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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Les Miles: I'm still not coming to Michigan

(from MZone wire reports) Baton Rouge, LA - Mere hours after Rich Rodriguez was introduced as Michigan's new head coach in Ann Arbor, LSU's Les Miles hastily called a press conference yesterday to once again deny he has any interest in U-M's top spot.

"There was some information on ESPN that Rich Rodriguez has been named the new coach at Michigan and I think it's imperative that I straighten something out. Just because Rodriguez was hired, their reverse psychology ploy to really try to get me won't work. I'm the head coach at LSU, I will be the head coach at LSU and I have no interest in talking to anyone else about why I still have wet dreams about my days in Ann Arbor," said Miles who had been frothing at the mouth until he uttered the words "Ann Arbor," which caused his eyes to mist over.

Dabbing at them with a maize and blue hanky he pulled from his pocket, Miles continued, "I'm only excited about the opportunity of my damn strong football team to play Ohio State in a few weeks for the Big Ten championsh-- the BCS championship. It's unfortunate I had to address the Wolv-- my team with this information. With that being done, we'll be ready to play. There will be no questions for me. I represent me in this issue. Please ask me after. I'm busy. Thank you very much and have a go blu-- a great day."

Unable to stem the waterworks, Miles then stormed off the stage and scheduled another denial press conference tomorrow.

In a related story, Brady Hoke's interview for the Michigan job has been picked up for use in a future episode of NBC's Bloopers, Bleepers and Practical Jokes.


Da Vest said...

I wonder how many people in Baton Rouge are bummed that Les is still their coach? I know I would be if I was them.

I predict that this is the beginning of LSU's slow slide into mediocrity ala Miami.

I think R2 is a great hire. I'm expecting a very memorable Tressel/R2 era.

When Schiano gets to PSU, the B10 will be hot.

Go Bucks.

Out of Conference said...

Hey Yost - you know I love the site and usually bite my tongue, so I say this with reluctance. Perhaps the Miles/press conferences joke is reaching the end of its shelf life. I don't know how many ways the man could have said he is not taking the job, he is the LSU coach but was still hounded by the press, bloggers, fans, etc. wondering if he was telling the truth. If anything, I think the more worthy gag material would be the dumbass media, bloggers, fans, and public (including me) that insisted he was still very probably going to be the next Michigan coach, even thogh he denied it every chance he got.

How many times is a coach allowed to talk to a recruit? So, how nervous do you think Miles was that his recruits may not believe him when he says he'll be their coach next year? A press conference is a wonderful way to reinforce to recruits that he is NOT leaving LSU any time soon and not have it count against the maximum allowed recruiting contacts.

I don't see LSU going anywhere soon from the national scene.

AtlREjunkie said...

I also found the post a bit in poor taste. As a UM alum living in the South, I can completely identify with Miles' nostalgia for Ann Arbor. And it was tough watching someone who obviously cared for his alma mater get hounded by the press. Of course he didn't handle everything as best he could, but he was pretty genuine about it all.

Jerry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerry said...

I love the post. As a Buckeye fan I am highly disappointed that Miles did not go to Michigan. The guy is a complete wreck on the sidelines as well as his press conferences. I would have loved to have seen him in AA. He'd be an embarrassment to UM...

TitleIX said...

Les Miles made his own damn bed. HE'S the one who should have kept his mouth shut about the whole damned deal.
Do you think we all knew what we knew because we're psychic?
UH...no. He yapped to everyone who would listen and then acted like a petulant child who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
No sympathy here.

to follow Yost's lead....

Do you think Les will sell R2 that house he just bought up here?????

Poseur said...

Warning upfront: I'm an LSU fan.

Outside of EDSBS, this is my favorite college football blog, and it's also made me a Michigan fan. But seriously, let the Miles thing go. I honestly have no problem with Michigan trying to hire Les before our bowl game, but it's not like Miles was calling these press conferences unprompted. The media, and ESPN in particular, kept the story alive. Miles was actually denying a story he wasn't creating.

Seriously, good luck with RR. I hope he pans out for you guys.

And finally, though I can't speak for the Tiger Nation... I'm estatic Miles is still our coach. Then again, I remember that we drove off Chollie Mack for going 8-3 every year and ended up with Curly Hallman and going 3-8 every year.

Matt said...

Should've added a paragraph at the end where Herbstreit reported that RR was a smokescreen and Miles to UM was still a done deal.

Joshua said...

What's more telling? The maybe one too many Miles press conferences or your continual obsessing over Miles, even as you have hired a new coach.

Good luck with your new coach. Folks would be lying if they said cfb is better without Michigan somewhere in the hunt every fall.