fallen indeed.

Kurren said...

Les might be turning into Saban... lol

Joshua said...


Second rate? Ha! You only wish you were second rate like us. Funny how you're trolling a blog dedicated to a 2nd rate program. He may be your coach now, but his heart's with us.

And if you're not worried, why aren't you trolling Ohio state sites in preparation for said NC game?

I just hope for your sake I'm wrong and he isn't coming. Playing for a NC and than losing a coach YET AGAIN could really give a guy a complex.
Second rate? Please.

surrounded in columbus said...

is it me? or is everyone else beginning to wonder if bill martin hasn't caught the boom upside the head one too many times?

wake up, read espn, and damn! arkansas has a new coach! in two weeks time they've gone out & got petrino.

then as i read, i see bobby has been sniffing around college circles for some time (lots of college guys decide the nfl isn't for them). so i'm thinking "gee, why didn't he talk to us???". then i read, he tried, but we never showed any interest?

yeech. as far as i can tell, we talked to Shiano, brady hoke, ferentz, and les, but only sortof???

why wouldn't we talk to brian kelly? or petrino? or any of a half a dozen interesting names?

that people tell you "no" is a part of modern football. that you don't seem to talk to much anyone who wants you? you need help.

espn also has article on how tom osborne used a search firm to prescreen candidates. if a guy w/ his experience thinks it's a good idea to get some professional help, what was martin thinking?

but hey, coach hoke has a real ring to it. once you wash it down w/ a scotch or two.

whetstonebuck said...

"...but hey, coach hoke has a real ring to it. once you wash it down w/ a scotch or two."

Sounds hokey to me.

Yummm, butterscotch?

Buonarroti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joshua said...

As for the Brian Kelly thing, I don't see it happening. A good friend of mine who played at U of M and whose brother played for Kelly at Central is dead set against that hire. The word within the community is he's a good coach, but not one the players trust or want to play for. So those rumors of him rubbing people the wrong way? True. For him not to even get a sniff, there's something there.

Schools who've hired a coach while we're "searching"....Colorado State, Arkansas, Southern Miss, Washington St.,Georgia Tech (and thus Navy),A&M, Nebraska, Baylor... and that's off the top of my head.

Now I'm not saying I'd want any of the coaches they hired, but to not have a clear cut favorite, or only having formally interviewed Hoke and the coords? You can't convince me something wouldn't leak if they were talking to Tedford or Kelly or someone. I'm really hoping for the Evil Genius angle, the alternative is just too scary- and I can't afford that much scotch.

Feelin' Blue said...

I've heard stuff like that about Brian Kelly, that he rubs people the wrong way. He seems like a bit of an asshole.

What absolutely outrages me is that we didn't try to hire Paul Johnson. He is one of the best hires of the year and he will really turn Ga Tech around.

But then again, maybe we need a defensive mind as coach. I like Jon Tenuta, but I don't know how he would do as HC. Then there's Ron English. He's not that bad. The team was not prepared in the beginning of the year, but it got much better. When you look at the D, not much needs changing, except for the fact that Mich needs to learn to cover the spread better, which it did, but not masterfully. Our secondary got much much better though. I think Vance Bedford helped, but he might be the defensive Mike Debord - hot for one year, but pure crap as past years show (see OkSU).

Anyways, my top choices:

Jim Grobe
Craig Bohl
Bobby Johnson (Vandy)
Urban Meyer? (seems to like Michigan lately, hates his AD.

Brady Joke over Ron English would be a travesty.

Feelin' Blue said...

Another thing:

Urban Meyer to Michigan would add a real interesting twist to the rivalry. It would kind of be like John Cooper (his ASU beat Michigan in the Rose Bowl), but Urban Meyer is a great coach. But Ohio St hates him, as does Michigan though since he is a bit of an asshole.

It probably won't happen, but lately he has really warmed up to Michigan in the media, saying that UM could compete with the SEC and that it is one of the most prestigious positions in the country. Plus, he has Midwest roots and he and his AD don't get along.

Even though he would probably never come, I think that he's trying to kiss up to Michigan because in the back of his mind he wants to be considered. Sort of like flirting when you already have a girlfriend. It might also be that he is trying to be more classy after last year.

Joshua said...

"...since he is a bit of an asshole."

Yeah, but he'd be OUR asshole.

Mad Toothfish said...

You people have SERIOUS rejection issues.

NO Means NO!

Mary Sue Coleman might expel you if you keep this up.

Katie said...

Please, no talk about Urban Meyer!

Katie said...

Now we have LSU trolls at the MZone? Geeeshh, get lost.

Mad Toothfish said...

Hi Katie:

Nice to meet you, too.

Urban's a nice boy, too, but you're acting way too weird for him right now.

I'm telling you, date some of the local boys for a while. You'll feel better for it.

Joshua said...

Please explain to me your attempt at humor- is it a southern thing, or is it just you who happen to suck?

Newest rumor: Neuheisel Interested in Duke. I don't even know what to say about that.

Mad Toothfish said...

Much apologies. No humor intended.

Just tryin' to help.

Three rejections in ten days and the girl starts sending her friends over to tell y'all to chill out.

Joshua said...

Do yourself a favor and delete that comment. It makes no sense.

Mad Toothfish said...


How's this:

Do you guys have anyone that almost EVERYONE would be happy with, other than Les?

This is starting to look like a cult with an indifferent Messiah.

Katie said...

The dating analogy is getting very old. It appears to me that the good ole' southern boy has tapped into his moonshine.

Joshua, did you notice that he is an accountant from Afghanistan just like you? This a buddy of yours? HA!

Mad Toothfish said...

You're responding to the post on that point.

Who's getting old?

I don't think 40 is too old for a dynasty, but you never know...

Mad Toothfish said...

And yes, Josh and I are twins.

Like DeVito and Schwarzenegger.

(Les can't tell us apart.)

Katie said...

Oh my.

Does everyone at LSU like Miles? I doubt it. You can't please all of the people all of the time......and I really have to wonder exactly why you care? You have him, he has made it very clear, and continues to do that at every turn.

Seriously dude, get lost.

Joshua said...

HA! I forgot abut the accountant from Afghanistan thing- that was an inside joke intended for a friend. Alliteration amuses her. Along with shiny things, and men who can shit a chicken.

But seriously- Fish, do your parents know you're up this late?

Joshua said...

I think we've established that Fish, thanks. If you don't get it I'm sure Katie did, and as it was intended for her anyway.

An entire day without new rumors has tired me out-well, that and the whole Tebow post- see "ya'll" tomorrow.

TitleIX said...

personally, I couldn't follow anything Spielman said...verbs, nouns, dangling participles. a tangled mess---like one's neurons after too many hits on the head.

The guy's completely untrustworthy and that I KNOW for a fact. check out the time line of his stint at Louisville and see how he jacked them around, followed immediately by the crap he pulled on Atlanta.
not talking to him was the only smart thing BM has done yet.

Tomorrow is Dec 14th
Finals will be done
The town will empty out
No further action on coaching til after the bowl games

TenTex said...

Les left out the part where Bill and Sue got on their knees and begged Les to come home so they could get everyone off their backs. Money? No issue, how much do you want Les?

Katie said...

LOL@Joshua, you should keep her around, it sure doesn't take much to amuse her! Although I must say that shitting a live chicken is quite impressive.